Early in the day all six women went shopping at a small town nearby to get souvenirs, and to explore. However, Alex, Elaine and Sydney all returned to the house early to surprise their SOs for when they had returned.

When the bottoms left their Tops got a suspicious feeling that the group was up to no good. However, they decided to just let them be and deal with the consequences later. The women had hatched a plan to all get spanked together again, granted everyone had some lingering soreness from the past day or so due to everyone playing hard, but this was a very rare opportunity for bonding through a spanking.

Alex gazed outside and saw the SUV pull into the driveway she turned to her counter parts telling them their women had arrived.

As Sydney stepped out of her shorts told the other women, “I suddenly just got nervous. Are we sure this is a good idea?”

Alex was the first to reassure her, “Yes this is a good idea, it should be fun.”

Elaine nodded in agreement and they finished their preparations just as the door to the house opened.

Carolina was the first to see them and she froze just inside the doorway causing Sarah and Gillian to bump into the back of her.

“Wha-” Gillian began to ask but lost her voice when she saw what Carolina was staring at.

Elaine, Alex and Sydney where laying over the back of the couch, which they had moved to face the door, with their pants off and all wearing matching bikini panties that said, “Please, spank us.” in big sparkly silver letters.

The three women stared for a solid minuet with their mouths open, before Carolina was the first to find her voice and speak, “What do you all think? Should we spank them?”

Gillian and Sarah both nodded, yep they definitely deserved a spanking. Sarah quickly moved behind her brat followed shortly by Carolina and Gillian. From her position she could see on the seat of the couch in front of each woman was a some of each Top’s respective implements.

Sarah rubbed Alex’s raised bottom through her panties while talking to the women beside her, “It would seem that we have been conspired against ladies.” With that simple statement she stopped rubbing and started spanking.

She spanked one raised cheek then the other. Back and forth landing random spanks all over the woman’s bottom. Sarah could hear other sounds of palm meeting other bottoms nearby, but the only one she cared about was her wife’s.

Apparently, Alex was more tender than normal, because it took much fewer swats than normal to make the woman start to react to the spanking. Before her skin was even pink she started to moan and wiggle in pain. Sarah tried to contain a grin, but there was something about watching that little bottom wiggle….

Sarah wasn’t the only one to have problems holding still it would seem. Poor Sydney who had a hard spanking less than two days ago was kicking her feet every time a spank would reach her.

And Elaine seemed to be happily floating through the swats while pushing her bottom up to meet Carolina’s hand every time it fell.

Sarah stopped spanking and started rubbing when Alex’s bottom was finally a healthy pink color and waited for the other women to finish shortly there after.

The three Tops stepped away from the brats and conversed on what to do next. Agreeing all three returned to their partners and picked up similar leather paddles.

Sarah heard a course of groans when the women realized they where going to be feeling the leather paddle. This made her grin though, the little imps had literally asked for this spanking and now where dreading it. Typical.

Sarah was up first she stepped behind Alex and pulled her panties down just below her cheeks keeping everything from view, but bareing her at the same time. She looked at Carolina and Gillian and nodded she was ready for them to do their part.

Gillian and Carolina guided their women up and back away from the couch so they could watch the spanking. This wasn’t what the brats had in mind when they planned this, but that was the beauty of it. Once everyone was in place Sarah announced, “Ten licks, young lady. Five for conspiring against us and five for being downright naughty.” Alex clenched and unclenched her cheeks several times in anticipation of the paddle.

When the woman’s bottom was soft Sarah raised the paddle and brought it down in the center of Alex’s cheeks causing the woman to yelp loudly as a imprint of the paddle appeared in a deeper red. If she would have looked back at Sydney and Elaine she would have noticed twin grimaces, because they knew they were going to face similar fates.

Sarah continued to lay the paddle on her wife’s backside much to the woman’s displeasure. After just three Alex was wiggling uncontrollably. Watching the woman wiggle was quiet the naughty delight of hers. Alex laid a supportive hand on her lower back and quickly peppered the rest of the swats of the paddle onto her cheeks. Alex was voicing her displeasure at the quick sharp swats.

Sarah rubbed the red, punished cheeks for a minuet, before pulling the woman to her feet, and righting her clothing. She led the woman away from the couch and pulled her close into her arms as both the other women where spanked in the same manner.

Alex hid her face in Sarah’s chest as she listened to the other women’s spankings. Elaine took her spanking like a pro, however Sydney didn’t. Gillian stopped after only three with the paddle since she was so sore.

The women cuddled together in the couches in the living room rubbing sore backsides, but basking in the warm comfort of warm skin and loving friends and family.

The women would fly home tomorrow closer than they had been when they arrived.



I’m behind I know. I’m going to try to post 3 or 4 stories today and tomorrow to start to catch up. This story is kind of how I am feeling ATM.




Elaine and Gillian where the early birds the morning after Elaine’s spanking. They where working in silence other than a husky “morning’ both women made coffee and started cooking breakfast for everyone. As both women where cutting up fruit Elaine started a easy conversation, “You know I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been stressed out lately.”

Gillian didn’t say anything instead just shrugged her shoulders focusing on the chopping.

Elaine gave the woman a beat before she sat the knife down she was using and turned to look at Gillian. She reached out placing a hand on the other woman’s arm stilling her movements.

“Carolina told me she thought we needed to talk.”

Elaine watched as the woman’s facial muscles twitched; she was trying to hold her tongue. Gillian wanted to tell her to buzz off and tell Carolina to mind her own business, but she didn’t. Instead, she shrugged off the hand and went back to preparing the meal.

Elaine was not accustomed to that level of disrespect, “Young lady you know better than to ignore me when I am speaking to you.”

Gillian bit her lip in frustration before throwing the knife across the room, away from Elaine, and turned to storm out of the back of the house without so much as a word.

Muttering to herself, “Oh no you don’t young lady.” Elaine put down what she was doing and started after her. However, when she got to the door she ran right into the front of Gillian who had turned back as soon as she exited the house.

Gillian squeaked out a quick, “I’m sorry!”

Elaine grabbed the woman’s ear as best as she could considering their height difference and took her inside,”I’m sure you are little lady.”

Elaine sat in a dinning room chair and pulled the woman over her lap holding her in place as best as she could as the struggle for control began.

Elaine placed two hard swats over the woman’s PJ bottoms making her still for a moment while she sternly told her, “Be still young lady! We quiet obviously need to have a chat. Now, tell me what is going on.”

Gillian just started to struggle again to get up and was surprised to feel her PJs go down and her cheeks began being peppered with swats; once there was a light pink hue around her panties Elaine stopped spanking her, “One more chance, young lady. What is going on?”

Stubbornness was not one of Gillian’s better traits so she just frantically shook her head no and once again started attempting to get up from Elaine’s lap.

Elaine wrapped her arm around Gillian’s waist and used her hand to light a fire in Gillian’s backside. It didn’t take Gillian long with the hard spanks to relent in her sulking,”Ooowie, okays, okays! I’ll talk to you! Owe, please stop spanking me!” Gillian was desperately drumming her feet on the floor trying her hardest to avoid her hard palm.

Elaine placed four more swats on the underside of the woman’s cheeks making Gillian kick her feet in protest.

Elaine now inquired, “Are you ready to tell me about what is eating at you?” while she rested a threatening hand on the now warm cheeks.

“Yes, ma’am. May I get up though?”

Elaine cupped one cheek then the other, “I don’t know, you seem to be listening better with your bottom up in the air.”

Gillian’s body visibly sagged as she gave up hope of rising, “Yes, ma’am, I’m sorry.”

Elaine smiled there was the real Gillian, she pulled her shorts back into place and helped the woman up from over her lap then puled her back to sit on her lap.

“Okay honey, what’s is going on with you.” Gillian relaxed into the safety of Elaine’s arms. Gillian let her heart pour out for almost twenty minuets. She expressed how she felt she was failing as a Top, a girlfriend, and a sales rep. She also whispered how worried she was to let her family know she was living with a woman.

Elaine held the woman as she talked taking in what she was saying. When Gillian was done expressing herself she quietly told Elaine she needed to be spanked some more. Elaine understood, but it gave her pause. Normally she wouldn’t spank someone who was this emotional, however Gillian explained she needed to let go a little more. Gillian needed to not be in control.

Elaine could hear movement in the rest of the house and figured the other woman where waking up. She was correct when Carolina walked into the room smiling when she saw the two together. Carolina figured that Gillian had been taken in hand or soon would be.

Elaine leaned up accepting a kiss as Gillian tried to squirmed away. Carolina left the two alone without saying anything about the position they where in as to not embarrass the woman.

“Okay you, I want you to go see if Syd is awake and if she is I want you to send her to breakfast while you and I chat in your room.” Gillian nodded and stood quietly leaving the room without a argument.




Gillian was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for Elaine to come and spank her. Sydney had left the room several minutes ago leaving the woman to her thoughts that where beginning to swim in her head. Anxiety was beginning to kick in where was Elaine? As if on cue the door opened and the blonde stepped into the room holding her leather paddle.

Elaine didn’t say anything as she crossed the room and sat in a one of the chairs placing the paddle on the floor.

“Okay, little one over her.” Gillian shuffled to stand where Elaine was pointing.

When she arrived Elaine gave the woman a hard look gauging once again if she should be doing this, “Thank you, now you know why we are here. Tell me what your safe word is.”

“Mercy, ma’am.”

Gillian practically threw herself over Elaine’s lap when offered settling herself into position. Elaine didn’t waist time in beginning to spank the middle of her clothed cheeks. Elaine spanked as Gillian lay across her lap every muscle tense. Moving in a methodical pattern Elaine spanked one spot several times then moved a little spanking a new spot. She continued to do this until she covered her entire bottom and sit spots. Deciding the warm up was over Elaine reached for her waistband pulling her pants and panties down in one tug leaving them resting in the middle of her thighs.

Elaine bent to reach for the paddle on the floor lining it up with in the middle of her now bare cheeks, “I have you, let me help you.”

Gillian pushed her hips in the air asking for the first swat of the paddle, however knowing it was going to hurt she moved her hands to hold tightly to the legs of the chair. Elaine brought the paddle down quickly twice on each cheek causing Gillian’s head to jerk up and a silent cry to escape. Elaine continued to bring the paddle down all around her bottom causing the skin to deepen in color. Elaine had laid around twenty medium swats down when finally Gillian started having problems. However, Elaine knew this was the hardest part getting her over the edge she was teetering on.

Elaine wrapped the woman up tighter and raised her leg exposing the mostly untouched sit spots. For the next minute she unleashed a firestorm of swats to the area almost instantly making the woman break down in tears.

Gillian laid there bottom on fire crying for all it was worth. She didn’t bother to try to get up as Elaine soothed her skin and tried to sooth her soul.


Gillian eventually made it to the bed where she lay down and Sydney eventually joined her after Elaine left. The two quietly talked about their worries, fears and future plans. Gillian finally felt more on kilter than she had in some time.


“No, you are being a bitch! You are not in charge of me!” Sydney stomped her foot and turned running down the beach away from Carolina, Elaine and Alex. Elaine was shocked at Sydney’s behavior. Normally, she was well behaved and respectful.

It was like watching a tennis match everyone heads snapped back to watch how Carolina was going to react to her.

Carolina knew she was right, she wasn’t her Top or really anything so she decided to turn and head back to the house expecting Alex and Elaine to follow her. The women entered the house to a wonderful smelling dinner. Gillian was the first to notice the absence of her girlfriend.

“Where is Syd?” This caused everyone to look at Carolina expecting a good explanation for her absence. Not wanting to have this conversation in front of everyone she motioned for them to walk outside so they could chat.


Gillian had a feeling that whatever Carolina was working up to saying that it wasn’t going to be good. “Gil, I went to get the girls and Sydney threw a fit, she refused to come and eat…” Gillian was seething mad at this point. She also noticed Carolina still had a look of trepidation on her face so she knew there was more to the story.

“What else did my little miss do?”

Carolina rubbed her neck for a moment before admitting, “She call me a bitch, Gil. It was out of no where. I mean it was like something clicked and she went off.”

Gillian knew what she was talking about. She had experienced the woman’s temper several times lately. Crossing the deck, Gillian sat at a wooden patio table and heard Carolina follow taking a seat across from her.

Gillian had worry and stress etched across her features, “I sometimes don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, Carolina. I mean its like she trying to see how I will react. I feel like a royal screw

“How long have y’all been in this kind of relationship?”

Gillian counted the months in her head and realized it hadn’t even been eight months yet which is what she told the older woman.

“You are both still babies at this,” Gillian was beginning to see where Carolina was going, but she listened in silence, “she is seeing how you react to her acting out, just like a teenager would. I mean Elaine and I have been doing this for many years. She still tests me at times just to make sure I’m going to be here to catch her and correct her when she messes up. Hell, she is testing the rest of us too. She isn’t sure we will accept her flaws, brattiness and everything else yet. Furthermore, young lady I also better not hear anymore self deprecating remarks.” Carolina added a  firm look making sure she understood she meant business.

Gillian nodded in understanding and looked towards the beach to see if she could see her girl. In the distance she saw the blonde running out into the surf again. Looking at Carolina she got a nod of encouragement and understanding, “Go get her and don’t let get away with her behavior. We can wait on dinner.”

Gil squeezed Carolina’s hand in thanks before jogging off in the direction of Sydney. Waiting while Sydney jumped the small wave making her way back to shore she thought of what she was actually going to do with her. Once Sydney made it back to be beach Gillian grabbed her ear and marched her back to the house.

Along the way Gillian scolded her, “I don’t know what you where thinking talking to Carolina like that it is not acceptable. You do not curse at people, especially our friends little lady!”

Sydney tried to pull away from her grip on her ear, however she just whimpered and felt a awkward swat land on still damp skin. Damn! Twice in one day getting spanked on wet skin!

Stopping near the back door Gillian let go turning around she pointed inside with a low even order to go wait in the corner of the bedroom.

Sydney practically ran through the house because of her embarrassment at suddenly realizing how she had behaved. It was so stupid on her part!

Sydney grabbed a large fluffy white towel to wrap around her while she waited. She slowly rested her head against the wall wishing she could forget everything or the floor would open up and swallow her whole. Whatever punishment Gillian came up with Sydney was sure to have a sore backside for a few days.


Gillian entered the house moments after her girlfriend and found all of her friends watching her in silence. She cleared her voice, “Carolina may I speak to you for a moment?”

Carolina sat her wine glass aside and followed her down the hall away from the group. She spoke of her plan and Carolina agreed with certain stipulations. While Gil entered the bedroom closing the door behind her Carolina leaned against the wall waiting to hear from the couple again.

Gillian walked up behind the small woman who was still in the corner and guided both of them to sit on the side of the bed. Sighing, Gillian began, “Can you tell me why you argued with a cursed at Carolina?”

Sydney opened her mouth several times and closed it trying to find the right words to use. Finally she came up with, “I was just caught up in the moment and I didn’t want to stop playing.”

“I understand, love, but like I said before it is unacceptable to speak like that to people especially someone who is our friend.”

Sydney felt guilt rise in her stomach along with nervousness, she timidly asked, “I’m going to be punished aren’t I?”

Gillian slowly rubbed her back in comfort knowing what she was going to say next might scare her.

“Yes love, you are going to get a spanking.”

Sydney was expecting that and even wanted to get it over with, but she wasn’t expecting what was to come next, “With your permission I would like for Carolina to administer the punishment. You disrespected her, in front of the others no less. I am not going to force you to do it, but I think it would be best.”

Gillian could see Sydney’s face pale at the thought of being spanked by someone else. Sydney moved closer to her girlfriend hiding her face in her shirt.

Gillian eventually heard mumbling from the other woman, but couldn’t understand what she was saying. Pulling her back away from her body she looked deep into her eyes and asked, “What are you thinking, honey?”

“Wo- would you be there? I mean would you be there if she spanked me?”

“Yes, of course honey. We would discuss what your spanking would be like and I would be there too.”

Sydney wiggled uncomfortably while she was thinking. She knew she deserved punishment and knew she would get it a spanking either way. Granted, the thought of Carolina spanking her made her feel all kinds of things, but also trusted her enough to try.

“O-ookay. I think it will be okay, as long as you will be there.” Gillian brought the woman in for a close hug and reassured her that she would not be left alone while being spanked.

Gillian guided Syd to stand in front of her while she gave her instructions, “I want you to go and rinse off in the shower and changed into dry clothing. Make sure that you put a thong on when you change. Your lady parts are for my eyes only. Then when you are dressed I would like for you to go back to the corner.”

Sydney nodded and Gillian kissed her before allowing her to go do as she was told. A brat is much more contite when she is facing a punishment. Sydney’s stomachs where turning flips as she undressed in the bathroom. Something about Carolina was much more dominate than Gillian and Gil was plenty dominate in her book. She wasn’t scared that Carolina would actually hurt her, but she had only ever had spankings from Gillian before.


Gillian was in the hall discussing the details of Sydney’s spanking with Carolina who was reassuring her that she would be fair and it would be okay. Oddly, Gillian was about as nervous as her counterpart was. She wasn’t nervous because she didn’t trust Carolina, but of how she was going to take this; she hated seeing Sydney in real pain, but knew that was what was going to come. The two women agreed and Carolina went off in the direction of the kitchen to have a conversation with Elaine. While Carolina Topped several people she always checked in with her before she Topped someone new. Elaine was thankfully a very understanding person, who often switched with other people as well so she didn’t have a problem with Carolina disciplining Sydney.

While Gillian waited for Carolina to talk with Elaine, and Sydney to make her way to the corner she herself sat in the far corner of the room on one of the reading chairs she wanted to be present, but not in the way. Gillian didn’t have long to wait before the door to the bathroom opened and the petite woman trudged to the corner with a defeated sigh.

Sydney’s nerves where still making her palms sweaty and heart flutter faster than normal. When she had came out of the bathroom she had only seen Gillian in the room and that did little to help her nerves. She jumped when the door to the bedroom opened, closed and then a hushed conversation took place in the other side of the room.

Carolina hid the paddle from view and sat on the side of the bed. She glanced at the clock and knew it had been almost 15 minutes since Sydney had been standing in the corner. Taking a moment she gathered her thoughts like always before topping someone.

Sydney began to work her fingers together not being able to stand still any longer. She wanted out of the corner bad. The blonde hated standing here; waiting it gave her time to think and for the guilt to build. At the same time though she knew that when she was called out of the corner her butt was toast.

Carolina interrupted the blonde’s hectic thoughts, “Sydney please come here.”

Sydney faced the bed that Carolina was sitting on, however she couldn’t look at the older woman as she trudged forward. Sydney was close enough to look at the tips of her feet when Carolina began to address her, “Look at me, please, little one.”

Sydney glanced up then back down her own guilt making it difficult to maintain eye contact. Carolina held her blushing cheek and guided her expressive eyes up once more. As soon as eye contact was made Sydney started to speak, but stopped snapping her mouth closed.

“Can you tell me why we are here?”

“I was highly disrespectful….. ma’am.” Sydney voice shook while she spoke. It was a obvious sign of her nerves.

“Yes, you where.”

Now, Sydneys’s eyes held nothing but guilt as she uttered, “I’m sorry ma’am.” unlike earlier when they just held anger.

“I know you are. Gillian and I still think you need a spanking, little one. However, I can see how nervous you are. I am not going to spank you unless you tell me you are 100% okay with it.”

Sydney felt a few tear rise to the surface and struggled to find her voice, “Ye-yes ma’am, I’m okay…. with you spanking me.”

Carolina nodded and pulled the woman closer to her to ask, “What is your safe word?”

Sydney stood wide eye for a moment before she squicked out, “Altmer.” This made Carolina’s brows to wrinkle, but didn’t comment on the choice of the word.

“I don’t think you will need it, however we always want to be safe.”

Sydney nodded and Carolina took the woman’s hand and guided her into the slightly awkward position across her knee. Sydney’s body was supported by the bed, but her backside was elivated by Carolina’s knees. Ir just didn’t feel right. Gillian’s lap felt different.

Carolina allowed her a moment to settle herself over the new lap before easily raising her hand and slapping it down on the right side of her bottom. Carolina spanked a unpredictable patteren into both cheeks shortly making the sting build and Sydney to start wiggle in discomfort. Carolina increased the strenghth of the swats until the woman was yelping with every punishing swat. Pausing, Carolina reached for the waist band of her shorts and moved them over her hips and to her knees. She studied the exposed red cheeks a moment before once again beginning the punishing swats.

Sydney started to kick her feet making Carolina trap with with her own leg. Her bottom was on fire. Carolina’s hand felt like it was made from wood!

Carolina tuned her attention to the underside and sitspots of the blonds bottom. She landed several extra hard swats resukting in apologies to come from Sydney.

Carolina stopped the spanking and began to rub her back encouraging Sydney to catch her breath. Breath doing better she leaned close to her ear and told her, “You are doing so good love, but it’s time to stand up.”

Sydney moaned at this comment, but allowed Carolina to help her up. She found herself thankful for her girlfriends thoughtfullness about the thong when she was standing infront of the older woman blushing a deep red.

Carolina carefully took her hands so she wouldn’t rub telling her, “It’s time to bend over the bed for the paddle, little one.”

Sydney had forgotten about the paddle! It was over a foot long and half a inch thick made from a hard wood. It looked like it could kill one’s bum.

Sydney reluctently was lead to bend over the bed with her feet still on the floor and a pillow elevating her hips.

Once in place Carolina sternly told the woman, “I want you try to keep still. Don’t reach back. Don’t stand. I’m only going to give you two with the paddle.”

“I’ll try, ma’am.”

Carolina rested the cool paddle on the already reddened cheeks she raised it to give a medium strenghth swat on the middle of her backside. Sydney screamed into the pillows and clenched both fist beating them into the bed. Carolina rested the paddle in the same place, however Sydney’s cheeks where clenched tight. The older woman sat the paddle aside and leaned in close to Sydney’s ear to tell her, “I need you to relax, honey. If you are tenseing like that it will hurt much more and cause bruises.” Stepping back she picked up the paddle watching as Sydney slowly relaxed her body though she jumped when she felt the paddle resting again on her vunerable parts. Carolina ment for the last swat to be memorable so she drew it back further than the first and crashed it down lower than the first catching part of her sit spots and tighs. Sydney was silent for several seconds before the pain exploded in her bottom. Sydney broke down sobbing out in pain. Carolina put the paddle aside and crawl to onto the bed to pull the woman to her.

Carolina comforted her as best as she could before finally looking at Gillian to come to the bed. Gillian crawled to the otherside of her and Syney curled into her while still holding Carolina’s hand. The little blonde sobbed her heart out for a while, until Carolina excused herself allowing Gillian to take over completly.
Carolina found Elaine in their bedroom and went to her hugging her needing some comfort herself. The two cuddled together in comfortable silence until Carolina mentioned, “It is just my observation that Gillian is a little to stressed right now…. she might need some of your attention…”

Elaine just nodded in agrement it was something she had also thought about. Looking at her dark headed partner when both of their stomachs growled Elaine giggled, “We better go get something to eat, and we need to take Gilian and Sydney somethig too.”

“Yes, ma’am” she threw with a wink while getting off of tbe bed.


Gillian woke up to shrieks and giggles somewhere outside of the bedroom and a empty bed. Figuring it was a vacation she tried to fall back to sleep, but a quiet knock at the door disturbed her. She sat up in the bed pulling the blanket to cover herself and answered, “Come in.”

Sarah opened the door and stuck her head in, “You will not believe what our women are doing.”

Gillian groaned and stared at the ceiling for a moment before looking at Sarah again and asked, “I’m sure I’ll regret asking, but what could they have gotten into,” glancing at the clock she added, “at eight in the morning?”

Sarah came fully into the room in just a robe, leaned against the door saying, “Well, it would seem they decided to go skinny dipping in the pool.”

Gillian groaned again and rubbed her face, it was to early to be doing this mess. However, they needed to go ‘bust’ them before someone saw them. Granted, the house was miles away from everyone and the beach was closed to the public, but it wasn’t worth the risk.

“I’ll be in there in a minute. I’m just guessing we are going to go out there and get them.”

Nodding Sarah added, “Yes, Carolina is getting dressed. We can get a game plan when we meet up in the kitchen.”

Gillian nodded and Sarah left allowing her to get up and dressed. After Sarah pulled on a swim suit, shorts and t-shirt she padded out to wait on the other women to get dressed. While waiting she peeked outside and sure enough all three women where skinny dipping. She wondered how old they were. Skinny dipping was something a teenager would do not three grown women.

It wasn’t long before Sarah and Carolina joined her in similar dress. They spoke for a few minutes agreeing on what they would do with their brats. Each woman went to grab a wooden spoon and a towel. Sarah, exited to the deck first followed by Carolina and Gillian.

The three ladies went and sat on separate loungers. Their appearance outside was welcomed with more laughing and shrieks that gave away they had been drinking a little already this morning. This was confirmed by the presence of glasses and a pitcher on a table nearby. Apparently, the group had missed the presence of the spoons.

Sarah spoke for the group in a no-nonsense voice, “Out of the pool, ladies.” This caused the brats to move closer to the side of the pool splashing their Tops with water.

Wiping her face and arms off Carolina was the next to speak, “Get out of the pool now.” She wasn’t really mad, but their definitely a level of naughtiness going on this morning that need to be addressed.

Elaine even after three mimosas that voice did something to her. She quickly got out of the pool and went to stand in front of Carolina, which made her suddenly well aware of her nudity and the presence of the spoon. Carolina noticed the deep blush and handed her a towel to cover up with.

Sarah stood up and moved closer to the pool bending down to create eye contact she ordered, “Alexandra Marie, you have been told to get out twice you will not like it if there is a third time.”

Alex moved to climb out of the pool and was handed a towel also. She wrapped it around her while being lead to the pool loungers. Sydney noticed that Gillian was staring her down to and decided she needed to do as told.

Gillian too handed her girlfriend a towel and watched as she wrapped it around her.

Sarah was the one that began to scold all of the women, “We don’t mind if you all have fun, and we do realize that this is a very private place and no one is likely to see you, but you all three are in a committed relationships, and it may not be the most appropriate thing to her naked in front of other women.” Carolina continued for her, “Also, drinking while swimming is a putting yourselves in danger. So, all three of you get a spanking this morning for your behavior and mostly putting yourself in danger. Do you all understand?”

A chorus of “Yes, ma’ams’.” came from the women three suddenly sober women. Sydney and Alex too had discovered the spoons laying in a handy place next to the woman they where standing in front of and all where aware of what there uses would be.

Now it was Gillian turn to lead, she pulled Sydney to her and over her left knee followed by Carolina and Sarah being pulled into similar positions. When the women were in place across their laps all three towels went up exposing the still slightly damp skin.

Gillian wrapped her right hand around her to help keep Sydney in place since she was not supported like normal by a bed or couch. Gillian didn’t take long before raising her hand bringing it down on Sydney’s right bum cheek, causing a surprised gasp. Having still damp skin made the sting worse! The sounds of repeated slaps where filling the air along with the moans and groans of pain. Gillian kept a unpredictable pattern on Sydney’s cheeks and sit spots until they were red and heated. She stopped and soon after so did Carolina and Sarah. All three women then picked up the spoons having agreed to give them a small dose of it for putting themselves in danger. Gillian leaned down and whispered to Sydney, “You are doing good honey. Just a little more then you are done.”

All at the same time hands were raised and brought crashing down on exposed cheeks. Gillian went back and forth landing a solid dozen swats, before stopping noticing Carolina had also. Apparently, Alex had bucked out of position resulting in Sarah’s stern voice reprimanding her and laying on several more swats. When all the spankings had stopped the now red sore bottoms where covered back up with the towels.

The brats where helped up onto wobbly legs and welcomed into open arms. Sydney was breathing deeply trying to regain some of her composure after the quick, but effective spanking. She was slightly embarrassed by having been spanked in front of everyone. However, Gillian’s words of comfort helped her calm down.

Gillian spoke again to the group after several minutes of cuddle time, “Now, ladies we can have fun let’s just make sure we are behaving along the way. I also think that getting dressed would be a good idea about now.”

Carolina and Sarah both agreed and helped the women up and into the house going their separate ways Sydney grinning at Alex and Elaine both rubbing as they walked then reaching back to rub her own bum.


Gillian sat on the bed and pulled the woman to stand in front of her. She reached for her towel and pulled it away from her body.

Stuttering out in surprise Sydney asked, “Wha- whatcha doing?”

“Enjoying the sight.” This caused Sydney to blush a deep red and try to cover up her breast and mound.

“Oh, now you get all modest. Were you not outside swimming in front of who ever happened to see you naked fifteen minutes ago?” Gillian chuckled and pulled the woman over her lap again.

“Hey! This isn’t fair! No one else is getting spanked!” Gil rubbed the still red cheeks, calming the woman down.

“I didn’t say I was going to spank you, missy.”

Sydney laid over her lap and enjoyed the feeling of the sting being rubbed out of her smarting cheeks and being protected by the woman she loved. To soon however Gillian had righted the woman sending her off with a swat to get dressed.


Bear with me on this one, it just didn’t want to be wrote. 😉 Have a nice night. LT

Carolina, Sarah and Gillian where sitting in the right aisle of the plane with Elaine, Alex and Sydney sitting on the right. Carolina wasn’t sure about the wisdom of this idea knowing the women could get themselves into trouble rather quickly, especially considering they had already ordered drinks and the plane had not even moved yet. The flight was ready packed and there was a baby a few rows back already crying, which normally wouldn’t have bothered her, but this time it did she was ready for a vacation.


When the flight attendant began her preflight safety spill it took Caroling fixing all three woman with a stern glare to make them quieten down and pay attention. As soon as the attendant stopped talking all three where giggling uncontrollably causing people to stare their way. Carolina looked at Sarah and Gillian and warned the two, “If we have to separate those three because of misbehavior you both are going to spanked when we get to the house. It was your idea to let those three sit next to each other.”

Carolina snickered as she watched both of them squirm where they sat and threw glares across the aisle.


Alex was so bored being on a plane for hours even with her friends. Looking at the little packs of peanuts Alex had a sudden idea. Spilling some into her hand she elbowed the other two motioning for them to watch what she was about to do. They both watched as Alex took several peanuts into her other hand and tossed them across the aisle where the Tops where seated. Around of giggles ensued shorty after. Then all three brats watched as a stunned expression crossed their faces and then turned to look at them only to be met with a barrage of more peanuts to the face.

Carolina jumped up from her seat on the aisle, gently taking Elaine’s upper arm and marching her to the back of the plane where the bathrooms where located. She pushed the woman to enter the empty bathroom and followed in behind her. The bathroom was so small the two women where almost nose to nose.

Taking a moment to calm herself she promised the woman, “If you misbehave one more time before this plane lands young lady you will be getting a hard spanking to start our vacation off when we get to the house.” This seemed to sober her up and tingling to start in her backside.

“It is not acceptable for you to throw things at any time. Furthermore, you are the oldest, and most experienced out of all of you. You need to be an example for Sydney and Alex.” Carolina studied the woman seeing if she understood what she was telling her. Elaine had suddenly become much more interested in the wall behind Carolina’s head than looking at her causing her to gently cup her cheek bringing her eyes back into contact.

Elaine had butterflies in her stomach knowing she was skating on thin ice, not wanting to get another spanking on top of a sore bottom so she mumbled, “Yes, ma’am, I am sorry.”

“You are forgiven, honey. Don’t let it happen again.” Carolina pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead, before both of them jumped when someone pounded on the door for both of them to come out. Surely, with the amount of time they had been in there, they hadn’t had time to join the mile high club.


The two women made their way back to their seats noticing that Sarah and Alex where sitting on one side and Gillian and Sydney where on the other leaving both aisle seats empty. Alex and Sydney both were looking well chastised and subdued. Carolina guided Elaine to sit next to Gillian while she sat with Sarah.

The rest of the flight was quiet with the Alex, Sydney and Elaine having been separated. Carolina just wished that she could have sat by Elaine and cuddled with her after their short trip to the bathroom. She had noticed that the woman was more quiet than usual and hoped it wasn’t because of that.

Thankfully,  it wasn’t long before the buckle seatbelt light came back on and they had a smooth landing. The group slowly made their way off the plane and into the busy humid airport. Carolina pulled Elaine close and enter lacing their fingers as the couple made their way to baggage claim. This caused Elaine to give the taller woman a shy smile, looking up at her through lashes.



Arriving at the house Sydney and Alex jumped out of the SUV and made a mad dash for the white sandy beach just a few hundred yards away. Sarah started to yell at them to come back, but it was decided that it would be better to just let them go and unload everything themselves.

Carolina was the natural leader of the group making sure everything was unloaded and put away in the appropriate rooms.  The house was gorgeous, just what you would expect to find at beach side; a myriad of huge windows with light pouring in, high ceilings, and cool colors, all making it feel even more open. The three bedrooms where overlooking views of the beach or ocean. The center of each bedroom held a king size bed, in the corner where sitting chairs, a dresser and TV with a door to the deck or porch. Accompanying each room was an equally as grand bathroom with garden tubs and showers that had all the lights and buttons imaginable. The kitchen, dining room, living room where all as equally beautiful. However, the backyard was what caught everyone’s attention; it had a huge deck with pool in the middle and to one side where lounge chairs were lined and the other a hot tub. There where sure to be hours spent out there.


When the Tops plus Elaine had settled into the rooms and changed, Sarah and Gillian decided to go find their wife and girlfriend respectfully. Their play for an escape was interrupted by a stern, “Freeze, ladies.”

Both of them did freeze with their stomach dropping and both pivoted to look at Carolina who had a playful smile on her face. Both remembered at the same time her promised swats if they had to separate the brats. She motioned with one finger for them to come to her which they did out of respect alone.

Taking a moment to look at Elaine she told the woman, “Why don’t you go wait for me in our room, sweet heart I will be there soon.” Elaine bit her lip trying to decide what to do on one hand she didn’t want to miss whatever was about to happen and the other was not wanting trouble. The decision was mad for her when Carolina cleared her voice and pointed towards their room.


Watching the back of Elaine leave she enjoyed the sight before remembering that Sarah and Gillian where still standing there. Turning back to the two nervous ladies she simply told them, “I believe I owe you to something.”

Quietly, Sarah answered, “Yes, ma’am.” and Gillian didn’t answer she was still a little shocked.

Deciding it might be best to deal with Sarah first she placed her foot up on the coffee table tugged Sarah over her knee holding her there with left arm. Carolina raised her hand and brought it down a dozen times on her upturned backside. The swats where not hard, but Sarah definitely noticed the sting it had created. Before she knew what had happened she was once again up right and Carolina was hugging the woman.

Pulling back she looked into Sarah’s dark brown eyes to make sure she was okay before sending her out to find Alex. When the back door closed with Sarah departure Carolina turned to a still scared looking Gillian and soothingly told her, “You can say no. I am not your top or really anything, you can say no and we will both go on about our day.”


Gillian stood there for a moment and in silence studying Carolina, she knew Elaine trusted the woman with her life and Elaine was her top for all purposes so she decided to nod her head and step a little closer to her. Besides it was just a handful of swats not a real spanking.

“I would normally require verbal answers right now, but I think that isn’t in you right now. Say red if you want this to stop okay?”

A very quiet, “Yes, ma’am.” was heard before Gillian to found herself dangling over Carolina raised leg. Gillian felt her strong hand resting on her bottom and waited for the swats to start. They did unexpectedly, landing all over her cheeks some very hard and others not. As soon as it had started it was over. She found herself standing back in front of Carolina out of  breath from what just happened. Not that it hurt bad, no more than Elaine could do with a few swats, but the surprise of being handled like a child.

She too was drawn into a quick hug with Carolina, and could hear the woman say, “You did good, honey.” Gillian drew away from her and asked permission to go find Sydney, causing Carolina to chuckle and tell her she could go on.

Shaking her head Carolina watched as Gillian trotted off to find her girlfriend. Thinking of girlfriend made her think of her own, Elaine who was sure to be on pins and needles by now.


Carolina found Elaine lying in the middle of the bed in a sexy silky number that made her mouth go dry. Any thoughts of sun bathing or swimming where completely gone. She gave Elaine a hard look meaning not to move while she shrugged out of the rest of her clothing and went to her bag to get some toys. Yes they had plans for the evening that didn’t include the beach….


Gillian was cleaning off the desk in her and Sydey’s apartment. Every piece of paper seemed to land on the desk. Gillian found a paper that had the number 60 in large red letters. Surprised by this knowing she hadn’t seen or heard anything about this gradeshe studied it closer. Noticing the date on it she grew agitated. It was from 4 weeks ago. However, she remembered why Sydney would not have got a good grade on this paper. 5 weekends ago Sydney had went with some of her friends to Vegas for a trip which should have been when she was doing this paper. Before Sydney left she had sworn to Gillian that she had finished all her homework.

Gillian knew she couldn’t confront the blonde wih this right now or it would do no good. Besides, Sydney was at a study group until later tonight. Sydney took the paper while reading the professors comments on it into the living room. Once she was done she left the paper in the middle of the coffee table, muttering, “that girl.”

Gillian continued to organize the desk making sure to watch for any more graded work or anything that might need her attention.

Sydney had a good study session, she just wished the others in the group wheren’t so distracting. She had spent half the time attempting to get the others to study and the other half actually studying. If only they all had someone like Gillian.

Upon entering the apartment Sydney noticed the abcense on Gil, but noticed a paper sitting on their usually pristine coffee table. This caused Sydney to have a ominus feeling.

Setting down her backpack Sydney went to investigate. When she realized what the paper was her eyes widened and heart spead up. She was in deep trouble.

Setting down in her favorite arm chair Sydney pulled her legs up to her chest and stared off into space.

Gillian heard Sydney come in and went to talk to her. She stopped short when she saw Syd studying the paper. She watched from the doorway as the woman curled into herself and the chair.

Gillian crossed the room and sat in front of her on the coffe table. Sydney was still in her own little world not noticing Gillian sitting in front of her.

“We need to talk, sweetheart.” Sydney didn’t respond. Gillian reached to touch  Sydney’s arm scaring the woman out of her thoughts.

Suprise and fear crossed Sydney’s face when she saw the other woman in front of her.

Syd timidly asked her,”I’m in trouble aren’t I?”

“I’m afraid so little one. Let’s talk.” Gillian reached out a comforting hand caressing her milky white thigh exposed by the skirt she was wearing.

Sydney nodded so Gillian began what felt like an interigation: “When you went to Vegas did you know about this paper?”

“Yes ma’am, I did.”

“Did you lie to me telling me that you where done with your work before you even left?”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m so sorry.” Sydney started struggling to blink back tears.

Gillian remained firm with the woman reminding herself what she had done.

“Did you keep it from me when you go this grade back?”

Nodding jerkily Sydney’s sight became blurry when tears began to escape.

Helping the woman stand she pulled both of them to the couh holding her for a few moments allowing her to compose herself.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“No ma’am, I don’t have any excuses.”

Looking into Sydney’s green orbs she began to scold her, “School is your only responsiblity right now. It is vital you do your work fully and on time. Sydney you are on scholarship you could lose it if your grades fall. Also, you know that lying in any form in unacceptable to me. I won’t tolarate it. I’m sorry to tell you honey, but this is going to be the hardest punishment you’ve ever had. First I’m going to warm you up with my hand then you will be bent over the couch for the belt. After that you will be going to the bathroom for a mouth soaping.”

Sydney was shocked at the harshness of her prescribed punishment. Sydney knew she had messsed up and deserved what she had coming.

“Okay, love lets get you over my knee for your warm up.”

Sydney layed over her lovers lap there on the couch with her bottom slightly elivated by Gillian’s knees. Sydney reached for a pillow to hold onto while being spanked.

Gillian quickly flipped her skirt up out of the way and patted her partially clothed backside.  The time for words was over so Gillian raised her hand and brought it down on Sydney’s cheeck. She brought her hand down again and again. Sydney groaned in pain as her bottom got warmer and warmer under Gillian’s admistrations. Gillian felt her own hand begin to tingle so she surveys the pinkened cheeks before touching her up in a few spots where she didn’t like the color.

Gillian lowered Sydney’s panties to her mid-thighs. She gave both of them a moment before starting to give her a harder spanking. She slowly increased the strength of the swats turning the her skin from pink to red. Sydney started wiggling as the heat turned up on her backside causing Gillian to wrap her right arm around her to help keep her still.

“I’m sorry! I’ll be good! Please, please, stop spanking me!” Sydney started panting between sounds of pain.

“I know you are, but we aren’t done here.”

Gillian continued the spanking moving down to focus on the underside of her cheecks and tops of her tighs making the woman more desperate to get away.

“Ouch not there! Oh it hurts!”

Gillian slowled the spanks to a stop, however she reminded the woman they where not done.
“Okay, love stand up, please and remove your skirt.” She helped Sydney stand and watched her rub her botom tenderly for a few moments before reminding her she need to remove her skirt.

Sydney now bare from the waist down, having also stepped out of her panties, Gillian guided the woman to lay over the back of the couch.

After, getting the woman into position she reached for her belt buckle undoing it sliding the belt out of her loops. The swish caused Sydney to clench her cheecks in anticipation. Doubling the belt she rested the still warm leather against her bottom.

“I know you’ve never had a spanking with the belt. You need to stay in position. If you get up that swat will not count. If you stick your hand back that swat won’t count. If you do it more than twice you will be getting extra’s.”

Once again this information caused the exposed woman to clench so Gillian moved the belt and deeply massaged the twin globes until she relaxed. Stepping back to her right side Gillian told her that she was getting seven swats with the belt.

Practicing a swing she gaged where the belt would land. Bringing the belt back she snapped it across the full of her cheecks watching the mark appear. Time stood still before the pain registered causing Sydney to jump up howling for surely all the neighbors to hear, clenching the burning cheecks begging to not be spanked anymore.

“We aren’t done love, you still have 6 more to go bend back over.” Sydney took her sweet time getting back into position, however Gillian didn’t in giving her another swat with the thick belt just below the last.

Once again, Sydney had the same reaction she jumped up hands clenched to her burning skin and was dancing in circles.

“Sydney bend back over the couch we are not done.” Gillian tryed to make her voice as stren as possible however she found it difficult.

“Please, no more, please I’ll be good I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Sydney Rose that is not how you stop this. Say your word or bend over the couch.”

Gillian relutently bent over the couch making her butt the perfect target for that horrible belt.

Stepping closer to her Gillian placed a firm hand on her back to help her hold position and brought the belt down 5 more times quickly not giving her time to react.

Tossing the belt onto the couch she pulled her up and into a close hug. She reassured her of her love and forgivness while making Sydney feel safe and cared for.

“It’s time to go to the bathroom, love.”

Sydney groaned, but didn’t offer any further resistance.
Sydmney sat bare bottom on the toliet lid with a new bar of soap in her mouth. She was definetly regretting ever even thinking of lying to her girl friend.
Sydney never cryed during a spanking, but she did on very rare occations when being held after a spanking. Thats is what happened after getting her mouth washed out. The woman crawled into bed with her favorite person and cryed all of her emotions out.

After the tears ended Gillian told Sydney, “I got a call this morning from Elaine, they are going to a house on one of the little islands that a friend of theirs is letting them borrow. It is very private with a closed beach and everything. They asked if we wanted to come with them and said that they had asked Sarah and Alex to come too.”

This new information causes Sydney to perk up before asking, “So what did you tell them?”

“Well, I told them that I have a naughty brat that needs all of the attention she can get,” this caused Sydney to pout acting like her feelings where hurt, but Gillian saw the machevious twinkle in her eye,”so I told her we would be glad to go cause I need all of the help I can get with said brat.”

“HEY! I’m not a brat.”

Gillian raised an eyebrow before laughing at the woman still on her lap saying, “Says the one with a sore backside.”

This caused Sydney to huff and crossed her arms over her chest causeing Gillian to laugh again. Yeah, she definetly wasn’t a brat.


Gillian opened the last box of the day thankful that she and her girlfriend where almost done unpacking. Sydney and Gillian had been in a relationship for almost eight months and had decided to move in together. The women had spent almost a month looking for the right place which they finally moved into today.

Gillian watched as her blonde haired, green eyed, beauty walked into the kitchen carrying some dishes that had got mixed in together with some other stuff. Gillian took the dishes from her and put them away. Together they unpacked the last box.

Looking at each other they shared a happy smile and both went to collapse in complete exhaustion. They both relaxed in a easy silence until Sydney sat up and asked excitedly,  “Want to play Skyrim?”

Gillian really wanted to give a smart ass answer to Sydney, but could see the hope in her eyes that she would play video games with her.

“Uh, honey don’t you need to study and do some  homework?”

Sydney was a serious nerd. She meant that name in the most affectionate way possible. The blonde was a career student; she was currently working on her masters in history. While Sydney loved school and learning she needed help staying focused on occasion.

“I’m all caught up. Please, Gil just a little bit as a house warming.”

Sydney was using puppy dog eyes to beg the woman to play video games. Gil suddenly got an idea as a gift for a house warming.

“How about, a warming for our house warming?”

Sydney perked up at the mention of a spanking.

“I… ya know… okay.” Suddenly, Sydney found the couch in between them more interesting than anything else.

“Hey, look at me sweet girl.” Sydney looked up into Gil’s angular features, into her dark brown almost black eyes. “Never be embarrassed about a spanking.”

Gil leaned down to kiss the shorter woman before picking her up supporting her with hands under her thighs. Gasping at the show of strength Sydney wrapped her arms around her neck and legs around her waist hanging on for dear life. Gillian brought both woman to the bedroom setting the woman down on the bed.

Reaching under the bed Gillian pulled out a box which contained all of their toys. She opened it and got out a small lexan paddle about eight inches in length and had holes drilled in it.

Gillian sat on a arm less chair that was in the room for this very purpose, “You ready?”

Sydney nodded and stood in front of the woman she loved.

“Safe words?”

When playing like they where now the couple elected to use the universal stop light colors. Red for stop now. Yellow for close to reaching my limit. Green I am doing fine. When doing other sessions the couple used another specific word for stop.

Having heard Sydney recite the safe words, Gillian said, “Pull your shorts and panties down, please.” Sydney nervously attempted to unbutton her shorts and failed because of her shaking hands. Brushing them aside Gillian unbuttoned her form fitting khaki’s wiggling them down her hips leaving them at her knees before returning for her white cotton panties.

Now bare from the waist to her knees she was gently guided across Gillian’s left knee; Sydney placed both of her palms flat on the floor to support herself.  Gillian rubbed Sydney’s bottom and thighs to settle her nerves. Before she raised a hand to warm her up she told her she loved her and she was a good girl.

Raising her hand, she brought it down on the exposed curve of her girl friends cheeks. She swatted a slightly harder than normal tempo onto the woman’s thighs and bottom knowing this would be a harder spanking than normal. Sydney must have noticed this, if her yelps where an indication.

Seeing Sydney panting and her deep pink skin she stopped to ask her color. “Green.”  Was her immediate answer as well the shifting of her hips suggestively as she exposed her inner thighs and her womanhood.

Getting an idea she ran her hand along her inner thigh suggesting what she might do next. Leaning close to her ear she asked her permission to try spanking the insides of her thighs. Gasping at the surprising question Sydney agreed with it for now at least. Reaching to pull her pants and panties  completely off, Gil encouraged her to spread her legs wider to give her hand full access.

Gil started with little more than forceful pats knowing the inner thighs was a virgin territory for Sydney and they would be extra sensitive. However,  Sydney’s reaction surprised both of them, she simply whimpered and spread her legs even further. Raising a brow Gillian spanked her thighs harder. On a particularly hard spank her thighs snapped close on Gil’s hand. All it took was a few caresses and quiet words for her to part them again. Deciding that Sydney’s inner thighs had had enough for today she slowed and soon stopped spanking her there.

Giving both of them a moment to breathe she once again checked in by asking her the color. Sydney assured her she was still at a nice an warm green.

Gillian snapped the paddle down on her left cheek then right. She went back and forth moving all around. It didn’t take long before Sydney was squirming uncontrollably. Gillian wrapped her arm around the woman’s waist to help keep her still. She slowed down the spanking, but making it harder focusing on the sit spots. This move caused Sydney to utter a string of curse words, but did not say ‘red’. After about a dozen hard swats to her sit spots she stopped once again.

Gillian rubbed some of the soreness out of the cheeks while Sydney whimper and moaned, although not saying anything.

“Think you have had enough?”

After a few moments Sydney shook her head no she wasn’t done. Shocked at the answer, because the woman had already taken a hard spanking she asked her,  “What else do you want?”

Instead of saying anything, she struggled to stand. Finally, back on her feet she went to the bed and looked under it for their ridding crop. Getting the crop out she placed it on the bed before stripping the rest of her clothing off and getting on all fours in the middle of the bed.

Gillian felt her mouth go dry at the sight of Sydney with her back arched and body on display. She slowly stood and went to the bed picking up the riding crop. Tapping Sydney’s already heated skin she asked, “You sure?”