The Tail of Two Wolves – Part Two

YIKES. Sooo I just realized this has been sitting in my drafts for MONTHS and I somehow f***** up getting it posted. Alas here is part 2 to The Tail of Two Wolves. Again thank you to my very special Stardawn Cabot for putting up with me. ❤

“Hey now,” I warned as I finally moved my hand to her right cheek. “You know better than that. You also know we are far from done.” I then proceeded to light up her right cheek, focusing only on it until she squealed in protest.

Pulling back, I kneaded again, giving her a moment to settle and refocus.  A good thirty seconds passed, maybe a full minute before I raised my hand again.


I tried to catch my breath when I felt Wolfie’s hand leave my bottom again. That wasn’t good. I tensed slightly waiting for her hand to fall again. And fall it did. It was hard and stingy and the swats were meshing together to create a molten hot mess of my bottom. My hips squirmed every single swat that landed. The sound reverberated loudly and drowned out my noises of discomfort. Her arm tightened around me as she held me securely in place. She was trying to make a point and using my bottom for the lesson. She squeezed my fingers again in reassurance. 

“Owie, Wolf! That hurts.” I swear she smacked harder when I started to squeal in pain. I could only imagine the satisfied look on her face. 

“It’s a spanking, it’s supposed to hurt, little girl.” 

My body tingled with her quiet scolding. I could only mew as she made the swats impossibly harder and lower. She went to my thighs and started spanking there. 

“Wolfie! OW! Not my thighs! Please!!” I kicked and squirmed from the first swat. They hurt so much more. Damn it. “OW!!”

She stopped only a moment, “If you keep kicking we will be getting out the cane and I’ll bend you over the desk.” 

Her threat made me tear up. As soon as she was done talking she went back to spanking me as hard as she could with her hand focusing mainly on the thighs. 

“You are turning my favorite nice pink color,” she mused as she finally stopped and traced the underside of each cheek. 

“Wolfieeeee. It hurts,” I pleaded. And it did. Even her light rubbing touch was slightly uncomfortable. 

“Are you going to be a good girl for me or should I keep going?” she questioned while still playing with my bottom. 


I gave my naughty little wolf a pat, knowing what she was thinking.  She hadn’t near enough attention yet, but I always gave her the chance. She whined a moment, but then kicked her leg. “I’m not a girl, I’m a wolf,” she reiterated.

“I see,” I said, giving her another pat before I reached over and picked up her favorite hairbrush from the nightstand. “Then we need to step this up a bit.”

She groaned and squirmed as I rubbed the cool wood over her bottom, almost as if she was rethinking her choice, but then kicked again.  That was my cue.  I pulled back the hairbrush and let her have the first pop.  It wasn’t hard, but enough to let her know that I wasn’t playing around.  She had just asked for more, and more I was willing to give. 

I started out slowly, but methodically, as I moved from cheek to cheek in a steady and stingy rhythm.  My naughty wolf yipped in protest, but I didn’t let that deter me.  

“You like it when I paint your bottom red with this, don’t you?”

“No,” she whined and kicked again. 

Pop pop pop, went the brush, definitely making its impression. The pinkened cheeks slowly started to deepen in color as I was making sure my point was well understood. Pop pop pop, I continued the drumming just as her toes echoed my rhythm on the bed quilt. 

“Owie,” my brat cried.  

Pop pop pop.   

“Please,” she begged.

Pop pop pop.

“Okay!  Owie!” she finally claimed, her voice rising into that tone in which I knew she was getting close to giving in. 


I clung to the bedsheets as the sting in my bottom grew to an almost unbearable level. Damn that brush. Damn my need to be smacked at 3 in the morning. She wasn’t holding back. She now was focusing on the extra sensitive area at the very bottom of my cheeks. It got harder and harder not to fight for her to stop the spanking. 

“Owie, Wolfie!” I flexed my toes and she drummed my bottom. I struggled to catch my breath just as my bottom was struggling to not roll off her lap and beg off. 

“Wolf! It hurts! Ow ow ow!” 

She didn’t respond, but did slow, only to make the swats fuller and I’m not sure how, but stingier too!. The swats seemed to send my entire body into shock and there was not a chance of just relaxing into it! She intended for me to not want or ask for anymore for a few hours at least.  Another hot swat fell and I couldn’t help the tears that leaked into out of my eyes, 

“Wolfie! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, ma’am!” I was desperate now. My bottom felt like it couldn’t get any sorer. From just below my tailbone to the top quarter of my thighs felt like 100 bees were inside my skin stinging me over and over. 

With two more pops, she stopped and sat the brush aside. I felt her hand come and begin to gently rub my hurt bottom. “Are you going to behave and sleep now, little wolf?”

 I nodded.  “Yes ma’am. Sleep and behave.” I whimpered when she pinched a cheek. 


I gave my brat a pinch and then patted the pillow next to me.  She smiled and moved to lay with her nose just inches from mine. I couldn’t help giving it a little kiss.  “Remember you said you were ready to sleep.”

Her lip tucked into a small pout but she nodded as she shoved her shorts off and kicked them across the room.  

“Can I stay?”

“Yes, if you also promise not to steal the covers.”

“I need Luna,” she mumbles, her eyes already closing. 

I let out a small sigh and sat up to retrieve her stuffed bear. it had been knocked to the floor during the ruckus. Handing her her bear, I kissed her cheek again.  “Night, honey.”

“Night, Wolfie,” she again mumbled.  “Forgive?”

“Of course I forgive you.  My girl.  My wolf.  Love you.”

“Love too,” my girl nodded and snuggled into her pillow.

With a small smile and another sigh, I settled back into my side of the bed and tucked into my own pillow.   I turned to watch her breathe.  She’s quiet now, and still.  I think she’s fallen asleep.  I watched her for several minutes, my own eyes starting to finally feel heavy again.  

“Night, little wolf,” I whisper before finally giving in.  I think we’ll both sleep well… well at least for the rest of this night. 

The End… for now.

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The Tail of Two Wolves – Part One

Thanks to Guilliaume Archambault on Unsplash for the photo.

Hi everyone this is part one of a new story I wrote with my wonderful friend Stardawn Cabot! Check her out and follow her blog here! Thanks for another round of fun Stardawn! If you enjoy this story give me a follow for part two and leave a comment below! I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Stay spanky and stay safe! – LT 🍑

I sighed and stared at the ceiling of the dark hotel room. I turned onto my right side and looked across the room to see my wolf curled up quietly snoring. I kicked the blankets before flopping back onto my back as the air conditioner clicked on again. It had to be 3 am now. Wolfie had been asleep for at least four hours and I had been relegated to bed, phone-free when she went herself. She was tired and passed out fast, but I didn’t feel the same. I couldn’t resist kicking the mattress again. My body had grown accustomed to going asleep with a hot bottom the past six nights and it wasn’t happy tonight was different.

            “Ah, fer fucks sake.” I grabbed Luna by the arm and stood to sneak around to the empty side of her bed. I carefully pulled the blanket back and slid into bed careful to dodge the long brown hair feathered across the pillows. 

            I laid down on the cool sheets and wiggled as close to her as possible. I froze for a moment when she twitched watching to see if I had woken her before I whispered, “Wolfie.” I chewed my lip as she didn’t move again. I carefully poked her cheek. “Wolfie.”

            She moved her head and stopped snoring, but didn’t wake up. I growled a little. It wasn’t fair for her to be asleep when I was awake and right here!

            “Wolfie, wake up.” I poked her in the chest a little harder.


I felt myself snort as I woke up to something poking me. I opened one eye only to discover that I was no longer alone. My little pup had decided to crawl into bed next to me.

“What time is it?” I mumbled. “Ugh.  Why aren’t you asleep?”

            She said nothing, of course, only giving me those ‘big puppy-dog eyes.’ She was lonely and wanted me. 

            “Oh, alright,” I said as I opened my arms and my little wolf made herself comfortable using my chest as her pillow.  

            Satisfied that I might be able to close my eyes and return to my slumber, I attempted to do so, only to be interrupted by a squirm, another poke, and a whimper. 

            “Yessss?” I drew out.

            “I can’t sleep.”

            “I see.” I reached down and grabbed the nearest cheek, giving her bottom a good squeeze, “You need to try.”


            I squeezed again. “Yes?” I asked as her lip fell into a pout. “If you can behave you can stay here.  If not, you have to go back to your own bed.” The pouting lip protruded further, but I tapped her on the end of the nose.  “I mean it, little girl. I’m tired and if you keep poking your wolf, you’re going to get a reaction that you’re not going to like.”


My bottom tingled under Wolfie’s touch as I willed myself to relax against her. I tried to silence all the other noise in the room. I focused on the sound and feel of her heartbeat under me. It was mere moments before I felt her breathing even out and the arm around me go limp. I sighed… I’ve never seen someone sleep so quickly and deeply. I closed my eyes and urged my brain to stop thinking about how much I was craving her touch. Damn… it was only twelve hours ago! Stupid brain.

               I did enjoy my position though. She was comfy and just the right temperature. I smiled a bit and tried to remember every single detail of this moment. I was enveloped in her love and the fresh smell of her soap and shampoo. The way she felt; soft yet certain. The way she sounded with the occasional little reassuring puff of a snore. The warm protected feeling I had in my tummy was just so right. I wanted to be right here forever. Well, it was almost perfect.  It was just missing one thing; a warm butt.  That would be nice. Sigh.

         I felt myself get emotional as well as I laid there on her chest. We had so little time together and I wanted every moment we had to be together, even if it’s just watching stupid Disney movies. But she was asleep! The restlessness returned and I opened my eyes and looked up at her still-sleeping face. I pulled the covers hard.

            “Wolf! Wake up!”


            The shout startled me as I felt my heart practically leap out of my chest.  “Hey! Don’t do that.  You scared me!”

“But…” she protested, that bottom lip trembling.

            “Do you need to go back to your own bed?”

            “No… I just…” 


            “I just miss you,” she whined. 

            “I’m right here,” I protested. “I’m tired. It’s the middle of the night!”

            “So? Wolves are supposed to be awake in the middle of the night.  We nocturnal, ‘memer?” 

            “Real, wolves maybe.” I sighed heavily.  “I think I understand.”  I then moved, shooing my little pup off my chest as I sat up and tucked a pillow behind my back. 

            “I think you’re asking for a bit of attention, young lady,” I announced meeting two innocent hazel eyes. 

      “I not a young lady, I’m a wolf pup ,” my girl protested with a mock howl.

            “Un-huh.  You’re about to be a sorry little wolf pup,” I said as I grabbed her arm and pulled her up and over my lap. I was expecting more of a protest, but all I got was a little whine as I pulled down her pajama shorts and exposed her panties. 

            “Wolfie!  That’s embarrassing!” she whined. 

            “Yep,” I replied as I swatted her left cheek.  “And I’m about to make you howl, little wolf.”

            “No,” she protested as she tried to cover.

            Undaunted, I grabbed her wrist and pinned it to her back.  I swatted again, this time one good spank on the center of each cheek.


I whimpered, squirmed, and turned red as I was finally trapped bottom up over my wolfie’s lap. Her hand was slow but unrelenting in its determination to cover my bottom in warmth. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own as every swat was met with a slight move away from the sting. I tried to choke back the noise that was growing too as she expertly moved lower down my bottom smacking where it stung more and was less protected by my panties. I squeezed the hand holding mine.

I didn’t have to be quiet. We were alone and no one could hear us in the privacy of our suit.

“Wolfie!” I pleaded.

“I’m right here, honey.” She stopped a moment and slowly rubbed each cheek and gave it a squeeze. “Mine,” she murmured, before her hand made its way to the waistband of my panties. She very slowly wiggled them down my hips exposing my bare bottom to her, before she started rubbing again.

I shivered. Her hand was intoxicating to me. It was the one thing that would drive right home to my insides. Spank me all day with a paddle sure, but the moment she touched me with her palm my body melted into a pile of mush. Even if it was just a light pat or rub, I couldn’t help but squirm in reaction. It was too personal. Her skin met mine. She was hurting herself to give me what I wanted. Her hand is my kryptonite and she knew it.

“Wolfie!” I whimpered again.


I kneaded a cheek and then swatted my pup again. She was just getting warmed up and despite the late hour, I knew neither of us would be getting any sleep until she’d had her fill. I lifted my hand again, I brought it down hard on her right cheek and then again, echoing on her left.

I moved my hand across her bottom, taping the undercheek of her left side a few times, each time a little harder. By the tenth swat, she was starting to protest. I knew she hated it when I focused on only one cheek, but then again it was a great way to get her attention as well. Another dozen stingy swats rained down on the left, enough that she squirmed and almost twisted away.

“Hey now,” I warned as I finally moved my hand to her right cheek. “You know better than that. You also know we are far from done.” I then proceeded to light up her right cheek, focusing only on it until she squealed in protest.

Pulling back, I kneaded again, giving her a moment to settle and refocus. A good thirty seconds passed, maybe a full minute before I raised my hand again.

Stay tuned for part two, next Friday 12am central time. 🙂

Justice in Their Eyes

Hi spanky friends, just a quick warning this is… very mature! I hope you enjoy. 😀

Justice huffed and slammed her laptop closed. She’d been sitting there for over an hour, and no matter what she tried writing just wasn’t happening. She’d started about a dozen stories, but none of them were working. She crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair, resisting the urge to throw her mouse or, worse, computer. That’s when she looked up across the kitchen table and caught sight of Finley. At just over 6-foot, Finley’s sharp jaw was set, and brown eyebrow was raised.

            “Problem?” Finley asked, their eyes studying every move she made. Justice chewed her lip as she considered her answer. This felt like a trick question.

            “No… I’m just done…”

Finley narrowed their eyes but went back, stirring the pot on the stove.

            Justice left Finley to the cooking and went to her bedroom. She sat on the side of the bed and stared at the ugly grey carpet she had still not replaced. She sat as still as she could while willing her frustration to subside. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the sheets. She was losing the battle. She picked up a pillow and slammed it into the bed as hard as possible. She did it again. And again. And then another. Three minutes later, Justice fell to her knees, out of breath, but she didn’t feel any better. In fact, the frustration had grown. She looked at the door to the very faint noise coming from the kitchen. She growled.  

            She could see the look on Finley’s face. Their eyes are full of care and concern, with just a hint of dominance. Justice sighed and stood and smoothed out her skirt in the hope that Finley wouldn’t notice her little tantrum. If they did… well…. the conversation that followed would hurt like hell.  She kicked the pillow once more before she opened her bedroom door.

            Justice stepped into the kitchen and watched Finley for a moment. They were too busy going between pots on the stove and muttering quietly to notice her. Obviously, she needed to get their attention. She took her shirt off, leaving her silk white camisole on, and threw it across the kitchen in the direction of Finley. It landed a few inches to their left on the countertop.

            “Can I help you?” Finley questioned without looking up from the stove.

            “Yes,” Justice muttered as she shifted from foot to foot, frustration very much controlling the tone she was using.

            “What can I do for you?” Finley turned and leaned against the counter, arms crossed. Justice tingled. Finley had that look. The I’m about to eat you alive look. She gulped and stepped a bit closer.

            “I am frustrated. Everything sucks. I can’t work.” Justice tried not to whine. She really did.

            “I see. And how can I help you with this?” Finley’s voice had a playful tone.

 Justice felt her face heat up. Finley was a tease. “You know how to help,” Justice challenged them.

Finley smirked. Of course, they did. But that wasn’t as fun. “I don’t. Maybe you should ask for whatever is on your mind.”

Justice crossed her arms again and growled. She turned and was about to go back to her room to hit the mattress more with the pillow when a firm voice stopped her.

            “Freeze.” Finley was next to her a moment later.

Justice was forcefully turned around and was now face to face with those grey-blue eyes. Finley gripped her chin tightly, holding eye contact. “Ask, kitten. Ask before you don’t

have a choice.”

Justice tried to squirm out of the strong grip. Finley held tight. Her stomach was tight, and every fiber of her being was on fire with frustration and arousal.

            “I know you are busy, but I need you. I need a… a spanking and… to come.”

Finley squeezed her chin just a bit before letting her go. “Then, a spanking you will get, kitten.”

Justice shivered at Finley’s deeper tone.

            “Take your panties off.”

Justice struggled to breathe. Her body was somehow hotter and more sensitive even to her own touch than just a few moments ago. She pulled up her skirt and watched, mesmerized as Finley unbuckled their belt.

Justice slowly pulled her panties down to her knees before letting them drop to the tiled floor, just as Finley gradually pulled the belt from their blue jean loops. She stepped out of her panties before letting the skirt fall again. Finley pulled the belt out the rest of the way, folded it in half, and held it to their side.

            “Good girl,” Finley said, making  Justice blush. “Hands on the counter.”

“Yes, Finley.” Justice sucked in a breath, and Finley stepped closer.  Justice met Finley’s eyes a moment before she turned and leaned over the counter.

Finley’s right hand was on her a moment later. It traveled slowly down her back, then bottom, and finally down her thighs where it slowly started to travel back up her thigh, now under her skirt, bringing the skirt with it exposing all her intimate parts to them. Finley squeezed one cheek before flipping the skirt up out of the way completely.

            “Such a lovely bottom. Will be even lovelier once I turn it red with my belt.” Finley’s hand left her bottom before she felt the tip of Finley’s belt trace up to her inner thigh and then lightly tease her sensitive lips.

            “Don’t get out of position, or you won’t get your reward.” Finley pulled the belt back and quickly slashed it across the center of her cheeks.

Justice hissed but pushed her bottom out, further willing the next swat to come in a hurry. And it did. Finley began a steady barrage of smacks from the center of her bottom down to the tops of her thighs with expert precision. Finley would travel down her ass and then back up, just barely overlapping the lashes.

While every swat heated Justice’s bottom, it also heated her core. She could feel how wet she was becoming. She pushed her bottom out further and whimpered. Everything was on fire. She resisted reaching for her clit. It ached for attention.

            “How’s that bottom, kitten?” Finley stopped after several rounds with the belt and stepped close enough for Justice to feel the jeans they were wearing press into her tender backside.       

            “Hot.” She breathed out.

            “I’d imagine it is.”

Finley was leaning over her now. One arm was wrapped around her chest, and the other wrapped around resting right above her mound. Justice moaned and pushed back into Finley’s jeans, hoping to find some contact.

            “Please,” Justice begged. She was doing everything possible to be a good girl. She wanted to be allowed to come.

            “Spread,” Finley ordered right next to her ear. Their voice alone made her sex pulse.

Justice did as told and spread her legs. Finley’s hand traveled lower.

            “Wider, kitten.”

Justice whimpered and spread her legs even further apart.  She wiggled her hips, seeking Finley’s fingers.  “Finley,” she begged again just above a whisper.

Finley growled and bit her shoulder hard.

Justice whimpered in pain momentarily before following it up with a moan.  

            “In time, kitten.” Finley slowly ran a single finger between her neither lips and then up around her hard clit, causing Justice to moan at the electric touch. “Such a naughty girl. Wet and ready to come just because of the kiss of my belt.” Finley kept the soft touch but continued to tease her opening and clit in turn. “I’m sure this deserves another dose of my belt, kitten. Seeing as how you aren’t learning your lesson.”

            Justice spread her legs further, and she felt the pleasure building in her middle. She squeezed her eyes shut and grabbed Finley’s hand. She moaned and began moving her hips in rhythm with Finley’s strokes.

They tutted in her ear, “Not yet, kitten. Not yet.”

Justice gasped when Finley gently pinched the bundle of nerves before popping her engorged sex and stepping back. “Remember what I said. Stay in position if you want to finish tonight.”

Justice nodded but kept her eyes closed. She now was basically laying on the counter, her legs wide on full display and wanting. Something. Anything. She missed Finley’s touch.  It was forever yet almost too soon, when Justice felt the belt rest on her flaming cheeks again. She groaned. Fuck, couldn’t Finley hurry up?  

Quickly though, Finley pulled back and reconnected the belt to her right sit spot, then the left, then her right thigh, then her left once more. The pleasure built back up in her middle again with every stroke. And oh, did it hurt, but it also felt heavenly.

Finley made this a pattern. Stripe after strike meeting her sit spots and thighs. But Justice wasn’t complaining. She was teetering on the edge.  Already so close, and Finley wasn’t even touching her.

            Justice couldn’t take it anymore. She shoved her hand under her shirt in search of her nipple. She moaned when she touched the erect tissue. She bit her lip and began to pinch the sensitive skin as the swats to her bottom got even hotter.

            “So, naughty. Playing with your own nipple as I strap your bottom.” Finley delivered a final searing set of swats to the full of her cheeks and dropped the belt. Justice could feel them again just over her, pressing into her. There was nothing slow now. Finley’s hand was between her legs playing with her clit again. Circling it fast and continuously.

            “Can I please?” Justice whispered.

Finley gripped her hair lightly and pulled her head back. “Let me hear you,” Finley demanded. They then stopped just long enough to give her middle another slap, but then circled again. Her own fingers tightened around her nipple. She moaned. Finley’s circling picked up the pace.

            “Come, kitten.”

Finley let go of her hair and slapped her thigh, which is what set her over the edge into the abyss of pleasure. Justice couldn’t scream. She couldn’t moan. She just shook in Finley’s arms. Damn them. Damn their belt. She let her breath go and felt the release wash over her. She let go of her nipple, and Finley hugged her from behind.

            “There ya go, kitten. Good girl. Relax.”

Justice melted into Finley’s arms and enjoyed their strong embrace. “Thank you,” she mumbled.

            “Thank you.” They stood together in the tired quiet for several long minutes before Finley gently pulled Justice into a standing position and lead them down to her bedroom. Finley helped Justice out of her skirt and then into the bed.

            They cuddled together, both tired. Justice looked up at Finley. “Can… I… help?” She quietly asked.

Finley shook their head and gave another hug.

Justice relaxed and closed her eyes.  All her frustration was gone now. They stayed cuddled together for a while until life caught back up and required their attention. But the frustration was gone, and a story was written.

Love on The Lucy Dean

Hi everyone, my book Love on The Lucy Dean is now up on the Amazon site ….go check it out 😉

Hope you like….be sure to leave a review and even if you don’t like, still feel free to review.

The paperback will also be available if ya want. It looks pretty nifty even though I say so myself 😄

Love on The Lucy Dean… promised a snippet 😊

Short Stuff is up to something. I know it. I should have gone with her, why the heck didn’t I? Lara remonstrated with herself as she downloaded her photos.

Darn, I’m gonna have to go and find out. Closing the lid of the laptop with a snap, Lara caught up her wallet and set off in search of Sasha. I hope she hasn’t done anything silly, and she jogged towards the village.

She heard Sasha before she saw her. Lara sighed and picked up speed. As she flew around the corner, she saw Sasha standing on the village green haranguing a police officer. Her arms waved in the air as she gesticulated.

“Oh, shoot,” she approached the commotion in effortless strides. “Anything I can do Officer?”

“And you are?” questioned the police officer.

“Lara, this, this…,” spluttered Sasha red-faced with anger. Before Lara could respond, she jabbed a finger towards the uniformed officer.

Lara grasped Sasha’s wrist and forced it down, “cool it, Sasha and hush now.”

“No, I won’t, she’s given me a ticket!” Sasha pulled her hand out of Lara’s grasp and waved a piece of paper in front of Lara’s face.

“Honey!” Lara stepped back as the ticket scraped past her nose.

“She said I required a permit to sell my sketches.”

“Is that what you’ve been doing?” Sasha nodded.

“Do you have a permit, honey?” Lara asked calmly. Sasha shook her head.

“As I have already explained to you, Miss, it is illegal to trade unless you have a registered trader’s permit.” The police officer locked eyes with Lara as though pleading for assistance.

 “And I’m not paying the fine,” piped up Sasha, and she scrunched up the paper ticket into a ball and tossed it onto the grass.

Lara raised an eyebrow, “stop your fussing right now, Sasha.”

Sasha opened her mouth and then closed it with a snap. Lara ignored her and addressed the Police Officer. “I apologise for my friend here,” behind her she heard a snort of disgust. “I’ll see she pays the fine, no doubt about that.”

“Like hell, I will,” muttered Sasha.

“Would you give us a minute, please?” Lara nodded at the officer and then grabbed Sasha by her upper arm and frogmarched her out of hearing. “You quit your fussing right now, you hear, otherwise I’m gonna take a strap to your butt when we get back home,” Lara said sternly as they stood out of earshot under the shade of the oak tree. Sasha stiffened, but the tips of her ears coloured a shade of pink.

“Now you go back to the Officer, you apologise, and you accept the ticket.” Lara placed a hand in the centre of her back and steered her firmly towards the policewoman.


Mortified, Sasha stammered out an apology, aware of Lara standing right behind her. White-faced, she accepted the reissued ticket and watched sulkily as the police officer drove away. “All my hard work for nothing,” she said bitterly. Her shoulders slumped as she read the ticket in her hand. A fine of fifty-five pounds! She risked a glance at Lara.

“I…I lost my temper,” she gave a rueful laugh.

“Mmmhmm,” Lara placed her hands on her hips.

“Er…. sorry,” Sasha nibbled on her fingernail. Oh fuck, she was in trouble.

“You and I need to talk about some things.”

“We do?” she said with alarm, and a tiny tremor rippled through her.

Lara nodded, “Oh, yes. But we’ll do that back on the boat. In the meantime, I’m hungry. Let’s go get something to eat.”

“What now?”

“Honey, you riled me right up, by the way, you lost your temper, I need to calm down before we talk about it.”


“There’s a neat little café over there, let’s go eat.”

Lara slung Sasha’s backpack onto her shoulder, gripped Sasha lightly by the upper arm and escorted her across the road to the café. She held the door open for Sasha to enter, “I never spank in anger, honey,” she said dryly as she held the café door open for Sasha to pass through.

Oooo look, Jojo is on a roll

Hello again everyone, well it’s been three years in the writing, but I’ve finally managed to finish my book. I will be self publishing on Amazon (fingers crossed sometime next week if all goes to plan). Here is what the cover will look like.

And here is the blurb…..

Sasha McKenzie, talented artist, disorganised brat, recovering from a failed love affair meets her match in the form of Lara, an architect spending the summer aboard Sasha’s beloved house boat. With understanding and great perception, Lara brings chaos under control with a steady hand, and from a rocky start love blossoms upon The Lucy Dean.

I’ll post a little snippet later on in the week 😉

Jojo’s decided to write a short story….

You can find my new short story on Amazon under my author name of Caroline Bentley. It’s purely a bit of lighthearted fun and follows on from the exploits of Philippa ‘Pip’ Brown who I wrote about in Twelve Seconds: an Anthology of lesbian spanking romance.

Anyway, here is the link:

A big thank you to Logan who said I could post. 🤗🤗🤗

Skool’s out for summer……or is it?

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while and LT does remind me every so often, and I’ve been a bit remiss. Anyway, I thought I would let you in on a little project that I’m involved with.

Now, I have a twin sister who also has similar tastes. She sees a disciplinarian and over the past couple of years has become very good friends with him. I shall call him G. Anyway, G has a younger sister, maybe a little bit older than sis and I, and this younger sister went to a boarding school back in the 70’s. As far as I can gather, she got up to all sorts of mischief which generally ended up with her being up ended for the cane.

Well G’s little sister wrote her memoirs and guess what? …….

A publishing company are very interested. There’s a snag though……….

They need piccies.

So I’m sure you’ve guessed it…..that’s right, me and my twin are going to be models!!

I’m super excited, because I’ve actually got all the kit, even down to school knicks. Twin sis and I have identical blazers, purchased from John Lewis. They are a dark red with a super badge on them. We had the sleeves taken up as they were a trifle long in the arm. We’re a bit short, coming in at 4ft 10. I’ve got a school shirt, and sister found fabulous school ties on eBay. They are silver with red stripes. We’ve even got straw boaters. I have proper grey school trousers as well ( so lucky that teenagers come up in larger sizes these days lol.)

eBay and I have been great buddies, not only did I buy a fab leather satchel, I also bought a couple of vintage badges to wear on my blazer. So I’ve really gone to town. And then the piece de resistance, I am now the proud owner of a proper wooden lacrosse stick. I feel like a school girl from Enid Blyton’s book Mallory Towers (showing my age here.)

So, sis and I are all kitted up. We’ve even had a little photo session ourselves. So the big day should be this Thursday so fingers crossed that nothing pops up to postpone it. G is going to be dressed formerly with mortar board and gown. And yes, he will be bringing his cane…and yes…we signed up to be actors……method actors that is 😀

A book for you all…

The lovely Stardawn Cabot has just released book three of her The Sangrain Tiger’s Tale series. There is some wonderful info below about it.  Show her some love for another wonder spanky book. 😀 🙂

This third installment of The Sangrain Tiger’s Tale picks up five years after Silver and Keridwen return to Sangria. Life is going well; their family is growing and thriving, their people are prospering, and Silver and Keridwen have never been happier.  There is just one small problem – Keridwen has become almost too complacent and through a series of pranks discovers that she has lost the ability to control her shifts from her adult form to the body of a 10-year old at will.  Worse than that, however, she’s forgotten how to be small as the everyday demands of running a kingdom have gotten in the way of Keridwen being her true self.  To help Keridwen find her way again, Silver declares that a little vacation back to Earth is warranted.  Unfortunately, their vacation is abruptly cut short as Silver and Keridwen’s twin daughters accidentally return to Sangria with only Silver’s mother to protect them.  Not knowing where the twins landed, possibly hundreds of miles from their home, Keridwen follows them while Silver returns to the Capital and tries to find them through more traditional means.

Now with the family split, Keridwen’s little problems grow into an almost unfathomable task as she tries not only to find her daughters and reunite with her wife but is also confronted by her past – a past that she not only wants to forget but is ashamed of.   Will her past haunt her to the point where she is unable to become the General, preventing her from protecting her people and reuniting with her family, or will life as she knows it forever be shattered?

This story is fantasy, includes a sexually-graphic lesbian relationship, spanking, and elements of age play.  If any of these things offend you, please don’t buy this book.

A sneaky peaky:

Silver shook her head as she watched Keridwen play in the water.   The Little General had been at it for almost two hours, finding pure delight in the water and the rolling waves.   They’d played with most of the things Silver had purchased, including the inflatable beach ball, the Frisbee, and finally the boogie board, which Keridwen was currently experimenting with.  They’d seen some older kids run along the water’s edge and ride the board across the wet sand.  Keridwen was trying to mimic them and was having a marginal amount of luck. Silver had finally left to her to play and returned to the towels to rest.   She was exhausted, and she didn’t know where Keridwen found the energy to continue.

The beach had gotten more crowded as the day wore on.  There were many more people both on the sand and in the water, and so Silver didn’t interfere when a small group of children engaged Keridwen.  There were two boys and a girl, all around Keridwen ‘age,’ and one of the boys had a boogie board as well.  They talked for a while, and then one of the boys took a turn on his boogie board, riding more into a wave then along the shore.   He crashed and went into the water, only to pop up a moment later laughing.

The rest of the children and Keridwen joined in in his laughter and seeing that they were having a good time, Silver relaxed.  Keridwen had taken to the water like a duck, as she usually did, and after making sure she was feeling secure, Silver wasn’t really worried about her.  Deciding to let her play for a while, Silver picked a book out of her bag before getting comfortable and enjoying the sun.

Over the last few years, Silver had rediscovered reading.  In Sangria they didn’t have television or even electric lights, so often nights were spent around the fire with a good book.  She’d read a lot of Sangrian literature, but also had her own stash which was available to only to those who had knowledge of Earth.  Stephen, her brother, would often raid her collection and Aderyn and occasionally Jayson or Seth would as well.  As her girls got older, she would make sure they had a library of Earth literature as well.  There were good lessons and good stories from both cultures, and she hoped that it would help round out their education as they grew.  Turning her attention to her book, Silver managed to let herself get lost in its pages while still keeping an ear and the occasional glance out toward Keridwen.

A good half hour or so passed before Silver looked up and saw Keridwen and her new friends heading her way.  “Having fun?” Silver quipped as Keridwen plopped down on the towel next to her.

“Yes, although,” Keridwen paused, looking back to her friends.  “I was invited to go get some ice cream.”

“The shop is just down at the end of this block,” the oldest boy spoke up.  “We go there all the time.”

“They live here,” Keridwen supplied.  “That’s Joey, by the way, his brother, Andrew, and their cousin, Silvia.”

“My name is Silvia too,” Silver smiled.  “But everyone calls me Silver.”

“I told her that,” Keridwen informed Silver.  “We were hoping we could leave their stuff here with you and we could go.  I’ll bring you back something.”

Silver chewed her lip for a moment.  “I don’t like the idea of you being out of my sight.”

“It’s not like we’ll be in the water, and it’s just down the street.  Please?”

“How about I just go with you?”

“Silver,” Keridwen’s voice dropped. “What about the stuff?”

“The stuff is fine, no one will mess with it, and if they do, who cares?”


“Keridwen, what’s rule number two?” Silver’s voice dropped down into a whisper.

Keridwen’s cheeks reddened, and before Silver knew what was happening, she turned to her new-found friends.  “I changed my mind; I don’t feel like ice cream anymore.  You can still leave your stuff if you want.”

“You sure?” Joey asked.

“Yes, I forgot ice cream sometimes hurts my stomach.  I’ll see you when you get back.”

Silver was quiet for a moment as the boy shrugged and dumped his boogie board down next to Keridwen’s before leaving with the two others.  “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Neither did you,” Keridwen huffed, pulling her knees up under her chin as she dripped into her towel.  “It was just down the street.”

“I know, but I told you I don’t want you out of my line of sight.”

“I’m going to go back to the water.”

“I think you need to stay up here for a bit.”

“Why? You left me alone a few minutes ago.”

“One, the attitude, and two I think you could use a break.  How about a snack?  I’m hungry, I bet you are too.”

“I want ice cream.”

“Well, it’s too late for that.  I have trail mix or chips, or how about a cupcake?  I have some chocolate…”

“I don’t want any of that,” Keridwen cut Silver off.

“Well at least have some water,” Silver pulled out a bottle and opened it for Keridwen.  “You’ve been in the water too long without drinking.  You’ll get dehydrated.”

Keridwen gave her a hard look before taking the bottle and managing a small slip.  She then wrinkled her nose.  “It’s not cold.  Ice cream would have been cold.”

“You know what?  That’s enough.  You just earned yourself a time out.  Ten minutes, Keridwen.  You can sit there and think about your attitude.  Drink the water, but no talking.”

Keridwen narrowed her eyes.  Planting the bottle down in the sand between them, she turned away from Silver and lay down on her towel.   Silver felt the initial surge of annoyance, but after a moment of studying Keridwen’s posture, she felt it just as quickly leave.

Uncharacteristically, Keridwen hadn’t argued with her.  She’d simply turned away and seeing the pose made Silver frown.  She wondered if maybe she’d gone too far.  Keridwen seemed almost excited when they agreed that Silver was going to be tougher on her, but now with the attitude, she was confused.

Finally giving out a long sigh, she reached out and put at hand on Keridwen’s lower back.  “Am I being a total jack ass?”

Keridwen turned her head back toward Silver.  She wrinkled her brow, but slowly nodded her head.  “Yes.”

Silver chuckled; well at least I know you’re still not able to lie to me.  “If you want to hurry up, you can probably catch up with them.”

“What about rule number two?”

“Promise you’ll go get the ice cream and come right back?”

“Of course.”

“And you’ll bring me back something chocolate?”

Keridwen nodded.

Silver grabbed her wallet and handed over a $10.  “Hurry up.  It’s hot, and that ice cream is going to melt fast.”

“Okay,” Keridwen smiled, jumping up and kissing Silver on the cheek.  “I know you are trying to step up.  I appreciate it, even if you need to relax a bit.”