Victoria was currently face down over her wife’s knee getting a lesson in cursing at the staff which Sophia absolutely abhored. Her wife had the 18 inch wooded ruler bouncing it repeatedly off her firm cheeks creating lines of fire every time it connected.

She was trying to hold still so as to not get swats to her thighs, but it wasn’t working very well. The ruler stung something fierce and when the swats where aplied hard enough there would be a welt in the shape of the ruler. However, she wasn’t hitting that hard, yet.

Just as Sophia raised the ruler to start the second round of spanks the door to their bedroom bust open, “Yo-”

All three people where frozen for a few moments, until Victoria managed to yell, “Get out you fool! Out!” She was struggling with everything she had to get up from her position bent over Sophia’s knee.

It took James a moment to realize he was staring at his Queen’s most delicate parts. As soon as he realized it he turned his back, but refused to leave the room.

“There has been a intruder. We need to get you to the safe room down stairs.”

About this time Sophia realized what was going on and threw the ruler away covering her wife. Damn these people always pick the worse times.

It was only a matter of minutes before the Queen and Sophia found themselves in the safe room.

Actually, safe room wouldn’t quiet be the word for it. It was around 6,000 square feet where 20 people could live long term. It had thick reinforced concert walls, a full kitchen, dinning room, barracks and bathrooms, conference room, office, and even a small master bed and bath for the Queen and her wife. There was enough food, water and other supplies to last for over a year. The best or worst part was it was deep underground.


As soon as the door closed behind them in the safe room the Queen turned to look at James with steeliest eyes he had ever seen. In the low even voice she usually only used in court she ordered the man, “My office, now.” James looked like a fish his mouth opened and closed several times before he bowed his head, “Yes, my Queen.”

Quickly, James left the couple to wait in the office. Victoria turned to check on her wife and could see the woman was still blushing red.

“I’m going to speak to our dear guard. Wait for me in our room?” Sophia nodded her head and watched her wife leave. Apparently, however she found her voice again just as Victoria reached the door, “Do not forget the conversation we just had, my love.”

Victoria looked back over her shoulder and saw the look she was given by her wife. That look alone was enough to make her burning skin tingle.


Victoria slammed the door shut to her office to find James on one knee, head down bowed before her.

“You Majesty-” he tried, but was cut off, “Do not speak unless I give you permission.”

The Queen rounded her desk and the two sat in silence for several minutes while she studied the man bowed before her.

Finally, Victoria broke the silence, “I should have your job right now and be glad that is all I would take from you. We have asked you to make sure to knock before entering our bedroom. How dare you barge in there, I realize there is a intruder, but you saw something in there you shouldn’t ever have! I don’t know what to do with you.”

The Queen was still angery, very angry, but she was sitting on the reminder to not curse at the man.

“Stand up.” James did as ordered, but still didn’t dare speak or even look at the woman.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Victoria’s voice was ice. Her and her wife’s privacy was one of the only things she expected of her staff at all times. James knew this, “No, ma’am.”

Finally deciding what she was going to do Victoria spoke in a slightly kinder tone, “James, you will be doing extra night shifts on the perimeter of the grounds and will be retaking lessons on conduct. I will fire you and discharge you from the army if this happens again.”

Everyone hated the night shifts on the perimeter. Usually, they dealt with drunk tourist all night or they just stood in the dark all night either way they all hated it.

“Yes, your Majesty. Thank you for not dismissing me.”

Victoria was still wanting curse at the man, however the thought of the ruler and who had been welding it made her keep control of herself.

Deciding to look over the papers that where waiting for her attention, she dismissed the man with a flick of her hand, “You may go. Keep me updated on the situation.”

Victoria heard the man turn and boots click on the floor, however he stopped after three steps, “Ma’am permission to speak?

The Queen rolled her eyes not bothering to look up at him, “What James?”

When he hesitated, she looked up at the man and could see his worried look and realized what he was going to ask her.

Taking a deep breath Victoria stood went around the desk and leaned on it instead of sitting behind it. In the kindest tone James ever heard her use she reassured the man, “James, Sophia isn’t abusive, we are in consensual adult relationship. She would never hurt me.”

“She was hitting you and it didn’t look like you where… you know enjoying it!”

Victoria groaned this is why the couple was sure to keep their activities a secret. People didn’t understand their relationship, “James, I am going to say this one time and one time only, and if you repeat it to anyone I will send you to prison for treason. I let my wife spank me, because I need it sometimes. It is consensual. Now, I expect you to never speak of this again.”

James nods  his head, “Yes, ma’am I just wanted you to know that I would protect you from anyone even your wife.”

“Thank you, James, but I don’t need protecting from my wife.”

James left allowing Victoria to sit in a near by chair. She was mortified. She knew that James now knew more information than she ever wanted anyone to know. Thinking of her wife Victoria decided it might be better not to tell her about the conversation she had with the man.


Later when Victoria arrived into their bedroom she saw her wife sitting on the side of the bed. A ruler almost identical she was using earlier was on the bed beside her.

“Wh- where did you get that?” Victoria asked indicating the ruler on the bed.

Sophia giggled a bit, “Do you think that if we where to get stuck down here for a impossible amount of time that I wouldn’t need to spank that cute little rear at some point?”

Victoria’s face and neck heated up. If they where stuck down here for a impossible amount of time she was sure she would need more… attention… to make them both tolerable.

Sophia laugh at the cute blush her wife had, “That’s what I thought. Now get over here.” she told the woman as she patted her lap.

Victoria moved across the room, but paused to ask, “But for what? I didn’t even curse him!”

Sophia leaned forward dragging the woman down over her lap telling her, “Because I wasn’t done earlier, little lady, now you just lay there and let me finish this.”

Victoria kicked her feet in protest until her legs where trapped in place by her wife’s strong  thigh. The Queen felt her pants and panties go down without flourish. Sophia raised the ruler and started to bring it down on the still pink cheeks, but was interrupted when the door to the bed room opened once again without a knock. James stood there staring for the second time today.

All Victoria did was groan. She was going to kill him; right after getting locks installed.

The Queen’s Wife

This is my first attempt at a fantasy type setting  so please tell me what you all think! I will be back with our usual ladies tomorrow, but I was inspired I guess.


The ride in the back of the car dawn carriage was a rough one; the Queen would have much preferred to ride back into the city in the actual car, but that wasn’t acceptable today. The exterior of the carriage was pearl white with rose gold, handles, hinges, trim, and intricate vine patterns moving along the front of it, both doors held the royal crest in a darker rose color. Inside was much the same, the floor and ceiling was pearl white with the seat a light rose velvet fabric, once again the crest was present on the back of the seats.

Victoria, the Queen, could see from the many large windows into the crowds that had gathered to catch a glimpse of her, while she loved her throne and was thankful for it she didn’t often make public appearances for safety reasons. Some of the public didn’t agree with her choice in a spouse and attempts had been made on her life along with other members of her family.

The people needed to be able to see her and she them today, however so the carriage was slowly driven through the streets that was lined with people. She had been gone on a foreign relation tour for almost a month and as much as she had enjoyed traveling she was ready to see her wife whom couldn’t go with her on this trip. Thoughts of her wife made her excited and anxious all at the same time. While she was the Queen, the leader of this country, she was still subject to her wife’s firm hand of correction.

The Queen continued her bumpy journey thinking about this, while waving with her smile still plastered in place. The motorcade made its way to the palace gates slowing as it approached. Some of the escorting vehicles did not enter the grounds, only the ones belonging to the family did. The Queen, from her perch, could see some of members of the faculty waiting to greet her and get their things out of the vehicles. In the back of the group she spotted her brunette wife in a beautiful undoubtedly custom dress that hugged and flattered her body in all the right places.

Golden Rose, as her carriage was affectionately called due to its color, pulled up to the steps of the palace stopping in front of the carpet that was rolled out for her. As Victoria waited for someone to open the door for her she attempted to make eye contact with her wife. Victoria was just itching to get out and throw herself into the woman’s strong arms.

A young man in a formal military uniform came and opened the door for her offering his hand to help her step out, that however was before he was politely shooed back by Sophia, the Queens wife. Apparently he was new to the job and never watched the news, when ever they where together Sophia saw helping her out of cars or carriages in this case, as her wifely duty. The Queen slid gracefully out and landed on two feet with her help. She shared a small smile with the woman before she lowered her head in a bow that was customary.

Sophia stood upright bringing the gloved hand to her mouth and kissing it gently while she whispered, “My Queen, I have missed you terribly.”

“I have missed you to, my love.” Those within hearing distance whom were not used to their sappy romance awed at the couple. Sophia offered her strong left arm intending to escort her up the stairs to the open double doors.

Then royal couple made their way by everyone in a peaceful silence. Once at the top of the stairs Queen Victoria stopped, along with her wife, turned and gave one last wave before entering the building with the doors slowly closing behind the couple.

The couple held hands as they walked down the hallway towards their living quarters. They walked closer than normal bodies bumping into each other flirtatiously. When the couple made it in to the privacy of their den they turned, greeting each other with a long passionate kiss, tongues battling for control until Victoria gave over. The couple only pulled back when they needed to breath, but continued to be encircled in each others arms.

One of Victoria’s guards cleared his throat making the women blush when they realized he had witnessed them making out like teenagers. He was almost as red in the face as Victoria felt.

“I am so very sorry, your majesty, you are needed in your office.”

Sophia squeezed one of Victoria’s hands letting her know it was okay to go and do her royal duties. The Queen pecked her wife’s left cheek and headed to the door that James, the guard was holding for her.



Papers signed and having been briefed on everything she needed to be the Queen told her secretary, “April, I’m going to go and spend the rest of the day with my wife. I would like for supper to be held until we call for it. Nothing fancy tonight please grilled cheese and tomato soup.”

Victoria started the long journey back to her living quarters. The woman was lost in thought as she listened to the clicking of her heels on the marble floors. She knew that everyone would be ordered away for privacy by the time she made it back across the building and this would lead to the painful conversation with her wife. All of this started because someone had spread tale of her running away a few days ago. In truth she hadn’t run away. She had simply left without anyone else. Victoria had put on a blonde wig and large sunglasses walked down the road, got a cab and went to a casino for a few hours. It was much easier to do when she wasn’t at home and everyone watching every move she made. Everyone had grew concerned when they realized she was gone. After, around three hours they grew frantic calling her wife. It hadn’t taken but one call from Sophia’s number to get her to tell them where she was.

It wasn’t her proudest moment when twenty security agents rushed into the hotel/casino surrounding her and basically dragging her out. Thankfully, no one figured out who she was. That night in the privacy of her bedroom Sophia had scolded her thoroughly and promised her a punishment when she go home.


Victoria found Sophia relaxing with a sketch pad and pencil in their bedroom. Sophia sat the items aside and smiled at her wife, inviting the woman to join her on the bed. Victoria pulled her sweater off, exposing her pale freckled shoulders. She tossed it aside along with her shoes.

Victoria crawled on to the bed, laid her head on Sophia’s shoulder moving in close to her. The couple laid in silence for several minutes while Sophia ran her fingers through her dark auburn hair.

Victoria was the first one to speak, “We need to talk about it.”

“Do we have to?”

Sophia sat up looking down at the woman whom was avoiding eye contact.

“Yes, young lady we have to.”

Victoria sat up too positioning herself to lean up against the headboard, hugging her legs. The pattern of the duvet was the most interesting object in the room.

“Tell me what happened. Why did you sneak off then refuse to answer the phone until I called you?”

Victoria didn’t say anything just continued to look down at the duvet.

“Victoria Jade, look at me when I am speaking to you.” The red head slowly moved her eyes to meet her wife’s and felt her stomach flip when she saw how cross the woman was with her.

“Good girl, now answer my question. Tell me what happened.”

Victoria pulled a pillow into her arms to hug while she quietly confessed, “I was so exhausted because of all of the meetings about pointless crap so I decided to go out. I used the blonde wig and sunglasses to sneak past the faculty. I just wanted to get away for a little while. One game led to another then another.”

Sophia listened intently to what her wife was saying. It was a conversation that had happened more than once especially since Victoria’s coronation. There was times when she wanted to be a semi normal young adult again and sometimes that resulted in reckless behavior. It was something they had been working on, but it was a slow process.

“I didn’t answer the phone, because I kinda set it to only your number would make it ring.”

This little tidbit made Sophia’s face tighten and eyes darken, “You know better, Victoria.” Sophia’s voice was low and hard sending tingles up her wife’s spine.

“Yes, ma’am.” They had a communication rule. Both women needed to be able to communicate at any point, both women needed this because of the stress of their jobs. This disappointed Sophia more than anything else.

Sophia moved off the side of the bed and stood there studying her wife, “I think you need to go and change out of those clothes then get in the corner. I need a moment.”

Victoria whimpered, but did as told. Standing in the corner having been stripped of everything that made her feel powerful she felt much like a little girl. She heard Sophia moving about the room behind her and tried to focus on why she was here, but couldn’t seem to.


Victoria had been in the corner for a quarter of a hour when Sophia called her out. Victoria crossed the room to stand in front of Sophia who was seated on the bench at the end of their bed.

“What did you think about while in the corner?”

“I tried to think about how my behavior put me in danger and broke our rules, but I couldn’t focus. I’m sorry.” Victoria was ashamed about being to tired to focus on anything.

“That is okay, I understand. Let’s get this over with so we can get some rest.”

“Please, ma’am.”

Sophia told her what was about to happen then made sure she knew why it was about to happen. She then pulled the woman over her right knee leaving her upper body supported by the bench and her legs on the floor.

Sophia soothed the night dress over her round bottom before she raised her hand and brought it down for the first of many swats. Sophia slapped a slow pattern into both cheeks and thighs warming her skin and muscles until she could see faint pink through the thin fabric. Sophia didn’t waste time in flipping up the night dress; not surprised when she didn’t find panties. Sophia picked up a 18 inch wooden ruler and rested it on pink cheeks, “This is for you sneaking out in the first place. You are much to important for me to lose.”

Sophia punished her bottom with the ruler for several minutes, not surprised when Victoria only let low sounds of pain escape. With the years of training to be the stoic princess and queen she often never made a peep when getting her butt blistered. Sophia stopped the punishing strokes of the ruler when her bottom was a uniform shade of red and Victoria was beginning to have problems holding still. Sophia allowed her a moment over her knee before being encouraged to stand.

“I need you to kneel on the bench and lay over the bed.” Sophia stiffly did as she was bid. Laying on the bed with her backside up in the air she felt exposed and vulnerable.

Sophia went to the wardrobe and got a fresh willow switch out, which Victoria hated with a passion. Switch in hand she went to stand behind the woman and once again flipped her night dress up.

“This switching is for the phone fiasco.”  Sophia rested the switch low on her wife’s cheeks waiting for her to relax. As soon as her cheeks where soft she landed a quick swipe watching as a line spread across her bottom. Sophia repeated this half a dozen times with the Queen hissing in pain with each stroke. On a particularly vicious stroke to her upper thighs Victoria moved out of position sitting back onto her legs, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again!”

“I know, love, get back into position we are almost done.” Victoria whined and slowly laid back down on the bed making sure to bare her bottom again. Sophia placed a hand on her lower back to keep her in place while lashing the switch down onto her twin mounds. Sophia was careful not to cut her skin or wrap it around her hip for the last eight lashes her intention wasn’t to cause actual harm to her.

Sophia dropped the switch in the floor kicking it under the bed out of sight. While a few members of the household staff suspected the nature of the couple’s relationship no one needed absolute proof.

Sophia laid down in the middle of the bed allowing Victoria to lay on her chest and calm down. The woman had not succumb to tears, but she was visibly upset. Sophia soothed her to sleep and herself followed soon after the couple back in each other’s arms made their souls rest.