Scarlet Gardens Pr.t 2

Hi guys make sure to scroll down and read Scarlet Gardens before reading this. First time writing this… be gentle. 😉

Ava felt Erin’s hot breath on her ear as the dominant woman questioned, “Do you want to cum, my Ava?”

It was no secret what a hard spanking would do to the younger woman after she had time to calm down. In fact, Ava was sure her sex was dripping wet and she might actually cum from permission alone. Ava face heated as she buried her face in Erin’s neck, hiding behind her blonde hair.

“It wouldn’t take much madam, I’m sorry.”

Ava felt another firm swat on her still bare, red backside. Erin didn’t even have to explain why she was being swatted. She knew better than to apologize for being turned on. And it wasn’t like Erin hadn’t made her cum many times over before.

Ava jumped as Erin ordered the brunette to straddle her lap which spooked her out of her haze of arousal. Ava was surprised when she didn’t receive a lecture or even a denial of permission to orgasm. Still a little weak from her hard spanking, Ava stood from her place with a little guidance, stepped out of her clothing, and placed a leg on either side of her mistresses hips and slowly sat down again.

Erin’s green eyes gazed directly into Ava’s as she warned, “Don’t you dare cum without permission.”

Ava nodded and leaned forward to rest her head on Erin’s left shoulder just as she felt knowing hands slide down her body. One hand stopped on top of her mound, as the other one continued its journey around to Ava’s sore bottom pulling her closer while squeezing her firm left cheek at the same time.

Ava was completely lost when Erin leaned forward and placed her mouth just under her collarbone and began nipping and sucking gently. Erin continued to play with the bush on Ava’s mound, teasing her, but refusing to give the brunette what she wanted most.

Ava was writhing from the blonde’s teasing fingers as they slid further down teasing her entrance as Erin encouraged her, “Beg.”

Ava whimpered, she didn’t have it in her to do anything, but hang on for the ride. She closed her eyes tightly and pushed toward the fingers playing at her entrance seeking any source of stimulation she could. However, as soon as she moved Erin pulled her fingers away and made a harder nip at Ava’s skin leaving a mark with her mouth.

“Beg or I will stop.” Again Ava whimpered, but she took a deep breath, quietly crying out near Erin’s ear, “Please madam… please…”

“Please what, Ava?” Even in the heat of the moment, Erin’s voice was ice. She was still in complete control, even with a half-naked woman on her lap that was on the verge of orgasm she was completely in charge.

Ava’s voice displayed her bodies desperation for contact when she finally begged of her mistress, “Pl-Please fuck me, madam.”

“Gladly, my girl.” With that Erin push two fingers into sopping wet heat and allowed her thumb to find the blonde’s clit, brushing it very lightly, teasing it for a moment, before beginning to circle it.

Ava pulled herself impossibly closer to her mistress attempting to keep herself from kissing without permission. Every muscle inside her contracted when Erin’s fingers began to move inside. Pushing in and out slowly accompanied by well-timed swipes of her thumb around and around her clit. Each movement bringing her closer and closer to that precious peak.

Ava found words again to beg for what else she really needed in breathless haste, “Oh god, please, fuck, uh, spank me, please.”

Erin knew what the woman wanted before the words left Ava’s tongue. She raised her hand that was on the brunette’s rear and brought it down in sharp SWAT! She added this to the rhythm that she had set. Swatting, pushing, circling. Each and every move sending waves of pleasure through the woman on her lap, building her higher and higher. Her hips were now frantically bucking on her mistress’s filling fingers. She couldn’t get enough.

Ava was in heaven. She was so close. So very close. She gripped tighter as she felt the beginning waves of what was going to be a strong orgasm. “May I cum. PLEASE!” Her lower belly was impossibly tight with pleasure waiting to be released. She was holding back with every ounce of will inside of her until the moment her mistress said those few words. Looking up she met the woman’s blue eyes and looked deeply into them, silently begging.


With that one word, Ava stopped fighting. Every muscle in her body tensed as wave after wave of pleasure flooded through her body. Thinking and moving ceased. All she could focus on was the sensation that was centered on that one little point between her legs which Erin was still rubbing. She held onto Erin as tightly as she could as the woman continued to rub circles on her clit drawing the orgasm out for as long as she could.

Too soon Ava collapsed forward, breathing labored and sporadic, she rested against her Misstress and jerkily came down from her high. She moaned in disapproval as Erin slowly pulled her fingers from inside her body. However, she was grateful to feel arms wrapped around her giving her a secure hug.

Erin gently kissed Ava’s slightly damp forehead, “You did so good, sweetie. You are a very good girl.”

“Thank you, madam. That was… that was wonderful.”

“You are very welcome, lovey. You needed that.”

Ava blushed deeply and hid against the woman that meant so much to her. She loved her dearly as a friend, mentor and dominate. And maybe in another life, they would have been more, but she was grateful for what they were. There was no way Ava was going to make it to her session on time, but that was okay. She needed some real recovery time and needed to be held for a while.

Erin gently led Ava to the couch on the other side of the room. The two women snuggled together until Ava’s soft breathing, indicating sleep had taken over, could be heard it the silent room around them.

Scarlet Gardens

Erin looked up from her paperwork when she heard a light knock on her office door and smiled at the sight before her. Leaning against at the door was one of her best mistresses.  Ava’s dark shoulder-length curls, dark brown eyes, bronze skin, and curvy body made her attractive to everyone she met. Ava was dressed for her work day in a ruby red silk corset with a black lace overlay, tight leather skinny jeans paired with knee-high black leather boots. She was quite the picture of sex and dominance.

Almost ten years ago Erin had opened a BDSM club called Scarlet Gardens. Men and women could pay to have a professional Master or Mistress preform different BDSM acts on them. Erin had created a safe place for every person to explore kink and find what they needed. Play was safe, sane and consensual.  Ava had come to work for Erin about eighteen months ago as a mistress. The young mistress had no real experience in BDSM, however, she was curious, so Ava was personally trained by Erin. Through that time Ava had become very close to her boss and eventually became her submissive part-time. Now, Ava was subject to discipline and structure as Erin saw fit. It wasn’t unusual for Ava to pop by for a visit, however, today Erin could tell there was a reason for her visit.

“Come in, come in, my Ava.” Erin welcomed the younger woman.

Ava crossed the room, stood and waited to be signaled on whether to kneel or sit across from her boss. There were times when Erin expected her to kneel as a symbol of submission, however receiving no indication to kneel she stood in front of the woman’s desk, hands gracefully folded behind her back, waiting for the blonde to speak first.

Erin studied Ava. She noticed signs of stress affecting her body, dark circles under her eyes, prominent bones in her face and shoulders and made a note to address that soon. She wouldn’t have her staff members stressing to the point that it affected them physically.

“What can I do today for you my Ava?”

Ava stumbled over her words, “Well, miss, I uhm…”

Ava’s voice trailed off when she saw Erin’s delicate eyebrow raise and felt her own shoulders tense ever so slightly. Clear communication was one of Erin’s pet projects or rather pet peeves for however obvious reasons. When dealing with BDSM on a daily basis it was important to have good communication skills.

Erin set aside the work she was doing, leaned back in her chair, her sky blue eyes boring holes into Ava, “Talk to me, young lady.”

With the way, Ava was acting Erin had a brief thought in the back of her mind that Ava had something to confess about putting herself in danger, but pushed that thought away. She knew Ava was responsible and didn’t often put herself in danger. Even though the worried expression she wore concerned Erin greatly. Something was definitely up.

Ava opened her mouth again to find her words were caught in the back of her throat.

Erin sat straighter, voice firm, unmistakably that of a Mistress, threatened, “Ava.”

Ava knew this would be the last warning by the tone Erin was using with her now.

Deep red spread across the brunette’s face as she murmured, “Willyouputmeoveryourkneebeforemynextsessionpleasemadam,” in one long breath.

Erin paused a moment to decipher what Ava said, before she questioned, “Why love?”

Ava stared at the floor in a mixture of feelings between guilt and submission.

“I just need to be centered please, madam.” She felt so needy because she craved some time to submit to her mistress, but at the same time, it was a part of her. It was a battle between needs that she fought every time she found herself in the position of submission.

“Close my door.” Her tone hadn’t been harsh, but it was now unmistakable that Erin was now in charge.

While Ava did as told, Erin picked up the phone, “Sammy, please hold my calls, until I let you know otherwise.” Returning the phone to the receiver Erin returned her full attention to her submissive.

Now in the privacy of Erin’s quiet office, the older Mistress called for her brunette, “Come here, sweetheart.” Erin held out her arms and guided the woman to sit on her lap for a few moments.

“Talk to me, love.” Ava pressed her body into Erin’s seeking comfort.

“I’m just feeling too many things madam, I need to focus.” Erin held her close for a moment more while gently patting her bottom.

“How long do we have love?”

“About 45 minutes to an hour.”

Erin landed a solid smack on the woman’s leather covered backside and whispered “Manners,” in Ava’s ear. The club had certain rules. Respect was one of them. Submissives were expected to address Dominates as madam or something similar and forgetting the rules would surely lead to a punishment.

Ava whimpered out, “Sorry miss,”

She knew Erin could punish a disrespectful girl with the best of them. But at the same time, she felt her middle clench thinking of the other joys Erin was capable of.

Erin took Ava’s waist with her hands and guided her to her feet, “I want you to go pick out at least one implement from my dresser and bring it back to me.” Ava’s stomach flip-flopped as shuffled to the tall ornate carved dresser in the corner of the room, which held Erin’s personal collection of ‘toys’, most of which she had felt at some time or another.

As Ava stared at the dresser her mind was flashing with past experiences she had been a part of in this very room. It wasn’t sure she was ready for the bottom warning she knew she was going to be receiving as she knew it would hurt for many days, but couldn’t risk her next session going badly. Earlier in the day, she had snapped at a client unnecessarily and Ava didn’t want to do that again. She needed to keep a tight control of her actions.

Ava opened the middle drawer, to revile a wide array of spanking implements, ranging from gentle to harsh. Instantly, she was drawn to Erin’s antique hairbrush. The brush was an oval shape with a dark mahogany finish, that had boar bristles that had never been used for brushing hair, that shined smooth with the many years uses on naughty bottoms. Picking it up, the brunette brought it back kneeling at the feet of her dominate and offered up the instrument.

Running her fingers through the younger woman’s hair, Erin spoke to her girl tenderly, praising her, “Good girl.”

Erin reflected on Ava’s choice. Erin couldn’t count how many times she had spanked Ava with this particular brush. Dozens upon dozens of time in her first year as a Mistress. There was something comforting about familiarity. It told more about what Ava was in need of than any other world the younger woman could say.

“Let’s get you over my lap where you belong.”

Ava stood as taught, and stared at the floor while Erin wiggled her tight jeans down to rest at her knees revealing a red thong snug around her hips. Ava then allowed herself to be led expertly across Erin’s right knee with her head and legs both dangling towards the floor. She suddenly felt safe, relaxed and calmer. She could feel Erin’s secure thighs supporting her, body warmth offering a sort of comfort, and a practiced arm that anchoring her body around the waist.

Erin didn’t waste any time in raising her hand and began to warm Ava’s bottom up. Each swat built a slow-burning heat that started out as just a tingle, but quickly began to grow into a deeper warmth.  It didn’t matter how many times Ava found herself in this position she always was shocked at how much Erin’s hand hurt even during a warm-up.

Quickly, Ava’s bottom was wiggling from side to side and her skin blushing pink as she started gasping with a few well-placed swats. Erin increased the strength and pace of the smacks she was raining down on Ava’s bottom. Each swat was sounding quietly in the room around them and leaving its own impression on plump cheeks. Ava could feel the stress leaving her body with every swat.

Stopping she gently rubbed circles on Ava’s cheeks helping dissipate some of the sting and noticed the warmth emitting from them, “It’s time for the brush, love. Are you ready?” Leaning down Erin picked up the brush and rested the cool wood against warms cheeks.

Ava managed to whisper out a quiet understanding.

That was all it took for Erin to wrap an arm around her tighter, swinging the brush down across her right cheek in a sharp *SWAT!* moments after the swat landed a red oval that appeared.

The swat caused Ava to gasp out in surprise and jerk out of position a bit as the heat traveled deep into her muscle.

Erin raised the brush and repeated another stroke on the other cheek, creating an almost identical mark.

She did this again and again as the heat grew hotter and hotter in Ava’s cheeks and sit spots. Ava was withering uncontrollably at this point, the only thing keeping her in place was Erin’s arm around her waist.

“Okay, Ava we are almost done. You are doing so good. 5 more.”

Ava groaned at that number. Her bum couldn’t possibly take anymore!

Erin tightened her hold once more and placed the first full force swat on the center of her bottom. CRACK! Ava howled loudly before going limp across her Mistresses knees.

The next swat cam on her right cheek CRACK! Ava now just laid there allowed the tears to stream down her cheeks. Her bottom not feeling like it might actually break into pieces. However, that wasn’t important to Erin.

The next swat landed on her left cheek CRACK! A deep fire spread through her cheek as she continued to cry out all her feelings over her Mistress’s knee.

Ava didn’t have it in her to fight like she wanted to when she felt her hips being raised as Erin pushed her into the air with her knee. She knew what that meant. Two last scorchers on her sit spots, however, nothing could prepare her for the intense pain she felt when the first CRACK! landed on the right side.

There was nothing left to do, but lay there sob and accept the last CRACK! of her spanking.

As soon as the last swat feel Ava felt Erin’s gentle palm soothing her very hot bottom.

Eventually, after Ava regained some composer Erin gently asked her, “You ready for a cuddle, lovey?”

Ava just nodded as Erin helped her up and guided the woman into her arms.

Ava curled herself into Erin’s lap, pressing her body into her Mistress once again as the last tears streaked down her tan cheeks.

They talked for several long minutes about the things that were going on in Ava’s life, while still cuddling close together. They agreed to keep talking and made a plan for Ava to keep her stress levels under control. Erin gently pecked Ava’s forehead before leaning in to ask her a quiet question