The Trouble with Trouble – Part Three

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I could feel Ma’am’s eyes on my back as I harshly chopped up tomatoes. Kerry had followed me into the kitchen a while after I had marched off. I didn’t have to look to know what she was doing as she stood there. I could vividly picture her arms crossed across her chest, left ankle crossed over the right, shoulder leaning against the kitchen door frame. Her eyebrows would be pinched together and lips in a thin line.

I tried hard to focus on my chopping, ignoring my fluttering stomach and racing thoughts, as I heard Kerry stride closer to me. “Let me help you cook. It’ll get done faster that way. You should focus on school work anyway.” Heat exploded from my chest. It was like she thought I was incompetent or something! I had managed my life well before she was a part of it. I didn’t need help now!

“I’m fine! Don’t need you to help me!”

Instantly, Ma’am removed the knife from my hand, placing it on the counter, spun me to the side and began connecting her solid hand to my still uncomfortable bottom as she firmly spoke, “You do not yell at me, young lady! You get your backside upstairs to your bedroom and don’t come out until I come to get you.”

Every word she spoke was equally punctuated with a firm swat which continued guiding me towards the stairs with a firm hand on my arm and steely palm on my bottom. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs fighting back a pool of tears. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Why would I talk to my Ma’am like that? I wanted so bad to go down and climb into her arms and never let go, but at the same time, I couldn’t admit that’s what I needed so bad right now. I hated this.

Reaching my bed, I curled up under the blankets and held onto my stuffed hippo closely and tried to relax. I replayed and replayed this day over and over in my head up until the most recent interaction with Ma’am.

I couldn’t explain it. I wanted to fight with her, but to snuggle in her lap. To get her attention and a reaction and for her just to leave me alone. Why did she always want to fix it? Why couldn’t I let her? This was so confusing.


I woke to the sound of someone lightly knocking on my bedroom door. I turned and saw Kerry enter and cross the room sitting on the side of the bed, “Hi, little bit, how did you sleep?”

I shrugged and sat up in the bed, stretching my stiff muscles, “I guess it was okay. I should have been doing homework.”

Ma’am cupped my cheek gently, “Bit, I know you do well with your school work and are always ahead, so you have no reason to be this worked up about a thirty-minuet nap.”

I huffed and went to stand up, but, was caught by ma’am, her pulling me back onto her lap, encircling her arms around my waist, a move that usually made me feel safe, however, today had the opposite effect.  I could feel my tense body getting ready to fight with her again. However, I silently sat listening to what she had to say to me.

“Are you calmer now, little bit?”

“I’m fine ma’am.”

“Just remember what I told you. You will go back over my knee for another spanking if you don’t cool it with that attitude.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

I got up from her lap and went downstairs to find the meal I had been preparing sitting on the kitchen table steaming hot.

Ma’am followed me down the stairs, “I hope my lasagna is as good as yours is.”

I didn’t respond, instead sat at the table in silence, tracing random shapes with the tip of my finger, finding the table more interesting than Kerry.

“Eat little bit, especially since you didn’t have lunch.” Kerry thrust a plate and fork into my hands.

“I’m not hungry.” Even as I said those words my stomach gave me away growling loudly, which made me frown sharply at my own body betraying me.

“Eat little bit I’m not asking.” I huffed scooping salad, lasagna and garlic bread onto my plate. However, I wasn’t going to eat without something to wash it down with.

I stood going into the kitchen, getting out a wine glass for myself and pouring a large glass of red wine into the glass.

As soon as ma’am saw the wine bottle and full glass in my hand she gave me a firm look, “Oh, I think not. You are in a mood, so no alcohol for you.” Without warning, she took the glass out of my hand and set it aside.

I tried to keep my growl low so she wouldn’t hear. I wanted to drink and to hell with what she wanted! I knew that it would allow me to relax and hopefully keep me out of trouble with Ma’am. So instead I took a long drag from the bottle and sat it on the table next to my plate.

Shaking her head Kerry took the bottle out of my hand as well and moved it out of my reach, “Enough you. This is absolutely the last warning you are getting. The next conversation we have is going to be with the paddle!” Pointing to my seat on the opposite side of the table to her she told me, “Sit. Eat. We have some things to discuss.”

I forced myself to slowly eat the first bite of the food. It was delicious, not that I wanted to admit that to Ma’am. It felt good to get food into my body even if I didn’t want to tell her that. I was glad she had put her foot down not that I would admit that

“So, little bit, you want to tell me what happened today that has you acting out,” I fiddled with my phone, I spun it around and around on the table top as she continued, “You know you can tell you anything. Maybe if you talk about it you will feel better.”

I chewed slower than necessary as I considered what she was saying, swallowing I admitted to her, “I won’t feel better when you get mad about me failing a quiz today.”

Ma’am laid her fork down and reached across the table stilling my hand, “You know I’ve never been mad at you for your grades. I know you work hard and do your best. Did you work hard and do your best?”

I shrugged, pulling away from her touch and continued to eat, realizing that eating meant less opportunity for me to speak to her. The less opportunity for me to speak the better.

“I’m here when you decide you are ready to talk.”


I nodded and continue eating, enjoying the silence between us.

The Trouble with Trouble – Part Two

Part One can be found here.

Two solid hands gripped either hip keeping me where I was on her lap, “Stop that. You aren’t going anywhere little bit. It seems you need to find out what happens to young ladies who don’t listen to their Tops and pout about being spanked.” Before I could control my own voice, I heard a whine rumble from my throat. I couldn’t see her, but I had a very educated guess at her reaction to me. She would pierce her lips and shoot me a stern gaze with her blue eyes. I could feel when one of Kerry’s arms tightened around my hip and the other leave its place on my body. I tensed in realization about what was about to happen.

True to my knowledge a first swat befall the center of my backside. I tried to not give her the satisfaction of a reaction. Instead of biting my lips together and curling my hands into a tight fist. I held silently for several minutes as the sounds of steady swats echoed around us.

However, it was pointless. Ma’am’s palm knew how to skillfully warm my bottom! The swats were growing firmer and firmer each round that was completed, all leading to one goal: building the heat up in my backside expertly!

“Owie, ma’am… come on… I’ll pay attention. I promise. ”

It wasn’t long before I had the uncontrollable urge to get away from the palm talking with my bottom. The heat started off as nothing more than a low tingly warmth. It quickly spread deeper into the muscle. The pain of a hand spanking is hard to describe. It’s a mixture of sharp pain, to begin with then growing soreness as the swats continue to build on one another.

My emotions bubbled in my stomach. Why did she have to spank me? It wasn’t fair! All I wanted was for her to stop. But as much as I wanted her to stop I also wanted her to bare my still clothed backside, spank harder and tell me all was going to be okay and hold onto me until I relaxed, for her to remind me that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

However, the side that hated this won. I started kicking my feet into the air, matching her still steady pattern of swats.

Ma’am’s firm voice cut into the sounds of my spanking like a knife, “Little Bit, no kicking. You know better.” My only response was to kick hard and struggle to get away more fighting both my emotions and the warmth in my bottom.

I groaned loudly as I felt sure hands travel from my backside to the waistband of my leggings. She peeled them down over my cheeks exposing the back of my panties to her will. “You are going to relax and accept this spanking Lexington Claudia!”

The swats were much more pronounced now without my leggings the heat built faster and deeper this way. She was meticulous in her steady barrage of swats back and forth and up then down. Hoping to make her stop, I tried a different strategy. I sagged, limp, over her lap and stilled my movements, allowing the blood to rush to my head and her to completely support my body. It took a lot of willpower to completely relax all my muscles and give in, in the hopes she would stop. Thankfully a few swats later Ma’am stopped the swats resting her hand on my backside.

“Are you going to calm down, or do I need to send you after my paddle?” My tight lips contained the bratty answer that I wanted to give, instead, I nodded my head.

“Yes, yes I’ve had enough I’ll be good for you. No paddle needed.”

“The next time will be the paddle, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am, understood.”

I felt as Ma’am’s hand leave my backside once more and then brought down four hard swats that echoed throughout the house. She connected to the base of my bottom, where I sat, where my skin was much more sensitive. Each swat felt like it was being seared into my backside. I clamped onto the chair legs with a white-knuckle grip and wait for her to finish punishing my tender sit spots.

When Kerry finish spanking I felt her strong hands soothing my hot backside, yet still holding me securely in place, “You ready to get up little bit?”

I was more than ready. Without saying anything I struggled to get my feet back under me to find my balance as I stood. Kerry steadied me, holding my arm, “You don’t have to do everything on your own. I would have helped you up.”

“I know, but it’s fine.” Kerry reached out and pulled me to her guiding me to sit on her lap. Relaxing, I allowed myself to momentarily melt into her embrace. I buried my face in her neck and could feel her short auburn locks tickle my face. She wrapped her long arms around me and held me close to her. I enjoyed the silence until the sting in my backside became something, I couldn’t ignore any longer. Squirming uncomfortably my irritation at the world spurred itself to the surface once more and my now tender cheeks added to that irritation.

Cautiously I stood, jerking my leggings back into place but, avoiding the sight of Ma’am, “I have a lot to do. I need to make dinner and do some work. You staying?” Ma’am silently watched me for several moments.

“Yes, I think I need to. I think me and you aren’t done talking tonight.” She announced a matter of factly.

I huffed and turned left her sitting in her oh so important ‘spanking chair’ and marched into the kitchen.

The Trouble with Trouble – Part One

Hiya spanky folks. I have a series for you all. This was originally intended to be for the latest anthology but I didn’t like it for that so here we are. It will be in 7ish parts in total and as I’ve been doing for a while now I’ll be posting one part each Thursday. This story is the Ma’am and little bit characters, but this is when I decided to name them and give some more detail about them. If you haven’t already follow me so you are the first one to know when the next part has been uploaded. 🙂

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I couldn’t help, but once again admire, how beautiful my mahogany wood floors were, with their rich red color and the interlocking grain pattern throughout. I had never noticed, that is until four months ago when Kerry Volwskey walked into my life, as I had never been this close-up and personal to my flooring before. The floor contrasted starkly with my pale hands, which were holding up my tall frame of 6’1 steadily in place, over Kerry’s lap.

Long chestnut ringlets fell around my face as I gazed under the chair I was bent over. I noticed something else I had failed to before this moment. Ma’am always had on those black leather western boots that made her already tall frame more intimidating. I could hear the click-clack in my head and felt a wave of shivers run up my spine, her gait was unmistakably hers and usually, it ended with me in a position like the one I was now.

Kerry and I had met in the spring earlier in the year. I was young, almost innocent, and in need of someone to come along and guide me. Kerry was just that person, years of experience, and wisdom of more years than I, and a hell of a lot of patience and love. We clicked the first time we talked. She had a way to make me feel calmer and drew me into her presence, but it felt safe. However, unlike a lot of people at the spanking parties, we had been attending she wanted to talk about anything and everything, not just our shared kink. Our first conversations were about religion, psychology, education, politics and even technology. Our bond was quickly formed the first party we spent together, curled up, side by side, talking in what felt like our own little world.

Thinking back I could still feel the thrill I felt back then at receiving my very first spanking, which she had administered. I was being a bit silly and had dared her to do something about it. Well, true in Top fashion she did. From that moment our relationship just happened. I was a brat in need of a Top and she was a Top in need of a brat. It wasn’t easy at times, especially like now, as I was face down staring at the floor from over her lap with my butt rather unfortunately high in the air, but she was my Ma’am and I was her little bit.

I carefully adjusted both hands on the uncomfortably hard floor waiting. For what I wasn’t sure. I’m sure Kerry, or Ma’am, as I sometimes affectionally, sometimes brattily called her was speaking to me from somewhere above my prone backside, however, I wasn’t in a frame of mind to really focus or possibly even care what she was saying.

Yes, it had been one of those days.

One of those days when I didn’t give a fuck anymore. I wanted to run away and never come back. Unluckily I’d been caught before that could come to fruition, which had led to my current predicament.

Work sucked. School sucked more. And well, my family. That didn’t even suck. That’d mean any of them were talking to me, other than to tell me what a horrible person I was. However, I could hear the whisper in the back of my mind. None of this mattered right now. I should be focusing on the woman, rubbing, what I knew was a very steely palm, across my upturned rear end, but I couldn’t force myself to. Instead, all that I could feel was her legs against my belly supporting my body as I lay here and her warmth seeping into my cold tired bones.

The day had started out bad. As soon as I walked out of the house this morning it was freezing cold, a steady barrage of rain falling. I had only a few hours of sleep, which made everything seem to happen in slow motion. Finally arriving at my first class, only to realize I completely forgot about the damn abnormal psychology quiz, which of course I was unprepared for, surely failing it. Followed by having to skip lunch because I forgot my wallet at home.

Once the exhaustingly long morning at school was done, I went to work only to find I was going to run the ‘front’ of the supermarket by myself, as everyone else was busy or didn’t show up to work today. The shift had been long, a steady line of people getting ready for the Christmas. Despite the cheerful time of year everyone seemed to be grumpy or bitchy or mad at me for something I had nothing to do with. However, Kerry had been waiting for me when I walked in.

My heart jumped in my chest when ma’am placed an unfortunately hard swat to the back of my right thigh, shooting stinging pain into where it landed, however, grabbing my wandering attention.

Ma’am’s voice was steely as she asked, “Are you even going to act like you are paying attention to me, young lady?”

I bit my lip as I considered my answer. There was no right answer to her question. Obviously, she would know if I lied and said that I had been paying attention. And answering no I wasn’t going to pay attention would surely come out as a smartass answer… all of these options would surely lead to more swatting. Instead, I closed my eyes and did the only thing I could think of. I began to squirm, attempting, to get off her lap, even as I knew deep inside that it would a futile move on my part.


Lesson in Obediance

I picked up my phone for the 12th time in 10 minutes and slid my thumb across the screen to unlock it, scrolled briefly and then relocked it. And then tossed it aside again, surely huffing dramatically in the process.

I could see ma’am on the other side of the living room playing a game on her tablet, she had a bit of a gaming problem, not she would ever admit to it. Once in a while her blue eyes would move into my direction and look at me for a moment and then go back to playing. The room around us was silent other than both of our breathing in turn and the occasional car passing by outside. The TV wasn’t on and neither was the radio.

I was so fidgety. I couldn’t seem to stop bouncing my legs up and down or stop the desire to recheck my phone again. Finally, after almost twenty minutes of my fidgeting, Ma’am broke the silence, her voice firm, but caring as always, “Little bit, what is wrong?”

Her voice alone sent shivers down my spine, my voice quivered as I spoke, “Nothing ma’am, sorry, I’ll try to stop fidgeting so much.” I felt bad that I was fidgeting enough for her to notice. It was childish really.

Ma’am put her tablet down and gave me a hard look, “Little bit, I asked you a question and I expect you to answer me.”

I found the floor more interesting, as I chewed my lip, trying to find an excuse to tell her. How could I put into words everything I was feeling at this moment? I had recently started topping more than more person full time and it was draining to say to least. I enjoyed it I did, and it was fulfilling, however, many days I felt like I was responsible for more than ones person’s life when I didn’t even have mine together really.  I was craving submission under my Top. I needed the roles we had grown accustomed too. Not in the sense of a spanking really, but in the doing as you are told because I tell you to and that is what is best for you type way.

Apparently, I had wandered around in my thoughts too long, as I was brought back into the here and now when Ma’am cleared her throat. I looked up at her and saw the look. The look that caused me another set of shivers. Picking up my phone again I spun it in my hand before murmuring, “I need to submit…”

Ma’am watched me carefully for several moments before crooking her finger at me indicating for me to come to her, which caused my stomach to drop a bit with dread. Reluctantly, I did as asked and crossed the room to stand in front of her not daring to meet her eyes.

“Look at me, little bit.” Ma’am voice was now firm, but loving. I slowly brought my eyes to look up at her when I did she reached for my hand before gently asking me, “Are you needing a trip over my knee, little bit?”

I chewed on my lip for a few moments before I was able to mumble out a few unintelligible words. I didn’t honestly know what to tell her. I sincerely didn’t want a spanking, I just wasn’t in the mood or frame of mind, but at the same time, I wanted to give up control for a little while. I wanted to be Topped, but without a sore bottom tomorrow!

Ma’am squeezed my hands before letting them go and leaning back in her chair, “Go get the brush off my dresser, little bit.”

My eyes widened at her words! I hated the brush with a passion. I hadn’t done anything wrong! And she was going to paddle me with the hairbrush! The damn thing would leave marks with just a light swat.

“Ma’am, please, not that!”

“Little bit, go get my brush and bring it to me.”

I already could feel tears in my eyes as Ma’am and I just stared at each other. I really wanted to her to say she was joking and I didn’t have to go get the brush. We were like that for several long moments in many ways I knew ma’am was telling me she had all night that she could wait until I was ready.

As a few tears fell ma’am spoke again this time much gentler, “Trust me little bit.”

I swiped away the tears before turning to leave the room. Every step I took felt like I was walking closer to my backsides own doom. I could feel Ma’am watching me until I disappeared from her sight.

As I looked at the brush resting on the dresser I felt every muscle in my backside clench in dread. I really didn’t want a spanking with the brush. It would hurt deep in the muscle for several days if not longer depending on how it was used.

Picking it up with just two fingers I slowly walked back into the living room, to find that ma’am was no longer in her chair, but in the middle of the couch. I stood in front of her a little further away than I normally would, causing a small smile to spread across her face.

Holding out her strong hand Ma’am ordered, “Hand me the brush, little bit.”

I just shook my head ‘no’ there was no way I could do that! My stomach was in knots and I wanted to start crying again. I didn’t want to do what was asked. It was no fair being spanked for nothing!

“Little bit, hand me my brush.” Her voice had become firm again, she was trying to get through to me I knew, however, my brain and heart didn’t want to agree. However, when she narrowed her eyes at me I stepped forward placing the brush in her hand, I didn’t want to push and give her a real reason to punish me.

“Thank you, little bit. Now I need you to take down your jeans and panties and put yourself over my knee.”

I was shocked, to say the least! She never made me do that she would always bare me and pull me across her knee herself. Now, I really did start crying! I was completely dreading this! It had been a long time since I got a spanking for being naughty! But apparently, that was about to change.

However, I was resigned to the fact that I was about to get my butt busted with her brush. I fumbled with the button on my jeans finally getting them down to my knees before closing my eyes and pulling down my panties as well.

I moved closer to her and began to bend over her lap or more really controlled falling over her lap. She caught me guiding me into place. It was much easier when she did it for me! She helped me settle into position with my body resting on the couch, holding a pillow close as I continued to gently cry.

Before she could even touch me I found myself begging her not to spank me, promising that I didn’t do anything wrong. I felt her hand rub soothing circles on my bottom and back. Several minutes of this passed. Finally, I could hear her speaking to me, “I am very proud of you, little bit.”

I cried into the pillow a bit harder, but asked her, “B-but why m-ma’am?”

She continued to run soothing patterns across my back and bottom both as she spoke to me, “What you did just now, was complete submission. You did several things you absolutely didn’t want to do because you were told to.”

I just nodded my head and tried to think of something else before she told me, “Relax, little bit, it is all okay. You are okay. I have you. I have never hurt you have I?”

My voice broke as I cried out, “But you-your gonna spank me!” I just wanted to crawl up into her lap and hug her tight at this point. I was so desperate to be in her arms and out of this position I sincerely thought about getting up without her permission.

“That’s not for you to worry about, little bit. Just trust me.” I nodded again and started to breathe deeper and just focus on her calming touch. Soon my heart was a lot calmer and I was no longer crying.

I was rewarded soon when she raised her hand bringing it down in a soft swat on my bottom, “Good girl, you relax. I’m in charge here.”

Soon the first swat was followed by a second, then a third. She wasn’t spanking hard at all, but just creating a warm tingly sensation in my bottom. It was rather pleasant actually. I closed my eyes and sank further over her lap as she continued to warm my backside with a slow steady spank of her hand while stopping to rub some of the sting out between sets of spanks.

Quickly I was completely relaxed and warm over Ma’am’s knee as she continued to praise my behavior and talk to me about everything that had been going on recently. When I was just warm enough she helped me up, righted my clothes and pulled me to sit on her lap in her arms.

“That’s my good girl. I have you right here. I love you little bit. I am so proud of you.”

I laid my head on her shoulder and whispered back to her, “I love you too Ma’am, thank you.”

She kissed the top of my head as I closed my eyes feeling loved, cared for and completely hers.

Little Bit

The hem of my grey cotton t-shirt was much more appealing than looking into my ma’am’s blue eyes right now. I could feel the heat spreading across my face from the quiet questions she had been asking me. She knew. She always knew.  However, with her arms wrapped securely around my waist, with me curled up on her lap, as close to her as I could get I still felt safe. Her embrace was warm and secure.

She surprised me when she whispered into my ear, “Come on little bit, let’s get you over my knee where you belong.” Ma’am shifted to the middle of the couch while I awkwardly climbed from her lap, I was suddenly missing her arms as I stood in front of her.

Ma’am quickly divested me of pajama pants and guided me over her lap putting me into a familiar position. Quickly, I grabbed a pillow hugging it close to my face. Every muscle in my body was tense with stress and anxiety.

Ma’am soothed patterns against my vulnerable backside, it was a promise and threat all at the same time, “Little bit, why are you over my knee about to get a spanking?”

Any words I managed to find got caught in my throat, so I just buried my face deep into the pillow and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long before the soothing motions stopped and Ma’am’s hand left my backside and quickly returned in a swift swat, leaving a tingling sensation in its wake. A quiet gasp escaped my tight lips. It had been so long since I had been in this position. Too long perhaps.

“Little bit, I asked you a question.”

Again, I just couldn’t force any words out, so I sank further into the soft pillow. I felt a gentle tap on my hip. I raised my middle and down went my panties exposing my bare backside to Ma’am’s will. Her strong left arm encircled my waist and quickly, her palm began a steady rhythm on my skin doing all the talking that was necessary.

With every swat, the warm tingling sensation grew and I fell deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Each stinging swat was like a fine point I could focus on and nothing else had room to enter my mind. My mind was empty. It was easily fifty swats or more before I even realized she had been talking to me throughout this spanking.

Turning my head to the side I listened to her gentle voice reassured me, “I have you little bit you can let go.” Over and over she repeated this sentiment as my backside started to go from warm and tingly to hot with the repeated spanking of her hand onto my backside.

I closed my eyes and sighed deeply. Ma’am knew what that meant as she stopped spanking and started rubbed soothing circles on my back before I felt her move to pick up something behind me. As soon as the cool leather touched my backside I gasped in surprise. I didn’t know where she got that from, but it was definitely here now! All the muscles involuntarily tensed in my lower half.

“This isn’t punishment, little bit. Don’t ever forget, I love you. Relax.”

I shakily nodded my head and forced my muscles to relax. When the first slow easy swat connected I felt tears rush to my eyes, getting ready to spill over. The heat from the swat spread and warmed my muscle. She continued easy swats each causing the heat to build in my backside. None hurt too much but it gave me a break from the constant swirling of thought from my anxiety-riddled mind.

She had only places five swats with the paddle when I felt the dam begin to crack open with a few silent tears leaking out over my cheeks. No more words were needed from ma’am. She increased the strength of the swats, helping me get over the edge. Two well-placed strokes to my tender sit spots and the dam completely broke. I burst into tears and sobbed openly into the pillow. Releasing all the pent-up emotion. I didn’t notice the spanking stopping quickly thereafter. I did, however, feel ma’am surprisingly soft hand rubbing some of the sting out while I cried, completely limp over her lap.

Soon, ma’am eased my clothing back into place and guided me back onto her lap, cuddling me close to her. I once again got as close as possible to her and allowed her to hold me for a while. It was so safe in her arms. While in many ways we were equal, she always swore to protect me to the best of her ability… even from myself, and that was what tonight was for. Her protecting me from myself. I had started getting lost in stress and anxiety.

I buried my face into her neck and continued to cry knowing it was okay to do so. There would be no rush to go anywhere. After, almost twenty minutes of tears I could hear her occasionally saying, “I love you, little bit. I am never going anywhere.” At that moment I believed her. I had to. She kept my feet on the ground and my mind centered. And I felt the same. I loved her and would never walk away. If only she would have me.


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So, hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a first person pov story it was short and sweet and to the point in my opinion but turned out well! Also, wanted to add that I should be making several more post in the next 24 hours so make sure to come back and check! Also, will have an exciting announcement soon!


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