Beach Day

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If you want to see where this couple started read here.


Sarah and Alex woke up early to have a full day in the sun on the local beach. The couple loaded the SUV with lounge chairs, towels, extra clothes and a cooler containing snacks and drinks. Sarah was driving while Alex sat by her side holding her hand over the center console as they both listen to a recent audiobook that Sarah bought.

Alex’s glanced, what has you grinning like that?” Alex questioned her wife in a husky voice.

Sarah turned to look at her wife briefly, and explained, “This. Us. I’m just happy. You know?”

Alex did indeed know. Instead of answering her she reached over and kissed her wife’s cheek then went back to looking out the window. The couple had been married for awhile now and had finally settled into their relationship.

Arriving at the beach the couple took a walk down and found a spot about 100 yards away from anyone else. Both women folded out their lounge chairs, spreading out the beach towels onto the hot sand. Sarah pulled out a book to read and Alex retrieved her tablet, also reading undoubtedly something naughty, she had a strong affection for lesbian erotica.

However, Alex soon began shifting her position in the chair, tapping her fingers repeatedly and absently flipped back and forth between pages of her book, looking at Sarah she pleaded, “Come on baby go swimming with me. Please!”

“Let me get finished with this page and I will.”

Alex pushed her lip out in a pout but not 30 seconds later she whined out, “Are you not done yet?”

“No, little one just one moment.”

Deciding she had waited long enough Alex huffed off towards the water swaying her hips more than entirely necessary hoping to catch Sarah’s attention.  Alex’s antics did work Sarah as immediately lost interest in the book and sprung up from her chair and chased the woman to the edge of the shore.

Five feet into the water Sarah picked up Alex and sending them both under the water. When they came up both were spluttering water and Sarah was mentally asking herself why she didn’t want to get into the water a lot sooner seeing the curve of her wife’s firm breast and hard nipples in a wet bikini was enough for her to want to go get the closest hotel room. They swam side by side away from the shore far enough that if anyone happened by they wouldn’t be heard.

“Come here, you.” Sarah ordered the redhead in a silky tone.

Alex couldn’t get to her fast enough, wrapping arms and legs, around her wife and claimed her lips, tongues exploring, battling for dominance.

Hands wandered underwater as they made out like teenagers, again. Sarah cupped Alex’s deliciously peachy bottom and felt the shiver of arousal that her touch sent through Alex. The redhead’s hand wandered down firm toned shoulders, strong back and snuck her hands around the front of her waist and finally teased her lover’s bikini covered core. Breaking apart for breath both women knew they needed to cool it before they stepped over the line that was okay for a public beach. Sharing one slightly more chaste kiss they separated and swam back to the beach splashing and teasing along the way.

Sarah and Alex had a full morning at the beach so they decided to head to lunch.


Just as Sarah and Alex reached the door of a local seafood restaurant, Sarah realized she had forgotten her reading glasses in the car, “Hey, baby, why don’t you get us a table while I go get my glass and order us some fruity drink.”

Alex pecked Sarah’s cheek, “Sure thing, hot stuff.” The name made Sarah roll her eyes.

For the life of her, Sarah couldn’t find her glasses anywhere in the bags from the beach, mutter to herself she figured, “Maybe Alex stuck them in the glove box.”

As soon as Sarah popped open the glove box, she didn’t find her glasses, but immediately noticed a pink folded piece of paper. Reaching for it she unfolded it and felt her heart drop as she read. There was actually two tickets. The first was for no seat belt and the second was a warning for going 13 miles over the speed limit. Sarah then noticed that they were issued almost six weeks ago meaning she had been being lied to for that amount of time. Sarah had to take several deep breaths and counted to 30 to keep herself from going into the restaurant and dragging her brat out by her ear.

Sarah pocketed the two pink slips and went to go have lunch with her wife. Upon seeing Sarah, Alex stood up from their table and kissed her wife again. Alex noticed Sarah, eyebrows were pinched together and was more distant than she was just minutes before.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Did I do something?”

Sarah didn’t even look at her wife before answering in a cold tone, “We will talk later.”  Alex felt a tingle in her bottom at Sarah’s words.

They both ordered and picked at their food. Each woman had suddenly lost their appetite for completely different reasons. Sarah worried about Alex’s safety and Alex found herself racking her mind for anything that might get her into trouble. While she had been a little bratty earlier she hadn’t done anything to warrant serious correction. Honestly, when wasn’t she a brat?

Sarah paid the check and followed her wife to the car. Getting into the driver’s seat, Alex instantly tried to ask what she had done wrong. “Alex, please I am upset right now we are going home and we will discuss the situation.”

Sarah pulled onto the highway while Alex stared out the window, trying to contain her rapidly falling tears.

Sighing, unable to ignore her wife’s tears, Sarah found the first available private parking lot, at an abandoned mall. Driving to a more secluded corner she placed the car in park. She got out, opened the passenger side door helping her wife out of the seat. Then brought them both into the backseat, pulling her wife to sit on her lap and burying her face in her neck.

“I’m sorry Alex for talking to you like that. Can you please forgive me? I should have just told you why I was upset.” Alex nodded slightly, crying in relief from some of the hurt feelings she had.

“Will you tell me now what made you mad?” Sarah pulled Alex impossibly closer, pulling the tickets out of her front pocket then silently handed them to her wife.

Alex felt the bottom drop out of her stomach and the sudden desire to run away.

“What do you have to say for yourself, my girl?”

Voice shaking, Alex addressed the papers in her hand, “Ma’am, I promise… it… it’s not what you think.”

Sarah felt her own eyebrow raise at her wife, “What could it possibly be then?”

However, Alex didn’t say anything else just hid into her wife, which confirmed Sarah’s suspicion that it was exactly as Sarah had thought. Her brat was late to work and got careless.

“We should wait until we are home to continue this conversation. Okay, love?”

Alex nodded in agreement.  She needed some time to think about what was bound to happen later.

“I love you so much, honey. You mean the world to me. I want you to try to think about all of that while on the way home.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Sarah kissed Alex’s forehead and nuzzled her neck. A few moments later, Sarah helped her wife out of the back seat and into the front seat, buckling her into place. Once again whispering an, I love you which Alex returned.

The ride home was tense with music from the radio filling the silence, but clinging to the others hands for support. Arriving home Sarah quietly ordered, “Go inside, shower, put on some PJs and wait in the corner. I’ll unload the car for us.” Sarah watched Alex unlock the front door and close it behind her.

Sarah laid her head on the steering wheel and felt tears overwhelm her. She loved Alex with everything in her being but was currently at a loss as to handle this situation. They had been in a DD relationship for several months before they had married. She reached for her cell phone and dialed the only number she knew could help her figure everything out. Alex knew and was perfectly okay with talking to Carolina about their relationship as she was close friends with Elaine, Carolina’s bottom and often talked about her feelings with the woman. Carolina was the woman who introduced Sarah into the lifestyle so many years ago and remained a close friend and still a mentor.

Dialing the number Sarah waited for the older woman to answer the phone she heard a deep, “Hello.”

At the sound of Carolina’s voice, she cried harder, but managed a chocked, “Carolina.”

“Sarah, are you there? Are you okay?” Carolina heard mumbling through the end of the phone and someone crying. “Okay, little one, breathe for me. Take a deep breath.”

Sarah did as told and after a few minutes Carolina tried to talk to hear again, “What has you crying like this?”

Sarah told her friend the entire story from spending the morning at the beach, finding the ticket, to now Alex waiting for her inside.

“Please, Carolina, you have to help me. I don’t know what to do.”

“Of course I will, little one. I’m right here.”

They continued their conversation until Sarah felt comfortable with a plan of action. They furthermore agreed to meet later in the week and spend some time together.

Sarah unloaded the car then went to find Alex. Entering their bedroom she was relieved to find Alex where she had sent her earlier in the corner with wet hair. Going to their closet she retrieved the wooden hairbrush and Lexan paddle placing them on the bed.

“Come over here, please.” Alex did as she was told. Both could see the other had been crying by their eye red swollen eyes.

Alex sat on the bed beside her wife wincing at the two implements on the bed.

“I’m so sorry ma’am I -I don’t know what I was thinking!” Alex was desperate to let her know how truly sorry she was.

“I understand, honey. Let’s start with why we are here this afternoon.”

Sarah allowed Alex to explain her actions, “I was running late to work. A-and I was speeding to try to get to work on time. I had dropped my purse and I didn’t want it to spill everywhere so I took my seat belt off to reach down and get it, but then I got pulled over. The cop gave me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt and gave me a break on speeding. He said he understood on the speeding, but it was never okay to take off the seatbelt while the car was moving. I put the ticket and warning into my glove box to deal with later.”

Sarah listened carefully to Alex’s side of the story. Thinking for a few moments Sarah questioned, “What happened after you put it into the glove box?”

“I went to work and sort of forgot about it. We went out that night then I really did forget about it until today when you handed it to me.”

“Okay, so can you tell me what rules you broke?”

“Yes, ma’am. I didn’t keep myself safe. So, I broke that rule.” Sarah nodded in agreement and added,

“What other rule did you break?”

Alex was confused for a moment because she didn’t think she had broken another rule.

“Alex, you broke our communication rule by withholding the truth which is just as bad as lying. If we don’t communicate and tell the truth then our relationship will not work.”

Sarah gently pulled Alex to stand in front of her.

“I love you more than I ever thought possible and I don’t want to live my life without you. So here is what is going to happen. I’m going to put you over my knee and give you a strong dose of the wooden hairbrush for lying to me. Then I’m going to have you bend over the bed for 13 licks with the paddle for speeding. Lastly, you are going to be grounded from driving for two weeks for not wearing a seat belt ” Alex didn’t have it in her to protest instead she just nodded she knew she deserved everything she had coming, but had to resist the urge to reach back and rub her cheeks already.

Sarah pulled down Alex’s pants and panties and guided the smaller woman across her knee. Rubbing her exposed bottom, she brought her hand up to begin warming up Alex’s skin using firm light swats. First swatting all over both cheeks, then sit spots with random swats. Next, she then focused only on one cheek at a time, watching as the pink spread taking heat with it. Just minutes in Alex was already squirming. She knew this would be bad and already regretted speeding and not wearing her seat belt. Pausing to pick up the wooden brush Sarah questioned, “Why are you getting this spanking, young lady?”

Alex stuttered out through gasping breaths, “For lying to you ma’am! Please!”

Sarah encircled her waist more securely tucking the love of her life under her arm, “We are just getting started, honey relax your bottom, please.” Sarah cracked the brush down repeatedly, on each cheek and sit spot in turn, visiting each place a dozen times, quickly causing the woman to burst into tears and her kicking to increase uncontrollably. Sarah struggled to hold her wife in place while finishing this part of her spanking with ten swats to her upper thighs.

Sarah set the brush aside and begun to sooth the feisty redhead until she could sit up, “We are almost done, baby. I’ve got you and you are already forgiven. I’m so proud of you for being good.”

Sarah held her on her lap a few moments before telling her, “It’s time to bend over the bed honey, stand up please.” Alex stood on wobbly legs as Sarah brought two pillows to the end of the bed, and stacked them up neatly. Alex was then lovingly guided across the bed with the pillows under her hips bringing her bottom into prime paddling position.

Sarah handed Alex another pillow to hold, ”I want you to try really hard to stay in position while I spank you. I know it will be hard, but the paddle could really hurt your hands if they were accidentally hit. Tell me why you’re getting this spanking please.”

Alex clutched the pillow to her and turned her head to answer, “For speeding ma’am.”

Sarah picked up the paddle gripping it tightly. Taking a moment to rest it against the already red bottom before her. She raised the paddle and brought it down in medium strength. Alex yelped then sobbed through the first swat. A cloud of fire erupted where the paddle had landed on her exposed bottom. Alex didn’t know how she could possibly take twelve more of them. Sarah spread them around trying not to bruise her love. As soon as she landed the thirteenth swat she scooped Alex into her arms and held her in her arms

“I’m so sorry. Sorry.” Alex sobbed while Sarah shushed her and reassured her of her forgiveness and love.  They sat cuddled together until they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Welcome Home

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Sarah looked up when she heard the kitchen door slam shut and welcomed the sight of her slightly disheveled wife. Alex’s normally immaculate red hair was in a bit of disarray, and her usually pale skin was pink and splotchy hiding her usually present dusting of freckles across her nose, which caused Sarah a bit of concern.

Sarah stopped cooking and just watched her wife for a few moments trying to judge her mood, normally when she was slamming doors it wasn’t too great, however, she decided to take the risk and pleasantly asked her, “Hey, love. How was your day?”

Alex turned to the coat rack huffing angrily while removing her suit jacket and depositing her purse in their place, before snapping her attention to her wife, “Just great. Absolutely great!”

Alex could feel her blood boiling from her co-worker’s actions today. Every nerve ending in her body felt ready for a fight. She had held her temper all day, but now she had enough! And Sarah acting like everything was fine pushed her toward her breaking point.

Sarah turned down the food she was cooking and gave her full attention to her wife knowing she was upset and felt a deeper ping of worry in the pit of her stomach about what could have possibly gone wrong today. Voice filled with concern Sarah questioned her wife, “What’s wrong honey?”

“Keith! That – that asshole stole my client and commission from me today! He’s a bastard! Then he had the gall to blame it on me like it was my fault he stole my client!” Alex slammed her hand into the counter as she yelled expressing her anger.

Sarah raised her eyebrow at Alex’s rant, she didn’t mind curse words to an extent, but calling someone names was not okay, nor was yelling, especially at her. Momentarily, Sarah decided letting her wife express her emotions, was the best thing to do, so she let it go and calmly thought about a response as to not add fuel to the fire.

Sarah looked deep into her wife’s eye’s trying to convey, how sincerely she meant what she was going to say, “Well, lovey, it’s not the end of the world. You still have over 30 clients. What he did wasn’t right, but you can’t change that now.”

Alex’s brattiness reared its head when she literally stomped her heel clad foot dramatically and whined, “I know, but it still pisses me the fuck off!” Sarah swore she could see the bottom lip poke out in a pout, again choosing to ignore her cursing momentarily.

Turning back to the stove Sarah began cooking again, keeping her voice calm and sincere she told the redhead, “I know honey and your feelings are valid, however, you cannot change them now. Dinner is almost ready, so why don’t you get changed and set the table while I finish cooking.”

Alex stood staring down Sarah for several long moments before turning and stomping off down the hallway towards their bedroom. Sarah could hear her muttering the whole way down the hall before again Alex slammed the bedroom door closed, resulting in Sarah shaking her head at the woman.


Alex slowly finished changing and sulked back into the kitchen still in a terrible mood. She slammed the cabinet doors getting dishes out, but after the second time Sarah decided she had had enough of that, with her voice stern, but not harsh she advised the woman, “Alex, I know you are mad, but you need to mind the attitude right now young lady before you get yourself into more trouble than you know what to do with. Enough slamming doors.”

Sarah watched at Alex rolled her eyes, huffing, however, said nothing as she continued to stare daggers at her wife with her emerald eyes.

Sarah again attempted to get her wife to calm down, “Alexandra. I’m warning you.” Sarah’s tone of voice was much sterner than it had been even moments earlier causing goose bumps to rise on both of Alex’s arms.

Alex looked at the ground, not daring to look into Sarah’s dark brown eyes, “Yes, ma’am.” She mumbled.

Sarah let out a breathe she was holding. She was glad that Alex had seemingly heeded the warning for now at least. It would be a test if they made it through the rest of the night without any more issues.


They had a nice although a rather quiet dinner. The food was good and Sarah sincerely enjoyed just being in her wife’s presence even if she was still brooding a bit. However, the problem arose when Sarah requested Alex do one of her only chores; the dishes. Any other night it would not have been a problem, however Alex was in a mood to test Sarah’s resolve.

As the two women stood from the table Sarah gently reminded her wife, “Alex, please go ahead and do the dishes, you will be too exhausted later.” Sarah watched as the wheels turned in Alex’s head. A beat later Alex’s emerald eyes narrowed as she sassed to Sarah, “I’ll do it later.” Before she turning to head towards the door of the living room where she had planned on relaxing on the couch until time for bed.

Sighing deeply, Sarah ordered Alex, “Go do it now. I want to spend time with you before bedtime.” Sarah also knew that if she didn’t do it now that it wouldn’t get done tonight and Alex would be rushing in the morning to get it done and either be late to work or she would have to speed to get there on time and neither of those things were acceptable to Sarah.

A long tense beat later Alex deadpanned, “No.” The two women locked eyes, now in the midst of a battle of wills. Sarah took a deep breath and counted to five in her head. Apparently, Alex was in a mood and Sarah had a suspicion that it wasn’t just because of what had happened at work.

Hardening her tone and her heart Sarah began, “You know better than outright disobedience Alexandra Marie I want you to go to our room and wait in the corner for me. I’ll be in there in a few minutes.” Alex gulped at the second use of her full name of tonight but was too far in her own head to do as she was told. Not noticing that Sarah had come around the table until she felt a sharp swat on her bottom, causing a deep sting. Apparently, Sarah thought it would be good to help her along. She also heard the firm order of, “Now.” Close to her ear.


Alex practically ran to their bedroom bottom smarting from the swat and buried her nose in the corner. Why oh why did she have to be so fucking stubborn! Why couldn’t she just tell her wife she needed a spanking instead of earning one? It was embarrassing and slightly uncomfortable, but it had been several weeks since she had been spanked and she could tell. She knew Sarah would have been more than happy to help her, but she also knew she had gotten herself into real trouble this time instead of just asking for what she needed which was a bottom warming.

Well, she didn’t really need a spanking as much as she needed what the spanking provided her. It helped her relieve stress and emotions and also firmly reminded her she didn’t need to be in charge all of the time or have everything under control. It reminded her that no matter what Sarah would catch her if she did make a mistake and that she was truly and purely loved dearly by her wife. While she still occasionally was confused about her feelings about being spanked she knew it made their lives and relationship stronger. They had found a new level of intimacy in spanking for discipline.

Alex was mad and upset with herself for the way she had behaved since getting home from work. Her wife didn’t deserve it and truthfully neither did she. She straightened in the corner when she heard her wife coming down the hall towards their bedroom. She tried to prepare herself for what she knew was to come.


Sarah sat on their bed and studied her wife for a few moments. Alex’s red hair and pale skin pinked easily under a spanking made her want to do very naughty things to her instead of spanking her, however, she looked at this as her duty to her wife and their relationship. It had been almost ten minutes since she was sent to the corner so Sarah decided it was time for her to come out.

Sitting on the edge of the bed Sarah called out for Alex, “Come sit and talk to me, Alex.” The redhead shuffled her way to her brunette wife and knelt in front of her. She didn’t always take this position, only when she truly felt bad about something she did.

Sarah reached a gentle hand up and moved some loose strands of hair behind her ear, “Talk to me love what’s going on, because I believe this tantrum has little to do with work, doesn’t it?”

Alex sat in silence for several minutes and refused to speak. There was nothing really for her to say. Sarah sighed, “Honey if I didn’t know any better I would say you were asking for a spanking with the way you have been acting tonight.” Alex looked further down at the carpet refusing to meet the woman’s eyes, then she felt Sarah’s hand on her cheek bringing her face up to meet her.

As Sarah studied her wife’s face, she watched as a blush spread across her face and ears. Realization suddenly dawned on her. “Oh, I see.”

Sarah should have already known. It had been a while and Alex was a brat at the end of the day. Spanking was something she needed just like the air she breathed. Sarah wanted to kick herself for not realizing sooner. However, this was one of the downfalls of the normalcy of married life, one tended to start missing key things if not careful as the couple slipped into a routine.

It was like Sarah had read Alex’s mind. Alex’s widened eyes snapped to her wife as she sputtered out, “Wh-what do you see?” Before once again studying the floor.

Sarah cupped Alex’s cheek and brought her face back into eye contact once again, “You were asking me to spank you. Weren’t you? However, you just went the difficult route didn’t you?”

Alex nodded her head slightly as tears began to pool in her eyes. She was so ashamed of herself. How could she have done such a thing? Sarah took both of Alex’s hands in hers and asked the woman she loved dearly, “We’ve talked about this before haven’t we?”

Voice wet with tears, Alex answered her quietly, “Yes, ma’am.”

Sarah gently pulled her wife to stand in front of her instead of kneeling before her. Once in place, she looked up at her and questioned, “Why are you about to get this spanking, lovey?”

Alex shifted uncomfortably, in many ways this was the worst part of a spanking: confessing one’s misdeeds, “For acting out when I got home and for not communicating what I needed to you. I’m sorry ma’am that I didn’t tell you it had been too long since I got a spanking and I am sorry for the way I had acted. I should never have treated you that way”

“You are forgiven, lovey. Let’s get this spanking taken care of.”

Sarah reached for the waistband of Alex’s yoga pants, lowering them to her knees before guiding her over her right knee with the bed supporting her wife’s head and upper torso and feet on the ground. Sarah rubbed circles on her wife’s lower back for a moment to settle them both, before she raised her hand and brought it down in a sharp swat to her wife’s partially clothed bottom. She started a rhythmic tempo on her upturned behind from one side to the other warming her up slowly for the real punishment.

When Alex started moving around her lap and could see a blushing pink color around the edge of her pink lacey panties, she knew it was time to step it up. She reached for the waistband and gently pulled them down to the backs of her knees meeting her pants, much to Alex’s protest, which Sarah ignored.

Quickly, Sarah began again slapping steady hard swats all across her wife’s cheeks, sit spots and occasionally her upper thighs. Her skin was quickly turning red and heat was radiating off of her skin but she didn’t stop with the swats, just held her tighter as Alex began to wiggle around more.

Pausing a moment Sarah shook out her hand before redoubling her hold and then began focusing hard swats not only on her sit spots, but a few to her thighs as well, leaving a few handprints were her hand struck. She did this for several long minutes. By now Alex was crying and apologizing to Sarah for her behavior.

Finally, after much uncontrollable kicking and attempting to squirm off her wife’s lap she went limp across Sarah’s knees, giving in to her ministrations. Sarah decided to give her a final round of full force swats to her entire bottom which left both of their ears ringing and Alex’s bottom and thighs on fire.

Trying to calm her wife sobs she gently rubbed her bottom attempting to bring her back slowly. After a few minutes, she started to calm down enough to sit up. She helped her up and pulled her onto her lap bare, red bottom between her thighs, making sure it didn’t touch anything. She held her wife for a while whispering words of forgiveness and love until she noticed she was asleep in her arms.  Alex had buried her face in her wife’s brunette hair that smelled like honeysuckle which she found comforting and had just slipped into peaceful slumber.

She knew that they would talk more tomorrow or even later tonight when her wife woke up. She gently eased her wife onto her pillow and undressed her. Then she undressed and got into bed with the woman she loved dearly and held her close and drifted off to sleep, too.


Early in the day all six women went shopping at a small town nearby to get souvenirs, and to explore. However, Alex, Elaine and Sydney all returned to the house early to surprise their SOs for when they had returned.

When the bottoms left their Tops got a suspicious feeling that the group was up to no good. However, they decided to just let them be and deal with the consequences later. The women had hatched a plan to all get spanked together again, granted everyone had some lingering soreness from the past day or so due to everyone playing hard, but this was a very rare opportunity for bonding through a spanking.

Alex gazed outside and saw the SUV pull into the driveway she turned to her counter parts telling them their women had arrived.

As Sydney stepped out of her shorts told the other women, “I suddenly just got nervous. Are we sure this is a good idea?”

Alex was the first to reassure her, “Yes this is a good idea, it should be fun.”

Elaine nodded in agreement and they finished their preparations just as the door to the house opened.

Carolina was the first to see them and she froze just inside the doorway causing Sarah and Gillian to bump into the back of her.

“Wha-” Gillian began to ask but lost her voice when she saw what Carolina was staring at.

Elaine, Alex and Sydney where laying over the back of the couch, which they had moved to face the door, with their pants off and all wearing matching bikini panties that said, “Please, spank us.” in big sparkly silver letters.

The three women stared for a solid minuet with their mouths open, before Carolina was the first to find her voice and speak, “What do you all think? Should we spank them?”

Gillian and Sarah both nodded, yep they definitely deserved a spanking. Sarah quickly moved behind her brat followed shortly by Carolina and Gillian. From her position she could see on the seat of the couch in front of each woman was a some of each Top’s respective implements.

Sarah rubbed Alex’s raised bottom through her panties while talking to the women beside her, “It would seem that we have been conspired against ladies.” With that simple statement she stopped rubbing and started spanking.

She spanked one raised cheek then the other. Back and forth landing random spanks all over the woman’s bottom. Sarah could hear other sounds of palm meeting other bottoms nearby, but the only one she cared about was her wife’s.

Apparently, Alex was more tender than normal, because it took much fewer swats than normal to make the woman start to react to the spanking. Before her skin was even pink she started to moan and wiggle in pain. Sarah tried to contain a grin, but there was something about watching that little bottom wiggle….

Sarah wasn’t the only one to have problems holding still it would seem. Poor Sydney who had a hard spanking less than two days ago was kicking her feet every time a spank would reach her.

And Elaine seemed to be happily floating through the swats while pushing her bottom up to meet Carolina’s hand every time it fell.

Sarah stopped spanking and started rubbing when Alex’s bottom was finally a healthy pink color and waited for the other women to finish shortly there after.

The three Tops stepped away from the brats and conversed on what to do next. Agreeing all three returned to their partners and picked up similar leather paddles.

Sarah heard a course of groans when the women realized they where going to be feeling the leather paddle. This made her grin though, the little imps had literally asked for this spanking and now where dreading it. Typical.

Sarah was up first she stepped behind Alex and pulled her panties down just below her cheeks keeping everything from view, but bareing her at the same time. She looked at Carolina and Gillian and nodded she was ready for them to do their part.

Gillian and Carolina guided their women up and back away from the couch so they could watch the spanking. This wasn’t what the brats had in mind when they planned this, but that was the beauty of it. Once everyone was in place Sarah announced, “Ten licks, young lady. Five for conspiring against us and five for being downright naughty.” Alex clenched and unclenched her cheeks several times in anticipation of the paddle.

When the woman’s bottom was soft Sarah raised the paddle and brought it down in the center of Alex’s cheeks causing the woman to yelp loudly as a imprint of the paddle appeared in a deeper red. If she would have looked back at Sydney and Elaine she would have noticed twin grimaces, because they knew they were going to face similar fates.

Sarah continued to lay the paddle on her wife’s backside much to the woman’s displeasure. After just three Alex was wiggling uncontrollably. Watching the woman wiggle was quiet the naughty delight of hers. Alex laid a supportive hand on her lower back and quickly peppered the rest of the swats of the paddle onto her cheeks. Alex was voicing her displeasure at the quick sharp swats.

Sarah rubbed the red, punished cheeks for a minuet, before pulling the woman to her feet, and righting her clothing. She led the woman away from the couch and pulled her close into her arms as both the other women where spanked in the same manner.

Alex hid her face in Sarah’s chest as she listened to the other women’s spankings. Elaine took her spanking like a pro, however Sydney didn’t. Gillian stopped after only three with the paddle since she was so sore.

The women cuddled together in the couches in the living room rubbing sore backsides, but basking in the warm comfort of warm skin and loving friends and family.

The women would fly home tomorrow closer than they had been when they arrived.



Gillian woke up to shrieks and giggles somewhere outside of the bedroom and a empty bed. Figuring it was a vacation she tried to fall back to sleep, but a quiet knock at the door disturbed her. She sat up in the bed pulling the blanket to cover herself and answered, “Come in.”

Sarah opened the door and stuck her head in, “You will not believe what our women are doing.”

Gillian groaned and stared at the ceiling for a moment before looking at Sarah again and asked, “I’m sure I’ll regret asking, but what could they have gotten into,” glancing at the clock she added, “at eight in the morning?”

Sarah came fully into the room in just a robe, leaned against the door saying, “Well, it would seem they decided to go skinny dipping in the pool.”

Gillian groaned again and rubbed her face, it was to early to be doing this mess. However, they needed to go ‘bust’ them before someone saw them. Granted, the house was miles away from everyone and the beach was closed to the public, but it wasn’t worth the risk.

“I’ll be in there in a minute. I’m just guessing we are going to go out there and get them.”

Nodding Sarah added, “Yes, Carolina is getting dressed. We can get a game plan when we meet up in the kitchen.”

Gillian nodded and Sarah left allowing her to get up and dressed. After Sarah pulled on a swim suit, shorts and t-shirt she padded out to wait on the other women to get dressed. While waiting she peeked outside and sure enough all three women where skinny dipping. She wondered how old they were. Skinny dipping was something a teenager would do not three grown women.

It wasn’t long before Sarah and Carolina joined her in similar dress. They spoke for a few minutes agreeing on what they would do with their brats. Each woman went to grab a wooden spoon and a towel. Sarah, exited to the deck first followed by Carolina and Gillian.

The three ladies went and sat on separate loungers. Their appearance outside was welcomed with more laughing and shrieks that gave away they had been drinking a little already this morning. This was confirmed by the presence of glasses and a pitcher on a table nearby. Apparently, the group had missed the presence of the spoons.

Sarah spoke for the group in a no-nonsense voice, “Out of the pool, ladies.” This caused the brats to move closer to the side of the pool splashing their Tops with water.

Wiping her face and arms off Carolina was the next to speak, “Get out of the pool now.” She wasn’t really mad, but their definitely a level of naughtiness going on this morning that need to be addressed.

Elaine even after three mimosas that voice did something to her. She quickly got out of the pool and went to stand in front of Carolina, which made her suddenly well aware of her nudity and the presence of the spoon. Carolina noticed the deep blush and handed her a towel to cover up with.

Sarah stood up and moved closer to the pool bending down to create eye contact she ordered, “Alexandra Marie, you have been told to get out twice you will not like it if there is a third time.”

Alex moved to climb out of the pool and was handed a towel also. She wrapped it around her while being lead to the pool loungers. Sydney noticed that Gillian was staring her down to and decided she needed to do as told.

Gillian too handed her girlfriend a towel and watched as she wrapped it around her.

Sarah was the one that began to scold all of the women, “We don’t mind if you all have fun, and we do realize that this is a very private place and no one is likely to see you, but you all three are in a committed relationships, and it may not be the most appropriate thing to her naked in front of other women.” Carolina continued for her, “Also, drinking while swimming is a putting yourselves in danger. So, all three of you get a spanking this morning for your behavior and mostly putting yourself in danger. Do you all understand?”

A chorus of “Yes, ma’ams’.” came from the women three suddenly sober women. Sydney and Alex too had discovered the spoons laying in a handy place next to the woman they where standing in front of and all where aware of what there uses would be.

Now it was Gillian turn to lead, she pulled Sydney to her and over her left knee followed by Carolina and Sarah being pulled into similar positions. When the women were in place across their laps all three towels went up exposing the still slightly damp skin.

Gillian wrapped her right hand around her to help keep Sydney in place since she was not supported like normal by a bed or couch. Gillian didn’t take long before raising her hand bringing it down on Sydney’s right bum cheek, causing a surprised gasp. Having still damp skin made the sting worse! The sounds of repeated slaps where filling the air along with the moans and groans of pain. Gillian kept a unpredictable pattern on Sydney’s cheeks and sit spots until they were red and heated. She stopped and soon after so did Carolina and Sarah. All three women then picked up the spoons having agreed to give them a small dose of it for putting themselves in danger. Gillian leaned down and whispered to Sydney, “You are doing good honey. Just a little more then you are done.”

All at the same time hands were raised and brought crashing down on exposed cheeks. Gillian went back and forth landing a solid dozen swats, before stopping noticing Carolina had also. Apparently, Alex had bucked out of position resulting in Sarah’s stern voice reprimanding her and laying on several more swats. When all the spankings had stopped the now red sore bottoms where covered back up with the towels.

The brats where helped up onto wobbly legs and welcomed into open arms. Sydney was breathing deeply trying to regain some of her composure after the quick, but effective spanking. She was slightly embarrassed by having been spanked in front of everyone. However, Gillian’s words of comfort helped her calm down.

Gillian spoke again to the group after several minutes of cuddle time, “Now, ladies we can have fun let’s just make sure we are behaving along the way. I also think that getting dressed would be a good idea about now.”

Carolina and Sarah both agreed and helped the women up and into the house going their separate ways Sydney grinning at Alex and Elaine both rubbing as they walked then reaching back to rub her own bum.


Gillian sat on the bed and pulled the woman to stand in front of her. She reached for her towel and pulled it away from her body.

Stuttering out in surprise Sydney asked, “Wha- whatcha doing?”

“Enjoying the sight.” This caused Sydney to blush a deep red and try to cover up her breast and mound.

“Oh, now you get all modest. Were you not outside swimming in front of who ever happened to see you naked fifteen minutes ago?” Gillian chuckled and pulled the woman over her lap again.

“Hey! This isn’t fair! No one else is getting spanked!” Gil rubbed the still red cheeks, calming the woman down.

“I didn’t say I was going to spank you, missy.”

Sydney laid over her lap and enjoyed the feeling of the sting being rubbed out of her smarting cheeks and being protected by the woman she loved. To soon however Gillian had righted the woman sending her off with a swat to get dressed.


Bear with me on this one, it just didn’t want to be wrote. 😉 Have a nice night. LT

Carolina, Sarah and Gillian where sitting in the right aisle of the plane with Elaine, Alex and Sydney sitting on the right. Carolina wasn’t sure about the wisdom of this idea knowing the women could get themselves into trouble rather quickly, especially considering they had already ordered drinks and the plane had not even moved yet. The flight was ready packed and there was a baby a few rows back already crying, which normally wouldn’t have bothered her, but this time it did she was ready for a vacation.


When the flight attendant began her preflight safety spill it took Caroling fixing all three woman with a stern glare to make them quieten down and pay attention. As soon as the attendant stopped talking all three where giggling uncontrollably causing people to stare their way. Carolina looked at Sarah and Gillian and warned the two, “If we have to separate those three because of misbehavior you both are going to spanked when we get to the house. It was your idea to let those three sit next to each other.”

Carolina snickered as she watched both of them squirm where they sat and threw glares across the aisle.


Alex was so bored being on a plane for hours even with her friends. Looking at the little packs of peanuts Alex had a sudden idea. Spilling some into her hand she elbowed the other two motioning for them to watch what she was about to do. They both watched as Alex took several peanuts into her other hand and tossed them across the aisle where the Tops where seated. Around of giggles ensued shorty after. Then all three brats watched as a stunned expression crossed their faces and then turned to look at them only to be met with a barrage of more peanuts to the face.

Carolina jumped up from her seat on the aisle, gently taking Elaine’s upper arm and marching her to the back of the plane where the bathrooms where located. She pushed the woman to enter the empty bathroom and followed in behind her. The bathroom was so small the two women where almost nose to nose.

Taking a moment to calm herself she promised the woman, “If you misbehave one more time before this plane lands young lady you will be getting a hard spanking to start our vacation off when we get to the house.” This seemed to sober her up and tingling to start in her backside.

“It is not acceptable for you to throw things at any time. Furthermore, you are the oldest, and most experienced out of all of you. You need to be an example for Sydney and Alex.” Carolina studied the woman seeing if she understood what she was telling her. Elaine had suddenly become much more interested in the wall behind Carolina’s head than looking at her causing her to gently cup her cheek bringing her eyes back into contact.

Elaine had butterflies in her stomach knowing she was skating on thin ice, not wanting to get another spanking on top of a sore bottom so she mumbled, “Yes, ma’am, I am sorry.”

“You are forgiven, honey. Don’t let it happen again.” Carolina pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead, before both of them jumped when someone pounded on the door for both of them to come out. Surely, with the amount of time they had been in there, they hadn’t had time to join the mile high club.


The two women made their way back to their seats noticing that Sarah and Alex where sitting on one side and Gillian and Sydney where on the other leaving both aisle seats empty. Alex and Sydney both were looking well chastised and subdued. Carolina guided Elaine to sit next to Gillian while she sat with Sarah.

The rest of the flight was quiet with the Alex, Sydney and Elaine having been separated. Carolina just wished that she could have sat by Elaine and cuddled with her after their short trip to the bathroom. She had noticed that the woman was more quiet than usual and hoped it wasn’t because of that.

Thankfully,  it wasn’t long before the buckle seatbelt light came back on and they had a smooth landing. The group slowly made their way off the plane and into the busy humid airport. Carolina pulled Elaine close and enter lacing their fingers as the couple made their way to baggage claim. This caused Elaine to give the taller woman a shy smile, looking up at her through lashes.



Arriving at the house Sydney and Alex jumped out of the SUV and made a mad dash for the white sandy beach just a few hundred yards away. Sarah started to yell at them to come back, but it was decided that it would be better to just let them go and unload everything themselves.

Carolina was the natural leader of the group making sure everything was unloaded and put away in the appropriate rooms.  The house was gorgeous, just what you would expect to find at beach side; a myriad of huge windows with light pouring in, high ceilings, and cool colors, all making it feel even more open. The three bedrooms where overlooking views of the beach or ocean. The center of each bedroom held a king size bed, in the corner where sitting chairs, a dresser and TV with a door to the deck or porch. Accompanying each room was an equally as grand bathroom with garden tubs and showers that had all the lights and buttons imaginable. The kitchen, dining room, living room where all as equally beautiful. However, the backyard was what caught everyone’s attention; it had a huge deck with pool in the middle and to one side where lounge chairs were lined and the other a hot tub. There where sure to be hours spent out there.


When the Tops plus Elaine had settled into the rooms and changed, Sarah and Gillian decided to go find their wife and girlfriend respectfully. Their play for an escape was interrupted by a stern, “Freeze, ladies.”

Both of them did freeze with their stomach dropping and both pivoted to look at Carolina who had a playful smile on her face. Both remembered at the same time her promised swats if they had to separate the brats. She motioned with one finger for them to come to her which they did out of respect alone.

Taking a moment to look at Elaine she told the woman, “Why don’t you go wait for me in our room, sweet heart I will be there soon.” Elaine bit her lip trying to decide what to do on one hand she didn’t want to miss whatever was about to happen and the other was not wanting trouble. The decision was mad for her when Carolina cleared her voice and pointed towards their room.


Watching the back of Elaine leave she enjoyed the sight before remembering that Sarah and Gillian where still standing there. Turning back to the two nervous ladies she simply told them, “I believe I owe you to something.”

Quietly, Sarah answered, “Yes, ma’am.” and Gillian didn’t answer she was still a little shocked.

Deciding it might be best to deal with Sarah first she placed her foot up on the coffee table tugged Sarah over her knee holding her there with left arm. Carolina raised her hand and brought it down a dozen times on her upturned backside. The swats where not hard, but Sarah definitely noticed the sting it had created. Before she knew what had happened she was once again up right and Carolina was hugging the woman.

Pulling back she looked into Sarah’s dark brown eyes to make sure she was okay before sending her out to find Alex. When the back door closed with Sarah departure Carolina turned to a still scared looking Gillian and soothingly told her, “You can say no. I am not your top or really anything, you can say no and we will both go on about our day.”


Gillian stood there for a moment and in silence studying Carolina, she knew Elaine trusted the woman with her life and Elaine was her top for all purposes so she decided to nod her head and step a little closer to her. Besides it was just a handful of swats not a real spanking.

“I would normally require verbal answers right now, but I think that isn’t in you right now. Say red if you want this to stop okay?”

A very quiet, “Yes, ma’am.” was heard before Gillian to found herself dangling over Carolina raised leg. Gillian felt her strong hand resting on her bottom and waited for the swats to start. They did unexpectedly, landing all over her cheeks some very hard and others not. As soon as it had started it was over. She found herself standing back in front of Carolina out of  breath from what just happened. Not that it hurt bad, no more than Elaine could do with a few swats, but the surprise of being handled like a child.

She too was drawn into a quick hug with Carolina, and could hear the woman say, “You did good, honey.” Gillian drew away from her and asked permission to go find Sydney, causing Carolina to chuckle and tell her she could go on.

Shaking her head Carolina watched as Gillian trotted off to find her girlfriend. Thinking of girlfriend made her think of her own, Elaine who was sure to be on pins and needles by now.


Carolina found Elaine lying in the middle of the bed in a sexy silky number that made her mouth go dry. Any thoughts of sun bathing or swimming where completely gone. She gave Elaine a hard look meaning not to move while she shrugged out of the rest of her clothing and went to her bag to get some toys. Yes they had plans for the evening that didn’t include the beach….


Few thoughts,

I don’t claim to know everything about TTWD or DD so I wanted to add this disclaimer, because I know that this situation is unlikely to happen in a actual long term switch relationship. I know you don’t ‘tattle’ without a very good reason. Saying this, these are just stories, sometimes inspired by real life. As always comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Hope you all enjoy, LT.


Alex walked into her master bedroom to check on her wife. Sarah had been sick for almost three days. Setting down the mug of hot tea she had brought her onto the bedside table, Alex sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the covers back to look at her wife. Sarah’s long brunette hair was out of control and dirty, nose red and raw, and her skin was paler than normal. Alex leaned over her wife kissed her forehead and knew she still had a fever however  knew better than to ask to check her temp knowing it would just make her mad.

“Honey, I brought you some hot tea.” Slowly, Sarah sat up and gave the woman a grateful smile. However, the smile turned into a pained expression when she started sneezing mixed with a few coughs.

Handing her sick wife tissues she waited until she was done sneezing before suggesting, “I think you should go to the doctor, you’ve been sick for several days. I know you hate it, but you need some medication.” Alex had been telling her this for two solid days.

Whining much like Alex usually did Sarah told her, “I don’t like the doctor.” Trying to contain her giggles caused by the oddly familiar tone she got out, “I know, honey. I know you don’t like doctors, but you are sick.”

Replacing the mug on the bed side table Sarah sunk back down into the bed assuring her she would be fine.

“I don’t think you will be, please, just go to the doctor for me.”

“No.” Sarah rolled over facing away from her wife.

Slightly hurt at her wife’s coldness she went into the other room to give her wife a moment. Realizing that it was almost time to head back to work from her long lunch she made a tough decision.

Entering back into the bedroom she went and knelt by the side of the bed looking at her wife’s resting face. Gently brushing hair away from her eyes she quietly asked her, “Have you changed your mind about going to the doctor? I could call and ask off and could take you.”

Sarah ignored her hoping she would go away.

“Please, look at me baby.”

Sarah opened her eye blinking slowly at her wife.

“I  think you need to go to the doctor. I am worried about you. If you don’t agree I will call Carolina and see if she can talk since into you.”

Sarah closed her eyes and once again rolled over facing away from Alex.  Sighing sadly, Alex stood and told her once again she was going to call Carolina. Hearing nothing in response she went to the kitchen and sat at their bar.

Picking up her phone she dialed Carolina’s office number.


Carolina was slightly confused to be getting a call from Alex in the middle of a work day.

“Hi, Carolina.” The older woman picked up on the stress in the woman’s voice.

Getting to the point she asked, “What’s wrong, Alex?”

“Well, you know I would never call you if it wasn’t necessary, but I kind of need your help.” This meant it must have something to do with Sarah.

“With what, doll?”

Apparently, Alex hesitated to long, because she heard her ask again.

“Never mind, I shouldn’t have called you. Have a good day.”

Even more confused, Carolina told Alex in her Toppy voice she had perfected over the years, “Why don’t you just tell me and I can decide what I should or shouldn’t do.”

Shivering at the stern, caring tone the entire story came pouring out of Alex’s mouth before she could think better of it. After discussing it with Carolina the woman agreed Carolina would go to check on Sarah and get her to the doctor if deemed necessary.

“Thank you, Carolina for helping us.”

“Anytime, honey. You know you did the right thing I will take care of Sarah.”

Hanging up the phone she let Sarah know she was going back to work and that Carolina would be there in about twenty minutes.


Carolina pushed the key into the lock of Sarah and Alex’s door. Entering the house she called out to let Sarah know that it was just her. She then went directly into the master bedroom Carolina found just what she was expecting, a petulant Sarah.

Standing beside her bed she placed her hands on her hips and looked down at the woman firmly asking where the thermometer was. Reluctantly, she pointed to the bathroom not having the energy to fight her.

Returning with the thermometer, she sat at on the bed and ordered her to open her mouth.

While they waited for it Sarah pouted until Carolina told her, “Just be glad I didn’t take it another way, young lady. I’ve been know to do that with sick petulant brats.” This caused Sarah’s eyes to widen and her attitude to momentarily get better.

When the thermometer beeped Carolina read out, “103.2. Young lady you are going to the doctor today.” When she began to argue, Carolina interrupted her with a quick, “You know better than to argue with me.”

However, that didn’t stop her from trying, “I don’t need to go to the doctor I will be fine in a few days.”

Not bothering to respond she pulled the woman over her knee making sure she could breathe knowing she was stuffy and began to warm the seat of her pants. A few dozen swats later she stopped and asked, “Are you done arguing with me?”

“I didn’t do anything I don’t need to go to the doctor!” She half screamed while kicking her feet.

Carolina knew this wasn’t the level headed and of sound mind Sarah refusing to go to the doctor. This was the full brat mode Sarah that honestly needed a little warming as much as she needed the doctor. If she had really objected to going the doctor in a non-brat way Carolina would have backed off and had a conversation with her as adults.

“Apparently not then. You will be going to the doctor today, however how sore you are when you get there is another thing.” She raised her hand and began spanking again not much harder hating to spank the woman when she was sick, but needing to get her point across and snap her out of this.

About three minutes later Sarah relented agreeing to go to the doctor, wanting the spanking to stop.

However this time it wasn’t up to Sarah. Carolina told her, “A little more I think, to remind you to behave while at the doctor.”

Tipping her forward she slapped her sit spots a dozen times to make her think later.

After the spanking ended Carolina helped the woman up and cuddled her for a few moments.

“I want you to go take a quick shower and get ready to leave in 30 minutes. Do you think you will need help?”

Nodding slowly, Sarah felt color rise in her face knowing there was no way she would be getting ready by herself. She barely had the energy to go to walk to the bathroom by herself.

“Okay, come-on.”

Carolina helped the woman stand and walked her into the bathroom. Leaving the woman sitting on the toilet and the water warming in the shower, Carolina went to collect clean clothes to put on after her shower.

Slowly, the two got Sarah into the shower and clean, hair washed and then out and dried. Only a few warning swats needed along the way.

“I hate taking you out with wet hair, but we don’t have time to blow dry it. Lets just leave it in the towel until we get there and then you can put it up.”

Sarah started to offer to stay home until she saw the raised eyebrow and decided to keep quiet.

Both woman made their way out to Carolina’s car and rode in silence Sarah with a smarting backside.

“You know I don’t get into your marriage unless there is a serious problem. But I feel like you need to talk to Alex about why you couldn’t accept her help today.”

Sarah just nodded and thought about that while looking out the window. To soon they arrived and Carolina handed the woman a hair clip.

“I still don’t want to go in there.”

“Do we need to have a quick chat in the back seat?”

“No ma’am.”

The doctor entered the exam room surprised to find Sarah not with her wife, but another woman. 

“Hello ladies. How’s it going today?”

Expecting Sarah to answer she sat silently passively looking at her phone. When she didn’t she put the phone aside and told the doctor for her, “This one is rather sick. Sneezing, coughing and has a fever. She has been sick for several days now. Nice to meet you doc I’m Carolina a friend of Sarah’s and Alex’s. Sarah asked me to come with her today.”

Once the introductions where done the doctor got down to business asking all of the standard questions, getting all of her vitals, the doctor began her exam.


“Well, Sarah, it looks like you have strep-throat and a sinus infection. You should have come in 2 days ago. I’m going to give you a shot and prescribe an antibiotic.”

“Do I have to have the shot?” Carolina gave the sick woman a serious look warning her to do as the doctor suggested.

“Well, I can’t force you to get one, but I think it will make you feel better sooner.”

Deciding to all together Carolina she told her doctor, “I don’t want it.” Sarah once again sounded almost like a child. Nope just in full blown brat mode.

Carolina entered the conversation quickly not liking how it was going, “Doctor could you give us about ten minutes?”

Nodding the doctor left the women alone in the room. Once the doctor had shut the door Carolina went and hauled the woman off the exam table leading her to the only open corner resisting the urge to pull her across her knee.

Letting her think for a few minutes she asked Sarah in a quiet voice, “Now are you going to behave and take the shot or do I need to promise you a spanking with the hairbrush later?”

“No I don’t want it. They hurt to much.”

Laughing silently at Sarah’s logic of shots hurting, yet knowing they weren’t anything compared to a spanking.

“Okay then when I get you home you will be feeling my hairbrush. I want you to keep that nose in the corner.”

Waiting about five more minutes Carolina finally asked again if she would take the shot and she agreed.

“That’s my good girl come here.”

Carolina moved to sit on the table and Sarah sat beside her. Carolina allowed her to lean in hugging her close.

If the doctor found it strange that Sarah was cuddling with a woman besides her wife she wisely didn’t mention it when she returned.

“We will take the shot doctor.”

Sarah took the shot mostly like a good girl while Carolina held her. The women, prescription in hand headed to Sarah’s and Alex’s house.
Currently Sarah was in the bedroom putting on a night gown getting ready to lay down for a nap the shot was already starting to make her drowsy.  She was dreading the upcoming spanking she knew was coming. Why was she so stubborn?

Knocking on the bedroom door she waited for a ‘come in’ not wanting to expose Sarah unnecessarily again today.

Sarah was sitting on the bed when Carolina joined her. In her hand she held a wooden backed hairbrush which she put aside. Honestly, neither one was looking forward to what was next. Carolina helped Sarah stand before her and asked her wanting to get this done, “Why are you about to get this spanking?”

“I refused to do what was best for my health even after several warnings.”

“Correct, I care for you deeply, your health and well being are very important to me.”

“Over you go.”

Once in position over Carolina’s lap Sarah felt her nightgown being raised to expose already pink naked cheeks. Sarah had tears already silently streaming down her face as she buried her head into the blanket.

Carolina quickly began to warm her up knowing it wouldn’t take long because of the earlier spanking. She was sure to keep a close eye on her breathing not wanting her to get chocked or more out of breath than was safe. A couple minutes passed with the sound of skin meeting skin repeatedly.

Once she was ready, Carolina picked up the brush resting it on heated flesh in warning. Carolina wrapped a arm around her waist to help keep Sarah in place on her lap.  Raising it she began to paddle her quickly knowing it wouldn’t take much to get Sarah to the appropriate place. Bottom sufficiently red and Sarah sobbing she stopped and began to comfort her with words and gentle touches.

It didn’t take long for Sarah to be fall asleep between the spanking and the shot she got earlier. Hopefully, when she woke the wives would discuss what had happened today and the past several days.

Carolina tucked the woman in and went to greet Alex who had just arrived home. She told her what the doctor said and made sure to give her the script mentioning she might need to check on her wife.

3 a.m.

Sarah wasn’t sure what woke her up, but she looked at her beside clock reading 3:23 groaned at the time and shut her eyes realizing it was still the wee hours of the morning, and cuddled further into her pillow to try to go back to sleep. Moments later she realized she was feeling movement behind her worried that her wife was having a nightmare Sarah rolled over to wake her, however what she found woke her up instantly and made her have a ache in her lower belly.
Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat she found her voice, “What do you think you are doing?” Alex froze the movements between her legs, eyes widened at being caught, trying hard to look sufficiently guilty instead of jumping her wife that moment.
Cheekily, Alex looked at her and answered, “What do think I was doing?” Sarah snaked her hand across the bed caressing her wife’s nude body. Dark eyes met lighter ones in the darkness of their bedroom. Sarah followed the lithe arm down to the juncture of Alex’s legs where her wife’s hand still was.  Sarah molded her hand around her wife’s then squeezed gently.
“I think you where touching yourself without permission.”
Moving closer to Sarah, Alex reached out returning some of the gentle caresses, “I might have been. What you gonna do about it?” Alex’s voice was pure velvet caused by her arousal.
Sarah’s body twitched with the seductive question, “I’m going to punish you.” Plump lips leaned over to nip at the other woman’s body while Alex husked out, “Mmmm, how are you going to punish me…. ma’am?” Alex pulled the woman who was over the top of her closer returning a few nips of her own. Both of the woman’s bodies were on fire, aching for a release only the other could provide and the ache increased with Sarah’s next whispered statement.
“I’m going to spank you.” Alex gasped at the whispered words of her lover.
Reluctantly, Sarah moved away from her wife and sat up in the middle of their bed. She reached over and flipped on her bedside lamp casting a soft warm light through the room reviling the head and shoulders of her flushed wife. Sarah then threw the blanket off both of them exposing the smaller woman’s naked body a sight which she drank up.
“Come here naughty girl.” She helped Alex sit up then crawl across her lap.
Rubbing hands along her back, ass and thighs she leaned close to her ear and asked in a voice just above a whisper, “Why are you about to get this spanking, naughty girl?”
Moaning at the whispered words, hips thrust, exposing her more delicate parts before she answered, “I was touching myself without permission, ma’am.”
A heady smell of arousal came from both women filling the air. Momentarily stopping the caresses Sarah brought her hand back and dropped a swat on the woman’s upturned backside saying, “Correct darling, now show me you can be a good girl and take your spanking.”
Sarah started a slow soft pace every half a dozen swats or so she would stop to rub some of the sting out then continue the rhythm. After several times of this pattern Alex began to rise to meet the swats and her pleasure was becoming more apparent by the noises she was making. Once her skin was a nice soft pink color, Sarah started rubbing thighs and backs of legs asking for access. Granting it, she spread her legs wider, thrust her hips up and pressed her head into the sheets.
A knowing hand teased the inside of her thigh before a whimpered plea came from the other woman. Sarah moved her hand to tease the pleasure point of her wife for a moment, noticing she was getting closer to the edge she backed off, telling her, “Not yet miss naughty.”
Rubbing her pinkened skin she started a harder slightly faster tempo again broken up by more loving caresses. Once she noticed her wife trembling on her lap she snaked her hand underneath her body to tease her again while continuing her spanking.
“Oh, more… please, harder.” Alex begged her wife which was muffled by the bed.
Sarah did as was asked spanking harder and strumming faster. She felt her wife begin to tense slowing the spanking while speeding up  her fingers between her legs.
“God, so close… please.” Stopping the spanking all together Sarah used one hand between her legs and the other rubbed soothing circles along her back and side.
Alex’s body tensed then shook with her release, causing wetness to flood Sarah’s hand.
“Too much….” Alex mumbled moving away from the fingers still working between her legs.
Alex panted erratically while lying in place.
Looking over her shoulder Alex told her wife, “I promise to never behave again if it leads to this.”
Laughing, landing another swat and called her a little tease.
Alex slithered slowly down the bed to return the favor. Sarah lay back guiding the head between her legs with a hand in her hair and shut her eyes surrendering to the pleasure.
Hours later well spent and pleased Sarah looked at her wife and asked, “You know I would never spank you or ever actually be mad or upset at you for touching yourself right?”
Giving Sarah a funny look Alex answered, “Of course honey. I know we just play that way. And if you didn’t notice I quiet enjoy playing that way.”
Alex laid her head on Sarah’s bare chest enjoying the feeling of being close to the love of her life. Noticing her wife had become silent she looked into her eyes and asked, “Where did that come from?”
“I just. Well. I just didn’t want you to think that I would ever be mad at that. I don’t control you. I am gifted the honor of guiding and disciplining you which you consent to and can stop at anytime.”
“I know, honey.” Sarah circled her arms around Alex pulling the woman closer before whispering, “I love you.”
“I love you, too.”


Hiya all, so we are back with Sarah and Alex. Alex can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble 😉 But, I have a question for all of you: would you all be opposed to one of these lovely ladies getting a ‘good girl’ spanking. I may not write one, but I do know there are some people out there that are spanking purest, that don’t like their spankings and pleasure mixed. (Why? Who knows?) So, if you have a second drop your thoughts on that!

Hope you get (or give) a wonderful spanking today!

Sarah was in her office going through the mail and working on this month’s bills. She was shocked when she opened the credit card bill and there was a charge on there for over $300. She checked again to make sure there wasn’t some mistake. Indeed, there was a charge to some online store for that amount. Getting up she went to the door and called for her red head to come in there.

Alex entered the office and could see worry all over Sarah’s face while she was studying a piece of paper she assumed was a bill, “Yes, honey?”

Handing it over she asked, “Do you know anything about this? Your card isn’t missing is it?” Sarah worried that it had been stolen and someone was using it. If that was the case it needed to be canceled immediately.  Sarah leaned back in her chair to study her wife.

Studying the paper for a moment Sarah felt cold shivers down her spine when she realized what it was Sarah was worried about. Trying to buy as much time as she could Alex studied the paper for a few minutes longer then handed it back.

“So, do you know anything about that charge or do we need to call the credit card company?” Refusing to look at Sarah instead finding the rug interesting she whispered, “Yes, I know something about it.”

Sarah was relieved that the card had not been stolen, yet upset that her wife would spend that amount of money on something without checking in with her first.

Going around her desk to sit beside her wife she told the woman, “So tell me what you know.”

Picking up a pen that was on the desk to fiddle with she began, “Well, see I found this neat site online that sold shoes for really cheap and they even shipped for free! So I figured I would order a pair… cause I love shoes and all…. Well I kind of ordered more than one pair and I charged it to the credit card.”

Taking away the pen from her hands and replacing it on the desk she gently turned her face with a hand to the cheek to look at her. “So how many pairs of shoes did you actually buy, Alexandra? And when did you buy them?”

Knowing her wife wouldn’t like the answer especially since she was already calling her by her given name; briefly she considered lying to her, but knew that would only make it worse.

“Well… I bought six pairs of shoes about two weeks ago…. ma’am.”

“Why didn’t you just ask me if you could buy them? I more than likely wouldn’t have said no. But you know we agreed to discuss purchases over a $100 that wasn’t necessary.”

Alex knew that was the truth it had been her idea. When the couple had first got married the couple was flat broke and had to have a strict budget. Alex struggled with emotional shopping and had to keep herself in check.

“I know ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“I know you are Alex, but we also need to discuss our communication. This is the second time recently you have withheld information from me which as you know I see as lying. Are you scared of me?”

Alex’s eyes widened at Sarah’s question. She could never be truly scared of her. A healthy respect for her hand and hairbrush, yes, but never scared of her.

“NO! I could never be scared of you! Even though we’ve been doing this for several years it is sometimes still hard to remember what to do and not do, ya know?”

Sarah was relieved once again that her wife was not scared of her, but at the same time wished she would just talk to her more.

“I’m glad you aren’t scared of me, but you can tell me anything at any time and we will get through it.  I think that we should work on this some so with your agreement I would like for both of us to start a daily journal to each other. And over time if we feel like we can slow down we will do that. What do you think?”

Thinking about the idea Alex agreed maybe it would help them both be more open.

“Okay, little lady, I think it’s time you head to the bedroom and find a corner for that nose of yours. I’ll be there shortly to see you.”

Reluctantly, Alex headed to their bedroom keeping her bottom out of the line of fire.


Sarah allowed Alex to think in the corner for about ten minutes before calling her to stand in front of her where she was seated on the bed.

“Alright, so tell me why we are here please.”

Fidgeting in place wanting desperately to just get this over with she recited, “I broke our spending rule ma’am and then didn’t tell you which is just as bad as lying.”

Pulling her closer so she was standing between her legs Sarah told her wife, “Very good. I wish you would have told me then you would be just getting a hand spanking if anything, but now you are getting a hand spanking for the spending and a paddling for keeping it from me. Go get the small wooden paddle, please.”

Alex mopped to the dresser where all of their toys and implements where and pulled out the dreaded wooden paddle. It was a little bigger than a ping pong paddle that left a deep sting for days if used properly. Alex handed the paddle to her top and leaned over her knees.

Words where not needed at this point both knew why they were here so Sarah started to warm Alex’s bottom over her pants and panties. Thoroughly warmed up Sarah quietly ordered the other woman to ‘lift’ so she could pull her pants and panties down. Bottom now bare Sarah decided she needed to be warmed up a little more not liking the lack of pink. Shifting Alex’s hips closer to her body she once again raised her hand and brought it down creating a unpredictable pace.

Alex held on to the comforter for dear life knowing the real part of her spanking hadn’t even started yet. Finally, Alex’s bottom and thighs where a rosy pink color. Sarah paused a moment to shake her hand out and give Alex a breather. She brought her hand down harder this time beginning the punishing spanks. She spanked back and forth between cheeks and thighs until the entire area was red and Alex was issuing apologies and pleads for it to end.

Picking up the up the paddle Sarah assured, “We are almost done, just 20 with the paddle and I will make them fast. Do you want me to hold your hand?” Alex couldn’t find words so she reached back with her hand and Sarah held it for her.

She did make those 20 licks quick with quick hard strokes spread across both cheeks and a few to the upper thighs which by the end Alex was limp sobbing across her lap.

Setting down the paddle Sarah began rubbing soothing circles on her back and hand which she was still holding. Alex hadn’t realized they were done yet. She helped the smaller woman up and held her close making sure her bottom wasn’t touching thighs or anything else and gently rocked the woman until she calmed down.


Sarah rushed through the house looking for her shoes. She had court today and was trying to make sure she looked professional. Sarah was a social worker at the local hospital. Her main job was to represent and support those that didn’t have anyone else such as abandoned kids and dying seniors. At times she could feel herself ageing and new worry wrinkles adding to her face daily. Other times though she couldn’t imagine anything more rewarding than seeing a family finally adopt a child.

Alex met her wife and handed her the shoes she had been searching for. Sarah slipped them on and thanked her wife.

“So, will you be picking me up from work tonight?” Kissing her wife Sarah answered her,”No, I’m sorry honey; I’m going to see Carolina so I might be late.” Alex was still grounded from driving, because of her ticket so she had been being carpooling to work with a friend and picked up from work by Sarah. She also knew what going to see Carolina in the middle of the week unplanned meant.

“Okay, that’s fine I was going to tell you I had to stay late and get some work done anyway.”

Sarah pulled her suit jacket on and grabbed her purse and files.

“Oh, okay love. Try not to work too late.” She opened the front door and turned to kiss her wife bye again.

“Love you, see ya later alligator.” Throwing a wink over her shoulder at her wife hearing her reply with the classic, “Love you too! After while crocodile,” with a wink back, Alex watched her wife leave for work.


Sarah was glad to step out of the hospital after the chaotic day she had. She went from court, to the hospital, to a home visit, and then back to the hospital. She was glad that she was going to go see Carolina she would get her back on track with stress and sleep which she had had too much of and too little of respectively.
She hoped in the beginning of their relationship that eventually Alex might fill that role in her life, but they both realized quickly Alex wasn’t a switch in any shape, fashion or form, but they were okay with Carolina helping out when needed.

On the drive over to Carolina and Elaine’s home she could feel the stress on her shoulders and the tension head ache that seemed to be a semi-permanent part of her life. She also, thought about the desire she had been having that hadn’t in several years. Sarah gripped the steering wheel focusing on getting from point A to point B.

Sarah pulled into an familiar driveway. She had been here many times. In fact, before Alex she had practically lived here for a time. She parked her car not bothering to grab her things, but making sure they were hidden in the back seat. She didn’t even bother with her cell knowing it would have been confiscated as soon as she crossed the threshold. Carolina and Elaine still have a home phone which Alex had the number for in case of emergencies.

As she raised her hand to knock on the front door it swung open scaring her half to death, causing her to emit a high pitch yelp. Carolina practically dragged Sarah over the threshold and into a hug allowing Sarah to melt into the caring embrace. She always knew what Sarah needed. Holding on for a second longer before pulling back she whimpered a simple, “Lina.”  And a simple, “Sarah.” in greeting was returned in greeting.

Carolina offered her hand to the tall, tanned woman which she accepted. Carolina lead the woman through her house and into her kitchen. She had her sit on a bar stool and went to made her a snack almost like a mother would do if her child who just came home from school. While she ate the snack,Sarah realized with a frown she had skipped lunch today.  Sitting beside her friend Carolina gently asked, “How have you been? No offense, but you look like hell.” Sarah grimaced at that knowing she must look really bad if Carolina was bringing it up. Not able to meet her eyes, finding the counter top more interesting she began, “It’s been rough at work the other social worker had family leave so I’m handling almost everything on my own. And you know about Alex.”

“Have you been having any cravings?” Sarah was embarrassed by the gentle, but firm question. Many years ago when the two women met she had a slight alcohol problem. Maybe slight would be an understatement, but with support and firm guidance sometimes in the fashion of a session over her knee she had got sober and stayed sober since. She occasionally need a reminder to stay on the straight and narrow, but indeed owed her sobriety if not life to this woman beside her.

Feeling heat rise in her cheeks and the gaze of piecing blue eyes she admitted she had with a quiet, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Tell me. Full disclosure now, please.” Sarah leaned into the woman needing physical contact at the moment, “After work mostly I’ve wanted to stop by some of my old bars. I try to stay focused on other things. I’ve been having problems sleeping so I just lay there and try not to get out of the bed and go to a liquor store.”

“So did you?” Confusion crossed the younger woman’s face before Carolina continued, “Get out of bed and go to a liquor store?” Her tone held no judgment just concern.

“I-I no…. no. I did get up one night. I started getting dress to go, but realized what I was doing and stopped.” Carolina’s eyebrow had raised in Toppy fashion with that little confession and Sarah hoped that it wasn’t enough to get her a punishment spanking.

“I’m proud that you didn’t go through with it, but I’m slightly disappointed that you didn’t ask for help. You know Alex is always here for you and you know Elaine and I are too. We’ve had this conversation before; even if it’s the middle of the night you can always call. And being that is was the middle of the night do we need to talk about your self-care habits of late?” Sarah slouched further into her seat and feeling well chastised already.

“If you think so ma’am.” Sarah fiddled with her glass silently wishing there was a place she could go and hide from this conversation.

Carolina studied the tired looking woman before deciding, “We won’t today, to give you time to think about it, but I want an answer soon, okay?” Sarah was relieved to not have to confess anything else to Carolina for today at least.

Trying to divert attention from herself she questioned, “So where is Elaine?”

“She was going to the book store, then to find a formal dress for this charity thing next month, then to the supermarket for groceries. She figured we could use a few moments of privacy. Nice attempt in changing the subject though.” Carolina gave her a grin and rolled her eyes.

Elaine didn’t always leave them alone in the house when they needed to have a conversation it was only when Carolina sensed Sarah really needed privacy.
Carolina rubbed soothing circles on the other woman back before gently telling her, “I think it’s time for us to continue this conversation upstairs, darling. Go ahead and get changed and I’ll be there soon.” Reluctantly, she did as told climbing the stairs to the guest room she knew to wait in. Sarah went to the dresser and pulled out some PJs and went into the bathroom to change.

Carolina cleaned up after Sarah’s snack then followed the other woman about 15 minutes later giving her enough time to change and try to get into the correct mindset. Closing the door behind her she found Sarah curled in the middle of the bed waiting on her. Without make up, or her tailored suit which enhanced her muscles, and her perfect work hair Carolina found the younger woman even more beautiful.

Carolina sat in the armless chair she had drug to the middle of the room and motioned for Sarah to come and stand in front of her.

Sarah, slightly aggravated she drug herself off the bed and stood in front of her Top.
She was fidgeting from foot to foot and playing with the hem of her shirt refusing to even look in Carolina’s direction.

“Are you ready to talk about why we are here?” More silence on Sarah’s part so Carolina knew that was an apparent no.
Standing up, Carolina gently took a hold of her elbow and while delivering easy swats to her bottom she walked her to the closest corner and left her with a warning to not move.

She stood with her nose still in the corner fidgeting uncontrollably wanting to rub her bottom even though it wasn’t really hurting; however she knew better than to do that. Rubbing wasn’t allowed in the corner. On her way back to the chair she picked up a wooden hairbrush and a leather paddle.

Fifteen minutes later Carolina broke the silence with, “Are you ready to have a conversation with me now, young lady?” The more experienced woman could see the change in her posture alone. Sarah nodded her head up and down, yes she was ready.

“Verbal answers please.”

In a shaky voice so unlike Sarah, “Yes, ma’am. I’m ready to talk.”

Carolina was relieved she had finally shed her ‘Top’ coat, “Come stand in front of me please.”
Sarah shuffled across the room and stood at the appointed spot. Her nerves where trying to get the better of her right now.

Looking up to her dark eye she questioned her, “So tell me why you are about to get this spanking.” Carolina held Sarah’s hands in hers while she listened to her explanation, “We were on the phone the other day and you had gently suggested it might be time for a session and I well I agreed reluctantly. You then informed me that wasn’t how this worked between us so I asked if I could come see you this week.”

Nodding while studying the younger woman to try to make sure this is what she needed, “Why did we both feel it necessary to have this time?”

“I haven’t been handling my life to well and I needed some stress relief. I also needed a reminder to behave.” Quietly admitting her short comings was hard. It was also very hard to be this vulnerable and exposed.

“That is correct. What is your safe word my darling?”

“Ice.” Sarah said without hesitation.

Nodding, Carolina guided Sarah across her left knee. She settled her forcing the woman to hold herself up with her palms flat on the floor. The Top didn’t like a bottom’s head not being supported, but surprisingly Sarah was not known for staying in position while being disciplined and since she was taller it made it even worse. So she elected this position. Rubbing her bottom gently to get her used to touch. The last thing she said to her was, “I want you to relax and let go.” She brought her hand back and slapped one cheek then the other creating an unpredictable pattern. She heard a surprised gasp from Sarah with the first swat telling her it had been to long since she had been in this position. Carolina focused on warming her up over her pants while trying not to send the woman into subspace. After several minutes of warming her up she reached for her waist band bring her pants down and off. Then reached down and grabbed the hairbrush from the floor. Hooking her legs over the backs of Sarah’s and encircled her waist tighter. Carolina gave a quiet order for her to bring her hand back so it could be held out of the way. Sarah hesitated to long and suddenly felt several very hard spanks to her bare thighs making her bring her hand back quickly.

“Try to let go honey.” Carolina could still feel the tension radiating from the younger woman’s body that had little to do with the spanking. Resting the back of the hairbrush on the pink panty covered bottom before her gave her a moment to prepare for the next part of her spanking. Raising it high she brought it down in a medium hard smack to shock the woman out of her head. From the first swat Sarah was trying to crawl off her lap. Thankfully, Carolina had many years of experience wrangling her wife to keep her in place. Each random swat was accompanied with a new yelp or sequel. It wasn’t many before she felt Sarah’s body tighten in a show of escape. Pausing she knew what Sarah was trying to do.

Sarah had many spankings worse than this one and had experienced worse pain than she was now. She didn’t want Carolina to see her weakness so she went into a faraway land until she felt her panties being whisked down to her knees and the spanking start anew.

Carolina was spanking hard watching for any sings she needed to stop. Sarah was still stoic across her knee only a occasional whimper would escape. However, she knew she was still feeling the punishing swats because she was moving around and attempting to kick. Her cheeks went from pink to a deep red. Slowing down she knew it was time for a different tactic. Stopping the spanking she released her legs and wrist, not letting her up. Allow her to catch her breath a moment she rubbed some of the sting out and comforted her by placing an hand on her back rubbing gentle circles.

“Sarah, I want you stand up.”

Carolina helped her stand gently she ordered her to bend and grab her ankles. Stepping out of her panties she did as told getting into position. Carolina swapped her hairbrush for the leather paddle. Stepping behind the bent over woman she stated while resting the paddle, “I want you to listen to me very carefully. It is not okay to shut people out. People need people. You need people. Especially those that love you. Count please.”


“One!” Sarah did a little dance, but remained in position. That had been quiet a hard swat that made her bottom hurt terribly.

“You are not at fault for the world problems nor are you responsible for fixing them.”


“Twwooo. Owwie not so hard!” Sarah gripped her ankles tighter she was struggling to maintain position and any sense of decorum.

“I want you to remember how hard you worked to get sober and stay that way going back is not an option now or ten years from now.”

Slap! This swat landed on the top of the thighs. A strangled, “Three” escaped Sarah. That was all it took for her to collapse into a heap on the floor and the dam to break. Carolina dropped the paddle and held the woman close while she released her stress. She whispered comfort and reassurances to the upset woman. Sarah finally calmed down enough to hear what Carolina was murmuring into her ear, “I’m proud you did well. Shhh it’s over. It’s over.”

Finally, Sarah composed herself enough to whisper, “Thank you.”

“Anytime honey. Seriously we are here.”

Sarah suddenly realized she was nude from the waist down and suddenly covered her privates. Carolina couldn’t help but laugh her actions.

“You do realize I have seen it all already right?” Sarah blushed crimson and nodded trying not to laugh herself.

“I’m going to go so you can get dressed. Please put the implements back in the closet. Then come down and we can talk more.”


Carolina went down stairs to see if her wife was home yet. Seeing her dancing to music in their kitchen while putting away the groceries she snuck up behind her. Elaine shrieked when she felt arms wrap around her waist and lock in front of her. They greeted each other with a kiss and smile.

While the two women where still embraced Elaine asked, “Hi, how was your day?”

“It was good. Sarah should be down soon. How was yours?”

“It was good. Is everything okay?”

Looking into her partner’s forest green eyes she assured, “They will be.”

Releasing each other they continued to put the groceries up.

Sarah quietly made her way down the stairs rubbing her bottom through her clothes gently.

Elaine saw the other woman coming to the kitchen and went to give her a hug.

“Hey you. I’ve missed you.” She told her wisely ignoring the rubbing.

“I’ve missed you too. I’ve been avoiding everyone, sorry.”

“It’s fine honey I would imagine Lina spoke to you about that.” She winked at the younger woman.

“Elaine.” Carolina warned while she also shot her a stern look telling her to leave it alone.

“Uh, well uh yeah.” Sarah said reaching back to rub again.

Changing the subject, Sarah continued, “I need to get home to Alex. So, I’m going to get out of here.” Carolina agreed knowing the brunette needed comfort only Alex could provide. Elaine and Sarah hugged each other good-bye while Carolina walked her to the door.

“How are you doing?”

“I’m okay. Thank you for everything.”

“You sure? Not to sore to drive home?” Carolina studied her making sure she was being truthful.

“No ma’am.” Sarah hugged the other woman one more time. Carolina reminded her to be careful on the way home and to text her after she arrived safely at home.


Sarah felt much lighter on the drive home she couldn’t wait to see and hold Alex and quiet likely do a little more than hold. Though sitting hurt quite a bit she relished the feeling of the soreness.

Sarah walked into her house to find Alex curled up on the coach asleep. She walked over to her wife and placed gentle butterfly kisses all over her face and neck. Alex slowly opened her eyes smiling at the gentle kisses. “Hey, honey.” Alex whispered in a sleep filled voice.

“Hi.” Sarah climbed onto the couch straddling Alex’s hips. “Oh, hi. I take it you had a good session.”  Sarah hovered over her wife staring into her eyes. “Indeed. But, I don’t want to talk about that right now.” “Oh, you don’t?” Sarah grinned and shook her head at the woman. “Well, what do you want to do?” Kissing her again, “Oh, I can think of a thing or two.”

It wasn’t long before the couple made their way to their bed room and enjoyed the lighter feeling Sarah had.