Skool’s out for summer……or is it?

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while and LT does remind me every so often, and I’ve been a bit remiss. Anyway, I thought I would let you in on a little project that I’m involved with.

Now, I have a twin sister who also has similar tastes. She sees a disciplinarian and over the past couple of years has become very good friends with him. I shall call him G. Anyway, G has a younger sister, maybe a little bit older than sis and I, and this younger sister went to a boarding school back in the 70’s. As far as I can gather, she got up to all sorts of mischief which generally ended up with her being up ended for the cane.

Well G’s little sister wrote her memoirs and guess what? …….

A publishing company are very interested. There’s a snag though……….

They need piccies.

So I’m sure you’ve guessed it…..that’s right, me and my twin are going to be models!!

I’m super excited, because I’ve actually got all the kit, even down to school knicks. Twin sis and I have identical blazers, purchased from John Lewis. They are a dark red with a super badge on them. We had the sleeves taken up as they were a trifle long in the arm. We’re a bit short, coming in at 4ft 10. I’ve got a school shirt, and sister found fabulous school ties on eBay. They are silver with red stripes. We’ve even got straw boaters. I have proper grey school trousers as well ( so lucky that teenagers come up in larger sizes these days lol.)

eBay and I have been great buddies, not only did I buy a fab leather satchel, I also bought a couple of vintage badges to wear on my blazer. So I’ve really gone to town. And then the piece de resistance, I am now the proud owner of a proper wooden lacrosse stick. I feel like a school girl from Enid Blyton’s book Mallory Towers (showing my age here.)

So, sis and I are all kitted up. We’ve even had a little photo session ourselves. So the big day should be this Thursday so fingers crossed that nothing pops up to postpone it. G is going to be dressed formerly with mortar board and gown. And yes, he will be bringing his cane…and yes…we signed up to be actors……method actors that is 😀

A book for you all…

The lovely Stardawn Cabot has just released book three of her The Sangrain Tiger’s Tale series. There is some wonderful info below about it.  Show her some love for another wonder spanky book. 😀 🙂

This third installment of The Sangrain Tiger’s Tale picks up five years after Silver and Keridwen return to Sangria. Life is going well; their family is growing and thriving, their people are prospering, and Silver and Keridwen have never been happier.  There is just one small problem – Keridwen has become almost too complacent and through a series of pranks discovers that she has lost the ability to control her shifts from her adult form to the body of a 10-year old at will.  Worse than that, however, she’s forgotten how to be small as the everyday demands of running a kingdom have gotten in the way of Keridwen being her true self.  To help Keridwen find her way again, Silver declares that a little vacation back to Earth is warranted.  Unfortunately, their vacation is abruptly cut short as Silver and Keridwen’s twin daughters accidentally return to Sangria with only Silver’s mother to protect them.  Not knowing where the twins landed, possibly hundreds of miles from their home, Keridwen follows them while Silver returns to the Capital and tries to find them through more traditional means.

Now with the family split, Keridwen’s little problems grow into an almost unfathomable task as she tries not only to find her daughters and reunite with her wife but is also confronted by her past – a past that she not only wants to forget but is ashamed of.   Will her past haunt her to the point where she is unable to become the General, preventing her from protecting her people and reuniting with her family, or will life as she knows it forever be shattered?

This story is fantasy, includes a sexually-graphic lesbian relationship, spanking, and elements of age play.  If any of these things offend you, please don’t buy this book.

A sneaky peaky:

Silver shook her head as she watched Keridwen play in the water.   The Little General had been at it for almost two hours, finding pure delight in the water and the rolling waves.   They’d played with most of the things Silver had purchased, including the inflatable beach ball, the Frisbee, and finally the boogie board, which Keridwen was currently experimenting with.  They’d seen some older kids run along the water’s edge and ride the board across the wet sand.  Keridwen was trying to mimic them and was having a marginal amount of luck. Silver had finally left to her to play and returned to the towels to rest.   She was exhausted, and she didn’t know where Keridwen found the energy to continue.

The beach had gotten more crowded as the day wore on.  There were many more people both on the sand and in the water, and so Silver didn’t interfere when a small group of children engaged Keridwen.  There were two boys and a girl, all around Keridwen ‘age,’ and one of the boys had a boogie board as well.  They talked for a while, and then one of the boys took a turn on his boogie board, riding more into a wave then along the shore.   He crashed and went into the water, only to pop up a moment later laughing.

The rest of the children and Keridwen joined in in his laughter and seeing that they were having a good time, Silver relaxed.  Keridwen had taken to the water like a duck, as she usually did, and after making sure she was feeling secure, Silver wasn’t really worried about her.  Deciding to let her play for a while, Silver picked a book out of her bag before getting comfortable and enjoying the sun.

Over the last few years, Silver had rediscovered reading.  In Sangria they didn’t have television or even electric lights, so often nights were spent around the fire with a good book.  She’d read a lot of Sangrian literature, but also had her own stash which was available to only to those who had knowledge of Earth.  Stephen, her brother, would often raid her collection and Aderyn and occasionally Jayson or Seth would as well.  As her girls got older, she would make sure they had a library of Earth literature as well.  There were good lessons and good stories from both cultures, and she hoped that it would help round out their education as they grew.  Turning her attention to her book, Silver managed to let herself get lost in its pages while still keeping an ear and the occasional glance out toward Keridwen.

A good half hour or so passed before Silver looked up and saw Keridwen and her new friends heading her way.  “Having fun?” Silver quipped as Keridwen plopped down on the towel next to her.

“Yes, although,” Keridwen paused, looking back to her friends.  “I was invited to go get some ice cream.”

“The shop is just down at the end of this block,” the oldest boy spoke up.  “We go there all the time.”

“They live here,” Keridwen supplied.  “That’s Joey, by the way, his brother, Andrew, and their cousin, Silvia.”

“My name is Silvia too,” Silver smiled.  “But everyone calls me Silver.”

“I told her that,” Keridwen informed Silver.  “We were hoping we could leave their stuff here with you and we could go.  I’ll bring you back something.”

Silver chewed her lip for a moment.  “I don’t like the idea of you being out of my sight.”

“It’s not like we’ll be in the water, and it’s just down the street.  Please?”

“How about I just go with you?”

“Silver,” Keridwen’s voice dropped. “What about the stuff?”

“The stuff is fine, no one will mess with it, and if they do, who cares?”


“Keridwen, what’s rule number two?” Silver’s voice dropped down into a whisper.

Keridwen’s cheeks reddened, and before Silver knew what was happening, she turned to her new-found friends.  “I changed my mind; I don’t feel like ice cream anymore.  You can still leave your stuff if you want.”

“You sure?” Joey asked.

“Yes, I forgot ice cream sometimes hurts my stomach.  I’ll see you when you get back.”

Silver was quiet for a moment as the boy shrugged and dumped his boogie board down next to Keridwen’s before leaving with the two others.  “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Neither did you,” Keridwen huffed, pulling her knees up under her chin as she dripped into her towel.  “It was just down the street.”

“I know, but I told you I don’t want you out of my line of sight.”

“I’m going to go back to the water.”

“I think you need to stay up here for a bit.”

“Why? You left me alone a few minutes ago.”

“One, the attitude, and two I think you could use a break.  How about a snack?  I’m hungry, I bet you are too.”

“I want ice cream.”

“Well, it’s too late for that.  I have trail mix or chips, or how about a cupcake?  I have some chocolate…”

“I don’t want any of that,” Keridwen cut Silver off.

“Well at least have some water,” Silver pulled out a bottle and opened it for Keridwen.  “You’ve been in the water too long without drinking.  You’ll get dehydrated.”

Keridwen gave her a hard look before taking the bottle and managing a small slip.  She then wrinkled her nose.  “It’s not cold.  Ice cream would have been cold.”

“You know what?  That’s enough.  You just earned yourself a time out.  Ten minutes, Keridwen.  You can sit there and think about your attitude.  Drink the water, but no talking.”

Keridwen narrowed her eyes.  Planting the bottle down in the sand between them, she turned away from Silver and lay down on her towel.   Silver felt the initial surge of annoyance, but after a moment of studying Keridwen’s posture, she felt it just as quickly leave.

Uncharacteristically, Keridwen hadn’t argued with her.  She’d simply turned away and seeing the pose made Silver frown.  She wondered if maybe she’d gone too far.  Keridwen seemed almost excited when they agreed that Silver was going to be tougher on her, but now with the attitude, she was confused.

Finally giving out a long sigh, she reached out and put at hand on Keridwen’s lower back.  “Am I being a total jack ass?”

Keridwen turned her head back toward Silver.  She wrinkled her brow, but slowly nodded her head.  “Yes.”

Silver chuckled; well at least I know you’re still not able to lie to me.  “If you want to hurry up, you can probably catch up with them.”

“What about rule number two?”

“Promise you’ll go get the ice cream and come right back?”

“Of course.”

“And you’ll bring me back something chocolate?”

Keridwen nodded.

Silver grabbed her wallet and handed over a $10.  “Hurry up.  It’s hot, and that ice cream is going to melt fast.”

“Okay,” Keridwen smiled, jumping up and kissing Silver on the cheek.  “I know you are trying to step up.  I appreciate it, even if you need to relax a bit.”

Scare Me Like that Again – Part 4 Final

Thank you to my amazing co writer for pulling this last part together by writing 99% of it. You are the best. 🙂

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

“Thirty,” Melissa started, giving Sarah a medium pop with her palm.  Sarah grunted, squirmed, and tried to keep focus. “Twenty-nine,” Melissa then said, with another pop.

Sarah whimpered, wiggling her backside and wishing that Melissa would just hurry up.  The next twenty-eight counts were surely going to kill her.  Twenty-seven hit low, making Sarah wince at it connected with her lower cheek, right where it met her thigh, and then it’s twin, twenty-six left a matching palm-print on her other cheek.

The sting lingered and Sarah found herself wiggling.  It was almost distracting enough to pull her from what was going on between her legs, but that was quickly forgotten as Melissa paused and massaged her bottom.  She then let her fingers roam, flowing between Sarah’s legs and touching her opening, just below where Sarah had the vibrating egg pressed. Melissa dipped her fingers between Sarah’s wet lips, rubbing back and forth for a moment, making Sarah instinctively clench, trying to prevent the wave of passion that she felt threatening to explode.  

In the back of her mind, she just wanted to let it go, but Melissa’s warning kept her squirming.  She knew her partner well enough that the punishment for disobedience wouldn’t be worth it, even if this had started as a play session when Melissa got in a toppy mood, there was no mistaking it for anything but serious.

All too soon, Melissa again let go and returned her palm to Sarah’s backside. “What number were we on again?”

Sarah’s eyes went wide.  She had no idea. “Um,” she hesitated and then winced as Melissa tapped her.  

“Yeah, I thought so.  Maybe we should just start over.  I was counting from fifty right?”

“Thirty!” Sarah immediately countered.  “I swear it was thirty.”

Melissa chuckled and tapped her again.  “Thirty then,” she said giving Sarah a half-strength swat.  

“Twenty-nine,” Sarah again immediately added.  

“So it is,” Melissa said, giving her another swat.  She then resumed swatting, slowly, back and forth. She didn’t count aloud, but Sarah was counting in her head and knew that her partner was doing the same.  

By the time she reached eleven, and then ten, Sarah was again writhed.  “Alright, Sarahbell,” Melissa encouraged. “Nine… eight… seven….”

At the sixth swat, Sarah yelled out, “Six.. five… oh god, four… three… oh, Mel… two.. And ONE!” And Sarah could no longer control herself.  She arched her back and let go, feeling wave after wave of pleasure course over her. Her legs started to shake and she found herself collapsing onto the mattress.  Her hand went limp and pulled the egg away. She almost didn’t notice Melissa take it from her and turn it off.

“Oh God,” Sarah moaned into the mattress as Melissa supported her by rubbing her back.  “That was… that was amazing. Maybe I should startle you more often.”

Melissa merely chuckled as she climbed onto the bed in front of her partner and scooted close to pet her hair. “Incorrigible, I tell you, incorrigible.”

Sarah moaned into the mattress once more before pulling herself up to lay her head on Melissa’s lap. The two women sat together in the still silence for some time before Sarah placed a kiss to her lover’s thigh. “Love you,” she mumbled tiredly as her eyes drooped.

“I love you too,” Melissa smiled as Sarah’s eyes stayed closed.

Sarah muttered something else but ended up sighing as Melissa’s hand trailed down to her bottom and started to gently stroke and pat it.  It was very warm, and although it was only part of her that was still throbbing she knew she was going to remember this moment every time she sat down for the next day or two.

“We should think about dinner,” Melissa said as she continued to pat her.

“I’m not hungry,” Sarah mumbled.

Melissa chuckled again.  “You will be as soon as the feeling returns to your legs”

Sarah wrinkled her nose and looked at up Melissa.  “My legs aren’t the thing I’m worried about,” she said, rubbing her own backside.  “Maybe I just don’t want to sit at the table.”

“Is that all,” Melissa smiled.

“No,” Sarah moaned as she rolled over and looked up at Melissa, meeting her eyes.  “I”m sorry I scared you. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just having fun.”

“Who says I wasn’t having fun too?” Melissa teased.

Sarah’s eyes went wide before she promptly stuck out her tongue.  “Now who is the brat?”

“Still you, dear.”

“Hmpt,” Sarah grumbled. “Alright, I’ll eat, and sit down at a table on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Melissa asked, cocking a curious eyebrow.

“Surprise, you’re taking me out to dinner!”

“How about… Surprise! YOU are cooking me dinner,” Melissa countered.

“Hey, I’m the one with the sore backside.”

“Yeah, and cooking will keep you on your feet a bit longer,” Melissa winked.

Sarah’s lip tucked into a pout before she suddenly smiled after getting an idea.  “How about I’ll stand to order a pizza, then we can cuddle on the sofa while we wait?”

“Hmmm…” Melissa considered.  “I suppose that would be acceptable.”

Sarah agreed with a nod before slipping away from her partner and standing.  Again, her hands went to her backside, giving herself a sympathy rub. “I don’t suppose surprising you with pineapple will work tonight?”

“I think we’ve had enough surprises, and what did I say last time you ordered pineapple on my pizza?”

Sarah wrinkled her nose.  “You wouldn’t really spank me again tonight, would you?”

Melissa gave Sarah a small growl. “You wanna bet?”

“Actually, this may surprise you, but no.”

“What did I say about surprises?”

“So… then that’s a yes on the pineapple?”

“Sarah Anabelle…” Melissa warned, but Sarah had already turned and fled into the kitchen.  With a little luck, she’d be able to grab her phone and hide in the bathroom before Melissa could intervene. Truth be told she wasn’t the biggest fan of pineapple either, but then it always surprised her how much Melissa hated it, especially on pizza. Some surprises were so worth it, even if it meant another day or two before she could actually sit comfortably again.

Scare Me Like That Again – Part Two

Part One can be found here.

“Both of Melissa’s eyebrows shot up. “You little brat!” Melissa grabbed Sarah by the arm, and she was no longer given any say as she suddenly found herself staring at the carpet. Her panties were down within a heartbeat before she felt Melissa’s palm kiss her backside for the first time. One swat quickly became two, and mere seconds later, Sarah was dancing frantically all over Melissa’s lap.

“Scare me, will you,” Melissa scolded between sharp swats. “How’s this for a surprise?” she continued unrelentless. Several long moments passed, but it was all a blur to Sarah as Melissa turned her cheeks from a pale pink to a bright, stinging raspberry. It was only once Sarah’s squeals of protests echoed through the house did Melissa stop the swatting and gently rubbed her warm cheeks.

“Oh… Mel…” Sarah moaned. She pushed her bottom higher, exposing her damp lips and inviting Melissa in. Her bottom was on fire, but the gentle stroking was causing other parts of her body to awaken as well.

Sarah was more than relieved when Melissa took the hint and allowed her hand to travel between Sarah’s spread thighs as she lightly began to tease with her fingertips. Melissa lingered there a moment, just long enough to make Sarah squirm before Melissa moved her hand back to her bottom cheeks and began swatting her once more. The swats were slower now, but more deliberate. Between her growing need in her loins and the building heat in her backside, Sarah was having difficulties focusing on anything. She felt helpless as she moaned and squirmed across Melissa’s lap.

“If you scare me again like that I’m going to make sure your spanking is a lot less pleasurable, young lady,” Melissa’s words made her jump. The tone had been in quiet warning with just enough edge to make Sarah’s stomach flop as she whimpered in response.

Between the sting and the massage, the tenderness of her lover’s palm was almost hypnotic. Sarah found herself drifting, and then suddenly stiffened as she felt Melissa’s hand travel back between her legs. Her bottom was throbbing, and her lower lips were tingling, but Melissa’s change in direction gave her hope.

Melissa found her hard clit and brushed over it lightly with two fingers. Her touch was just light enough to feel but much too gentle to bring any relief, and Sarah’s entire body trembled with the desire to push back for more contact.

To soon, however, Melissa’s hand left her lower lips and returned to her bottom to deliver several more slow and deliberate spanks. Each swat stung but also increased the wetness between Sarah’s legs tenfold. By a dozen stingy-spanks, her nipples her hard and painfully aching to be touched and played with. It was all she could do to just moan hoping that Melissa’s hand would soon return.

It seemed an eternity of withering and wiggling, but thankfully Melissa took mercy on her and again shifted. Both cheeks now burning, Melissa’s hand once again found her most sensitive spot, but this time Melissa’s destination wasn’t her clit, but instead, her folds. Melissa’s fingers tickled her entrance and gently massaged her pulsing lips. Sarah spread her legs further hoping to encourage Melissa’s playing. It did as Melissa’s damp fingers returned to Sarah’s clit and rubbed the hardened nerves with just enough pressure.

Sarah whimpered and held onto her lover’s ankles tightly as she finally pushed back, forcing more contact with Melissa’s hand. “Please, Mel… oh… need you.”

“You need me to what, Sarahbell?” Melissa teased.

Sarah bit her tongue, knowing that her answer could either encourage her lover to continue or even earn her more swats. Still, she was desperate, and so she answered honestly but almost in a whisper, “Fuck me.”

“What was that?” Melissa asked, suddenly pausing and making Sarah groan in frustration.

“I said to fuck me,” she begged. “Fuck me hard, Melissa Winters!”

“Oh really,” Melissa said with a chuckle. “Such language, little brat. Still, it’s a hell of a suggestion,” she taunted, letting her fingers ever so slightly brush across Sarah’s clit, before pressing it with her thumb. “Such a naughty girl,” Melissa said, pressing and rubbing once more.

With her thumb busy, she also allowed her middle finger to slip into Sarah’s entrance, moving in and out with the rhythm of her thumb. One finger became two, and Sarah found herself sliding forward yet, somehow still rising to meet Melissa’s hand. Her need was growing, the tension pressing those butterflies in her lower stomach to flutter at an alarming rate.

“Yes… yes… YES!” Sarah yelled as she felt the rush of release and then a wave of pleasure wash over her. Sarah trembled for several moments as Melissa’s hand continued to pull every ounce of pleasure out of her she could. Finally, she whimpered and squirmed forward and away from Melissa and her administrations. She could feel her lover’s hand slowly dance back to her throbbing bottom and pat each stinging cheek slowly just enough to keep the sting alive.

“You ever going to scare me again like that, little brat?” Melissa asked, her tone scolding as she alternated some of the pats for gentle rubs.

The softness allowed Sarah to steady her rapid breathing, but she couldn’t help a small smirk as she panted out, “May… maybe… if it leads to that!”

Melissa placed a sharper, resounding swat on the across the center of both cheeks, before beginning to pat once more. “I can see you’ve not had enough attention, young lady! I’m going to make sure you don’t sit comfortable tomorrow!”

The 50th Amendment……The right to bare ass..

That’s right, they have many names depending on where you come from, panties, undies, briefs, pants, butt they all have one thing in common (please excuse the pun, there may be a few more lol) and that is they cover the derriere.

And there are so many types out there for a girl to choose from, we’ve got full brief, midi, high leg, brazilian, tanga, bikini, G-string, shorts to name but a few. So that got me thinking? Does your age affect your choice of underwear?

In a few weeks’ time, I hit a big mile stone, I’m going to be 50 and yes, I’ve had my fair share over the years of wearing different types of undergarments, you could call it a Brief Encounter (did warn you about the puns) but now that I’m hitting 50, should I hang up the pretties, and go more utility?
For after all, this girl here has some stretch marks, and a bit of a tummy, I often think my bottom looks big. So, should I go more demure and just cover up? Can I wear what I wore back in my 20’s, or can I show a bit of cheek and dare to bare? Is it time for full granny bloomers and be done with?

Anyway, after careful consideration and a perusal of my underwear drawer, I’ve come to the conclusion that age DOES affect what you wear beneath your clothing. I’ve discovered the older I’ve got, the naughtier I’ve become. My bottom is the proud wearer of a plethora of panties. No way am I ready for long drawers. I have a knicker for different occasions, I shall keep it brief, but this is what I have:

High leg, shorts, brazilian, full coverage, school knickers, gym knickers, bikini, thong.

So, I may be rocking on 50, but no way am I ready to hide the rear and today is Thursday aka Thong Thursday…. yup and you’ve guessed it…….




Confessions of Gemini – SALE

Hey spanky folks!

My dear writing buddy and I decided to put our little book on sale tomorrow  2/20 – 2/27! So, if you haven’t checked it will be the perfect time for you all to give it a try! And if you haven’t yet you can check out some sneak peeks here and here.

Melissa and Bethany (Beth) Winters are identical twins, but that’s where their similarities end — or so they think. Beth is a lonely work-a-holic while Melissa is happily committed to her partner, Sarah. When Beth stumbles upon Melissa’s secret, however, she is shocked, confused, and more than a little curious. Not able to let the secret go, Beth confides in her twin, but her confession opens up a whole new world to both of them which forces Beth to make a choice. Will she run from the only family she has or will both sisters find a way for their lives to change for good?

Spanking Books Everywhere!!

Spanking fans gather around! We have so much spanking fiction to read of late it makes me so happy that folks are writing and expanding in this market! One day hopefully we will be equally represented in the spanking community! Anyway below are several books and authors for a spanky roundup of fiction. Know that all authors love when you leave em a review or comment! (If you need help reviewing without your name being public just ask we can help with that!)

First up:

Many of you know the lovely Alyx Fic/Rancher through her blog Alyxfic or her professional site AlyxRancher where many a spanky folk have gathered over the years to enjoy Alyx’s deliciously squirmy fiction for years now. Season’s Heatings is a collection of Alyx’s holiday spanking stories from years prior (and I hear there may be a new one too!). So, if you are still in a holiday mood or just a spanky one give this collection of stories a try! (Also, isn’t that cover awesome!)

Second up:

My good bud Claire Britain published her sequel Riley’s Reckoning back in late November where we get the great pleasure of continuing to follow Riley’s and Joanna’s story. Well, lucky for you all I happen to have a little bit that Ms. Britain is willing to share! If you enjoy be sure to check out this book and her first one Reigning in Riley! Also, go follow Wayward Angles to keep up with what she is getting up to! (Which is usually trouble!)

Bit from Riley’s Reckoning:

“Riley, in the bedroom closet, behind the door on the rack, there’s a black leather belt. I need you to go and get it for me,” Joanna directed somberly.

Riley saw Kate turn around after hearing Joanna’s words and a single tear rolled down her cheek as she stood compliantly to retrieve the belt.

“Riley,” Joanna said in a softer voice, making Riley stop and look at her. Joanna reached out and grasped the smaller woman’s shoulders before bending down and depositing a small kiss to the top of her head.

Riley’s lip began to tremble, so she turned and headed toward the bedroom. It didn’t take her long to find the belt Joanna had told her to retrieve. She took it off the hook and held it in both hands, running the supple leather that was about an inch and a half wide through her fingers. She wasn’t afraid; if anything, she was more than ready to accept whatever Joanna had in store for her, as she stared at the leather strap in her hands.

“Bring it here, Riley,” she heard Joanna demand, bringing her out of her trance.

Riley looked out from behind the closet door and saw her girlfriend sitting on the bed. She didn’t hesitate as she headed over to the bed to face Joanna. Joanna held out her hand and Riley threw the belt into her hands with a huff.

“Riley, do you know why…”

“Yes, I do, can we just get this over with?” Riley asked, not making eye contact with her lover as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her running pants and began to peel them down.

“Stop! You seem to forget who’s in control here, young lady.”

“Whatever, just do it already,” Riley replied, her running pants now at her knees as she began the same process with her panties. Before Riley could dispense with her underwear, Joanna reached up and grasped Riley by the ear and steered the younger woman down over her thighs. Riley felt her panties being pulled up tight, exposing her nether cheeks then Joanna began a flurry of crisp, fast spanks as her girlfriend lectured her.

“You, young lady, will do as you are told, otherwise we are going to be here a very long time. Do you understand me?”

Third up:

Finally, I get to my brilliant co-author and dear friend Ms. Stardawn Cabot (I just call her Ms. Cabot it aggravates her ;P ) She has been diligently working on republishing The Sangria Tiger Tales! Book one was available a few weeks ago and book two will be available Monday but is on preorder now. 🙂 The Sangrian Tiger Tales is a fantasy world about Queens, love, forgiveness and fighting for your family and country. Lucky for me and you all Ms. Cabot has sent me a small bit to share with you all! Also here is the link to her newish blog!

Bit from book one:

“What’s gotten into you?” Silver asked noticing that Keridwen was sitting and staring at her.  She’d been very quiet throughout the afternoon, but now that they’d camped for the night, she was expecting Keridwen to relax and settle in. “You feeling alright?”


“Keridwen, I asked if you were feeling alright.  You’re too quiet, honey.  Are you sleepy?”

Keridwen shrugged.  “Not really.  I’ve just been thinking.”

“Oh? About what?”

“You,” Keridwen admitted with a small blush.  “I’m just sitting here and watching the sunlight play off your hair.”

“Keridwen, we talked about this,” Silver scolded.

“I’m not doing anything, Silver.  I can’t help the way I feel.  You’re beautiful; especially your hair.”

Silver rolled her eyes.  “It’s just dirty blonde, flat, and usually unruly.”

“My people would never refer to it as dirty.”

“Well, that’s what my people call it.”

Keridwen shook her head.  “I would never call it such.  It is too beautiful to be referred to as dirty.”

“I’m curious then, what would you call it?”

“Your hair?  Hmmm, I told you hair is important to us.  It’s is never merely brown, or blonde,” Keridwen looked at Silver for a long moment, examining her before she replied.  “Early morning sunrise, golden, but still mixed with darkness.”

“You told me your sister was the poet, but I think you’re selling yourself short,” Silver teased.

“What that a short joke?” Keridwen asked before sticking her tongue out.

“Brat.  Come here.”

Keridwen smirked but wandered around to Silver’s side of the fire. Sitting down next to her, she let Silver pull her into a side hug.  “I hate being short.”

“I don’t mind it,” Silver admitted, “Although you’re a lot of fun when you’re taller,” she teased with a little tickle.  They grew quiet a moment as Silver looked up at the sky.  “Your sky is so different here.”

“Do you miss your stars?” Keridwen asked.

“A little.  I guess I never paid much attention to them, but it feels odd.  This world, it’s very different, but it’s the same enough that it reminds me of Earth.  The sky is the one thing that reminds me that I’m not there anymore.”

Last but not least:


Just thought I would take a moment to mention my own baby again (sorry for some of you that are probably sick of it by now!) Melissa and Bethany (Beth) Winters are identical twins, but that’s where their similarities end — or so they think. Beth is a lonely work-a-holic while Melissa is happily committed to her partner, Sarah. When Beth stumbles upon Melissa’s secret, however, she is shocked, confused, and more than a little curious. Not able to let the secret go, Beth confides in her twin, but her confession opens up a whole new world to both of them which forces Beth to make a choice. Will she run from the only family she has or will both sisters find a way for their lives to change for good?

We have several sneak peeks here and here! Please take a look if you so please!

Anyway, I hope you discover something to keep you warm as this winter keeps going and going! I know it’s colder here this year than it’s been in a long time and I always need something to keep me company as I curl up under a fuzzy blanket. 😉


Finally, I wanted to take a moment to make a short but completely unrelated announcement. I have decided to remove all my poetry from this blog and keep it just to spanking stories and topics about spanking. I thought I would mention that in case anyone wanted to read any of it before it was all gone.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend folks and keep it spanky – LT

Another Snippet From Confessions Of Gemini

Below Stardawn and I decided to share another one of our favorite little snippets from Confessions of Gemini. 🙂 It’s available for sale on Amazon and for free on KU! (The link is down below!)  Any reviews would be greatly appreciated. Keep it spanky – LT

“What’s that?” Melissa asked.

“Ah, nothing. Just a little piece of trash.”

“Then why are you trying to hide it? Hand it over,” Melissa directed.

In another moment of panic, Sarah snatched the paper off the floor. She put it behind her back, protecting her ill-fated secret for a bit longer. “No, really it’s nothing. I’m just going to throw it away.”

Melissa stepped towards her, locking eyes with her and making Sarah very nervous. “I told you to do something, young lady, and I expect you to do it! Give me the paper. Now.”

Sarah shook her head and backed further away from the intimidating Melissa. She wanted to run, but hitting the counter, she quickly realized she had nowhere else to go.

“Now, Sarah Annabelle.”

Sarah’s eyes widened. There was no way she’d be able to get by Melissa without her lover catching her, and with the realization that there was no escape, the panic increased tenfold.  Her heart was beating faster and faster now.  Handing the paper over would be like confessing.   That was the last thing she wanted to do.

“Give that to me,” Melissa growled as she reached around Sarah for the paper in her hands.

Out of options, Sarah spun, tossed the paper into the garbage disposal, and flipped the switch causing it to roar to life and eat the paper.

Melissa’s mouth was agape as she looked from the sink and back at Sarah. Not blinking, she reached for the utensil holder sitting on the counter and pulled out a wooden spoon. She then took Sarah by the ear and led her to the end of the counter before pushing her over it.

“No, no, no, no,” Sarah begged as the spoon landed with a loud pop. “Please, I’m sorry, Melissa. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Really?” Melissa grunted as Sarah squirmed through a good dozen rapid-fire swats. “I can only imagine what you were thinking, or what was on that paper,” Melissa scolded, pulling Sarah back up only long enough to undo the button and zipper to her pants. She quickly yanked them down before pressing Sarah back against the counter.

“You’re going to tell me what was on that paper,” Melissa demanded, giving Sarah a pop on both her panty covered cheeks.

Sarah wiggled wildly across the top of the counter. The heat was quickly building in her backside and the spoon was far from her favorite implement. “Please Melissa, ma’am, you’ll be mad if I tell you,” she implored.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, however, because Melissa didn’t relent. Instead, she continued her hold on Sarah’s lower back, placing two firm pops lower, on her tender sit spots. “Be that as it may, little brat, I want to know what was on that paper. And the longer it takes you to tell me, the longer your strapping is going to be later!”

Gemini Cover

From: Ma’am To: Little Bit


Photo Courtesy of Thought Catalogue on Unsplash

I know it’s late as always! I hope you all enjoy anyway!

“Little Bit.”


“I’m serious.”

I pouted. I was too!

She wasn’t being fair. Her perfectly manicured auburn eyebrow shot up.

I looked away and scowled at the world outside. The traffic finally lurched forward and pulled Ma’am’s attention away from me and back onto the packed highway in front of us. I crossed my arms and focused on the slowly passing city outside my window. All I want for Christmas played softly on the radio filling the silence we both had been dropped into.

“Little bit, you would be disappointed if I told you what I got you for Christmas as it wouldn’t be a surprise. You only have four more days to wait and then you will know. Surely you won’t combust before then. So. stop the pouting.”

She was right, but I couldn’t help but allow my bottom lip to poke out further as I whined, “But ma’am! You know I don’t like surprises.”

“Again, you will be okay. I promise.” I caught the slight eye roll she gave me and couldn’t help but to return it. When we fully stopped again, at the next red light her hand left the steering wheel and popped my thigh.

“I saw that little eye roll. Do you know how much of a brat you have been today?” Her tone held a warning. A warning that I knew too well. If you don’t behave I’ll encourage you to behave.

“Well, ma’am… you wouldn’t know what to do with me otherwise.” Ma’am’s blue eyes gave me a quick look before turning back to the road.

Okay, I suppose I should cool it with the brattiness. She did warn me twice and even swatted me once while shopping and at lunch. I was itching to know what she got in a very discreet, but recognizable package. From experience, I knew those long triangle shaped boxes where almost always from Ma’am’s favorite implement stop. However, I wasn’t going to mention that I had seen her sneak it upstairs last weekend… or that I had tried to find it.

I felt my bottom tingled thinking of what she would do if she found out that tad bit. Even though she warned me to stop bugging her about what she had got me for Christmas surely there had to be a way for me to find out what was in that special box before the big day. I needed to know just in case it needed to conveniently disappear for a while, but time was quickly running out. I had to act.

“Ma’am, can I come to your house tonight? I just want to be with you.” Ma’am didn’t take her eyes from in front of her, but I could see the edge of her smile.

“Of course, little bit. You never even have to ask.”

“Thanks. I hate being alone.”

I smiled a little in return and reached to turn up the music. I had found my way into her house without raising suspicions. I was like a spy. A bratty spy but a spy none the less. I was going to find that package and get rid of it if necessary.


Ma’am followed me into her bedroom and pointed at the bed. “Sit. Watch a Christmas movie or something. I won’t be long in the shower. Then you and I will make some hot cocoa and chat about what plans we have next week.” I huffed a bit, but did what she bid and hopped onto her bed and snuggled among the dozen pillows. We had come home and unloaded the car. She said she felt sticky from the coffee she had spilled all over herself earlier so she wanted a shower. So, here we were. Her wanting to shower, but also wanting to ‘keep an eye’ on me while she did.

I didn’t bother turning the TV on instead I snuggled comfortably among her pillows breathing in her perfume.

“You behave while I’m in the shower. You’ve been awfully bratty today. I’m watching you, young lady.”

The door to the bathroom quietly clicked closed behind Ma’am and the water turned on in the shower. I didn’t move or breathe for several minutes waiting as still as possible to see if Ma’am would come back out for something she might have forgotten.

“She must not be coming back.” I muttered, to the empty room. I carefully stood hoping the mattress under me wouldn’t squeak and alert Ma’am that I was up to something. As soon as I had two feet on the floor I knelt on the soft carpet beside her bed. Leaning down I scanned the far back dark corners under the bed but spotted nothing. Frowning, I got back upright and decided the closet was the next best bet. I crept to the door of her closet and twisted the knob completely to the right while holding my breath. My heart was beating wildly in my chest as I softly pushed the door open just as I peered over my shoulder checking for any signs of change in the bathroom.

The inside of her closet was just as immaculate as the rest of her house. Every piece of clothing neatly hung or folded and color coordinated. A row of hampers was along the back wall surely all color coordinated as well. Boots all aligned on the right which wasn’t surprising as that’s all I’d ever seen her wear. Shaking my head and the guilty feeling of being in her space I allowed the door to open fully and rest against the wall.

At first, I didn’t see any boxes at all, which was odd, because I knew she had to be hiding gifts of some sort. But there was cabinets and drawers around the room perhaps something was stashed there. Otherwise, where could she be hiding them?

I went to the first dresser two feet into the room. Carefully I slid the cherry finished drawer out part of the way only to reveal stacks of t-shirts folded and sorted by rows of color. I found myself shaking my head at my top. So meticulous. Silently I pushed that drawer back in and moved to the next one down. Again I found much of the same, rows of neatly folded PJ bottoms sorted by color and material.

“I should ask her to come organize my closet for goodness sake.”  I pushed the second drawer back into place and scurried to the closet door peeking out. I listened carefully for the sound of water still running in the shower. Thankfully I would still have some time to search.

As I turned back into the closet I caught sight of a short row of implements hanging behind a winter coat against the inside wall. I stepped closer suddenly unsure if I should be testing fate. Sliding the coat away from the wall revealed three pegs that had been screwed into the wall. One peg held rattan canes of different widths and length all hanging from leather ties connected to black and red handles. The middle held various colored crops. One crop had a heart shaped tip, another was whippy in nature and the other two was what you would expect to find on the end of a crop. The third peg over gave me shivers even glancing at it. It held Ma’am’s long walnut holey paddle. At 14 inches long and 4 inches wide that piece of wood was the only implement that I had felt which was hanging up there. The holes in it made it stinger and allowed the pain to travel deeper into the bottom for a longer amount of time. Or so Ma’am had explained.

I heard the grandfather clock downstairs began to chime and shook myself out of the trance the sight of so many dangerous objects put me in. I pushed the coat back into place and glanced around the room. Which cabinet to search first?

“Probably the one in the furthest back… She uses it less, I bet.” Nodding in agreement with my sound argument I entered further into the dangerous abode of my top’s closet.

I stood in front of the tall cherry doors and considered what I was about to do once more. I felt naughty. I could be caught. I shouldn’t be snooping. I should indeed wait the few days until Christmas. But… it was like the box was pulling me! I just had to know what was in that long triangle box ma’am got a few days ago. I pulled the silver handles and swung the doors open. Inside was just what you would expect to find. The bottom shelf situated at waist height to me had stacks of pants just as tidy as the rest of the closet. Two stacks of blue jeans, one stack of black dress slacks, one stack of grey slacks, and another stack of assorted colors.

The other two shelves where much the same. Different clothing all folded and sorted all perfectly in place. However, it was the very top shelf that caught my attention. I was almost too high for me to see anything on it, but I did catch a glimpse of the corner of a white box. I stepped back from the cabinet and stood on my tip toes trying to find if that was indeed the box.

I needed to get up there. But how? Maybe if I jumped and stretched. I went back to the shelf and stood on my tip toes and reached as far as I could.

“What do you think you are doing young lady?!” I jumped and turned quickly finding Ma’am standing in the doorway of her closet with her hands on her hips. She looked pissed. Her robe was loosely tied around her body and short locks dripping wet.

“Uh oh.” I’m sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights. Eyes wide and shocked, frozen in the place that was about to get me in trouble.

“Uh oh is right young lady. You are in more trouble than you know what to do with. So, this what you wanted to come over for? So you could snoop?” Ma’am reached inside the door and pulled the paddle from the hook. She took three steps my way. I felt my feet move away from their own accord. She stopped less than two feet from me and pointed at me with the paddle.

“Get into the bedroom and over the end of that bed. You are going to wait for me until I get dressed. Do you understand?” I nodded and felt my cheeks burn. I had never gone over her bed or anywhere but her lap before. It made me nervous and curious all at once.

“Verbal answers young lady.” Her tone was stronger than I had ever heard it. My butt was toast

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. Please don’t use the paddle! I was just-“ Ma’am closed the distance between the two of us and pulled me away from the cabinets and immediately popped me with the paddle not once but twice. I jumped as the swats flooded my cheeks with pain.

“Ma’am! That hurt!” I urgently told her. As I tried to rub the sting away with one hand.

“That was the point young lady. There is going to be more of those to come. Get in there and wait for me.” Everything in my body wanted to whine and stomp, but my already throbbing backside told me it wouldn’t be the wisest decision to make.

I pulled out of her grip and post haste made it into the bedroom and threw myself dramatically over the end of her bed. I buried my face in the covers and tried to imagine what she was going to do when she was done dressing.

Why did I do it? Why couldn’t I just wait? For goodness sakes, it was just a few more days.. I felt tears begin to prick my eyes. I was so unfair. Why did she have to come out of the shower so quickly? And why didn’t I think?

It wasn’t long before I heard Ma’am muffled footsteps behind me. I didn’t dare look back in worry that I might make her more upset. She didn’t say anything only came to stand just to my left. I felt her hand patting my upraised cheeks. I wanted to squirm under her sure touch.

“Would you like to tell me just what got into you, little bit?” Her voice was calmer now, soothing almost. It somehow made me feel even more guilty.

“I was just curious, Ma’am.” I answered, without moving from my hiding place against the bed.

“Curious about what little bit?” I groaned quietly and shrugged. My desire to hide to was ever growing.  And so was the desire I felt for her just to get the swatting over with already. It was confusing, to say the least. Wanting to throw yourself over her lap and hide so you wouldn’t get spanked all at once.

“Verbal answers young lady. You have already been warned once.” Her voice hardened again. She was meaning business about me answering.

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry, ma’am. I just… was looking for something?”

“Up young lady. I’ve had enough of this going round in circles.” She grabbed two belt loops and pulled me upwards before I had a chance to protest. In a moment I was standing eye to eye with Ma’am. She had dressed in a pressed navy blue button down and form-fitting blue jeans. Her hair was mostly dry as well. She looked fierce. And Toppy. The brat inside me purred and whimpered.

“You weren’t perhaps looking for your Christmas gift were you young lady?” My heart skipped a beat. Shit. What was I suppose to say? I bit my lip and tried to back away. “Oh no, you don’t, brat.” She turned, sat down on the end of her bed and brought me to stand between her knees. Her hands were at the front of my jeans and unbuttoning my pants in moments. “You are going to answer me once and for all if I have to spank you before and after the answer!” With that statement, she whisked down my jeans and panties leaving them pooled about my ankles and my most intimate parts on display. My face felt like it was on fire.

She looked up into my eyes. “This is the absolute last time I’m going to ask. What were you looking for in my closet? I squirmed under her firm stare. I broke eye contact instead finding solace in staring down to her jean-clad thighs. I had never been so embarrassed standing in front of her before. What made it somehow worse was the actual disinterest she showed in anything below my waist.

“I was looking for the Christmas presents.” I felt her fingers go under my chin and bring my face back up to her’s.

“That’s what I thought. That was a very naughty and bratty thing to do. Is there any particular reason why you did that or where you trying to get my attention?” I wanted to groan. What was I suppose to tell her? I was sorta spying one day and saw her get that package? That yes indeed wanted her attention?

“Well, ma’am… the other day? Or well… last weekend? You remember that day I was here all day?”

“Yes, little bit… you are here a lot, but I remember? What of it?”

“I spied when the person came to your door. I saw them deliver the box from the implement store… they always ship in those long triangle boxes…” Ma’am’s eyebrows shot up at this admission.

“So, it wasn’t so much wanted to know the Christmas gifts as it was you wanted to know what I ordered from SpankyRUs?” I bit my lip and began to nod before remembering her earlier threats about verbal answers.

“Yes, ma’am. I thought it was going to be for us for Christmas.. and I wanted to know what you got so I could prepare myself.” Ma’am put a warm palm on each of my bare hips reinforcing the exposed feeling I had. My stomach was a mass of butterflies fluttering.

“What made you think it was anything for either one of us?”

“I… uh… well…” Ma’am pierced her lips and stood. She took my hand in hers. She without word lead me, hobbling because of my still trapped clothes, back to the scene of the crime. She went to the dresser I had partially looked through earlier and knelt down with me standing beside her hands attempting to cover my body. She pulled out the drawer revealing a massive collection of spanking implements. Most of which I had not seen before.

“What makes you think I need any implements? In fact all those shipments you’ve seen me get from SpankyRUs? Those weren’t for me. They are for a young top I’m teaching. And for that matter, I can leave an impression on you with my hand and hairbrush.” My mouth was agape. So many things to process at once. Why… how… when… My cheeks were bright red. I felt silly now. So silly. Ma’am quickly shut the drawer and stood back up again.

“I think we have many things to discuss missy.” I couldn’t help but gulp at the ominous feeling of her words. I was toast. My bottom took that moment to develop goosebumps at the cool air of her closet and the promise of attention. It reinforced just how exposed I was standing half naked while she stood fully clothed at my side.

“I mean… no harm done right Ma’am? I didn’t find anything. Maybe we can forget this whole thing?” Ma’am shook her head and maneuvered me to her dresser. I was led face-first across the top of said dresser and held on for dear life. I didn’t have time to adjust to my new position before the back of my shirt was up and her hand was applying brisk swats across both my cheeks.

“That may be so. However, the intent is the real issue here. You intended to snoop and find what I had hidden, didn’t you?” She asked while still working my backside. She didn’t give me a chance to answer, before continuing, “Yes, you did. So, I intend to make sure you never do it again.”  I groaned and squirmed from the very beginning of her swatting, and hung on for dear life as she went to work with even stronger swats.

Her hand worked back forth distributing swats. My bum didn’t say cool long as the heat built after just a few rounds. She wasn’t saying anything only intent on swatting. Her left hand was on my lower back holding me in place against the wood beneath me. I couldn’t help but begin to dance in place as she focused on one spot at a time with repeated echoing swats before she would move just a bit and repeat the exact same pattern of repeated swats.

“Tell me why snooping is naughty, little bit.” I kicked stomped my right foot as she focused on the crown on my right cheek.

“Because! Because it’s not nice to spy on the people you care about, ma’am?” She switched to my lower cheek after I answered.

“But why little bit? Why is it naughty?” I was struggling to keep hold of the back of the dresser as my cheeks turned into one flaming mass of skin. Her hand hurt! It was hard to focus on her and answer, but I did try between deep breaths.

“Because you- owww- trust… me, ma’am. And when- owie ouchhh- I snoop that breaks that trust?” I whined and answered all at once. Gosh, my backside was on fire already. I was regretting assuming the package was for us or me! And I was regretting snooping for said package!

“Correct. I want you to think about that as I finish warming you up.” I nodded vigorously. I knew I shouldn’t risk saying anything less she hear me utter a string of curse words. Her hand then began to methodically work its way from the very top of my right cheek down to my mid-thigh. The lower her hand went the more it stung. I was almost to the point of begging her to stop.

Now at mid-thigh, she worked her way back up again. Ever little piece of butt I had must have been visited a dozen times over by now. She was being relentless. I couldn’t help the owies and ows that were escaping my lips. My right side wasn’t the only one to receive this treatment! The left did as well. I was just as desperate when she moved there to work her way from top to bottom and bottom to top leaving stinging pain as she went. Finally at the top again she stopped swatting much to my relief. She took the time to cup one of my painful cheeks in her hand.

“I should make your bottom match the color of Santa’s coat shouldn’t I?” I groaned and clinched my vulnerable cheeks. She wasn’t done yet!

I swallowed the frog in my throat and quietly answered, “Whatever, you wish ma’am. But I assure you that I’ve learned my lesson!” She chuckled and released my cheek from her hold instead patting it again as she had earlier.

“I don’t think you really have yet. But I have a way to make sure you do. Why don’t you stand up for me?” My belly dropped. The paddle… she had said…no… I stood and instantly went to cover my bottom with both hands and tried my hardest not to poke my bottom lip out.

“Ma’am please… not the paddle… it hurts so much.” Ma’am pushed my messy locks behind my ear and leaned down to plant a quick kiss on my forehead.

“You were so curious as to what was in the box I’m going to show you.” I watched as she went to the still open cabinet and reach up to the top shelf and pluck the box from above. She held it out to me.

“Open it little bit.” I wasn’t sure I wanted to open the box. Not sure at all. In fact, I was positive whatever in there I wasn’t going to like the feel of on my bottom!

“But Ma’am I thought you said this was for someone else? I shouldn’t open it if it’s for someone else.”

“It was but I think you might find it interesting. Besides, that wasn’t going to stop you earlier.” She scolded giving me a look. I chewed my lip and reluctantly reached for the box. I took it from her and opened the end of it. My belly flipped when all I saw were several long rods wrapped in bubble wrap. My hands were shaking as I pulled the first rod out. I handed the box back to Ma’am and kept the bubble wrapped rod. I gulped as I pulled the tape loose allowing the bubble wrap to come off what it was protecting.

It wasn’t a cane like I suspected. Or even a crop. I really didn’t even know what it was. Sliding it fully out of its protective layering I could see a clear glass or plastic looking rod that was very thin. About the width of a wooden pencil lead. The business end was about a foot in length. It looked deadly. For my bottom at least.

Questioningly I looked up at Ma’am. She placed the box on the ground and stepped towards me carefully removing the implement from my hand. She took it and flexed it while giving me a firm look.

“This is called a naughty switch. It’s appropriately named for those brats that end up on Santa’s naughty list. It’s like a smaller, stingier version of a switch. It’s made from Lexan and it is very flexible. The rest of the box is pretty similar. Some of them have wooden knobs on the end. I think this one will do to cure you of your curiosity.” I couldn’t help but whimper at the thought of a naughty switch with wooden knobs on the end. My butt tingled uncomfortably. I shifted from foot to foot.

“I don’t think that’s necessary Ma’am. I’m still hurting from your hand.” And it did! My butt still stung from her chastisement. She flexed the naughty switch once more. The corner of her mouth turned up just a bit.

“Oh, it’s completely necessary. Now come on you. I think you just might as well bend over and touch your knees. I don’t want your bottom getting cold.” I wanted to whine. So much. She wasn’t being fair. If I had known that was in the box I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as curious! Or if I knew it wasn’t even for her.. or us… or whatever. Ma’am raised her eyebrow and pointed to my knees. I gave her my best innocent look, but she shook her head and pointed once again at my knees.

I closed my eyes and slowly bent forward and placed a palm on each knee. This position felt so exposing. I was very willingly giving her my bum to punish as she saw fit. I felt her at my side again. Her denim pants brushed my bare skin sending chills up my spine. Her arm snaked its way across my lower back and she held my right hip. The feeling of cold plastic surprised me, but nothing like what happened next.

I heard the swat before I felt it. There was a quiet whoosh thwack. Then burn. Loads of fire. I instantly stood and rubbed my cheeks frantically. And even jumped up and down That had hurt so much! I could feel a fine line raising where she had swatted.

“Ma’am!” My voice was wet with tears. My bottom was never going to forgive me for my silliness.

“Now, little bit. You think about this naughty switch every time you think of being a brat and snooping in mine or anyone else’s things.” I nodded vigorously. I didn’t want to be snoop ever again! “Okay, little bit. Hands back on knees. We aren’t done yet.” I resisted the urge to stomp my foot at the unfairness of not being done instead decided to do as she asked… at least while she was wielding such an implement. I didn’t want to test how many times she could swing such an implement.

Again, the sound of the swat was the first indication that reached my brain. It took a moment longer for me to feel it. It was somehow worse than the first. I held my breath and didn’t move hoping that if I didn’t move that it would dissipate faster. Behind closed-eyes tears began to slide down my face. Ma’am rubbed my back slowly but stayed at my side resting the naughty switch against my cheeks.

“Breathe, little bit. Don’t try to fit your reactions. I know it stings.” I nodded and let the tears come more freely. They ran down my face now as my breathing was labored and erratic. I struggled to stay with my hands on my knees. But now I wanted her to be proud of me. Gone was any feelings of brattiness or resistance.

Ma’am quietly warned me of the last swat. I willed myself to take it like a good brat, but I couldn’t. I reached back and found Ma’am’s hand on my hip and held onto it tightly. The last swat was again to my sit spots. It was harder than the rest and crossed the previous lash. It felt like the switch had seared into my backside and would remain that way forever. I wasn’t ever going to sit comfortably again.

“Owwww!” I jumped up and immediately dived into Ma’am arms. I hid against her body and cried. She pulled me into her arms and walked us awkwardly to the bed. She removed my tangled clothes and helped me to sit. She laid down and allowed me onto her chest.

I could feel the cotton of her shirt was wet with tears as I laid there and cried against her. She slowly played with my hair and rubbed the bit of my bum she could reach.

“Do you know why I spanked you, little bit?” Her voice was no longer firm, but quiet and soothing. She was holding me as close as possible and it felt nice. She was comfortable.

“Yes, Ma’am. I was naughty looking for the box or Christmas present or whatever you want to say. I was snooping. I broke your trust Ma’am. I really am sorry. I’ll not do it again. I promise.” I looked up into her blue eyes and she planted a kiss to my forehead.

“You are forgiven, little bit. I understand a brats curiosity. But I think I might have solved part of that for now at least.” Ma’am smiled and patted my sore butt. I nodded and hid against her.

“You are right. I’m not curious about anything anymore. Not curious about what is any boxes. Not curious about what you got me for Christmas either.” Ma’am chuckled and shifted us into a more comfortable position with us both laying on the bed, but her still holding me.

“I gave you what you really needed for Christmas, little bit. A firm spanking.” I wriggled at her side pressing further into her hiding my embarrassment. Maybe she was right. All a brat ever really did need for Christmas was a firm spanking. Not that I was ever going to tell her or Santa that.

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Working the Kinks Out

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