School Report…..could do….

Hi all, thought I would drop by and give you an update on how Thursday went. Well, for starters, we chose the most hottest day in which to do a photo shoot. Talk about blistering hot, in more ways than one lol. Anyway, little Sis and I had a fab time.

We booked a local village hall for the shoot. This was great because it had the old parquet flooring and wooden swing doors, which suited a school setting. Anyway we get down to business straight away. Little Sis and I scuttle off to get changed. And soon we are transformed into two mischievous Lower Fifth formers, complete with bunches in our hair.

So, out come the cigarettes and cider bottles, and we pretend to be looking out of the window, making sure the Headmaster is not on the prowl. It’s very hard not to giggle. Then we have to show shock horror as we’re caught red handed by the HM with the contraband.

The next shoot is the pair of us standing outside the door , hands on our heads, waiting to enter the Headmaster’s study. When we go into the study we place our satchels on the table and fish out the contraband of cigarettes and matches. We stand contemplating our fate, whilst G takes more pics.

And then it’s time for our method acting. We re-enact the scene again with us being caught by the stern looking Headmaster. I’m not sure how G keeps his composure as he ticks us off, because we keep dissolving into giggles. G tells us to go and stand outside the ‘study’ door. As we walk across the hall towards the study, we’re definitely in role as we keep blaming one another lol.

We wait outside the door until G calls us in. He directs us to stand by the wall. It’s quite surreal to be honest, for two reasons.

  1. This is the first time I have met G. He is not only my sister’s disciplinarian, but he is also her friend. From what she has told me, he has a very hard hand and he is very firm.
  2. I’ve never been punished alongside someone else, and this someone else is my sister!

G has the slipper (which is a very traditional bit of school kit for us Brits, alongside the cane) and he tells Little Sis to bend over. She starts to protest, which gets me thinking that if she’s protesting, then perhaps there’s a very good reason.

OMG, there was a good reason! G raises the slipper and then brings it slapping back down, making considerable contact with Little Sister’s bottom. I’ve never witnessed this before and I must admit, it looks pretty harsh, and although this is not a disciplinary session as such, it is very very real. I’m not sure if I want to trade places with my sister, because that is going to hurt.

Trade places we do, and it’s my turn. I bend over and place my hands on my knees and wait. I’m hoping I don’t swear, because I have been known too, and that never ends well when I do. Wow, that first wack across my bottom cheek, really hurts and it’s quickly followed up by several more.

Then I’m sent back to join my sister. G approaches and gives me a proper telling off because he found out from Little Sister that the school exercise books we have in our satchels for props, were procured from the school I work at. In my defence I did ask school if we used these types of exercise books anymore and they said no, I just didn’t ask them if I could take them home.

He is not happy and before I know it, he instructs me to get a chair, which he sits down on and tells me to bend over. I am then given a surprisingly short and very hard spanking. I’ve had these before, and there is never any warm up, and Little Sis was perfectly right, he does have an extremely hard hand.

Once it’s over, I return to my place and Little Sister is given the same treatment, for tale telling. It’s quite unsettling to watch, as G takes my sister over his knee. She protests a heck of a lot! I’m not sure if I like to watch, but I’m told to. It’s a real gulp moment.

We haven’t finished with the method acting yet. It’s time for the cane. Each of us takes it in turn to bend across the table, whilst six firm strokes are applied to our upturned bottoms. The cane in question is a proper school one with a curved handle. It’s rather long, almost comes up to my shoulder when I measure it against myself. The cane hurts, but I make it through the six strokes without an expletive. That’s good going, and I’m rather proud of myself.

Anyway, it’s time to take stock, recover, have some water and we crack on with the rest of the shoot. Then we do some super close up shots of being caned, slippered, hand spanked. These pics should really look good and give a very authentic air to the book.

We also pop up onto the stage, and take a few shots of us bending over the stage stairs. These are fab, and it gives G the perfect opportunity to cane and spank us again. He is trying to be stern, but there’s a bit of fun there as well, because after all this is not that type of session.

So, with one more spanking applied, which makes me yell out and my arm almost comes back to protect my bottom and one more canning administered, it’s time to wrap up.

We go to change. Little Sis has a deep rosey hue to her bottom and I also have a matching one, I have a feeling that bruises will start to show. I like marks, I need to know that I’ve been disciplined, and having those marks and feeling it for a while does that for me.

It’s time to go. We have a group hug and say our goodbyes, Little Sis and I go off to the pub for a well-deserved cider, a chuckle and a chat.

I’ve been so lucky and I feel quite privileged to be involved in this. Just hope the pictures will be good enough for the book….and talking of piccies…..

Skool’s out for summer……or is it?

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while and LT does remind me every so often, and I’ve been a bit remiss. Anyway, I thought I would let you in on a little project that I’m involved with.

Now, I have a twin sister who also has similar tastes. She sees a disciplinarian and over the past couple of years has become very good friends with him. I shall call him G. Anyway, G has a younger sister, maybe a little bit older than sis and I, and this younger sister went to a boarding school back in the 70’s. As far as I can gather, she got up to all sorts of mischief which generally ended up with her being up ended for the cane.

Well G’s little sister wrote her memoirs and guess what? …….

A publishing company are very interested. There’s a snag though……….

They need piccies.

So I’m sure you’ve guessed it…..that’s right, me and my twin are going to be models!!

I’m super excited, because I’ve actually got all the kit, even down to school knicks. Twin sis and I have identical blazers, purchased from John Lewis. They are a dark red with a super badge on them. We had the sleeves taken up as they were a trifle long in the arm. We’re a bit short, coming in at 4ft 10. I’ve got a school shirt, and sister found fabulous school ties on eBay. They are silver with red stripes. We’ve even got straw boaters. I have proper grey school trousers as well ( so lucky that teenagers come up in larger sizes these days lol.)

eBay and I have been great buddies, not only did I buy a fab leather satchel, I also bought a couple of vintage badges to wear on my blazer. So I’ve really gone to town. And then the piece de resistance, I am now the proud owner of a proper wooden lacrosse stick. I feel like a school girl from Enid Blyton’s book Mallory Towers (showing my age here.)

So, sis and I are all kitted up. We’ve even had a little photo session ourselves. So the big day should be this Thursday so fingers crossed that nothing pops up to postpone it. G is going to be dressed formerly with mortar board and gown. And yes, he will be bringing his cane…and yes…we signed up to be actors……method actors that is 😀

Ryan’s Rules – Part 2

Comments always appreciated 🙂

Part one can be found here.

The sun was just rising as Ryan pulled into the driveway.  The rest of her night hadn’t gone as well as she hoped. Her patient in 403, although had been revived, was rushed into surgery.  He was still in when she handed over his case to the next shift. It was always heart wrenching when one of her patients was in danger, but at the same time, she was more than relieved to be home. Right now, crawling into bed with Emily was the only thing she had on her mind. 

As Ryan entered the house, however, she frowned as she heard voices, signally the TV was on.  Since she started working nights, Emily had made it a habit of falling asleep on the sofa, but they’d already had a discussion about that twice this month alone.  The sofa wasn’t the most comfortable to sleep on, and although Emily was more petite in stature, she never slept well there. She’d wake up tired and cranky and most likely have a sore back or neck to boot. 

After hearing the TV, she wasn’t surprised to find Emily exactly where she expected. Although adorable, curled up in a ball around a pillow, Ryan couldn’t help but be a little annoyed. It was bad enough she never made it to the bed there was also an empty carton of ice cream on the table, and half of Emily’s clothes strew about as well.  

Emily was often exhausted when she got home from work, but she also knew the rules.  Sleeping the night away on the lumpy sofa was just the beginning. She knew that clothes were to go in the hamper and dirty dishes had to at least make it to the sink.  At least this time there wasn’t a half-empty pizza box on the table, but then the lack of other dishware made Ryan wonder just what her naughty little girlfriend had eaten for dinner.  

Some rules she could overlook, but skipping a meal was a big one.  Emily was already to thin and had a tendency to get migraines if her blood sugar dropped too low.   Her rules were there for a reason, as were the consequences they’d both agreed to when she broke them.  

With that thought in mind, Ryan sat down on the edge of the sofa and patted her girlfriend’s bottom to wake her.  “Em? Hey, honey. I’m home,” Ryan cooed. 

Emily wrinkled her nose before slowly opening her eyes.  She seemed disoriented a moment before her blue eyes opened in surprise.  “Ryan! God, what time is it? Oh, I’m sorry I must have…”

“Fallen asleep on the sofa,” Ryan finished her sentence.  “I noticed. And it’s morning, obviously. Come on,” she said, offering a hand to her partner and pulling her up.  “We can talk about this later. I want to enjoy being next to you for the hour or so before you have to get ready.”

“Okay, but I’m not going in today.”

“You’re not?  Why?”
“It’s Sunday, silly.”

“Oh, I forgot,” Ryan smirked before swatting Emily’s bottom once.  “I guess that’ll give us plenty of time to talk later.”

Emily’s lip fell into a pout.  “Why?”

“I think you know why, young lady,” Ryan scolded as she guided Emily into their room.  “Nightshirt, no panties,” she further directed before moving over to her side of the room and starting to strip off her scrubs.  She carefully put them in the hamper, replacing them with a tank and a pair of boxers.

She then crawled into bed, watching Emily follow her directions.  Her girlfriend was still sporting a pout, but she didn’t argue. A moment later, Emily crawled in next to her and she found herself sighing in contentment.  

Emily put her head on Ryan’s shoulder and Ryan kissed it.  “How much trouble am I really in?” Emily asked. 

“Enough,” Ryan answered.  “Now, close your eyes and sleep.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Emily answered, already halfway there.  They were both exhausted and Ryan knew by Emily’s answer that she’d already submitted.  She would sleep, they both would. Content, Ryan then let her own eyes close knowing she could enjoy Emily’s touch and her scent, and every other precious moment, even in slumber.  


Emilly squirmed further into Ryan’s warm body, refusing to open her eyes and leave the heavenly bliss that just being with Ryan allowed. She was wrapped snugly in Ryan’s arms with no need to get out of bed anytime in the near future and that was more than okay.  They’d had too few mornings like this lately and if she had her way, they’d never get out of bed. 

With a happy sigh, she snuggled back into the pillows and relaxed to the sound of steady breathing.  She loved being with Ryan and as she thought of her partner, she couldn’t help but remember the day that she first laid eyes on her. It had been a setup, but like all things destined to happen, sometimes no matter how hard one fought against it, certain things were just meant to be.

It was actually Emily’s best friend, Nikki, who was responsible for it all.  She’d been trying to set Emily up on a blind date for several months, but Emily didn’t want any part of it.  In her experience blind dates set up by her straight friends usually didn’t go well, but that damn Nikki…she was too determined.  Nikki hounded her and tried to conveniently get them in the same room every chance she could, but it wasn’t until Nikki invited her to a Christmas party that she finally succeeded.

Emily was hesitant, but since she wasn’t working, and didn’t have any close family in the area, she ended up showing up. The Christmas Party turned out to be a small dinner party of only six. Nikki plopped her across the table from Ms. Ryan Thomas, and the awkwardness that followed was almost painful.  The two ended up sharing awkward smiles and looks, not saying more than ten words to each other throughout the whole meal. It was uncomfortable at best and Emily couldn’t get out of there fast enough as soon as dessert was over. 

The problem was that Ryan’s angular jawline, pale pink lips, and intense blue eyes stayed with her, and she didn’t know it at the time, but Ryan was having similar thoughts.  Years later, Ryan would admit that that first meeting wasn’t as awkward as she thought. Ryan was tongue tied, so taken by Emily that she couldn’t produce a full sentence even if she’d had wanted too. 

After Christmas, Nikki probed her every chance she got to meet with Ryan again, but again Emily was hesitant.  Ryan was entering her idle thoughts and dreams, making it difficult to do almost anything else, and that scared Emily.  She knew nothing about Ryan and didn’t want her fantasies to be ruined with reality. After all, Ryan barely even met her eyes that night at Christmas, why would she want to meet her again?

Days turned into weeks and Nikki finally laid off.  Emily had moved on, not knowing that Lady Fate hadn’t given up on her and Ryan.  The choice of meeting again was taken out of her hands the week before Valentine’s Day when an exhausted Emily passed out at work from dehydration and ended up in the local ER. 

Emily had been working far too many hours.  She’s been burning the candle at both ends as they’d been in the middle of a multi-million dollar lawsuit and she couldn’t remember the last time she had eight hours sleep, much less a day off.  Sleep wasn’t the only thing she’d been neglecting, her health had also declined as she hadn’t been eating or apparently drinking enough. 

Ryan hadn’t been her nurse, but as Emily was laid out in the emergency room bed getting IV fluids, Ryan had passed by. Ryan noticed Emily, and well, long story short, that was the first Valentine’s they spent together. Ryan somehow became her personal nurse making sure Emily had three meals a day, with more juice and water than she cared to think about being practically forced down her throat.  That’s when Ryan had begun to introduce her to her rules, and that is when Emily’s fantasies had started to become a reality. 

The memories made Emily smile, just like the thought of the first time Ryan leaned down and pecked her forehead still made the insides of Emily melt.  As she reached out and softly touch Ryan’s cheek, she was so glad that Lady Fate had been stubborn. Emily was positive that Ryan the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and made a mental note to call Nikki and thank her once again. 

The thought of being with Ryan made Emily squirm, her belly growing warm with need. She was awake now and suddenly needing more from Ryan than just memories. Slowly she wiggled from Ryan’s hold to further admire the toned body beside her.  Even in a sloppy t-shirt and boxers, Ryan was beautiful. From her square jaw, that would tighten when she was cross, to her shapely hips and butt, Emily could no longer lay still.

Carefully, Emily ran her hand over Ryan’s hip but continued up her side, eventually snaking under her shirt. She gently explored a firm breast, teasing a nipple between her fingers, and smiling as Ryan shifted with her touch.  Bringing her head down she kissed Ryan’s hip, again squirming as she caught Ryan’s womanly scent. It was light, like the lavender soap she loved, but also mixed with a heavier, muskier hue. She could never put her finger on it, wood, or leather, it was something, but it was also uniquely Ryan.

Ryan’s Rules – Part 1

Hi, my kinky lads and ladies. Long time no speak. I could give you a bunch of excuses for my absence but I won’t instead I will just bring you a story! The lovely Stardawn Cabot and I are together again in a little short story we have written with some new characters. Thanks, SD for the help of getting writing again! You are the best! 😀

As usual, the house was quiet and dark when Emily returned from work.  She was tired, she was beyond tired even and barely did more than flip on a light before collapsing onto the sofa.  With a groan, she slipped off one heeled pump and then the other, her aching feet complaining about each movement. She tilted her head back, rotating her neck and listening to it pop before pulling her long brown hair out of her bun.  What a day. 

Emily’s stomach rumbled and her head was throbbing.  She hadn’t eaten anything since the protein bar she’d inhaled at lunch, and she’d only had that because her assistant, Melinda, had opened it and practically forced it on her.  Melinda was always doing that, and although a bit annoying in her mothering tendencies, she always meant well.  

Emily was tempted to turn on the TV or perhaps even just lay down and sleep, but she’d made a promise and she knew that if she didn’t follow through her girlfriend would be cross with her.  Ryan, her girlfriend of almost three years now had a handful of rules, and one of those was that Emily wasn’t allowed to skip dinner, even if Ryan wasn’t home to oversee it.  

With another groan, Emily forced herself up off the sofa.  She took off her overshirt, feeling much cooler in the cream-colored camisole and then wiggled out of the pantyhose.  She left both sitting on the sofa, making a mental note to pick them up later. That was another of Ryan’s Rules: discarded clothing belonged on the hamper, not on the bed, floor, kitchen table, or anywhere else that was deemed to be untidy. 

Emily managed to force herself into the kitchen before opening both the fridge and freezer at once. She took a moment to enjoy the cool air that exited, but the contents themselves were disappointing.  She was hoping to find something easy, but the almost bare offerings only reminded her that she had once again forgotten to place an order for groceries. Turning her attention from the fridge to the freezer, her eyes landed on half a pint of banana split ice cream. Her mouth watered as she grabbed it and sat it out on the counter. 

“This so counts as dinner,” she rationalized to the empty kitchen. “Protein in the milk and nuts and even fruit in the cherries and bananas.” She flicked off the lid and grabbed an oversized spoon from the utensil drawer before she scooped up a big bite and shoved it into her mouth.  It was both savory and sweet and exactly what she needed after such a long and tiring day.  

With her prize in hand, she went back into the living room and plopped back down onto the sofa. She took another spoonful and then gave in and turned on the TV, surfing until she found a rerun of Murder Mystery.  Settling in among the pillows, she enjoyed the mindless plot as she shoved spoonful after spoonful of creamy ice cream into her mouth. 

The minutes clicked by, and before she knew it she’d hit the cardboard bottom of the box.  “I’ll have to remember to order another pint before Ryan realizes it’s gone,” she muttered to herself before putting the now empty carton on the coffee table in front of her.  Settling back into the pillows she returned her attention to show, but before long she found her eyelids become heavy.  

A quick check of the time told her she still had hours before Ryan would even be off work.  That gave her plenty of cushion to be a vegetable and still clean up before her girlfriend got home.   She closed her eyes again, only meaning to rest them, but it also felt so good once they were closed.  




Ryan Thomas ran her fingers through her short blonde locks as she scanned the mostly quiet ICU bay in front of her. The sound of steady beeping and whooshing of machines helping keep her four assigned patients alive was soothing.  Alarms meant trouble and for once she happy to be almost bored. Her eyes traced over the large monitors over each bay door, which tracked heart rate, oxygen, and blood pressure. All looked normal and gave her hope that the rest of her 12-hour shift would continue to be as quiet. 

She knew she should return to dictating her notes, but the moment of peace allowed her mind to flow to her girlfriend.  Emily should be home and in bed by now. The thought made her smile. Ryan had been working 12-hour nights for weeks now and with Emily working almost as many hours as a paralegal during the day they’d barely seen each other much less had any real quality time together.  She missed her little brunette beauty something fierce and couldn’t wait to crawl into bed next to her.  

It was hard to be away from Emily. She missed the mundane things like the way she smelled or just the feeling of warmth in the middle of the night. Thankfully, however, this would be the last shift they would be apart for a while as Ryan finally got a supervisory promotion and she would be working much more sensible hours from here on out. 

Ryan finished the sentence she was writing in a patient’s chart before scanning the four monitors in front of her again. Although peaceful, it was also almost too quiet.  At this rate the night would drag on, only making her miss Emily more. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for her patient in room 403, the sudden beeping of an oxygen alarm broke through her thoughts as she rushed to check on him.  So much for a quiet last night-shift, she thought to herself before hitting the code button. 


Real Life TTWD

Hi my spanko ladies and lads, how is everyone? I am neck deep in trying to understand math these days (whining dramatically), but I am still writing! I have officially started my first solo book which will hopefully be done within the end of this year! I do plan on still updating here once a week though, but I wanted to ask your opinions on some topics I had in mind.

As you all know I like to talk about spanking, TTWD, DD or whatever you want to call it in my real life sometimes. It’s a way to help you guys and even myself. But here’s my question what do you want to know about?! I have several possible topics in mind and want to know if you want me to talk about any of them or if you have another one in mind.

Here is my possible topic list:

When TTWD is hard
The Switch Problem
Psychology and Kink
My first “spanking”
Sexual vs. Non-Sexual spanking
Mistakes I’ve Made
BDSM and our place in it
Brat vs. Bottom vs. Me
Switching with A Switch
Heartbreak in TTWD

Anyway, everyone please pick one or two and in the comments tell me what you would like to discuss! Also, if you have something different in mind you can leave that too or even a story request!

Alas, the other reason I decided to just talk to you all today. I have had this blog for some time now and I thought maybe it was time for me to expand it a bit. I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in joining Patreon for exclusive content I would be writing. Basically, you pledge a small amount of money a month and get access to stories, photos and other content that wouldn’t be available to anyone else. It’s something I’m just considering so let me know what you all think!

Talk to you kinky folks later! Have a spanky week!

Hi spanky ladies and lads,

I know I’ve been awfully quiet these past few weeks, but I have a good reason! I was traveling to New Orleans to spend some time with my wonderful switchy lady friend for a conference about BOOKS! Needless to say, we had an amazing adventure seeing a new place, learning about writing and spending lots of time together!

New Orleans is unlike any city I’ve ever seen, there is always a party, a good drink and live Jazz! There were many first for us on this trip, but especially me! I’ve added some pictures to show you of some of the adventures!


An outdoor patio where we had brunch to live jazz our first day!
Trolley cable cars that go all over the city! This one is from the early 1900s!
Joan of Arc state near Jackson Square! ( I got educated about who she was, so cool!)
Cafe Du Monde famous for their beignets!
One of the many above ground graveyards that New Orleans is well known for. Some of the graves dated back to the 1800s
Boats on the Mississippi!
So beachy 🙂 
Cathédrale Saint-Louis and statue of Andrew Jackson 
Canal Street!
View from the hotel room, yes that is the Super Dome
Could stare at it for hours! 🙂 
Near Jackson square, balconies like these were everywhere and often hanging with flowers! 

Now now, I’ll stop spamming you all with pictures and get to what you all really want to know about. Yes, we all had a nice kinky time, but all I’ll say is who knew hand on bare bottom could make a girl squirm and blush so much! 😉


– LT

A book for you all…

The lovely Stardawn Cabot has just released book three of her The Sangrain Tiger’s Tale series. There is some wonderful info below about it.  Show her some love for another wonder spanky book. 😀 🙂

This third installment of The Sangrain Tiger’s Tale picks up five years after Silver and Keridwen return to Sangria. Life is going well; their family is growing and thriving, their people are prospering, and Silver and Keridwen have never been happier.  There is just one small problem – Keridwen has become almost too complacent and through a series of pranks discovers that she has lost the ability to control her shifts from her adult form to the body of a 10-year old at will.  Worse than that, however, she’s forgotten how to be small as the everyday demands of running a kingdom have gotten in the way of Keridwen being her true self.  To help Keridwen find her way again, Silver declares that a little vacation back to Earth is warranted.  Unfortunately, their vacation is abruptly cut short as Silver and Keridwen’s twin daughters accidentally return to Sangria with only Silver’s mother to protect them.  Not knowing where the twins landed, possibly hundreds of miles from their home, Keridwen follows them while Silver returns to the Capital and tries to find them through more traditional means.

Now with the family split, Keridwen’s little problems grow into an almost unfathomable task as she tries not only to find her daughters and reunite with her wife but is also confronted by her past – a past that she not only wants to forget but is ashamed of.   Will her past haunt her to the point where she is unable to become the General, preventing her from protecting her people and reuniting with her family, or will life as she knows it forever be shattered?

This story is fantasy, includes a sexually-graphic lesbian relationship, spanking, and elements of age play.  If any of these things offend you, please don’t buy this book.

A sneaky peaky:

Silver shook her head as she watched Keridwen play in the water.   The Little General had been at it for almost two hours, finding pure delight in the water and the rolling waves.   They’d played with most of the things Silver had purchased, including the inflatable beach ball, the Frisbee, and finally the boogie board, which Keridwen was currently experimenting with.  They’d seen some older kids run along the water’s edge and ride the board across the wet sand.  Keridwen was trying to mimic them and was having a marginal amount of luck. Silver had finally left to her to play and returned to the towels to rest.   She was exhausted, and she didn’t know where Keridwen found the energy to continue.

The beach had gotten more crowded as the day wore on.  There were many more people both on the sand and in the water, and so Silver didn’t interfere when a small group of children engaged Keridwen.  There were two boys and a girl, all around Keridwen ‘age,’ and one of the boys had a boogie board as well.  They talked for a while, and then one of the boys took a turn on his boogie board, riding more into a wave then along the shore.   He crashed and went into the water, only to pop up a moment later laughing.

The rest of the children and Keridwen joined in in his laughter and seeing that they were having a good time, Silver relaxed.  Keridwen had taken to the water like a duck, as she usually did, and after making sure she was feeling secure, Silver wasn’t really worried about her.  Deciding to let her play for a while, Silver picked a book out of her bag before getting comfortable and enjoying the sun.

Over the last few years, Silver had rediscovered reading.  In Sangria they didn’t have television or even electric lights, so often nights were spent around the fire with a good book.  She’d read a lot of Sangrian literature, but also had her own stash which was available to only to those who had knowledge of Earth.  Stephen, her brother, would often raid her collection and Aderyn and occasionally Jayson or Seth would as well.  As her girls got older, she would make sure they had a library of Earth literature as well.  There were good lessons and good stories from both cultures, and she hoped that it would help round out their education as they grew.  Turning her attention to her book, Silver managed to let herself get lost in its pages while still keeping an ear and the occasional glance out toward Keridwen.

A good half hour or so passed before Silver looked up and saw Keridwen and her new friends heading her way.  “Having fun?” Silver quipped as Keridwen plopped down on the towel next to her.

“Yes, although,” Keridwen paused, looking back to her friends.  “I was invited to go get some ice cream.”

“The shop is just down at the end of this block,” the oldest boy spoke up.  “We go there all the time.”

“They live here,” Keridwen supplied.  “That’s Joey, by the way, his brother, Andrew, and their cousin, Silvia.”

“My name is Silvia too,” Silver smiled.  “But everyone calls me Silver.”

“I told her that,” Keridwen informed Silver.  “We were hoping we could leave their stuff here with you and we could go.  I’ll bring you back something.”

Silver chewed her lip for a moment.  “I don’t like the idea of you being out of my sight.”

“It’s not like we’ll be in the water, and it’s just down the street.  Please?”

“How about I just go with you?”

“Silver,” Keridwen’s voice dropped. “What about the stuff?”

“The stuff is fine, no one will mess with it, and if they do, who cares?”


“Keridwen, what’s rule number two?” Silver’s voice dropped down into a whisper.

Keridwen’s cheeks reddened, and before Silver knew what was happening, she turned to her new-found friends.  “I changed my mind; I don’t feel like ice cream anymore.  You can still leave your stuff if you want.”

“You sure?” Joey asked.

“Yes, I forgot ice cream sometimes hurts my stomach.  I’ll see you when you get back.”

Silver was quiet for a moment as the boy shrugged and dumped his boogie board down next to Keridwen’s before leaving with the two others.  “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Neither did you,” Keridwen huffed, pulling her knees up under her chin as she dripped into her towel.  “It was just down the street.”

“I know, but I told you I don’t want you out of my line of sight.”

“I’m going to go back to the water.”

“I think you need to stay up here for a bit.”

“Why? You left me alone a few minutes ago.”

“One, the attitude, and two I think you could use a break.  How about a snack?  I’m hungry, I bet you are too.”

“I want ice cream.”

“Well, it’s too late for that.  I have trail mix or chips, or how about a cupcake?  I have some chocolate…”

“I don’t want any of that,” Keridwen cut Silver off.

“Well at least have some water,” Silver pulled out a bottle and opened it for Keridwen.  “You’ve been in the water too long without drinking.  You’ll get dehydrated.”

Keridwen gave her a hard look before taking the bottle and managing a small slip.  She then wrinkled her nose.  “It’s not cold.  Ice cream would have been cold.”

“You know what?  That’s enough.  You just earned yourself a time out.  Ten minutes, Keridwen.  You can sit there and think about your attitude.  Drink the water, but no talking.”

Keridwen narrowed her eyes.  Planting the bottle down in the sand between them, she turned away from Silver and lay down on her towel.   Silver felt the initial surge of annoyance, but after a moment of studying Keridwen’s posture, she felt it just as quickly leave.

Uncharacteristically, Keridwen hadn’t argued with her.  She’d simply turned away and seeing the pose made Silver frown.  She wondered if maybe she’d gone too far.  Keridwen seemed almost excited when they agreed that Silver was going to be tougher on her, but now with the attitude, she was confused.

Finally giving out a long sigh, she reached out and put at hand on Keridwen’s lower back.  “Am I being a total jack ass?”

Keridwen turned her head back toward Silver.  She wrinkled her brow, but slowly nodded her head.  “Yes.”

Silver chuckled; well at least I know you’re still not able to lie to me.  “If you want to hurry up, you can probably catch up with them.”

“What about rule number two?”

“Promise you’ll go get the ice cream and come right back?”

“Of course.”

“And you’ll bring me back something chocolate?”

Keridwen nodded.

Silver grabbed her wallet and handed over a $10.  “Hurry up.  It’s hot, and that ice cream is going to melt fast.”

“Okay,” Keridwen smiled, jumping up and kissing Silver on the cheek.  “I know you are trying to step up.  I appreciate it, even if you need to relax a bit.”

Glitter Storm – Part Two

Just a quick moment to say happy two-year blog anniversary! It’s been an amazing two years. I have been writing stories since I was old enough to understand the concept, but I never thought anyone would ever want to read them. It has been a pleasure having this community welcome me so warmly and the friendships I’ve made through it is unlike anything I ever thought possible for this shy kinky girl. So, thank you for being here, reading, commenting, and interacting! You guys are awesome! 😀

Photo by Thor Alvis on Unsplash

“Thank you so much. We will call back down whenever we are done with it,” Andi said as she handed the bellhop outside the door a few dollars in a tip. She took the vacuum from his hand and dragged it into the room, leaving it just inside the door before turning to her brat with a renewed sense of determination.  

            In the corner, London shifted uncomfortably once more. She could barely hear the conversation between Andi and whoever brought up the vacuum cleaner, and while she worried the man may have able to see her in the corner, she didn’t want to risk moving.Andi was already beyond upset, and the last thing she needed to do was push any more buttons, like moving without permission.

           Still, it felt as if an eternity had passed since she arrived in the horrid corner.Why she had been so… so stupid to listen to Angela? Just why? Within their group of friends, Angela was known to bethetrouble maker. She herself had heard countless stories and seen multiple instances of the trouble Angela was capable of.It was just stupid.

London shifted again and thought about the sting that was still ruminating on her bottom cheeks. If Andi’s hand stung that much, how bad would the tawse be? She felt herself gulp as the door to the hotel room closed and she heard the soft pads of footfalls stalking closer to her.

            Before she could prepare herself though, Andi reached the corner and popped London firmly. “You ready, little brat?”

London only nodded her head and shifted.She was already feeling rather miserable for herself, but the pop only emphasized her fears of how much her lesson was going to sting.

            “Words please.”

            Even through the nerves, London managed to find her tongue and mumbled a quick, “Yes ma’am.”

            “Good, go ahead and step out of your jeans and panties and come with me.”

London found her ears burning with embarrassment, and the smirk that Andi was giving her, told her she wasn’t the only one.Carefully, she managed to strip, stumbling as she tried not to think about what was coming next.It took a moment for London to gather her courage, but she finally looked up at Andi.She chewed her lip and then took Andi’s hand.

            “Okay you, let’s go and get this backside warming over with,” Andi said as she squeezed the fingers in her hand before leading both of them to the end of London’s bed. Andi reached down and placed a quick kiss to London’s forehead then pointed to the pillow. “Go ahead and bend over, little brat. Get comfy you are going to be there for a bit.”

            London hesitated, but knew what was expected and slowly stood on her toes before falling over the edge of the mattress. Andi placed a hand on either hip, slightly adjusting the London into a position and London internally cringed. She knew that Andi was lining her up, giving her the best access to her backside, and especially her tender and dreaded sit-spots.

            “Okay, little brat. Anything you want to say?” Andi asked as she patted one perky cheek.

London gasped at her touch but shook her head.“Only that I’m sorry, ma’am.”

            “I accept your apology, and you are forgiven. little brat.” 

Andi then rubbed London’s bottom a moment more before she reached over her and picked up the twase. At 30 inches long, with 20-inch-long falls that were each an inch wide, the twase’s twin tails would sting something fierce to any woman’s behind, much less to London’s sensitive skin.Andi didn’t hesitate; however, as she stepped to the side and aimed the twase against still pink skin. She tapped it lightly waiting for London to relax. As soon as her cheeks softened, Andi raised the twase and brought it down lightly across the full of both cheeks.

            London was surprised when the first swat of the twase landed with just enough force to string but not much more so than Andi’s hand. She had tensed in preparation for an assault, but the second connection of the twase was much like the first. It was stingy but surprisingly light. By the time she had received five of the lighter licks, all across the full of her cheeks, she had begun to believe that she wouldn’t have too much of an issue handling this.

Her relief, however, wasn’t to last.The sixth stoke broke Andi’s inner mantra and landed much harder across the center of London’s cheeks.As the sting registered, London couldn’t help gripping the bed sheets in agony as the swat not only stung but then seemed to grow deeper as it resonated into her bottom. She didn’t like that and found herself crying into the bed as she felt the twase travel down to rest along her sit spots.

            “Little brat, listen to me. What you did today could have been dangerous. What if I had got some of that glitter in my eyes? Or your eyes for that matter. What if one of us would have inhaled it and it got into our lungs?We would have ended up in the emergency room. That is not okay, and I’m telling you now if I ever hear you pranking people with glitter again. I’ll make sure you don’t sit for a month.”       

With that warning, London felt another equally hard stroke connect across the full of her bottom. It stung and just added to the already uncomfortably fire in her cheeks. It took everything in her not to reach back and rub. She danced on her toes as the twase returned to tapping.

While London danced, but Andi was patient. She waited for her to still before delivering another stroke, this time light, but lower to her undercheeks. London sighed a little in relief at the lighter stroke but slightly flinch again as Andi resumed her pre swat tapping.

            “Just three more,” Andi announced still tapping.

            London whined into the bed and clutched the fabric in her fingers tighter. She went up on her toes before settling back into place. Andi pulled back as soon as the brunette was settled. The crack of the tawse was rung in the room. The stroke was hard and left a red slash across London’s sit spots.

            London huffed in quick, shallow breaths fighting the urge to scream. That swat had been the hardest of any she had received so far and stung deep into her bottom. After a long moment, it started to dissipate, and she was able to settle again only to cringed as the tawse returned to her bottom. She squeezed her eyes closed readying for the next swat. She was fighting the tears threatening to fall.

The leather left, and she felt herself tense. When it returned, hard and sharp, she couldn’t breathe for a second.Fire raced through her bottom. She wriggled frantically hoping that’d help dissipate the sting.  

            “One more little brat then we are done,” Andi quietly assured somewhere behind her.

Without warning, another hard swat landed across the bottom of her cheeks leaving a streak of fire behind. London quickly grabbed a pillow yelping into it loudly before reaching back to very carefully rub her molten backside.

            Andi dropped the tawse and stepped closer to her little brat placing one hand to tenderly rub alongside London’s. The other went to make slow soothing circles on her back.“You did good honey. Good girl. All is forgiven now. Come here and let me hold you.”

Andi carefully guided them both to the head of the bed and pulled London close and held her, and London tucked herself under Andi’s chin and curls up as tight as she could. “I’m sorry for dumping glitter on you, ma’am.”

Andi pecked her forehead and squeezed the younger woman tighter.“You are forgiven, little brat. I meant what I said though. I’m inspecting your bag for any other pranky stuff.”

At the threat, London just wriggled a bit and hid in Andi’s chest. Andi chuckled and held her even tighter. Quietly, Andi began to hum a lullaby and rocked side to side allowing London to relax.Eventually, London’s breathing slowed as her body relaxed. Andi continued to hum and watched as London’s eyes fluttered closed. They were heavy, and she was fighting actually falling asleep.

A few times through the lullaby, however, London’s soft snore proved that she finally had succumbed to sleep.Andi carefully slid her down to the mattress and settled her onto a pillow. Andi then slid out from under London and pulled a blanket over her.

She stood from the bed and went to pick up her hat. Her favorite hat. It was still covered in glitter and Andi couldn’t help but growl at that. “Damn, glitter storm.”

Glitter Storm – Part One

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London pressed her hand over her mouth trying to contain a giggle that was threatening to give away her position. Anxiously, the brat held her breath as she carefully leaned around the corner of the small hotel room and watched as the room door eased open and Andi pushed her way inside.

What happened next seemed like slow motion for just as Andi crossed the threshold, the string which had been taped to the back of the door pulled the plastic cup, tipping it all the way over, and effectively dumping eight ounces of glitter all over the tall redhead. Andi froze in place and looked up blinking away some of the glitter caught by her light blonde eyelashes. She didn’t move for a long moment, almost as if she was in shock, but as she stood there, still staring at the cup, her voice broke through the hotel room. “London. Eve. Wells. Here. Now.”

London’s stomach dropped. Andi’s voice sounded more that irritated, and it suddenly occurred to her that she just might be in a bit too much trouble. Still, the prank had been a classic, and London straightened, she couldn’t help the grin that wouldn’t go away. Andi looked like she had been outside in a snow storm… only it was sparkly shiny flecks of metal rather than ice. The sparkly glitter was very much unlike the hard toppiness-shell she usually wore. She was typically wrapped in a flannel long sleeve, tight hip-hugging jeans, which were held in place by her mean leather belt, and boots of some flavor. Often, she even had a wide brimmed western hat that kept her long locks contained. She was a picture of southern cowgirl… even covered in glitter.

“Yes, ma’am?” London crowed as she scooted to stand in front of Andi. She was at a safe distance of course, and she had to resist the urge to reach back and cover her backside just based on the tone Andi was using.

Andi’s blazing blue eyes met London’s green ones. “What did I tell you after the fake spiders?”

London gulped and clenched her still slightly tender bottom. She remembered that conversation well. Sitting in on meetings the next day had not been anywhere near as fun as she thought it might be.

“Uh… well… you said you were going to take a twase to me… if there was any more pranks before we got home,” London gulped. The twase looked mean and if what Andi told her was the truth it would leave an impression for sure.

Andi nodded, lips pinched in a thin line. “And what would you call this present glitter situation?” Andi asked finally stepping fully into the hotel room and dropping her backpack by the door in a poof of glitter. London felt her body take a small step back.

“Well, er… uhm… Angela encouraged…” London tried fell silent. Andi’s left eye twitched like it always did when she was about to get swatty, and London again wondered if maybe she’d gone a bit too far. It sounded like a bit of fun… at the time.

“And you thought it would be a good idea to listen to Angela of all people? The same one who has gotten not one, but two separate warning swats from me today alone?” Andi’s west Texas accent drew out and London wanted nothing more than to squirm at the funny feeling that had returned to her belly. Damn that Angela for talking her into trouble!

“Well, I didn’t think too much about the thing you said after the spiders,” London replied, shifting nervously. “And as Angela already pointed out, I already had the stuff to do it so might as well put it to good use.”

London didn’t get to say more as Andi took step forward and grabbed her by the ear. She then took a quick two steps across the room, and before London knew what was happening, she felt her jeans fall down her legs and her body being led over Andi’s lap. Only a moment, later she was face to face with a couch cushion, and Andi was pulling her panties up between her cheeks effectively baring her poor bottom.

“Apparently, the last conversation we had was not enough for you to stay out of trouble. But I suspected as much. I’ve never known anyone to learn anything from just a hand spanking, including you.” Andi expertly wrapped her arm around London’s hip and began to work on her bottom. First quick deliberate swats were administered. London started to squirm almost immediately as Andi struck back and forth, sweeping upward across the fullest of both of her cheeks. London could definitely tell there was something different about this spanking. Maybe it was Andi spanking harder to begin with or her already sore cheeks, but her feet couldn’t stay still on the carpet. Her toes began to drum with ever stroke of Andi’s hard palm.

As Andi’s focused on giving London a session she wouldn’t soon forget, London had a hard time staying still. It was no longer funny as London noticed glitter flowing down around them both, settling on to the couch and the floor. She yipped and bounced all over Andi’s lap, each swat reminding her that she was already too tender from the last time. London found herself gasping, and then gripping the cushion tightly when Andi began focusing on just one cheek at a time swatting the same spot repeatedly

“When I’m done spanking your bare, naughty, little bottom I’m going to go through your bag and see what else you have hidden away, brat. And anything you shouldn’t have, I’m confiscating!” Andi declared with a particularly nasty swat to London’s sit spot. She then continued to slap a quick and deliberate rhythm onto the place where London’s thigh met bottom until London was sure it must be a it was a deep, rosy color and London was sure it was actually smoking.

Just when London thought she could take no more, Andi relented and stopped to rub the tender cheeks over her thighs. “Little girl, I’m going to let you up and when I do you are going to march just like you are over to that corner and plant yourself there until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand me?”

London groaned still over her lap but nodded into the couch. Carefully, she let Andi help her up and steady her before pointing here to the corner of the room. She knew Andi was watching her, but she couldn’t resist rubbing her cheeks with one hand as she shuffled, holding up her pants at the knees with the other hand as she walked.

The waiting game then began, broken only as London heard Andi pick up the phone and call the front desk. “Yes, this is room 702, do you have a vacuum cleaner you can send up? We made a small mess and we need a little help.” A short conversation later, in which London squirmed in the corner through it was agreed that someone would be up shortly with a vacuum.

After hanging up the phone Andi looked at the little brat in the corner. She sure asked for it this time. The three feet around the door was covered in glitter and there was a trail between the door and the couch of the room she was currently sitting in. Andi as carefully as possible unbuttoned and pulled off her shirt and rolled the glitter inside attempting to prevent any further mess from happening. Her shirt off, she took the hat from her head and sat it on the small table in front of her, resisting grumbling about the $200 hat being covered in glitter dust.

Andi again checked once more on the brat in the corner before going to find another shirt and pulling it on over her head. Her next stop was her bag of toys. Pulling out the twase, she laid it on the center of London’s bed. Finally, she placed two pillows at the end of the same bed before turning back to her charge.

“As soon as the vacuum is here you are going to meet the twase little girl!” Andi announced before she returned to her seat on the couch to await whoever was bringing up a vacuum. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily for her brat, It didn’t take long before there was a solid knock at the door.

Scare Me Like that Again – Part 4 Final

Thank you to my amazing co writer for pulling this last part together by writing 99% of it. You are the best. 🙂

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

“Thirty,” Melissa started, giving Sarah a medium pop with her palm.  Sarah grunted, squirmed, and tried to keep focus. “Twenty-nine,” Melissa then said, with another pop.

Sarah whimpered, wiggling her backside and wishing that Melissa would just hurry up.  The next twenty-eight counts were surely going to kill her.  Twenty-seven hit low, making Sarah wince at it connected with her lower cheek, right where it met her thigh, and then it’s twin, twenty-six left a matching palm-print on her other cheek.

The sting lingered and Sarah found herself wiggling.  It was almost distracting enough to pull her from what was going on between her legs, but that was quickly forgotten as Melissa paused and massaged her bottom.  She then let her fingers roam, flowing between Sarah’s legs and touching her opening, just below where Sarah had the vibrating egg pressed. Melissa dipped her fingers between Sarah’s wet lips, rubbing back and forth for a moment, making Sarah instinctively clench, trying to prevent the wave of passion that she felt threatening to explode.  

In the back of her mind, she just wanted to let it go, but Melissa’s warning kept her squirming.  She knew her partner well enough that the punishment for disobedience wouldn’t be worth it, even if this had started as a play session when Melissa got in a toppy mood, there was no mistaking it for anything but serious.

All too soon, Melissa again let go and returned her palm to Sarah’s backside. “What number were we on again?”

Sarah’s eyes went wide.  She had no idea. “Um,” she hesitated and then winced as Melissa tapped her.  

“Yeah, I thought so.  Maybe we should just start over.  I was counting from fifty right?”

“Thirty!” Sarah immediately countered.  “I swear it was thirty.”

Melissa chuckled and tapped her again.  “Thirty then,” she said giving Sarah a half-strength swat.  

“Twenty-nine,” Sarah again immediately added.  

“So it is,” Melissa said, giving her another swat.  She then resumed swatting, slowly, back and forth. She didn’t count aloud, but Sarah was counting in her head and knew that her partner was doing the same.  

By the time she reached eleven, and then ten, Sarah was again writhed.  “Alright, Sarahbell,” Melissa encouraged. “Nine… eight… seven….”

At the sixth swat, Sarah yelled out, “Six.. five… oh god, four… three… oh, Mel… two.. And ONE!” And Sarah could no longer control herself.  She arched her back and let go, feeling wave after wave of pleasure course over her. Her legs started to shake and she found herself collapsing onto the mattress.  Her hand went limp and pulled the egg away. She almost didn’t notice Melissa take it from her and turn it off.

“Oh God,” Sarah moaned into the mattress as Melissa supported her by rubbing her back.  “That was… that was amazing. Maybe I should startle you more often.”

Melissa merely chuckled as she climbed onto the bed in front of her partner and scooted close to pet her hair. “Incorrigible, I tell you, incorrigible.”

Sarah moaned into the mattress once more before pulling herself up to lay her head on Melissa’s lap. The two women sat together in the still silence for some time before Sarah placed a kiss to her lover’s thigh. “Love you,” she mumbled tiredly as her eyes drooped.

“I love you too,” Melissa smiled as Sarah’s eyes stayed closed.

Sarah muttered something else but ended up sighing as Melissa’s hand trailed down to her bottom and started to gently stroke and pat it.  It was very warm, and although it was only part of her that was still throbbing she knew she was going to remember this moment every time she sat down for the next day or two.

“We should think about dinner,” Melissa said as she continued to pat her.

“I’m not hungry,” Sarah mumbled.

Melissa chuckled again.  “You will be as soon as the feeling returns to your legs”

Sarah wrinkled her nose and looked at up Melissa.  “My legs aren’t the thing I’m worried about,” she said, rubbing her own backside.  “Maybe I just don’t want to sit at the table.”

“Is that all,” Melissa smiled.

“No,” Sarah moaned as she rolled over and looked up at Melissa, meeting her eyes.  “I”m sorry I scared you. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just having fun.”

“Who says I wasn’t having fun too?” Melissa teased.

Sarah’s eyes went wide before she promptly stuck out her tongue.  “Now who is the brat?”

“Still you, dear.”

“Hmpt,” Sarah grumbled. “Alright, I’ll eat, and sit down at a table on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Melissa asked, cocking a curious eyebrow.

“Surprise, you’re taking me out to dinner!”

“How about… Surprise! YOU are cooking me dinner,” Melissa countered.

“Hey, I’m the one with the sore backside.”

“Yeah, and cooking will keep you on your feet a bit longer,” Melissa winked.

Sarah’s lip tucked into a pout before she suddenly smiled after getting an idea.  “How about I’ll stand to order a pizza, then we can cuddle on the sofa while we wait?”

“Hmmm…” Melissa considered.  “I suppose that would be acceptable.”

Sarah agreed with a nod before slipping away from her partner and standing.  Again, her hands went to her backside, giving herself a sympathy rub. “I don’t suppose surprising you with pineapple will work tonight?”

“I think we’ve had enough surprises, and what did I say last time you ordered pineapple on my pizza?”

Sarah wrinkled her nose.  “You wouldn’t really spank me again tonight, would you?”

Melissa gave Sarah a small growl. “You wanna bet?”

“Actually, this may surprise you, but no.”

“What did I say about surprises?”

“So… then that’s a yes on the pineapple?”

“Sarah Anabelle…” Melissa warned, but Sarah had already turned and fled into the kitchen.  With a little luck, she’d be able to grab her phone and hide in the bathroom before Melissa could intervene. Truth be told she wasn’t the biggest fan of pineapple either, but then it always surprised her how much Melissa hated it, especially on pizza. Some surprises were so worth it, even if it meant another day or two before she could actually sit comfortably again.