Happy Birthday

Morgan looked at the clock. 12:01 am. Time to commence with her plan. Sneaking quietly to the sleeping woman’s bedside, moving aside the dark locks, splayed across the pillow, she took the bottle of lukewarm chocolate sauce and dripped a few drops on her milky neck. The woman barely stirred, so leaning down carefully, Morgan slowly started to suckle the chocolate off her skin.

Quickly, CC’s breathing changed indicating that the chocolate sauce and suckling had indeed done its intended purpose. Looking up Morgan spotted gray eyes watching as she continued to lick and suck for a moment longer.

Morgan’s voice broke the quiet with a whispered secret, “Good morning, birthday girl.” The two shared a happy grin for a moment, both glad to be able to spend this special day together.

Finally, breaking her surprised silence, CC huskily told the woman who was still hovering close, “That was a very nice way to wake up.”

“Wasn’t a bad way to wake you up. Happy birthday, sweetie!” Morgan smiled again at the woman and moved to sit next to her instead of continuing to lean over her.

Turning over to look at Morgan, CC asked in a sleepy voice, “So what is this about you waking me up in the middle of the night?”

Giggling a bit, Morgan told the sleepy woman, “Well, I owe you a spanking and I figured you would want to get that over with!” CC’s eyes widened at this news and she quickly sat up.

“A-a spanking, whatever for?”

“Your birthday spanking of course!”

Morgan watched at a light blush crossed the woman’s face with this news, however when Morgan held out her hand to the woman she gladly took it and quickly found herself facedown over the Tops knees.

Morgan enjoyed the feeling of CC resting comfortably over her lap… it felt so right and the view wasn’t half bad either.

“I believe the custom is a swat for every year and one to grow on, but for you it will be one to grow on and one because you are a brat and one because you are my favorite brat and one be-“

CC wriggled, just so, as she protested, “HEY! I have been good and it is my birthday after all, I want to be able to sit!”

Laughing, Morgan had to agree, “Well, I guess maybe not then!” so slipping down the woman’s pj’s Morgan started gentle spanks to CC’s pert bottom, *SWAT* “One.” *SWAT* “TWO.” *SWAT* “Three.” Morgan took a moment to gently run her fingers up and down ticklish bare thighs making the woman squirm, and giggle.

Before long Morgan continued the gentle spanks, watching as her skin just blush pink, *SWAT* “Four.” *SWAT* “Five.” *SWAT* “Six.” Again Morgan took a moment and rubbed soothing circles onto the woman’s behind not wanting to actually cause any pain.

Raising her right palm again Morgan continued. *SWAT* “Seven.” *SWAT* “Eight.” *SWAT* “Nine.” *SWAT* “Ten.” *SWAT* “Eleven.” *SWAT* “Twelve.”

Morgan paused again, but this time leaning down to place a gentle kiss on the back of the brat’s neck, murmuring in her ear. “Are you enjoying your birthday spanking, sweet heart?”

Sighing deeply the woman nodded and whispered out, “Yes, very much.”

Morgan smiled and continued spanking her, now just a bit harder, sense her bottom was warming nicely, *SWAT* “Thirteen.” *SWAT* “Fourteen.” *SWAT* “Fifteen.” *SWAT* “Sixteen.” *SWAT* “Seventeen.”

Each connection of palm and bottom spread the heat from CC’s backside to other more delicate places that was begging to be attended to.

Morgan noticed at this point CC was arching her backside up to meet hand, so she continued spanking, speeding up the swats so the woman wouldn’t explode out of desperation, *SWAT* “Eighteen.” *SWAT* “Nineteen.” *SWAT* “Twenty.” *SWAT* “Twenty-One.”

Now, both women were breathless and CC reached back to hold. Hold whatever part of Morgan she could reach. Morgan obliged and interlaced their fingers together at the small of the woman’s back.

*SWAT* “Twenty-Two.” *Swat* “Twenty-Three.” *SWAT* “Twenty-Four.” *SWAT* “Twenty-Five.” *SWAT* “Twenty-Six.”

Taking a moment, again to rub the woman’s bottom, she told her, “The last two are always zingers.”

This information caused CC to gasp in shock, but before she could utter a word, Morgan planted the last two firm swats, that echoed in the room, on the woman sit spots, *SWAT* “Twenty-Seven.” *SWAT!* “And one to be bratty on.”

Morgan allowed the woman to relax over her lap for several moments breath rapid and hard as Morgan soothed circles wherever she could reach.

“I have chocolate ice cream and cake in the kitchen if you want some.”

CC shakily stood up, and told the woman, “That’s not what I want,” her voice deeper now with arousal.

Leaning down it was now CC’s turn to lead the dance between the two women. CC pressed a tender kiss on Morgan’s lips and moved to straddle her lap, kicking pants off in the process. The women fell back and with hands roaming and lips never separating.

They didn’t make it to the kitchen until the next morning for a breakfast of chocolate ice cream.

But I’ll leave the rest of that story up to your imagination.

Ice cream Afternoon

Hey my fellow spankos, 

New people for you, hope you all enjoy. 🙂 Will be posting something a little different later today so make sure to stick around and see that. 


CC and Morgan sat across from each other at the kitchen counter both eating bowls of ice cream after a long day. CC’s brow crinkled as she studied each bite of chocolaty goodness. Morgan didn’t like the serious look her partner in crime had so she scooped up a little bit of whipped cream and flicked it across the counter at her, watching it land on her arm. CC looked up and gave a grin before slowly leaning down, and slowly licking it off her skin while looking at Morgan in the eyes. Morgan raised a brow and brought her finger to her mouth, sucking the rest of the whip cream off not breaking the eye contact. CC gave a wry smile and scooped up a bit of ice cream and dropped the spoon full directly onto the back of Morgan’s hand that was still resting on the counter


CC’s giggles caused her black locks to move with her amusement, “Uh huh.”

Shortly ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream were coving a good portion of the kitchen and both ladies, as squeals of delight filled the air.

Neither woman heard the door to the apartment open, however they did hear when Andi stren voice broke through the laughter, “What tha-,” but she stopped short upon realizing just how big the mess was.

CC and Morgan quickly sobered up a bit and turned, eyes wide, to find their roommate standing there with a hard look on her face, hands placed on her hips.  Andi’s normally pain, freckled face was turning a deep pink.

When Andi found her voice again she evenly told both brats, “You two will be cleaning this up then you will be getting a spanking for having a food fight of all things!”

“Yes ma’am, yes miss.” Was echoed simultaneously back to Andi.

“Get to cleaning you two. You have 30 minutes. Then I want you both to shower.”

Thirty minutes went quickly as the two brats cleaned every surface of the kitchen covered in stickiness. Morgan couldn’t help giving CC a playful swat, causing her to gasp out loud, as she was bent over cleaning chocolate sauce off the floor. However, with a sharp look from Andi sent her quickly back to work. Dang. Andi wasn’t happy.


Andi stared at Morgan and CC who were standing very close, now clean and in PJs, with the back of their hands brushing, both with hair still wet from their shower.

“Who would like to explain what you two were doing when I came home?”

Both women stood there in silence, not wanting to be the first to speak.

Andi stared them down with her hazel eyes. Deciding nothing was forth coming she choose for the two brats, “CC, you first.”

CC voice held a little sass as she told her, “We were eating ice cream, miss.”

Morgan closed her eyes and moved away from CC just a bit. That wasn’t a good answer. Andi crossed the room to CC.


After several swift swats CC finally found the words to describe what happened when Andi had been out. After listening to the muddled story Andi told both brats, “You to that corner.” Pointing at Morgan and a nearby corner and then did the same to CC. When both brats were situated in the separate corners Andi issued her next order, “Pants and panties down ladies.”

Groans were heard but both did as bid and exposed their backsides to the Top’s eyes.

Andi could be heard leaving the room then coming back soon and sitting down on the couch.

“CC, you are up first, dear.”

CC hobbled across the room and stood in front of Andi.

“Do you know why we are here?”

“Yes, miss. We had a food fight in the kitchen and made a huge mess.”

“Correct, little girl. Over my knee.”

In short order, CC was pulled over the taller woman’s thighs, allowing her to rest her head on the couch and feet on the floor. Helping CC position herself, Andi didn’t waste time, bringing her hand down with the first of many swats watching as her skin changed color, quickly heating up. CC started squirming quickly. The heat in her bottom was matched by the heat in other places. By the time thirty swats had landed CC was crying out. Andi held her tighter and spanked harder so that each swat was landing with an echoing POP. By now the milky white skin was no more and was replaced by a deep pink and her legs were moving around in a chaotic pattern. Deciding she had had almost had enough Andi placed a final ten really hard swats at the base of the woman’s backside,on her sit spots before stopping and rubbing some of the sting away before helping her up and giving her a gentle hug, telling her she did good. She led the woman back to the corner though, telling her they were not quiet done yet and to not rub.

Morgan stood in the corner listening to CC’s spanking. It was torture. In many ways she wanted to beg Andi to stop spanking her and in other’s she wished she could turn around and watch the scene unfolding behind her. However, at the same time Morgan knew that soon she would be meeting the same fate which caused her bottom to clench in anticipation.

After she returned to the couch minus CC, Andi called, “Morgan, it is your turn.”

Morgan’s stomach dropped at she scurried as best as she could to stand at the appointed spot.

“You know why you are about to get your backside lite up?”

“Yes ma’am for the mess we made.”

Nodding, as no other words were needed, Morgan soon found herself facedown over Andi’s lap. Knowing it was coming Morgan immediately offered her hand up. She wasn’t known for keeping still. Andi took it, pinning it to the smaller of her back and began to set Morgan’s backside on fire. Quickly, her bottom turned warm from the repeated slapping of both cheeks and sit spots. Andi was teaching her a lesson she wouldn’t soon forget! By the time fifty swats landed Morgan’s skin was a deep pink and she was yelping out with every swat that arrived which was echoed by the loud POP each caused. Andi decided she had almost had enough and raised the woman’s bottom exposing her sit spots more and landing ten hard swats there making her collapse on the couch. Andi, helped the woman up, after rubbing some of the sting away, gave her a gentle hug and led her back to the corner.

Little did Morgan know, but CC had been having some of the same thoughts while standing in the corner that Morgan did. She wanted it to stop. But she wanted to watch too. And man was she tempted to reach back and rub her flaming backside.



Andi looked at both women in the corner, bare red backsides on display, time to finish this she thought, “Okay, both of you over here, side by side grab your ankles please.” Morgan and CC both soon found themselves bare backside in the air, shivering, staring at the dark colored carpet.

Andi pickup us her leather paddle and tapped it on one pink bottom then the other, “Okay, one good swat each and then we need to get to bed.”

Stepping up behind Morgan first Andi told her, “Stay in position,” before bringing back the paddle and planting a first hard lick in the center of her backside. Morgan moaned and kept a tight grip on her ankles as the pain exploded deep in her muscles. Then she felt Andi’s gentle hand soothing some of the sting out.

Next, Andi stepped up behind CC. “Same thing, stay in position.” Placing a hand on her lower back Andi brought the paddle back and landed it back firm stroke in the center of her round bottom. “OWIE!” CC yelped loudly, when the pain registered, however she too kept a hold on her ankles as Andi did the same for her, rubbing some of the sting out of her skin and muscles.

“Okay you two can stand up.”

Morgan and CC stood and Andi quickly engulfed them both in a big hug giving them reassurances that they were forgiven and loved.


It wasn’t long before Andi tucked both women into bed placing a kiss on each of their foreheads. CC and Morgan cuddled together placing butterfly kisses on each other’s face before drifting off to sleep with warm backsides and light hearts.