ERT Prt 2

Okay so maybe regularly updating was a bit of a stretch of the imagination, however I ended up having more work left on my story than I thought and RL is a pain in the ass at times. Anyways, here is part 2 of ERT. Later in the story you will understand what ERT stands for :).  


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Maddy could feel the heat in her face as she sat in only her underwear allowing Tessa to gently wash her body with a cool wash cloth. At any other time the blond would have felt too embarrassed by the woman’s actions, but today she didn’t even have it in her to stand. Once Maddy was washed and rinsed off, Tessa quietly asked, “Okay sweetie, I’m going to let you change the rest of your clothes, call me if you need me.” Tessa left Maddy alone so she could care for herself.

Maddy quietly called out to Tessa through panting breaths letting her know she had done as much as she could alone. Between the two women they finished getting her changed and gathered what Maddy would need to go to the hospital.

After locking up the apartment, Tessa escorted the sickly woman into her waiting car and taking care to even buckle her in. The hour long journey to the hospital, across town, was tense for Maddy at least. It felt like Tessa was angry at her as she read the woman a riot act about taking care of herself and asking for help when she needed it. Somehow, Tessa’s disappointment in her was even worse than if she would have been mad. According to the  brunette, Maddy should know better than not to ask for help. However, all Maddy was thinking about once again was the ache deep in her chest from the absence of Emma.

Tessa drew the car to a stop and put it park.   Maddy asleep against the car window. No wonder the woman had been so quiet the last half of the trip. Tessa placed a gentle hand on the woman’s shoulder, “Hon, wake up, we are here.” Maddy groaned and blinked blurry eyes at the older woman. “Wha-?” the blond began, but realized they were sitting outside of the emergency room.

Maddy was basically carried out of the car inside the hospital by Tessa whom Maddy was growing more and more thankful for by the moment.

While Maddy slumped against a wall, in a hard plastic chair, Tessa signed the woman in and filled out all the information she could. Thankfully the waiting room wasn’t busy with only two other people in there neither appearing to be waiting to see a doctor. Tessa went back to the woman sitting beside her, and allowed the woman to rest a head on her shoulder. Tessa spent the next fifteen minutes rubbing soothing circles on her back and playing with the ends of her hair, trying to get the sick woman to relax. She didn’t know what it was about hospitals, but the woman was very uneasy about them.When Maddy’s name was called the nurse fetched a wheel chair for her to ride in to the triage area.

When the group made it to the Triage, Maddy was looking even worse than she had before their ride to the hospital. The nurse rapidly took her vitals and asked why she was in the ER today. However, when the nurse read off her temperature her expression changed to one of urgency. The thermometer had read out ‘103.9’. The nurse left the two women in the triage room alone for a few moments before rushing back in and taking Maddy to a nearby room.

The nurse helped Maddy onto the bed and gave her a gown to put on telling her that someone would be with her shortly. Maddy struggled to get into the gown all the while freezing even more from not having on any clothes on, other than the gown. She made sure to cover her legs with the blanket so Tessa wouldn’t get on to her for the cut she was sporting down the side of her leg. When she had dressed she called for Tessa to come back into the room.

Soon there was a different nurse that came into the room that introduced herself as Jo. Even in her fever and sick addled brain Maddy couldn’t help but notice the woman’s looks. Everything about her was dark, from her eyes, hair and even her skin held a dark tan. Maddy was instantly drawn to the mysterious feeling she gave off too.

Jo for her part felt for the woman lying in the hospital bed, she looked really awful, but something inside Jo made her want to hover, watching her every move. Silently, Jo attached a heart monitor, blood pressure cuff and sensors that would read her body temperature. Having done what she was bid she patted the woman’s leg, however she noticed the woman wince away from the touch.

Jo turned to the woman and looked at her through a gaze of concern, “Ma’am is there something wrong with your leg?”

Maddy’s face was shocked, her entire body became ridged as she tried to brush off the woman’s question, “Oh, its fine. I am having body aches all over.”

Jo’s eyes pinched in thought as she looked at the small, frail woman lying in the hospital bed. There was something that made her stomach turn. So, she said to the small woman, “Do you mind if I just take a look,”, looking at Tessa she added, “She mentioned that you fell earlier. You might have gotten hurt and have not even realized it.”

However, Maddy wasn’t given much of a chance to respond before Tessa pulled the covers off her lower legs. Both women gasped in shock and horror at what they saw. Down the outside of Maddy’s left leg was a huge, grossly infected cut. It was at least eight inches long and half a inch wide on one end. The entire area was red and swollen.

Tessa was the first to speak, “Madeline! When did you get this and why the HELL didn’t you tell me about it when it happened!”

Maddy groaned and sank into the bed, covering her face with her hands, wishing that the floor would swallow her up whole. She couldn’t even find refuge in Jo because she was giving her just as a stern look as well.

Mumbling Maddy admitted, “I didn’t want to go to the hospital. I-I was scared.” Jo just raised a eyebrow and went back to studying the cut on her leg. It was becoming quickly obvious that this young woman needed someone to take care of her.


In a hushed quiet tone Tessa told the sickly woman, “Little girl, why I should handle you like Emma would have.”

Something in Jo surged. That little tid bit of information was quiet reviling, but she continued to poke and prod the wound much to Maddy’s displeasure. When the whispered conversation lulled Jo looked at the blonde, “Well, ma’am it would seem that you have quite an infected cut. I am not a doctor, but I’d venture to guess that this is what has got you so sick. Infection can travel into the blood stream and will kill you if not caught quickly enough.” Maddy squirmed in her bed listening to Jo’s spill about her leg. “Alright I’m going to talk to the doctor about this.” Pointing to the leg, “then I am going to have to clean it up I’m sure.”

Maddy started to argue, but Tessa gave the woman a sharp look of disapproval. Jo left the women and could hear the beginnings of a stern lecture as she closed the door. Jo couldn’t blame the woman, she had a strong desire to lecture and do even more, but that wasn’t her place.


ERT Part 1

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Life has been hectic a bit trying to get a story put together for the anthology, but have no fear that is almost done! So, this is going to be a multi-part story that will be a bit of a slow burn, and it may be a few parts before the story has any spanking in it. However, the good news is I should be posting much more often now that I’m almost done with editing!!

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Madeline Drew was feeling horrible. Actually horrible wasn’t even beginning to describe how Maddy was feeling. She was burning up with fever and her entire body was aching. Her stringy blonde hair was a tangled mess, her normally vibrant green eyes were dull and lifeless. Maddy had in in the bed for close to a week now feeling like she was going to die.

Maddy had the sudden urge to get sick, maneuvering out from under the covers she started to stand, but instead hit the floor with a loud THUMP. Maddy felt something warm running down her face. Reaching up she brought her hand to her nose and found blood coming out of her nose.

Damn it. Just what I need.

However, Maddy soon realized she had a much bigger problem on her hands. She struggled and struggled to get up out of the floor, however no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t push herself up. Apparently, the blond was too weak from not eating these past several days and the cut on her leg was much too painful to put much pressure on.

Muttering another string of curses she grabbed her phone, from her bedside table and sent a text message off to Tessa, her friend and neighbor, while pinching the bridge of her nose to slow the bleeding. Soon the phone dinged indicating that she Tessa had replied. Tessa would be there as soon as she could; she had stepped out to run some errands and would be home soon.

Maddy lay on the floor contemplating how she had gotten herself into this mess. Maddy felt so very lonely. She missed Emma, her ex, so much right now. If Emma were here she would have taken care of her. Thinking of Emma made tears pool in her eyes. The woman had meant so much to Maddy. Emma had loved her, cared for her, and guided her.

However, unknown to Maddy, the couple had their problems. Emma loved her work more than she loved her girlfriend. Emma had eventually chosen to move for work one day and did not bother to tell Maddy. She was here one day and gone the next. Maddy had been spending the last three months grieving the loss of the woman whom she thought she would spend the rest of her life with.

Maddy’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard keys jingle in the front door to the apartment. Thankfully, Tessa soon called out to her, “Maddy? Where are you?”

Struggling to raise even her head she shouted out, her voice weak, “Back here!”

Tessa quickly made her way through the apartment, into the bedroom to see Maddy laying on the floor blood covering her face and hands.

Tessa’s face was marred with shock at the sight, “Goodness gracious, Madeline what have you done?” The woman immediately moved to pull her up into a sitting position against a nearby wall.

Tessa was a few years older than Maddy, who ‘mothered’ her in a good way. She often invited her over for meals and reminded her to pay her bills on time. The two had known each other even when Emma was still around.

Tessa tutted at all the blood, going into the bathroom she got a warm, damp wash cloth, brought it back out and gently started to wipe the blood away, “Young lady, you look like death. What is going on with you?”

Blushing a dark crimson, despite being a pastey white color, she muttered to the woman, “I have the flu or something.” Tessa immediately stopped what she was doing and gave the younger woman a stern look. “Young lady, why didn’t you call me and tell me you were sick; I would have come over and checked on you? And what day did you go to the doctors, because it doesn’t appear you are doing any better?”

The blonde decided that the carpet was much more interesting than looking at Tessa. However, staring at the carpet made her notice the dark red blood stains covering the floor resulting in a scowl on her part.

Great. She was going to be scrubbing that out for a month.

Maddy felt a gently hand on her face and looked up meet the woman’s grey eyes. “You haven’t been to the doctor have you?” Maddy bit her lip and shook her head ‘no’ she hadn’t been to the doctors.

Sighing deeply, Tessa threw the wash cloth to the side, hooking her arms under the woman’s armpits, pulling her to stand on shaky feet. Tessa held her close for several moments while she regained her balance. “Maddy, that isn’t okay. You should know better. I know you have been having a hard time since Emma left, but you can’t give up.”

Those whispered words caused shivers down her spine. There were times when Tessa was so much like Emma it wasn’t even funny. Her tone of voice that she used to gently scold the woman and the raised eyebrow she often got as a result of misbehavior never ceased to remind her of the woman.

Tessa helped her into the cramped bathroom, and guided her to sit on the side of tub. Staring the woman down, Tessa noticed she her face was gaunt, the ever present bags under her eyes were darker than usual, and she was burning up with fever.

Tessa decided then that the blond needed to go to the ER, “I am taking you to the hospital. There is not a choice in the matter. Either you go to the hospital of your own volition or you can go in an ambulance when I call it.” Maddy’s mouth looked like a fish. She wanted to fight with everything in her, but that was just the problem. Maddy didn’t have anything in her left to fight with. Sagging she just nodded her agreement with the woman.

What was unknown to Tessa and everyone else on Earth, other than her mother, was Maddy had never been to a hospital before. Not to the ER for stitches or anything. Maddy had been deathly afraid of them since a small child, so her mother gave up fighting her on it and found a doctor that did emergency calls. So at 24 years old, Madeline was in for the shock of a lifetime. If her chest didn’t explode with panic first.



Hiya guys and gals, I haven’t forgotten about you all! I am still promising some stories very soon! Still working on editing my story so my time and energy is going into that. However, I just found this little gem and thought I’d share it with you all. Feel free to tell me of any naughtiness you have found yourselves in of late 😉


Being Naughty

Dear Diary 6/17

I was going to wait to post more of these, however they are very important to me so here is another one. Same disclaimer as before, a story with RL influence. A lot of these Dear Diary post have come from discussions had on if you haven’t been over there you should! Much love to all of you guys, please keep sending me comments and thoughts you have about these subjects ❤


Hi Diary, me again.

I have been having so many first lately, diary. I don’t know how to talk about this with anyone, so I’m just going to talk to you. Today I had a pretty intense scene. Top was trying to ‘shock’ me out of a temper tantrum and I reacted badly to her spanking me. It wasn’t working for me, actually I was throwing a even worse tantrum.  So, I did something I had never done in a scene before. I called the safe word. It was strange. Yes, Top stopped immediately, but so did I. It was like a cold bucket of water was thrown over the both of us.

Here is where I am having problems. Yes, everyone stresses the importance of safe words and talks about using them if you need to, however no one talks about what happens after it is used. As soon as I said it I regretted it. Not for needing to, but for disappointing my Top in not being able to continue or trust her enough to let go. Even though you aren’t in a mental place to continue, there is a sudden drop, you get very sad, clingy, resentful, angry, relieved, relaxed and many other things at the same time.

When I said my word I tried to run again. I guess I am discovering I am a runner, but that is another entry entirely. But I ran from Top, luckily I didn’t get far before she stopped me and insisted on talking about my tantrum in the first place and about why I needed to say my safe word. Throughout the conversation I wanted to apologize again and again for having to stop.

After everything was calm and Top and I decided to handle my guilt for the tantrum. She put me back over her knee and spanked me harder than she did before. However, Diary I have something to confess. As soon as she put me over her knee I felt panic. However, it was like everything happened in extremely slow motion in my brain. She was spanking extremely hard, but I didn’t react. I just laid there over her knee getting my backside lit up with her hand.

My mind was many things during the second attempt at spanking. Mainly, it was a panicky empty. It was like I had lost all thought of how to stop this. Don’t get me wrong, Diary I don’t blame Top for not knowing what is going on in my head. I don’t blame her for spanking me even harder to try to get me to stop holding back my reactions in fact I might have done the same thing if the roles where reversed. However, there was a deep part of me that thought if I stopped this again that she would be mad or upset with me so I just took it even though I was having a full blown panic attack.

After, it was over I pulled away some since I didn’t know how to talk about what  happened. The second spanking ended up feeling more like a punishment for saying my safe word than what it was actually for. Top eventually got out of me what was going on and we did discuss what was happening, however this is so new to me I fear I’m going to mess up so much she gives up on me. I want to be perfect even though she insist that nothing I do could  ever make her leave me unless I tell her to. It’s still a deep fear of mine and I wish I knew how ‘fix’ it. But I guess I just need to rely on Top to help me through.






Diary it been a few days  since I started this entry and I thought I’d stop by and finish it with some more thoughts since I’ve had some time and distance,

I think I’m beginning to learn what a safe word is really for. It’s not so much about the physical side of punishment, but more the metal. To get a spanking and for it to help you HAVE to be in the right head space. If you aren’t then it is a pointless act that will do more harm than good. I’m not sure how it works in all TTWD relationships, but in ours ‘yellow’ for me means wait I really don’t understand what is going on or you are moving to fast for me. In my personal case I use it more often when we are having a intense conversation that I might not be ready for than I do if I’m over Tops knee. ‘Red’ for me is usually used if Top triggers something for me that is traumatic. Usually that tells her that not only do I need to stop right now, but I’m going to ask for her to do one of two things: give me sometime alone to process whatever is going on or that I need her to hold me until I calm down from my panic.  I know that Top would much rather me talk about  basically every boring detail of my thoughts before hand than feel so scared or cornered that I needed to use my safe word.

Now, back to the physical vs. mental aspects… As a grown woman I can basically power through any type of pain I set my mind to which can easily lead me being really hurt physically by a spanking. However, that isn’t what Top nor I want for us. She wants me to be able to accept a spanking and allow it to impact my behavior or what ever we are addressing. So, Diary I have made a promise to Top and myself that I will be open and honest about where my head is at from here on out and if that means having to wait for punishment or do something other than spanking then that will be the best for the both of us.


Loved and well spanked,



Hi Peoples,

I hope to have some stories and possibly some diary entries done in the next few days. When I get a chance I’ll post 4 or 5 probably. I have been busy trying to get a story together for the anthology.

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Dear Diary 6/12

So this is a second entry in the story/fantasy/diary. Please note that while there is some real world influence this is a story.  🙂


Dear Diary,

So, today I had a completely different experience than the last time I wrote to you. I was upset and so this time Top gentle took my hand, guided me across the room, and invited me to sit on her lap. At first it was a little shocking and slightly uncomfortable. But there was something about the way that she ran her fingers through my hair and whispered calming words into my ear that encouraged me to relax into that safe embrace. We cuddled together having quiet conversations about life and what this was between us. I told her of all my fears and she assured me me she would never leave or abandon me, all the while still rubbing soothing circles on my back.

We hugged and I stayed that way for a long time. I am so scared that she won’t catch me if I fall, but man how bad do I want to fall. The longer we sat there  talking to each about our respective past, the deeper and deeper I got into my little one mindset. Oh, the things that the name ‘little one’ does to me. She reassured me that she would never hurt me, other than my bottom that is. We spent a lot of time giggling about stuff too. We didn’t end up naming really what was happening between us and you know, Diary, that really doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t need a name. After, a especially long round of giggles we talked about what we needed from each other. I told her sometimes I might need to be little as I blushed a deep shade of crimson and at other times I might need her to correct some serious adult behavior in a no non-sense fashion. She listened and when I lost my train of thought and she just pulled me tighter and assured me we weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere. It took me a lot of time and  a lot of squirming, but we eventually  began to understand what we expected and needed from each other. She helped me feel not so wrong for wanting to sit on her lap and cuddle with her or kinda wanting her to put me over her knee.

I cried a little at this point. It was nice to know that someone was sitting there listening to my ever thought, concern, fantasy and dream. I don’t think I have been held that much in years. It reminded me of being a small child, but with very adult feelings. Even when we weren’t talking it was comforting to know she was there holding on.

At one point the conversation got super embarrassing on my part at least. When you are in this situation that is this intense you don’t want to hurt the other person in anyway, by disappointing them, offending them or making them think you don’t care about their thoughts and feelings. It can make it hard when you feel like you should apologize for everything all of the time. So, I moved away from her, off of her lap and tried really hard to just run. Thankfully, she didn’t let me get far. I muttered something I was rather embarrassed about and she once again guided me back to her lap, locking her arms around my waist, telling me with body language alone that I wan’t going anywhere and that she wasn’t either.

“You can’t scare me off, little one. Nothing you say, do or confess will ever make me give up on you.” I remember those words like she said them just now because they slowly began to melt my heart. It is reassurances like those that make me warm inside. We spent more time cuddling each other and she touched my cheek bringing my eyes to meet hers.

She knew somehow at this point that I wanted to ask her something. For me at this point of the day I had been through every emotion possible. I felt so happy and content to just be there with her to allow myself not to be on guard, confused and scared of what might happen, embarrassed and just…… weird that I might want certain things from this woman. However, I hid my face from her and mumbled out my question.

Well Diary, as you can guess she didn’t let me get away with that. She brought my eyes to hers once again and requested that I say it a second time. Finally, I just blurted out, “Can you give me a spanking?” my face was on fire at this point, but she didn’t laugh or make jokes about my request she simply asked me, why.

I eventually told her I just felt like it might help me feel better and calm any racing thoughts in my head. She soothed me and assured me she understood. We talked for several minuets to make sure I was in the right frame of mind for a spanking of this nature, before she slowly moved me to lay over her lap instead on sitting on it.

I felt so vulnerable and calm in that split second. There is something about the feeling of someone’s had ominously resting on your backside that just makes you lose all other trains of thought. She rubbed and caressed for several long minuets before she placed the first swat on my jean and pantie covered backside. She slowly warmed me up over my clothing all the while reassuring me I could relax, let go and trust her.

The heat built slowly through my clothes. She didn’t like that I was fighting her on mentally letting go so she pulled my pants down to mid-thigh and increased the strength and pace. Let me tell you something, Diary when a woman with a palm of steel is tattooing her desire for you to do something to your backside you tend to take notice and suddenly forget everything else that is going on around you. So, with her hand making a heat unknown to common man: I let go. I relaxed over her lap accepting the spanking she was giving me. However, she wasn’t quiet done yet. She lowered my panties also and continued the spanking me on my bare bottom. Diary, I don’t know how she knew just what I needed, but that was all it took for me to completely let go and cry. As soon as I began to cry she placed two scorchers on my sit spots to remind me of my place, then she began to soothe my emotions and thoughts.

Well Diary, I have learned even more about myself from that experience. I have two sides of my mind that needs to be spanked if that makes sense. I have the adult, difficult, reckless behavior side that needs a stern woman to jerk me in place. And then there is the other side, the side that is just a submissive little one that needs to be eased into it lest she not get scared away. I like both sides for different reasons the stern woman doesn’t give me much of a chance to run from her and the other one allows me to not have to make any decisions about life. I also learned that a stern hand spanking sometimes is just as effective as anything else, especially if it is one made of steal like her hand is.




I’m going to crawl into bed now, Diary I’ll talk to you later,


Spanked Little One

Dear Diary

Okay, so this isn’t really a story, but it isn’t like an actual diary entry either. It is a bit of a mixture. It’s something a little different 🙂

Dear Diary,

There are two kinds of Tops out there in the TTWD world (actually more than two, but for these purposes I’m only going to say two.) There are those that walk into the room and guide you lovingly and gently over their lap with loving words of comfort. And then there are those that walk into a room grab you by the ear, swat you to their chair and drag you over their knee. See I had only met the first kind until recently. And see diary, when I met the second kind she scared the hell out of me. It was a complete shock to the system when she walked in and put my bratty self in my place.

Diary, I am still so freaking sore. My backside in red and I think there might be *whispers* bruises back there. I had been acting like a naughty child I digress, but I didn’t after that spanking. See the funny thing that I learned about this was that I didn’t hate to be lady handled like I was. I actually found it just shocking enough that it worked for me. For as important as gentleness, care and loving is for me in a spanking situation apparently sternness, Toppiness, and control are too. But I also had this new feeling, when I was laying over her strong thighs I felt safe, like this woman wouldn’t allow anything bad happen (other than her wearing my tail out) while I was in her care. It felt so right to be brought back to earth again sharply, quickly and thoroughly, but at the same time knew she ‘had’ me.

If it is possible I learned something even more important about myself. I am okay to let go a little and trust these amazing people that are in charge of my care in these situations. If I can let go some more I can be taken to new heights in this world. Allow the Top to stop me before I fall off the edge instead of worrying about every single detail. I can let that ‘child’ inside be brought to the surface.

I also learned that I can take a much harder spanking than I thought. I have had several hard hand spankings and even a few swats with some implements. However, this woman went to town on my ass with an 18 inch wooden ruler and I have never felt anything like that in my life. When she had applied dozens of swats with it while I was held securely over her knee I thought I might die, alas when she stopped I felt something different. I felt light. I felt free from every possible emotion that I had in the beginning of that spanking. However, it wasn’t over. She guided me up helped me step out of my clothes then lead me to the couch where she bent me over some pillows and laid into by already flaming backside with a leather belt. She lectured while she strapped me, granted I can’t remember most of the scolding as I was focused on my burning backside, but I soon began to cry. I cried, because I was so tired of pretending, I wanted someone in my life like this all the time, I don’t want to make all the decisions, and I felt guilty for being a full-fledged brat in front of everyone. Then I sobbed and the entire world faded away, even the belt.

After my thorough spanking I laid there still bared to the word while very Toppy Top whispered words into my ear. The world outside of our bubble ceased as she wiped away my tears, placing soothing touches on my back. It was a wonderful, yet new experience Diary. I don’t know if I will always want it like that, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it on occasion in the future.

I’m going to get some cream and take a nice nap now,

Spanked Brat


Early in the day all six women went shopping at a small town nearby to get souvenirs, and to explore. However, Alex, Elaine and Sydney all returned to the house early to surprise their SOs for when they had returned.

When the bottoms left their Tops got a suspicious feeling that the group was up to no good. However, they decided to just let them be and deal with the consequences later. The women had hatched a plan to all get spanked together again, granted everyone had some lingering soreness from the past day or so due to everyone playing hard, but this was a very rare opportunity for bonding through a spanking.

Alex gazed outside and saw the SUV pull into the driveway she turned to her counter parts telling them their women had arrived.

As Sydney stepped out of her shorts told the other women, “I suddenly just got nervous. Are we sure this is a good idea?”

Alex was the first to reassure her, “Yes this is a good idea, it should be fun.”

Elaine nodded in agreement and they finished their preparations just as the door to the house opened.

Carolina was the first to see them and she froze just inside the doorway causing Sarah and Gillian to bump into the back of her.

“Wha-” Gillian began to ask but lost her voice when she saw what Carolina was staring at.

Elaine, Alex and Sydney where laying over the back of the couch, which they had moved to face the door, with their pants off and all wearing matching bikini panties that said, “Please, spank us.” in big sparkly silver letters.

The three women stared for a solid minuet with their mouths open, before Carolina was the first to find her voice and speak, “What do you all think? Should we spank them?”

Gillian and Sarah both nodded, yep they definitely deserved a spanking. Sarah quickly moved behind her brat followed shortly by Carolina and Gillian. From her position she could see on the seat of the couch in front of each woman was a some of each Top’s respective implements.

Sarah rubbed Alex’s raised bottom through her panties while talking to the women beside her, “It would seem that we have been conspired against ladies.” With that simple statement she stopped rubbing and started spanking.

She spanked one raised cheek then the other. Back and forth landing random spanks all over the woman’s bottom. Sarah could hear other sounds of palm meeting other bottoms nearby, but the only one she cared about was her wife’s.

Apparently, Alex was more tender than normal, because it took much fewer swats than normal to make the woman start to react to the spanking. Before her skin was even pink she started to moan and wiggle in pain. Sarah tried to contain a grin, but there was something about watching that little bottom wiggle….

Sarah wasn’t the only one to have problems holding still it would seem. Poor Sydney who had a hard spanking less than two days ago was kicking her feet every time a spank would reach her.

And Elaine seemed to be happily floating through the swats while pushing her bottom up to meet Carolina’s hand every time it fell.

Sarah stopped spanking and started rubbing when Alex’s bottom was finally a healthy pink color and waited for the other women to finish shortly there after.

The three Tops stepped away from the brats and conversed on what to do next. Agreeing all three returned to their partners and picked up similar leather paddles.

Sarah heard a course of groans when the women realized they where going to be feeling the leather paddle. This made her grin though, the little imps had literally asked for this spanking and now where dreading it. Typical.

Sarah was up first she stepped behind Alex and pulled her panties down just below her cheeks keeping everything from view, but bareing her at the same time. She looked at Carolina and Gillian and nodded she was ready for them to do their part.

Gillian and Carolina guided their women up and back away from the couch so they could watch the spanking. This wasn’t what the brats had in mind when they planned this, but that was the beauty of it. Once everyone was in place Sarah announced, “Ten licks, young lady. Five for conspiring against us and five for being downright naughty.” Alex clenched and unclenched her cheeks several times in anticipation of the paddle.

When the woman’s bottom was soft Sarah raised the paddle and brought it down in the center of Alex’s cheeks causing the woman to yelp loudly as a imprint of the paddle appeared in a deeper red. If she would have looked back at Sydney and Elaine she would have noticed twin grimaces, because they knew they were going to face similar fates.

Sarah continued to lay the paddle on her wife’s backside much to the woman’s displeasure. After just three Alex was wiggling uncontrollably. Watching the woman wiggle was quiet the naughty delight of hers. Alex laid a supportive hand on her lower back and quickly peppered the rest of the swats of the paddle onto her cheeks. Alex was voicing her displeasure at the quick sharp swats.

Sarah rubbed the red, punished cheeks for a minuet, before pulling the woman to her feet, and righting her clothing. She led the woman away from the couch and pulled her close into her arms as both the other women where spanked in the same manner.

Alex hid her face in Sarah’s chest as she listened to the other women’s spankings. Elaine took her spanking like a pro, however Sydney didn’t. Gillian stopped after only three with the paddle since she was so sore.

The women cuddled together in the couches in the living room rubbing sore backsides, but basking in the warm comfort of warm skin and loving friends and family.

The women would fly home tomorrow closer than they had been when they arrived.


Our Past

If you haven’t read my story titled “Talk” then I recommend you read it before you read this. Apparently, I love the relationship Switches have with their Tops because that is who this is about too. Also, I’d like to apologize for the erratic story updates. I was topping a kinklet and trying to get a story together for a anthology. Hope to get back to regular posting. 🙂

Logan Tyler

All of the women where sitting around the living room, indulging in a glass of wine and gossip.

When the conversation lulled Carolina announced , “Okay ladies, Gillian mentioned that she would like to see a demonstration on how to properly use a cane. So I’ve discussed it with Elaine and she agreed to be demonstrated on,” while giving Elaine a  grin. All of the women except for Sarah perked up a bit. A spanking demonstration sounded fun.

“So if you all don’t mind I think now would be as good time as any to do this.” Pausing a beat she waited for any objections before continuing, “Okay, Gillian would you go grab the cane you bought and Elaine if you would I’d like to warm you up a bit. So over here please.”

Gillian exited the room to go fetch the cane and Elaine went and stood in front of her partner.

Carolina reached for the woman she guiding her to sit on her lap cuddling with her for a moment before shifting her to lay over it instead of on it. They had previous conversations about what would happen. Carolina didn’t bother adjusting her clothing knowing she didn’t plan to cane the woman bare or more than a few times. She raised a hand and brought it down repeatedly getting slightly harder as she went making sure to cover the entire area. Carolina stopped a few minutes into her warm up knowing that was all that was needed.

When Gillian entered the room with a cane in hand Sarah’s stomach dropped and she quietly told her wife to stay and watch if she wanted that she was going for a walk alone on the beach.

Carolina had not missed Sarah excusing herself or the quiet conversation the couple had, however she decided to give her some time.

While still holding Elaine close she began to teach the women, “Canes can be some of the most painful implements that one can use. It is also very easy to do actual damage to the skin or tissues with a cane. It can and will cause cuts and welts along with deep bruising. I normally only use the cane in very serious situations like intentionally putting oneself in danger.” Carolina helped Elaine stand and guided her to lay over the back of a arm chair that was turned to face the rest of the group for this purpose.

Positioning her just so she stepped back asking for the cane. She held it in her right hand tapping the woman’s still clothed bottom. This action caused Elaine to flinch thinking she was about to be struck, but Carolina murmured to her, “Not yet, honey I’ll let you know,” which helped Elaine relax knowing she wouldn’t be surprised with a stroke of the cain.

Carolina continued into her lecture and even gave Elaine a few easy strokes at the end then allowed Gillian to practice with her guidance.



When the demonstration ended Alex moved to go find her wife, however Carolina stopped to gently ask her, “Do you mind if I go find her? I think she needs to talk to me about this.”

Surprised by Carolina’s question she couldn’t help, but freeze up until the older woman touched her shoulder bringing her out of her head.

Alex nodded permission though she felt that it wasn’t really a question.



Carolina walked towards the distant figure on the beach hoping it was Sarah.

As the older woman walked up behind Sarah she asked, “Hi, is this seat taken?”

Sarah shook her head no. Carolina plopped down into the sand and sat in silence for several minutes before asking, “Want to talk about it?”

She once again shook her head no. Carolina nodded running her fingers through the sand and enjoyed the feeling. The sounds of crashing waves was the only thing that filled the silence and the sun was like a warm blanket. After close to ten minutes Sarah quietly told her, “We are on vacation I don’t want to put a downer on anyone’s mood.” Carolina understood they where on vacation.

In a kind soothing voice Carolina began, “Okay, little one, I’ll do the talking and you just listen.” Sarah still didn’t even look at her, but watched the distant blue surf which was fine with Carolina so she continued, “Ever since our first conversation about spankings you have had a very firm no rule about canes, you didn’t want them used in you. I’ve always respected your wishes on that front because we all have our boundaries. I have also never pressed you to talk about why you have such issues with canes and I never will. I can make an very educated guess, but I’m going to wait for you to tell me if you ever get ready.”

Sarah nodded her head again and moved closer to the woman who had become like a mother to her. They sat in silence again for a while until Sarah whispered in a broken voice, “My mother, that’s the reason I have the scars on the backs of my thighs…..” Carolina knew which scars she was talking about. There where about a dozen that could be from a cane if it had broken the skin.

This started a slow conversation about Sarah’s past and her mother. Sarah had been abused using a cane as a teen and it made her struggle with many aspects of TTWD. However, it was something close to her heart that she needed.


Carolina looked at the woman whom she cared for deeply and her, “I think you need a spanking.” She watched as Sarah’s body tensed and she leaned away ready to run away again.

Sarah gave her a bewildered look, “Wh- what for? I’ve been good.”

Carolina reached a hand out to her, “To remind you. To heal you. To relieve you.”

Sarah once again looked away from the woman and stared at the ocean once again. By now they had been sitting on the beach for over a hour and the sun was beginning to set.

Finally, Sarah looked at the woman next to her and said, “Okay. If you think I need one.”

Carolina stood and helped the woman up leading them both back towards the house.



Once the pair had made it into the privacy of the bedroom Sarah was instantly stripped of her shorts and bathing suit bottoms then she was draped over the older woman’s knee. Carolina gently traced each of the scars while holding the woman in place. This caused Sarah to still, sucking in a deep breath every time she felt the gentle hand move to a new scar.

With all the scars traced Carolina began to spank the woman. She used random spanks peppering them onto both of her cheeks. Slowly, she got harder and harder all the while making sure to not touch the woman’s thighs or sit spots. Sarah laid there bare and exposed to Carolina other than the occasional sound or a flinch she just accepted the spanking. During the last part of the spanking Carolina was using enough force in her stokes to leave a hand print and cause a loud popping sound every time she swatted her.

After Carolina stopped the spanking she went back to gently tracing the scars on the back of the woman’s legs. Once, Carolina did this several times she heard and saw Sarah break down. This was the sign Carolina had been looking for. Earlier on the beach the woman had not shed a tear. Carolina helped her up and cuddled her as she cried. Alex eventually came in when she heard the spanking stop long enough. Alex knelt in the floor in front of Sarah and held onto her too.


Victoria was currently face down over her wife’s knee getting a lesson in cursing at the staff which Sophia absolutely abhored. Her wife had the 18 inch wooded ruler bouncing it repeatedly off her firm cheeks creating lines of fire every time it connected.

She was trying to hold still so as to not get swats to her thighs, but it wasn’t working very well. The ruler stung something fierce and when the swats where aplied hard enough there would be a welt in the shape of the ruler. However, she wasn’t hitting that hard, yet.

Just as Sophia raised the ruler to start the second round of spanks the door to their bedroom bust open, “Yo-”

All three people where frozen for a few moments, until Victoria managed to yell, “Get out you fool! Out!” She was struggling with everything she had to get up from her position bent over Sophia’s knee.

It took James a moment to realize he was staring at his Queen’s most delicate parts. As soon as he realized it he turned his back, but refused to leave the room.

“There has been a intruder. We need to get you to the safe room down stairs.”

About this time Sophia realized what was going on and threw the ruler away covering her wife. Damn these people always pick the worse times.

It was only a matter of minutes before the Queen and Sophia found themselves in the safe room.

Actually, safe room wouldn’t quiet be the word for it. It was around 6,000 square feet where 20 people could live long term. It had thick reinforced concert walls, a full kitchen, dinning room, barracks and bathrooms, conference room, office, and even a small master bed and bath for the Queen and her wife. There was enough food, water and other supplies to last for over a year. The best or worst part was it was deep underground.


As soon as the door closed behind them in the safe room the Queen turned to look at James with steeliest eyes he had ever seen. In the low even voice she usually only used in court she ordered the man, “My office, now.” James looked like a fish his mouth opened and closed several times before he bowed his head, “Yes, my Queen.”

Quickly, James left the couple to wait in the office. Victoria turned to check on her wife and could see the woman was still blushing red.

“I’m going to speak to our dear guard. Wait for me in our room?” Sophia nodded her head and watched her wife leave. Apparently, however she found her voice again just as Victoria reached the door, “Do not forget the conversation we just had, my love.”

Victoria looked back over her shoulder and saw the look she was given by her wife. That look alone was enough to make her burning skin tingle.


Victoria slammed the door shut to her office to find James on one knee, head down bowed before her.

“You Majesty-” he tried, but was cut off, “Do not speak unless I give you permission.”

The Queen rounded her desk and the two sat in silence for several minutes while she studied the man bowed before her.

Finally, Victoria broke the silence, “I should have your job right now and be glad that is all I would take from you. We have asked you to make sure to knock before entering our bedroom. How dare you barge in there, I realize there is a intruder, but you saw something in there you shouldn’t ever have! I don’t know what to do with you.”

The Queen was still angery, very angry, but she was sitting on the reminder to not curse at the man.

“Stand up.” James did as ordered, but still didn’t dare speak or even look at the woman.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Victoria’s voice was ice. Her and her wife’s privacy was one of the only things she expected of her staff at all times. James knew this, “No, ma’am.”

Finally deciding what she was going to do Victoria spoke in a slightly kinder tone, “James, you will be doing extra night shifts on the perimeter of the grounds and will be retaking lessons on conduct. I will fire you and discharge you from the army if this happens again.”

Everyone hated the night shifts on the perimeter. Usually, they dealt with drunk tourist all night or they just stood in the dark all night either way they all hated it.

“Yes, your Majesty. Thank you for not dismissing me.”

Victoria was still wanting curse at the man, however the thought of the ruler and who had been welding it made her keep control of herself.

Deciding to look over the papers that where waiting for her attention, she dismissed the man with a flick of her hand, “You may go. Keep me updated on the situation.”

Victoria heard the man turn and boots click on the floor, however he stopped after three steps, “Ma’am permission to speak?

The Queen rolled her eyes not bothering to look up at him, “What James?”

When he hesitated, she looked up at the man and could see his worried look and realized what he was going to ask her.

Taking a deep breath Victoria stood went around the desk and leaned on it instead of sitting behind it. In the kindest tone James ever heard her use she reassured the man, “James, Sophia isn’t abusive, we are in consensual adult relationship. She would never hurt me.”

“She was hitting you and it didn’t look like you where… you know enjoying it!”

Victoria groaned this is why the couple was sure to keep their activities a secret. People didn’t understand their relationship, “James, I am going to say this one time and one time only, and if you repeat it to anyone I will send you to prison for treason. I let my wife spank me, because I need it sometimes. It is consensual. Now, I expect you to never speak of this again.”

James nods  his head, “Yes, ma’am I just wanted you to know that I would protect you from anyone even your wife.”

“Thank you, James, but I don’t need protecting from my wife.”

James left allowing Victoria to sit in a near by chair. She was mortified. She knew that James now knew more information than she ever wanted anyone to know. Thinking of her wife Victoria decided it might be better not to tell her about the conversation she had with the man.


Later when Victoria arrived into their bedroom she saw her wife sitting on the side of the bed. A ruler almost identical she was using earlier was on the bed beside her.

“Wh- where did you get that?” Victoria asked indicating the ruler on the bed.

Sophia giggled a bit, “Do you think that if we where to get stuck down here for a impossible amount of time that I wouldn’t need to spank that cute little rear at some point?”

Victoria’s face and neck heated up. If they where stuck down here for a impossible amount of time she was sure she would need more… attention… to make them both tolerable.

Sophia laugh at the cute blush her wife had, “That’s what I thought. Now get over here.” she told the woman as she patted her lap.

Victoria moved across the room, but paused to ask, “But for what? I didn’t even curse him!”

Sophia leaned forward dragging the woman down over her lap telling her, “Because I wasn’t done earlier, little lady, now you just lay there and let me finish this.”

Victoria kicked her feet in protest until her legs where trapped in place by her wife’s strong  thigh. The Queen felt her pants and panties go down without flourish. Sophia raised the ruler and started to bring it down on the still pink cheeks, but was interrupted when the door to the bed room opened once again without a knock. James stood there staring for the second time today.

All Victoria did was groan. She was going to kill him; right after getting locks installed.