Now what?

What is another word for shocked?

My heart had stopped seeing your name.

Your pull was instantaneous but action was not.

I just stared at what was before me until I couldn’t breathe.

What should I do?

Of course, I knew.

But it was like slow motion as I waited and waited.

Hope and despair all at once flooded the air.

Finally, there was no more silence but what did that mean?

I stumbled through words like a child learning to talk.

Hoping that I could say the right words that would bring you to talk.

More than once doubting myself.

Not only my doubts but others too.

Many told tales that I was choosing the wrong fate.

But sweet girl it seems it was a fate I was meant for.

Chasing ghost and shadows is in my blood.

Just don’t make me chase you anymore.

There are only so many ways these poems can end.

Together they would make quite a fairytale.