The Trouble With Trouble – Part Seven

Hi, lads and ladies, this is the last part of the series.

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I hid in ma’am’s neck and struggled to catch my breath and fought through another wave of tears. Her arms felt like love wrapping me up and keeping me safe even from myself. I could only relax and lay my head on her shoulder to allow us both time to calm down.

“You okay, little bit? That was a hard spanking.” Ma’am gentle voice asked breaking the silence.

“Yes, ma’am I’m okay. I….I needed that.” I took her right hand into mine I gently kissed her red irritated palm feeling sad that I had caused her pain even in the most minor of ways.

In return her lips kissed my forehead, “I know little bit. I know.”

“Ma’am, can you make me a promise?” I tentatively asked looking up into her eyes.

“What’s that, little bit?”

“Will you go with me to the hearing?  I don’t know if you can go inside.. but..”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I’ll be there to support you in any way I can.” Ma’am squeezed me in her embrace.

Again, we found ourselves in the solitude of a silent house. I realized my bottom throbbed from the repeated and thorough attention it had received in the past couple of hours. I shifted uncomfortably from the pressure of ma’am’s leg. I saw the corner of her mouth pull up in a smirk.

“Sore there little bit?” She asked patting my hip teasingly.

“Yes, ma’am. You did a number on my backside I’m afraid.” My face was pinched in a grimace. School tomorrow would be interesting.

“Well, you know that’s the trouble with trouble. It always leads to a sore behind.” I groaned and shifted as much as possible on her lap trying to relieve the soreness. She squeezed me again and patted once more. “I love you little bit, but you earned every bit of that.”

I sighed. She was right. I deserved every bit of it. “Yes, ma’am. Can… can you forgive me? For throwing things… and cursing? And… everything else?” Ma’am looked down at me and I could see the love in her eyes.

“You are already forgiven little bit.” Another kiss was placed on my forehead as weight felt like it was lifted from my shoulders.

“Love you, ma’am.”

“Love you too Lexington Claudia.”

We spent the rest of the night much in the same fashion. I curled up on her lap or next to her. We relaxed and made plans for the hearing. For the future, if the hearing didn’t go my way. No matter what we would stick together.


“This matter has been settled. We understand that Ms. Ronald was not the student that cheated. Ms. Ronald, this disciplinary board does apologize for any harm we may have done to you in this time. Your grade in this class and any other class will not be affected nor will your enrollment in this university. No marks or mention of this will go on your record. We thank you for your honesty and integrity in this matter. We hope this never happens again. Good luck in all your future endeavors.” Mr. Matthews, the student ethics chair, announced after a short private discussion among the members of the disciplinary board.

My stomach dropped as he spoke the words that cleared me of any wrongdoing. I felt a smile cross my face. I looked next to me at Ms. Simon’s, the lawyer that Kerry had introduced me to shortly after I told her of the cheating accusations. I couldn’t help but turn and throw my arms around her hugging her tightly.

“I get to stay! They know I didn’t cheat!” She hugged me back almost as tightly as I was her.

“They saw the truth. You are a smart, honest, and hard working young lady. Good job hon. I know Kerry pacing a hole out in the hall.” She told me as we pulled back. I knew she was right of course. Ma’am more than likely was pacing in the same place I had left her over half an hour ago before the hearing had begun.

I couldn’t wait to see her and tell her. I left Ms. Simmons side and moved as fast polite and pushed through the heavy double wooden doors. Ma’am spun the moment I laid eyes on her. Her face was hopeful but reserved. I didn’t hesitate to run to her and bury myself in her arms. She pulled me close yet didn’t say anything.

I felt tears pooling in my eyes once more as I was able to whisper, “I didn’t cheat. They know I didn’t cheat.” Kerry’s arms got even tighter around me as she impossibly lifted and spun me a bit.

“I’m so happy little bit! I knew they would see the truth!” Kerry’s voice was happy and joyful. We could finally put all of this behind us. The past few weeks of torture and being in limbo at school were over! We could get on with our lives!

Kerry released me from her hug and we both turned to Ms. Simmons as she approached.

“Marie, I can’t think you enough for taking care of my girl here. I know this is far from your usual cases, but you did well.” Kerry took Ms. Simon’s hand and squeezed it. The tall blonde smiled in return.

“It’s good to do something different every once in a while. Keeps me on my toes. Besides, that old boy’s club needed a lady to come in and kick their ass a bit.” Ms. Simon’s face lit up as she laughed a bit. A short silence fell over us momentarily causing Ms. Simon’s looked down at her watch.

“I hate to cut this short, but I do need to get back to the office. The others all seem to think they can do nothing without me there. Lex, it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. Kerry, keep in touch. Don’t be a stranger all the time.” She hefted her briefcase onto her shoulder and politely nodded before beginning her treck out of the building. Just as she was about to exit the hall she turned back to us one last time, “Oh, and Lex, try to keep yourself out of trouble.” Ms. Simon’s knowingly winked before pushing through the frosted glass doors at the end of the hall.

I turned to look at ma’am and she gave me a smile as I leaned into her side once more. “What’s the fun in that?” I quietly asked.

Ma’am shook her head at me and ruffled my curls affectionately, “Just remember little bit, the trouble with trouble is it always leads to a sore behind.”

The Trouble with Trouble – Part Six

Hi lads and ladies, I’m sorry this bit is a few days late. I have been under the weather and have not felt up to anything.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy anyway.

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“Are you going to swat me with your paddle, ma’am?” I looked up into her eyes unsure of what she would say and even more unsure I wanted to know the answer.

Ma’am sat quietly for a few moments, considering, “Don’t you think you’ve about had enough today, little bit?”

“You… you did promise me the paddle ma’am.” I quietly whispered as I cringed thinking of the sting it would provide. I didn’t want her to paddle me. Especially with my bottom already throbbing, but I also expected it in a sense. She promised me the paddle and I knew deep down I would be disappointed if she didn’t follow through. Maybe not tonight, but tomorrow or the next day.

“I did indeed promise you that, but little bit you aren’t going to sitting comfortably for several days as it is. Are you sure?” I sighed and leaned into her chest finding comfort in the care she was taking with her little bit.

“I… I think I need it, ma’am. You promised and I don’t want to ever doubt your promises again. I want to feel fully forgiven for all the crap I did tonight.” She nodded and rubbed my back for a moment longer. I could hear her take a deep breath.

I felt Ma’am’s hand go to my arms and guided me away from her chest and wiped my tears with her thumbs. “Come on little bit, into the corner while I go get a couple things.” She helped me stand and walked me to the corner, placing a solid kiss on my forehead, before turning me so I could face the corner.

I laid my head on the wall and focused on my throbbing bottom and what all I had done today to the woman that takes care of me. In many ways it made me want to run and never come back to make her life easier, but at the same time, it made me want to kneel down and beg her to forgive me. I knew she said she already had, but I felt like I should beg her to keep me even if I wasn’t worth it.

I didn’t notice when ma’am came back, but instead, jumped when I felt her hand on my back.

“Come on little bit. We have some things to discuss.”

I took her hand and allowed her to lead me back across the room. When I noticed the paddle sitting in the seat my stomach flipped and my cheeks tingled. I hated that thing with a passion. The paddle was about fourteen inches long and five inches wide made of purple heart in the shape of a circle.

“Easy there, little bit. I’m not going to hurt you.”

She gently continued leading me to her chair, sitting she guided me to stand in front of her.

“How are you doing little bit? You okay?”

Shifting uncomfortably, I looked at the floor, “I’m okay. I want to get this over with.” I was ready for this day to be over with so I could be tucked into a nice warm bed for some sleep.

“I know you do little bit. As soon as this is over I think you could use a hot bath and some sleep to wash this day completely away.” I nodded and shifted uncomfortably. Kerry reached for my hands and squeezed them gently.

“Can you tell me why you are about to go over my knee for a third time tonight?”

“Because I’ve been a mega brat all night. I didn’t communicate with you as I should have. I threw a glass and cursed you out.”

“That’s correct. I don’t mind bratting as you know. It’s a way for you to realize stress after a long day. However, there is a point when it gets disrespectful. Do you understand that? And tonight, there was most definitely a point when it got disrespectful. Furthermore, we have discussed you communicating with me several times over. I can’t read your mind little bit. I wish I could most of the time, however, I haven’t mastered that art.”

I nodded and refused to look at the woman who put up with so much from me. Why she did I would never quite understand. I felt a warm wash of gratitude wash over me even as she helped me back into position face down across her lap, exposing my still very sore backside.

“Little bit, this is so you forgive yourself okay?”

Carefully, I placed my hand behind my back silently asking for comfort and even more contact, which she took and held without issue. Holding tightly, I cleared my throat of the tears still there, “Yes ma’am. I’ll try.”

Ma’am didn’t respond instead I felt the paddle leave my skin and half a second later return to connect hard on the center of my backside causing a loud pop to echo around us. The pain from the swat was delayed momentarily. However, when it did arrive it felt well. like being spanked, which is a feeling unlike anything else.

Heat exploded throughout my cheek, but I didn’t have time to really focus on that as I felt the paddle once again move and the entire process repeating in the same place again with another hard swat.

“Owie, ma’am. It hurts!”

Silently stoically ma’am just held me tightly into place as tears rolled down my cheeks. The paddle left my bottom for the third time. Tears that were for us. For what I had done to one of the only people that had accepted me the way I was. All of me. That didn’t ask me to change or become something different.

The pain of the third swat built upon the others. I knew my bottom was swollen from just the feeling alone. It was throbbing, which while a strange feeling it still hurt something terrible.


Kerry only squeezed my hand tighter as the paddle crashed into my bottom for the fourth time.

“OHHH, feck ma’am please, please!” The swat had landed across my sit spots where it hurt abundantly more. It felt like she might be killing my butt even if I knew I deserved it.

“Last one, little bit.”

Ma’am’s hand raised for the last time and quickly returned, connecting in the same place as before. Sending a loud pop echoing throughout the room around us.

As soon as I felt the final wave of heat push through my backside, ma’am’s hands were on my hips guiding me up from over her lap and pulling me into her chest holding me close to her.

“I’ve got you little bit, it’s all over.”

The Trouble with Trouble – Part Five

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I groaned loudly as Kerry tipped me into the air forcing my head closer to the ground. From experience, my sit spots and thighs would be the next target. I was right. The next insanely hard swat that landed was on my right sit spot. And the next one was too. She kept spanking the same spot over and over. I was sure if I could see my backside Kerry’s handprint would be tattooed onto the area for the next week!

“Ma’am stop. Please, ma’am! I don’t want a spanking!” I threw my hand back in a valent yet useless attempt to stop her. Without pause she took my hand in hers, interlacing out fingers together, “That’s not how you stop this. You know your word. That’s the only way I’m done.”

Just as she finished speaking she moved to the other sit spot and did the same thing. Swatting hard, building the pain to a level I wasn’t accustomed to when it came to her hand. All I could do was lay over her lap and accept it. My throat was dry from all the yelping I was doing. When she handed me a pillow to hold onto as I felt pools arise in my eyes.

With the pillow now close ma’am intensified her effort and moved to the only place exposed to her that wasn’t surely red and on fire. The back of my thighs. The first swat that landed felt like torture. The second wasn’t any better. She always used the same methodical technique on the very rare occasion she spanked my thighs. Down one leg and up the other. Each side would receive three flaming swats in this fashion. How long she did it was another matter. Sometimes she would only visit once or twice and others she would spend just as much time there as she did on my cheeks.

She seemed to be doing the later now, however, “Little bit, I love you more than you could know. I’m here for you always. Tonight could have gone a lot differently if you would have talked to me and been honest with me, instead you are getting a very hard spanking.”

I held onto the pillow as I felt my heart physically hurt. I knew she was right. But I also knew there was something inside of me that needed precisely what she was doing at the moment. I felt the first wave of tears stream down my face when Ma’am’s hand squeezed mine tightly. The tears weren’t the slow steady kind but instead were the loud, ugly, soul cleansing kind. I continued crying hard the entire time ma’am spanked. I thought about everything that had happened today and I felt horrible. More than horrible even. Ma’am cared too much about me. I wasn’t sure if I would ever understand why, but she did. Even when I cursed her out and told her to leave she cared enough to take care of my needs.

The thought of that made me cry harder as the swats were slowing down. She was one of the few people that cared enough to stay no matter what. I knew ma’am deserved to know the real reason today had been so horrible.

I felt when ma’am stopped her relentless punishment of the backs of my legs, through the tears, I tried talking to her, “Pl- please-..” I tried, however, was awash with another wave of desperate tears.

Ma’am understood what I was asking for. She pulled me up from over her lap and cuddled me close to her. I fell willingly and whole heartily into her arms and just cried as I hid against her chest.

I couldn’t tell you the amount of time I was there, crying, however, she never let me go. As my breathing slowed and evened out she whispered into my ear, “Little bit, you ready to tell me what was going on today?”

Without moving I nodded slowly, I was going to, however, I didn’t want to come out from my hiding place against her chest.

“You can stay right there little bit. I’ve got you. I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you.”

Ma’am rubbed soothing patterns on my back like a mother would a sick child as she patiently waited for me to talk to her. Taking a deep breath I told her, “I got my mid-term paper back. It was an ‘F.’ They… they are accusing me of cheating.”

I felt her arms tighten around me which made me relax into her even more. I felt protected in her embrace, “Ma’am they can kick me out. In the least, I will fail my class. I’ve got a disciplinary hearing in a week.”

“Lex, I know you would never do such a thing. We will gather all your research and even get logs for the research library. I even have a lawyer friend that will help us if we need it. I promise you, Lex, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure they don’t kick you out or fail you.”

I closed my eyes and rested against ma’am. I had refused to think about it all day. The spectacle of being asked to stay after class so the professor could speak to me. It was humiliating and painful. What was worse was being forced to stand there and not be able to defend myself. And to top it all off I was going to be called in front of a board of ten administrators to explain myself so they could decide if they should kick me out. I had wanted to crawl in a hole then. However, I had several classes left at this point and had to go to them. It hurt to think someone thought I cheated. I expected perfection from myself and tried so hard to keep an ‘A’ in all my classes. I just cried harder thinking about what it would do to my GPA if I did fail. I’d lose my scholarship and be forced to take out an extensive loan or worse.

Ma’am stopped petting my hair and asked suddenly, “Little bit, do you know why they think you cheated?”

I shook my head before hiding myself under her chin again. “I only know the professor said there were two papers that were similar in nature. He wouldn’t tell me anything else. Why would I be the one cheating? I don’t understand.”

I still didn’t want to move from my place against ma’am’s chest. I could hear her heartbeat and knew it was going to be okay. However, as soon as I thought about what I had done to her this evening my tears started a new. I couldn’t begin to express just how sorry I was for what I had done, “I’m sorry ma’am. I’m so sorry.”

“I know little bit. You are already forgiven.” Ma’am held me as I continued to cry and again, we found ourselves in silence other than me in tears of regret and anguish at my actions.

The Trouble with Trouble – Part Four

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As we finished our meal in silence, I stood, collecting the dishes, pilling them on top of one another, so that I could begin washing up. I tried to ignore Kerry as she stood and helped, but everything in me wanted to snap at her. I didn’t want her to help me. She was treating me like a child at this point!

“You don’t have to help me. I’ve got it under control. I know you have better things to be doing.” I could hear how cold my voice sounded. My bottom twitched knowing that was not the best idea.

“Hey, I have nothing I’d rather be doing than be here with you. I’m helping you because you seemed stressed and have a lot on your plate.” She soothingly answered while rubbing the small of my back from her place beside me at the kitchen sink.

“I don’t need fucking help,” I growled lowly to myself and I dropped the dishes loudly into scalding hot water.

“What was that, young lady?” Ma’am’s hand stopped moving on my back and I could see her staring up at me from the corner of my eye.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” I spat out at her, venom filling my voice.

“I’m aware. You know how I feel about cursing.” I huffed, ignored her, sticking my hands into the hot water, grabbing the first plate, scrubbing it clean.  Ma’am took the plate from my hand and began drying it. Everything happened in slow motion.

I saw what Kerry was doing, I spun, raising the wine glass above my head, and hurled it against the wall opposite both of us, watching it crash loudly into the wall and shatter into one thousand tiny pieces.

Kerry was standing, eyes wide at my display of emotion. I began to yell, “Why can’t you just leave me alone!? Just get out of my house and leave me alone!”

I could feel the day snapping inside. Every emotion came spilling out at my mouth and into the one person that seemed to be able to stay when no one else would. Even though I knew somewhere inside my head she meant well, I had enough. If she didn’t understand otherwise I was about to make sure she understood in a way she couldn’t mistake. I didn’t want her here. Or well that was the part of me that won out at least. I had to ignore the part of me that still wanted to jump into her arms and beg her to hold me all night.

My actions weren’t the only ones that happened in slow motion Kerry’s did as well. Carefully, she put aside the dishes she was drying and with her right hand seized my left ear, pulling me towards the doorway to my living room.

“You’ve done it, little bit. You’ve pushed all you are going to tonight. It’s about time for a second dose of my hand.”

I was led through the kitchen, around the glass and then into the living room. I struggled to get loose, however, I realized spanking bottoms wasn’t the only toppy exercise she was expert in as the hold on my ear redoubled and she added her other hand to the back of my pants making sure I wasn’t going to go anywhere.

“Let me go! That hurts! Let me go right now.” I knew I must have sounded like a child screaming at their parent’s, but it didn’t matter. My words were being ignored as I was continued to being frog-marched through the house.

Suddenly I realized where she was leading me. In the middle of the room still stood her chair. Yes, it was her chair alone. There was only one purpose for it. It was for her to sit on while she spanked the daylights out of me.  I didn’t have time to think before my pants and panties both where in a heap around my feet and I was being hauled over her right knee with expert ease.

I realized as soon as the first swat of her hand landed on my bare cheeks that she was being very easy on me earlier in the evening. That one swat was enough to shoot fire throughout the center of my backside and make me want to rub the sting away.

Her voice broke through the loud echo of swats, it was strong and surprisingly calm, “I knew I should have just taken care of this the moment you got home today. And that’s my fault. I should have realized what you really needed a very sound spanking and just took care of it instead of letting you brat your way around all night. Don’t worry little bit. I’m going to make sure it’s taken care of now!”

The entire time she spoke she continued with her quick hard swats pounding them down all over my cheeks. It only took moments to build a deep pain in my rear at the pace and strength she was going. The squirming I was doing now was not me bratting and trying to get her to stop! No, I couldn’t control my squirming from the pain she was applying to my backside!

However, that’s not the only thing I could feel happening. As she spanked and spanked holding me in place to take what I realized was a richly deserved spanking I could feel my emotions once again come alive inside. However, this time they were going to come out differently.

“Lexington Claudia you know better than to curse and throw things! Either of us could have been hurt with flying glass. I’m not sure what in the world you were thinking young lady but rest assured when you sit for the next few days you will indeed have a good reminder that it better never happen again.”

The Trouble with Trouble – Part Three

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I could feel Ma’am’s eyes on my back as I harshly chopped up tomatoes. Kerry had followed me into the kitchen a while after I had marched off. I didn’t have to look to know what she was doing as she stood there. I could vividly picture her arms crossed across her chest, left ankle crossed over the right, shoulder leaning against the kitchen door frame. Her eyebrows would be pinched together and lips in a thin line.

I tried hard to focus on my chopping, ignoring my fluttering stomach and racing thoughts, as I heard Kerry stride closer to me. “Let me help you cook. It’ll get done faster that way. You should focus on school work anyway.” Heat exploded from my chest. It was like she thought I was incompetent or something! I had managed my life well before she was a part of it. I didn’t need help now!

“I’m fine! Don’t need you to help me!”

Instantly, Ma’am removed the knife from my hand, placing it on the counter, spun me to the side and began connecting her solid hand to my still uncomfortable bottom as she firmly spoke, “You do not yell at me, young lady! You get your backside upstairs to your bedroom and don’t come out until I come to get you.”

Every word she spoke was equally punctuated with a firm swat which continued guiding me towards the stairs with a firm hand on my arm and steely palm on my bottom. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs fighting back a pool of tears. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Why would I talk to my Ma’am like that? I wanted so bad to go down and climb into her arms and never let go, but at the same time, I couldn’t admit that’s what I needed so bad right now. I hated this.

Reaching my bed, I curled up under the blankets and held onto my stuffed hippo closely and tried to relax. I replayed and replayed this day over and over in my head up until the most recent interaction with Ma’am.

I couldn’t explain it. I wanted to fight with her, but to snuggle in her lap. To get her attention and a reaction and for her just to leave me alone. Why did she always want to fix it? Why couldn’t I let her? This was so confusing.


I woke to the sound of someone lightly knocking on my bedroom door. I turned and saw Kerry enter and cross the room sitting on the side of the bed, “Hi, little bit, how did you sleep?”

I shrugged and sat up in the bed, stretching my stiff muscles, “I guess it was okay. I should have been doing homework.”

Ma’am cupped my cheek gently, “Bit, I know you do well with your school work and are always ahead, so you have no reason to be this worked up about a thirty-minuet nap.”

I huffed and went to stand up, but, was caught by ma’am, her pulling me back onto her lap, encircling her arms around my waist, a move that usually made me feel safe, however, today had the opposite effect.  I could feel my tense body getting ready to fight with her again. However, I silently sat listening to what she had to say to me.

“Are you calmer now, little bit?”

“I’m fine ma’am.”

“Just remember what I told you. You will go back over my knee for another spanking if you don’t cool it with that attitude.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

I got up from her lap and went downstairs to find the meal I had been preparing sitting on the kitchen table steaming hot.

Ma’am followed me down the stairs, “I hope my lasagna is as good as yours is.”

I didn’t respond, instead sat at the table in silence, tracing random shapes with the tip of my finger, finding the table more interesting than Kerry.

“Eat little bit, especially since you didn’t have lunch.” Kerry thrust a plate and fork into my hands.

“I’m not hungry.” Even as I said those words my stomach gave me away growling loudly, which made me frown sharply at my own body betraying me.

“Eat little bit I’m not asking.” I huffed scooping salad, lasagna and garlic bread onto my plate. However, I wasn’t going to eat without something to wash it down with.

I stood going into the kitchen, getting out a wine glass for myself and pouring a large glass of red wine into the glass.

As soon as ma’am saw the wine bottle and full glass in my hand she gave me a firm look, “Oh, I think not. You are in a mood, so no alcohol for you.” Without warning, she took the glass out of my hand and set it aside.

I tried to keep my growl low so she wouldn’t hear. I wanted to drink and to hell with what she wanted! I knew that it would allow me to relax and hopefully keep me out of trouble with Ma’am. So instead I took a long drag from the bottle and sat it on the table next to my plate.

Shaking her head Kerry took the bottle out of my hand as well and moved it out of my reach, “Enough you. This is absolutely the last warning you are getting. The next conversation we have is going to be with the paddle!” Pointing to my seat on the opposite side of the table to her she told me, “Sit. Eat. We have some things to discuss.”

I forced myself to slowly eat the first bite of the food. It was delicious, not that I wanted to admit that to Ma’am. It felt good to get food into my body even if I didn’t want to tell her that. I was glad she had put her foot down not that I would admit that

“So, little bit, you want to tell me what happened today that has you acting out,” I fiddled with my phone, I spun it around and around on the table top as she continued, “You know you can tell you anything. Maybe if you talk about it you will feel better.”

I chewed slower than necessary as I considered what she was saying, swallowing I admitted to her, “I won’t feel better when you get mad about me failing a quiz today.”

Ma’am laid her fork down and reached across the table stilling my hand, “You know I’ve never been mad at you for your grades. I know you work hard and do your best. Did you work hard and do your best?”

I shrugged, pulling away from her touch and continued to eat, realizing that eating meant less opportunity for me to speak to her. The less opportunity for me to speak the better.

“I’m here when you decide you are ready to talk.”


I nodded and continue eating, enjoying the silence between us.

The Trouble with Trouble – Part Two

Part One can be found here.

Two solid hands gripped either hip keeping me where I was on her lap, “Stop that. You aren’t going anywhere little bit. It seems you need to find out what happens to young ladies who don’t listen to their Tops and pout about being spanked.” Before I could control my own voice, I heard a whine rumble from my throat. I couldn’t see her, but I had a very educated guess at her reaction to me. She would pierce her lips and shoot me a stern gaze with her blue eyes. I could feel when one of Kerry’s arms tightened around my hip and the other leave its place on my body. I tensed in realization about what was about to happen.

True to my knowledge a first swat befall the center of my backside. I tried to not give her the satisfaction of a reaction. Instead of biting my lips together and curling my hands into a tight fist. I held silently for several minutes as the sounds of steady swats echoed around us.

However, it was pointless. Ma’am’s palm knew how to skillfully warm my bottom! The swats were growing firmer and firmer each round that was completed, all leading to one goal: building the heat up in my backside expertly!

“Owie, ma’am… come on… I’ll pay attention. I promise. ”

It wasn’t long before I had the uncontrollable urge to get away from the palm talking with my bottom. The heat started off as nothing more than a low tingly warmth. It quickly spread deeper into the muscle. The pain of a hand spanking is hard to describe. It’s a mixture of sharp pain, to begin with then growing soreness as the swats continue to build on one another.

My emotions bubbled in my stomach. Why did she have to spank me? It wasn’t fair! All I wanted was for her to stop. But as much as I wanted her to stop I also wanted her to bare my still clothed backside, spank harder and tell me all was going to be okay and hold onto me until I relaxed, for her to remind me that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

However, the side that hated this won. I started kicking my feet into the air, matching her still steady pattern of swats.

Ma’am’s firm voice cut into the sounds of my spanking like a knife, “Little Bit, no kicking. You know better.” My only response was to kick hard and struggle to get away more fighting both my emotions and the warmth in my bottom.

I groaned loudly as I felt sure hands travel from my backside to the waistband of my leggings. She peeled them down over my cheeks exposing the back of my panties to her will. “You are going to relax and accept this spanking Lexington Claudia!”

The swats were much more pronounced now without my leggings the heat built faster and deeper this way. She was meticulous in her steady barrage of swats back and forth and up then down. Hoping to make her stop, I tried a different strategy. I sagged, limp, over her lap and stilled my movements, allowing the blood to rush to my head and her to completely support my body. It took a lot of willpower to completely relax all my muscles and give in, in the hopes she would stop. Thankfully a few swats later Ma’am stopped the swats resting her hand on my backside.

“Are you going to calm down, or do I need to send you after my paddle?” My tight lips contained the bratty answer that I wanted to give, instead, I nodded my head.

“Yes, yes I’ve had enough I’ll be good for you. No paddle needed.”

“The next time will be the paddle, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am, understood.”

I felt as Ma’am’s hand leave my backside once more and then brought down four hard swats that echoed throughout the house. She connected to the base of my bottom, where I sat, where my skin was much more sensitive. Each swat felt like it was being seared into my backside. I clamped onto the chair legs with a white-knuckle grip and wait for her to finish punishing my tender sit spots.

When Kerry finish spanking I felt her strong hands soothing my hot backside, yet still holding me securely in place, “You ready to get up little bit?”

I was more than ready. Without saying anything I struggled to get my feet back under me to find my balance as I stood. Kerry steadied me, holding my arm, “You don’t have to do everything on your own. I would have helped you up.”

“I know, but it’s fine.” Kerry reached out and pulled me to her guiding me to sit on her lap. Relaxing, I allowed myself to momentarily melt into her embrace. I buried my face in her neck and could feel her short auburn locks tickle my face. She wrapped her long arms around me and held me close to her. I enjoyed the silence until the sting in my backside became something, I couldn’t ignore any longer. Squirming uncomfortably my irritation at the world spurred itself to the surface once more and my now tender cheeks added to that irritation.

Cautiously I stood, jerking my leggings back into place but, avoiding the sight of Ma’am, “I have a lot to do. I need to make dinner and do some work. You staying?” Ma’am silently watched me for several moments.

“Yes, I think I need to. I think me and you aren’t done talking tonight.” She announced a matter of factly.

I huffed and turned left her sitting in her oh so important ‘spanking chair’ and marched into the kitchen.

The Trouble with Trouble – Part One

Hiya spanky folks. I have a series for you all. This was originally intended to be for the latest anthology but I didn’t like it for that so here we are. It will be in 7ish parts in total and as I’ve been doing for a while now I’ll be posting one part each Thursday. This story is the Ma’am and little bit characters, but this is when I decided to name them and give some more detail about them. If you haven’t already follow me so you are the first one to know when the next part has been uploaded. 🙂

Keep it spanky and leave me a comment to tell me how it’s going. – LT

I couldn’t help, but once again admire, how beautiful my mahogany wood floors were, with their rich red color and the interlocking grain pattern throughout. I had never noticed, that is until four months ago when Kerry Volwskey walked into my life, as I had never been this close-up and personal to my flooring before. The floor contrasted starkly with my pale hands, which were holding up my tall frame of 6’1 steadily in place, over Kerry’s lap.

Long chestnut ringlets fell around my face as I gazed under the chair I was bent over. I noticed something else I had failed to before this moment. Ma’am always had on those black leather western boots that made her already tall frame more intimidating. I could hear the click-clack in my head and felt a wave of shivers run up my spine, her gait was unmistakably hers and usually, it ended with me in a position like the one I was now.

Kerry and I had met in the spring earlier in the year. I was young, almost innocent, and in need of someone to come along and guide me. Kerry was just that person, years of experience, and wisdom of more years than I, and a hell of a lot of patience and love. We clicked the first time we talked. She had a way to make me feel calmer and drew me into her presence, but it felt safe. However, unlike a lot of people at the spanking parties, we had been attending she wanted to talk about anything and everything, not just our shared kink. Our first conversations were about religion, psychology, education, politics and even technology. Our bond was quickly formed the first party we spent together, curled up, side by side, talking in what felt like our own little world.

Thinking back I could still feel the thrill I felt back then at receiving my very first spanking, which she had administered. I was being a bit silly and had dared her to do something about it. Well, true in Top fashion she did. From that moment our relationship just happened. I was a brat in need of a Top and she was a Top in need of a brat. It wasn’t easy at times, especially like now, as I was face down staring at the floor from over her lap with my butt rather unfortunately high in the air, but she was my Ma’am and I was her little bit.

I carefully adjusted both hands on the uncomfortably hard floor waiting. For what I wasn’t sure. I’m sure Kerry, or Ma’am, as I sometimes affectionally, sometimes brattily called her was speaking to me from somewhere above my prone backside, however, I wasn’t in a frame of mind to really focus or possibly even care what she was saying.

Yes, it had been one of those days.

One of those days when I didn’t give a fuck anymore. I wanted to run away and never come back. Unluckily I’d been caught before that could come to fruition, which had led to my current predicament.

Work sucked. School sucked more. And well, my family. That didn’t even suck. That’d mean any of them were talking to me, other than to tell me what a horrible person I was. However, I could hear the whisper in the back of my mind. None of this mattered right now. I should be focusing on the woman, rubbing, what I knew was a very steely palm, across my upturned rear end, but I couldn’t force myself to. Instead, all that I could feel was her legs against my belly supporting my body as I lay here and her warmth seeping into my cold tired bones.

The day had started out bad. As soon as I walked out of the house this morning it was freezing cold, a steady barrage of rain falling. I had only a few hours of sleep, which made everything seem to happen in slow motion. Finally arriving at my first class, only to realize I completely forgot about the damn abnormal psychology quiz, which of course I was unprepared for, surely failing it. Followed by having to skip lunch because I forgot my wallet at home.

Once the exhaustingly long morning at school was done, I went to work only to find I was going to run the ‘front’ of the supermarket by myself, as everyone else was busy or didn’t show up to work today. The shift had been long, a steady line of people getting ready for the Christmas. Despite the cheerful time of year everyone seemed to be grumpy or bitchy or mad at me for something I had nothing to do with. However, Kerry had been waiting for me when I walked in.

My heart jumped in my chest when ma’am placed an unfortunately hard swat to the back of my right thigh, shooting stinging pain into where it landed, however, grabbing my wandering attention.

Ma’am’s voice was steely as she asked, “Are you even going to act like you are paying attention to me, young lady?”

I bit my lip as I considered my answer. There was no right answer to her question. Obviously, she would know if I lied and said that I had been paying attention. And answering no I wasn’t going to pay attention would surely come out as a smartass answer… all of these options would surely lead to more swatting. Instead, I closed my eyes and did the only thing I could think of. I began to squirm, attempting, to get off her lap, even as I knew deep inside that it would a futile move on my part.