Driving Lessons Part Eight – Final

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Driving Lessons Began Here

I shook my head at the bratty woman sitting next to me. She knew good, and well I had not been cursing! Raising my eyebrow, I turned to her and just stared her down and allowed the tension between the two of us to build while I waited for her to respond. When she didn’t, I casually asked, “Yes, and I think I have also told you the same thing about lying too haven’t I Jessica Anne?”. If she could Top bait, then I was equally good at brat baiting, Oh yes.

The use of her full name would catch her attention quickly and make her squirm. I secretly loved that I had that effect on her at times, and yes I did it just to be slightly evil when I was in a mood.

“Okay, Okay, maybe you didn’t curse!” she admitted finally. I swatted her thigh lightly and gave her a broad smile. I was so glad that the grounding was about to be done. It had honestly been torture for the both of us. Being that I was the one who had grounded her, meant I had been acting as her personal chauffeur!  I love Jess, but goodness it seemed that she needed to go somewhere every night of the week!

“You know Jess, buttering me up by showing me adorable pet alpacas isn’t going to lessen the bottom warming I’m going to give you later right?”

Jess entire body slumped in her seat, “But Piper why do I have to have a spanking? I mean I’ve been sooo good!”

“Why don’t you tell me why we have to end this with me spanking you again?”

Her lip poked out in a pout as we continued to drive down the highway toward home. I thought she wasn’t going to answer but ten minutes later she mumbled, “Because it needs to be finalized and I need to forgive myself for all the reckless things I’ve done.”

“I think you are correct, little lady. Now lets head on home and get this behind us.”



I swung the car into Piper’s driveway and parked neatly under the shade of the oak tree. I gripped the steering wheel and took a deep breath, waiting for Piper.

“Go and wait for me in the bedroom Jess, you know what to do,” Piper told me quietly. I nodded, opened the car door and slid out. With slow steps, I made my way to the house and let myself in.

The bedroom was cool, the blinds had been pulled, and the room was suffused with dappled light. I went straight to the bed, picked up the two pillows and placed them at the end of the bed. My fingers fumbled on the buttons to my jeans, but I soon pulled them down, inching them over my hips and settled them at my knees. I hitched my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and slowly drew my knickers down. I glanced towards the door, Piper hadn’t come upstairs yet, but I knew she expected me to be in position when she did.

I sighed, but Piper had told me all along “Your punishment starts with a spanking and will end with a spanking, after that, you may have your keys back.”

The pillows sank a little under my weight as I bent over, bare bottom upturned and I waited for correction. I placed my head on my forearms and listened.

The steady tread of the stairs warned me that Piper was on her way. I heard the door squeak as she pushed it ajar. Silence. The seconds ticked, and then Piper walked softly across to the chest of drawers. The special drawer was pulled out on its runners, and I knew that Piper was selecting the implement. I closed my eyes, by heart beating thud-thud.

Piper came to my side, and I felt the leather of the strap as she rested it against my naked cheeks.


The strap felt heavy in my hands as I rested it against Jess’s bare cheeks, which trembled in the cool air. I studied her bottom and thought of all the things she did to earn her way across my lap once more. She had been a trooper most of the time these past five weeks, however, we still had unfinished business.

Without warning, I raised the strap and let drop the first solid TWACK across the center of her backside. Jess didn’t move but inhaled a sharp breath.

I took my time. Wanting to give her a moment to let the swat settle before I raised the strap again and brought it down in a similar resounding TWACK.

“Jessica Anne tell me why you are here. Tell me why I am taking a strap to your bare bottom.” I demanded voice stern but caring.

Jess, turned and looked at me as best she could as I continued to rest the leather on her vulnerable cheeks, “Because, I… because I was not responsible. Because I got too many traffic infractions.”

I nodded “And because I love you and you are going to take your safety as seriously as I do. I’m not going to lose you. But most of all this is so that you can forgive yourself.” And I pulled the strap back again.

Jess whimpered loudly as I punctuated my statement with another solid swat to her sit spots.

“Jess, I don’t even know what to threaten you with if anything like this ever happens again. Let’s just say I expect it never will again.” Again a hard TWACK landed across her sit spots punctuating my statement sharply.

Her bottom was already turning pink and looked like it honestly hurt with two lines running across, one on the center of her bottom where the first two swats landed and the next lower where the last two had connected. I sat beside her and rubbed her bare skin for a moment allowing all the swats to settle.

Leaning close to her ear I whispered, “Please don’t make me ever strap you like I’m about to again, Jess. My heart can’t take it.”

Jess’s eyes were wet as she nodded and pressed into my side, “I promise ma’am.”

I kissed her forehead and murmured, “I love you, little lady. You have your word if you need it.”

I stood again and picked up the strap. Placing one hand on her lower back to hold her steady I drew the strap back and began a fast pace of steady swats all over her bottom and sit spots. I left no spot untouched by the strap as the two lines became a mass of darker pink.

Jess didn’t lie still for long as the burn built up more and more into her skin. She began to squirm and cry out into the bed, however, I continued as my chest felt the pain her bottom surely did.

The strap fell fifty times in all according to the slow relentless count I was making inside of my head. As soon as the strap connected the last time against her flaming sit spots I dropped it and went to her side again, pulling her into my body, holding her as close as possible.

“Shhh, little lady. You did so well.  I’m so very proud of you.”

She burrowed into me and held on as she shed a steady flow of tears. At some point, I felt wetness on my own face and realized I had joined her in the flood of tears. Tears that were the signal that this long and at times painful process had finally come to a close. Finally, we could move on and be back to normal.



Love is not always about romance, it comes in many forms and is shown in many ways. Yes, I was going to have a sore bottom, but it wasn’t just about that. As I laid there held in strong arms, my bottom banded from red to crimson, I knew from the depth of my core that I was not going to fall ever again. One person would make sure of that……Piper Wentworth.

Driving Lessons Part 7

Hi all! This story continues! I’m not sure how many more there will be but we will see! Hope you all enjoy!

As soon as Jess counted the last stroke, I dropped the blasted paddle and gently rubbed her hot cheeks trying to dissipate some of the sting from the paddle. She had paid the price, and now it was all over with.

“You are forgiven, little lady. You did well. I’m proud of you.” I felt a few tears in my own eyes as I helped her pull her pants and panties back over her bottom then helped her up off my lap, instantly welcoming her into my arms.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close as she sat on my lap breathing deeply tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

“You are forgiven, Jess. Please don’t make me do that again anytime soon.”

“I’ll try not to, Piper.”

Continuing to comfort her I asked, “You okay, little lady?”

“That hurt.”

“I know it did. It was supposed to sweetie. I don’t want you ever doing anything like that again.”

“I really will try Piper.”

“I know, little lady.”

Deep down I did indeed know she would try. Jess was that kind of woman. She didn’t often break her rules for the hell of it. Truthfully I was a very lucky top. After the rough first six weeks, we had settled into our roles and finally figured out what worked for us and what didn’t. We had a moment in there where we both, especially me, had to realize that advice was just that. We had to do what worked for us and ignore anyone else’s options out of it. Neither our age nor cultural differences truly mattered if we were willing to talk everything out.

I looked up into Jess’s eyes, she seemed to be coming around, but I kissed her temple gently anyway and told her, “I love you, Jessica Anna. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Love you too Piper.”

Not every Top would tell their brat they loved them. And it also wasn’t something most people understood. I’m not sure I myself understood all the time. It’s not romantic love obviously, but it’s a more profound love than that of a friend. I know I’m incredibly protective of her like that of a mother and child, we can tell each other everything like best friends, and we can tease like sisters, but even all that doesn’t quite describe the way we feel for each other.

I hugged her again as her eyes began to droop closed. I knew she had to just as exhausted as I was. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. Little did Jess know when I held her in my arms like this it was just as much for my benefit as it was hers. I found myself wanting a hug just as much as she after giving out a hard spanking. There was something about it that was reassuring of no hard feelings from her.

“Come on you let’s get you up to bed.”




Five weeks later……

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Piper, close her eyes, visibly gulp and grip the handle of the jeep as though she was preparing herself to meet her maker. I didn’t look at her though, because I knew I needed to keep my eyes on the road ahead. Failure to not drive in the manner in which she wished me to, would result in me not being given my car keys back. This was my final lesson, and I needed to prove to her that I could drive in a safe and sensible manner.

Holding my breath, I fixed my eyes ahead and prepared to overtake. The road ahead was clear, pressing my foot down on the gas, I indicated and started to maneuver around the truck. Taking a sneak peek at my friend, I saw that she still had her eyes closed! She wasn’t watching the road at all!  The imp in me decided to have a little fun, for, after all, she was supposed to be overseeing my driving

I pressed my foot down further, pulled out and around the blue truck, and at the same time I yelled out


Piper immediately opened her eyes and shrieked out

“What is it? What the fuck is it?”

By this time I had successfully overtaken, and my little jeep was speeding (although keeping to the proper limit) along the country road.

I jerked my head back in the direction that we had come saying “Alpaca farm, don’t you just love them? So cute” I sucked in my breath so that I didn’t laugh “By the way Piper, did you just….ummmm…..swear?” and I waited for a response.

We fell into silence. Piper I could tell was struggling with an answer. She is always very particular about swearing, always pulling me up should I utter an expletive. I must admit I found it quite enjoyable waiting for her to come up with an explanation.  It would have to be a good one, because only the other day, she had pulled me up for saying the “f” word.

“Dropping the hoover on your foot is no excuse for vulgarity Jess.” she had informed me as I had hopped on one foot, yelling out obscenities.

This was going to be good, a little bit of Top baiting was always enjoyable “hoisted by one’s own petard” sprang to mind and I stifled a giggle.

Piper in the meantime sat very still in her seat saying nothing.

“I’m sure you told me that I should wash my mouth out if I swore” I continued with the baiting.

Piper in the meantime, still sat very still not saying anything.

Driving Lessons Part 6

Hi all! Finally, we come to the part you all have been waiting for! I’m sorry for the long wait! Also, I know that Jojo told a few of you that I would be posting this earlier this week, however, it kept slipping my mind. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

The paddle with holes in it! I stared up at Piper, hoping that she hadn’t meant what she had said. However, she just nodded her head, spun me around and with a tap to my behind, sent me in the direction of the stairs.

The paddle was kept in the guest bedroom, the room I used when I stayed over. As I entered, the bedroom, I walked over to the white chest of drawers. This was where we kept our various disciplinary items. The second drawer housed a small collection of paddles, an old-fashioned hairbrush, short leather strap and a wooden spoon. Pulling out the drawer, I extracted the paddle from its resting place. It was oval, made of oak with eight holes drilled in. I hadn’t been paddled with this before, but I knew the holes were there for a reason. This was one paddling that was going to impart a sting.

I made my way back down the stairs and towards the living room. Piper had her back to me, in silhouette as she stood by the patio doors, looking out into the garden. The sun was gradually descending as night began to take over. I hesitated at the doorway, not wanting to disturb her contemplation but Piper must have sensed that I was there, for she turned around.

“Come” And she crooked her finger at me.

I did as I was bid and  I crossed the floor and stood before her. The seconds seemed to tick by until she placed her hands either side of my shoulders and bending down, she kissed the top of my head.

‘It will be Ok Jess”, And her hands gave me a reassuring squeeze. I nodded, then breathing deeply, I gave her the paddle. Piper took the paddle from me and ran a steady hand over the polished wood. She then pointed with it towards the couch.

“Right, Jessica Anne O’Sullivan you and I need to have a conversation, ”  and taking me by the hand she led me over to the couch, sat down and pulled me between her knees. Her strong hands snapped at the buttons of my jeans, releasing each one with a small pop.

I could feel my face becoming hot and not wanting to look at her, I set my gaze on her left shoulder. A sharp tap on my thigh caused a yelp from me.

“You need to be looking at me little lady, ” and she wriggled my jeans down, inching them slowly over my hips and bottom, to settle them around my knees.


“Little lady, you are not allowed to put yourself in danger when you drive. You are too important to me, to do that. Do you realize you could kill yourself or someone else when you drive distracted? I am not going to allow you to do that, which was why you were grounded. Today when you left me in the parking lot you broke your grounding and disrespected me, you and our relationship in the process. Jessica, we are best friends, but I am your Top first. Do not forget that. You are getting this spanking to remind you of that. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I gently guided Jess over my knee and helped her settle into position with her body resting on the couch beside me, wrapped my left arm securely around her waist and then began rubbing circles on her bottom and upper thighs.
“You ready?” Jess’s brunette locks barely moved, but it was enough for me to know that she had nodded.

Without further conversation, I raised my palm and brought it down in a sharp SWAT to the center of her bottom. Then began a slow, steady rhythm of warming her bottom and sit spots. Jess was her usual quiet resolve through the process of me slowly spanking harder and then faster. Within a few minutes, pink skin was peeking out from around the edge of her panties, and no longer cool to the touch.

I stopped and rubbed her bottom a moment before tapping her hips and quietly telling her, “Lift your hips, please.”

I felt Jess’s entire body go tense over my knee. I was close to a full minute before she breathed deeply and lifted her hip. As soon as she did, I hooked the hem of her panties and tugged them down to rest on the back of her knees revealing her pink backside.

Panties now down I tightened my hold on the smaller woman, tucked her under my arm and raised my palm again now spanking her bottom repetitively in the same place before moving to the next spot doing the same there. Jess was now beginning to wiggle around, and her bottom was definitely emitting warmth. I tipped her further in the air, so her bottom was pointed higher and spanked each side repeatedly. This she really didn’t like. I could see her hold onto a cushion and could hear a quiet gasp escape her lips. The swats were now hard enough that my hand was imprinted on her bottom.

Finally, she was very warm, so I stopped spanking and started gently rubbing circles on her bottom allowing her to breathe for a bit.
“Little lady, we are almost done. You are getting 10 with the paddle. I need you to count and ask for the next stroke.”

“Do I have to?” Whined Jess.

“Do you want 20?”

“Okay, okay.”

I tapped her bottom in warning.

“No Ma’am I don’t want 20,” Jess added quickly, her tone more respectful.

“Whenever you are ready.”

I reached over and picked up the paddle and rested the cool wood on her hot bottom and waited.


Oh, how I hated having to ask for the strokes and Piper knew this. We had many a discussion as to why it was necessary. In a way, I understood the reason why. I was totally submitting myself to her. Trusting her completely and by doing so, by giving that gift of total submission, I was actually the one in control of the spanking. But it was so hard for me to do.

Piper just let the paddle rest against my naked bottom, waiting for me to request the swats and the paddle would remain there until I did.

“May I have the first swat ma’am.” There, I’d managed to say it!

I felt the paddle leave my behind and then come down with a firm smack on my right cheek.


I let out a small gasp as the sting bloomed across my backside and then dissipated, that had hurt.


I waited until I was ready to receive the next before asking,

“Please ma’am may I have another.”

This time the paddle cracked down on my left cheek, and I cried out.

“Oww…….Piper not so hard!” Piper, however, just held me tighter and waited for me to count.


The next four Swats were applied in equal measure, and I yelled through each of them. My entire bottom was burning, and I still had four more swats to go.

“Seven……….may I have the next please ma’am?” Piper rubbed the paddle over my heated skin and then directed the wood with a deft upswing landing on my right sit spot.

“Aaaaiii …….” And my hand involuntary came back in a useless attempt to protect my rear. Piper expertly caught my wrist, grasping it in her hand ensuring that the paddle would not hurt my flailing arm. There was nothing I could do, I had to remain in place across my Top’s knee as she soundly spanked my bare bottom.

My left sit spot received the same treatment, and I found it difficult to call out the strokes, my whole being concentrated on the effects the paddle was having on my backside. Piper sensed this.

“You’re doing well little lady, two more and then we’re done.”

“Eight…..please may I have the next swat,” this time the paddle cracked across both cheeks leaving me breathless.

“Nine” my voice was muffled, and I could feel that tears were not far behind “may I have the last one ma’am.”

“Good girl” praised Piper as she raised the paddle and brought it down for the last time.

“Ten….I am sorry Piper”, and that was when I burst into tears.

Driving Lessons Part 5

This is turning out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be! Thank you all for reading! Much love. :*

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On hearing those words, I nodded in acquiescence, now was not the time to argue with Piper. Getting out of the SUV I made my way towards the house. There was a heaviness in my heart as I ascended the steps. I fumbled in my pocket for my set of keys and selected Piper’s house key. I fitted it into the lock and pushed the door open and entered the house.

I loved Piper’s house, for me, it was the epitome of the ‘Deep South’ and reminded me of the old American movies that I used to watch as a child. This was so different to where I grew up as a child in the leafy suburbs of the ‘Home Counties’ of the U.K. Here, I got a sense of freedom, a sense of the individual. The house was splayed out, not hemmed in by other houses competing for space. The covered porch encircled the house, wicker chairs placed in strategic areas so that the inhabitant would always have a good view of the sun rising or setting. It was a tranquil place with flowering dogwood trees dotted around providing shade from the intense Georgia sunlight, and as I let myself into the cool interior of the house, I heard the sound of the cuckoo calling from the trees, it’s harsh tee-oo tee-oo, cry waking me from my thoughts.

I knew exactly where to go for I’d been there many times before. Passing the kitchen and the breakfast nook, I headed along the hallway to the living room. I paused for a few seconds at the entrance, not wanting to cross the threshold. I could see my corner, just to the left of me and that was where Piper expected me to stand. Hands by my sides, nose almost touching the wall, not moving, waiting and thinking.

Hearing Piper closing the front door, I hurried across the room and took up position. Piper would leave me for a good few minutes before coming to me, and I was expected to contemplate what had happened today and the reason why.

So, what had happened and most importantly why had it happened? I knew what had taken place, that was the easy bit, I had driven off leaving Piper stranded with no means of getting home. That was not acceptable, and Piper would probably ensure that sitting down would be an uncomfortable experience over the next day or two.

Why had I done it? If I were true to myself, I knew deep down why. I wanted, no that wasn’t the right word…needed a spanking. I needed to know that someone cared about me. Moving to a new country was difficult, and I hadn’t realized how homesick I was. I had nothing to keep me in the UK, but it had been my home for over thirty years, and there were times when I missed it. Meeting Piper had changed all that. The homesickness receded, and I began to enjoy living in the States. But, every so often that deep longing would return, turning my feelings inside out. That was when I needed Piper Wentworth.


I walked into the living room where Jess had her nose in the corner. I could tell she was trying to stay as still as possible which I knew she found difficult to do, but she was trying, so that is what mattered to me. I watched her for close to ten minutes getting my thoughts together and deciding on what I needed to ask her when the time came.

Part of me wasn’t even sure I needed to spank her right now. I knew that’s what she thought was coming and also expected, but at the same time wasn’t that giving her what she wanted? I let out a slow even breath and called for Jess to come over to me.

I reached out to her and pulling her to stand in front of me in and looked up into her eyes, “What did you think about while in the corner little lady?”

Jess looked everywhere, except for at me, “That I shouldn’t have driven off like that.”

I gave her hands a gentle squeeze before I probed a bit more, “Why shouldn’t you have driven off like that, little lady?”

“Because it was wrong… I wasn’t thinking straight… I’m sorry Piper.”

I knew that this part was actually harder for Jess than even the corner time. She hated the confessing and talking about why she did what she did. That was part of the reason I insisted she always followed through with it. She needed to acknowledge her thoughts and feelings or all of it would be pointless. There were also times when I was unsure. I wanted to know the entire story, especially my brat’s side of it.

“But why was it wrong, Jessica Anne?” I continued to press her.

“Well, I suppose I’m still grounded from driving without supervision.”

“And perhaps, in essence, you stole my car which is also illegal?”

Jess’s eye’s widened and finally met mine, and she tried to pull away from me.

“But…Piper, I swear I didn’t see it like that… I just…. well…..you know….”

Nodding, I reached for Jess again and gently guided her to sit on my lap. I wanted to hold her while we finished talking. And I thought she looked like she needed a hug at this point. I know I did.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close.  “Can you tell me where your mind has been lately?” I asked.

Jess leaned her head on my shoulder, whispering, “I’m just feeling a bit, oh I don’t know, it’s just that I miss home sometimes, that’s all.”

Again, I felt my heart ache for my dear friend. Apparently, I had not been paying close enough attention to how she was doing lately. I mentally kicked myself again in the backside. I had failed her. I hadn’t seen what was going on before we were neck deep in it.

“Oh, little lady. I know you do. You know you can talk to me at any time about what you are feeling right? Isn’t that a better option than what you’ve been doing? Acting out for attention?” I could feel the smaller woman tense in my arms which was answer enough to my question.


I nodded at her and placed a gentle kiss on her temple before I helped her up off my lap and standing her back in front of me, “How do you think we should handle this.”

I could just hear her soft groan before she replied, “Piper! Do I really have to say?”

Involuntarily I felt my right eyebrow raise in a bit of a threat. She knew the answer to that was always yes.

“I probably deserve a spanking, I guess.”

I gave her a reassuring smile and told her, “You do little lady. Let’s get this taken care of. Please go get the paddle with holes in it and bring it to me.”

Driving Lessons Part 4

Hi all hope you all are enjoying this story. I sure am! I’m sure you all thought I forgot about you today, however, we squeaked it in under the midnight mark! 😉 Please let us know what you think! Things are stepping up a notch with this one!

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I didn’t respond back to her statement but held tightly to the steering wheel, looking intently through the windscreen. For over one hour now, a whole sixty minutes, I had been driving up and down the empty car lot.

The lesson had not been a success. Piper had quickly turned the radio off in the car, telling me “You need to concentrate”. I had then proceeded to drive along the tarmac with Piper giving me advice such as “Slow down……watch that speed….think about the road ahead…..always be one step ahead……could be a child about to step out in the road…” the more I heard, the more I became frustrated – she obviously thinks I can’t drive! – I thought to myself as I gripped the steering wheel, my knuckles showing white with the intensity.

Finally, she had asked me to pull up, which I had done so. Admittedly, the car was more at an angle than straight, but I didn’t care. And then, she told me, we wouldn’t be driving on the road! On hearing those words, I took my foot off the brake pedal involuntarily. Piper for some reason thought I had taken my foot off the brake on purpose and yelled out, causing me to put my foot back on the pedal. The SUV lurched forward and then juddered to a halt.

I didn’t dare look at Piper but sat looking down fiddling with a loose thread on my shirt. Piper sighed and patted my leg “Ok you, no more driving today. Let’s swap over, I’ll take you home”, and she got out of the car.

Now, I’m not sure why I did it, but I did. As soon as Piper exited the car, I turned the key, started the car, quickly moved the gear stick into drive, and with a sharp right turn, I headed out of the parking lot. Glancing up into the rearview mirror, I saw a surprised Piper gradually disappear from my vision as I exited onto the main road.

I drove for about a mile before my brain engaged as to what I’d just done! Had I honestly just driven off leaving my Top stranded in the middle of a deserted parking lot? Yes, I had, it then occurred to me, that she didn’t have her cell phone either, it was still in the boot of the car. “Oh fuck” I muttered to myself, I was going to be in so much trouble for that.

I knew I needed to head back. I shouldn’t have left Piper like that, she didn’t deserve that, “Why the fuck did you do it, Jess?” I admonished myself out loud as I swung the car back around and drove towards my fate.


Frozen in place, I stared at the back of my slowly retreating car. I watched as Jess not so gracefully turned the corner and disappeared from sight. I felt many things at this moment as I stood in the slowly receding sunlight. I wasn’t mad. Actually, my main feeling was of concern. I knew Jess had been pushing for a spanking all day. I silently kicked myself for not just taking care of it sooner. However, at this moment I knew there was little to nothing I could do but wait. I knew Jess would eventually realize what she was doing and come back or go to my house. However, suddenly the thought popped into my mind that my phone that was now driving away with my wayward brat. I groaned out loud as I thought: how the hell am I going to get home?

Looking around there wasn’t really anything nearby, and without a phone, I was stranded for lack of a better word. I stood there for several long moments and decided I might as well start walking to the closest business to call someone to come pick me up. Taking a deep breath, I started walking through the parking lot heading for the sidewalk.

All the thoughts that were swirling in my mind were about what in the world I was going to do with my brat.  I knew life had been hard for her moving to the States alone, changing jobs, getting used to a new culture was all stressful. I just worried that I had missed something along the way. Was it all too much for her? Was I doing the right things for her? My heart hurt thinking I had missed something and hurt even more with the thought something might be going on that I had missed.

Just as I reach the sidewalk, I noticed Jess driving back at me. Albeit rather slowly. She stopped the car by the curb and turned the engine off. I stopped and waited to see what she was going to do. We both were still for a minute before she opened the door to the car and slid out, walked. around the front of it and stopped in front of me. She didn’t look at me now but instead was very interested in the ground.

I heard a whispered, “I’m sorry.”

I knew she was. I could see it in her body language and hear it in her voice. She was very sorry. Unfortunately, not as sorry as she would be later.

“Please get in the car. Let’s just go to my house.”

Jess nodded and walked to the passenger side of the car and climbed in as I did the same only sitting in the driver’s seat. We buckled our belts, and I pulled away from the curb.

I didn’t truly have the words to say to Jess about what had happened, so I kept silent on the short drive to my home oddly enough there wasn’t much tension between us. We both had known each other too long for that. We also both surely knew what would happen when we got to the house. I pulled into the driveway and put the car in park, turning it off.

Before Jess could get out, I told her firmly, “Little lady, I need you to go inside and stand in your corner and wait for me. Think about everything that happened today and everything that lead us here. I’ll get your things out of the back and bring them in.”

Driving Lessons Part 3

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“You can’t!”

“Oh, little lady, I very much can. I would take you to my car over there and pull you into the back seat and have a conversation right here. Would you like to change your response to that question I asked you?”

Jess looked at the sidewalk for several long moments, scuffing her toe back and forth. I knew she was trying really hard to find the ‘right’ answer. I wanted to pull her into a hug, but at the same time, I knew this is what she needed. She needed me to be firm and her Top right now.

Finally, she looked up at me and quietly whispered, “Okay, I’ll put my stuff in the trunk while I’m driving.”

I gave her a gentle smile and opened the hatchback to the SUV and stepped back as the shorter woman momentarily clung to her phone, before setting the bag down and putting the phone into it. I did the same. I needed to make sure to set a good example for my brat.

“Good girl, just so we are clear, you do understand that every time from now on this is what is to happen?”

“Yes, Piper.”

“Thank you, little lady.” I dug into my pocket and pulled the keys out and tossed them in Jess’s direction. I giggled a bit as she juggled them back and forth for a few seconds before she finally caught them.

“Okay, you go ahead and get in we are just going to do a little driving around the parking lot today.” Jess’s head bobbed up and down as she spun to go to the driver’s door. However, before she got out of my reach, I firmly swatted her bottom, causing her to yelp loudly.


“You needed that, little lady.” Her lip poked out adorable in a pout as she reached back to rub where I had swatted.


I scooted out of Piper’s reach, just in case another swat should connect with my backside. I knew I was walking a fine line and that if I didn’t reel myself in, Piper would make good her threat and spank me. Clutching the car keys, I opened the car door preparing to hop in

“Oh, Jess?”

“Yes, Piper?” I looked over my shoulder.

“Other side hon! We drive on the right here!” And with a light tap on my behind, she shooed me to the correct side, a smile lighting up her face at my error.

I had to laugh too, for although I had been in the States for about a year, there were times when my subconscious brain still thought it was back in the UK. Jumping into the driver seat, I snapped the seatbelt into place, and I waited for Piper to get it before I turned the key in the ignition. The SUV purred into life. I smiled, I had missed driving since I’d been grounded. It was so good to get behind the wheel again, even though we were only going to be driving around the car park or parking lot as she called it. Placing the car into drive, I began to pull away.

“Stop, stop, stop” Piper’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“What?” And I turned to look at her.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?”

I shook my head. “Umm….no…. don’t think so.”

Piper frowned, her brows almost knitting together. “What did you forget to do?”.

“I didn’t forget anything” I could hear my voice becoming defensive.

Piper raised an eyebrow before enunciating “Mirror, signal, maneuver! You didn’t check your mirror and neither did you indicate! Basic driving Jess!”

I could feel my face become heated as she corrected my driving. We were in a deserted parking lot, there hadn’t been any need to use my mirror let alone indicate as to where I was going!


I groaned and laid my head back on the headrest. Jess and I had been “driving” for over an hour though it felt like a lot longer. A small part of me wondered how she ever got her license in the first place or how she hadn’t killed herself before now.

“Okay okay! Just pull up in a parking spot and put it in park we are done for the day!”

I could see Jess’s hands grip the steering wheel tighter as she turned the wheel to a nearby parking spot. After stopping albeit a little skewed into the parking spot, Jess turned the key switched the car off. We sat in silence for several moments.

Jess and I made eye contact her voice still full of whine, “That’s it!? We didn’t even go out on the road!” when her foot came off the brake to give an accompanying stomp the car started rolling forward.

“JESS! BRAKE!” Frantically, the little brunette stomped on the brake, jerking the car to a halt a few feet from where it was supposed to be parked up.

I pointedly watched as Jess avoided eye contact as she put the car in park, hands falling to her lap fiddling with the hem of her shirt.

“What were you saying about going on the road?”


“Didn’t think so. We will get on the road eventually. Right now I’m more concerned with you focusing while driving. Only on driving at that.”

I could see the lip poke out a bit and the puppy dog eyes go into full effect. If only she knew it was so hard to stay firm and not give in when she actually did those things.

“Little lady, it is a punishment. It isn’t supposed to be enjoyable. I don’t ever want to have to talk to you about distracted driving again. Do you understand that? I love you, and it would break me to see anything bad happen to you under my watch.”

Driving Lesson Part 2

Part one of Driving Lesson can be found here.

As we drove in silence, I went back to the past few months and all the things that lead us here. When Jess moved to the States, it was like she had a sudden lapse in judgment. Of course at the time she had wonderful explanations for the tickets, (which were not all that wonderful, but that was another thought for another time) however what truly had landed us both here was her repeated need to be on the phone while she was driving. Of course, she tried to place some of the blame on me as we did tend to hands-free talk while both of us were driving home in the evening. However, we also had made a clear rule to not touch the phone while the car was in gear. Not two days after the rule was in place did she confess to breaking our agreement.

Luckily, just as my mind was about to wander down that rabbit hole, we pulled up to the car park. However, unluckily for Ms. Jessica, I knew the plans I had for her backside before the end of her grounding, unlike her. It was way past time she paid for all the “little” mishaps while driving. If nothing else she was going to learn to pay more attention to things while in charge of driving.

When the car finally came to a complete stop, I climbed out of the cramped space and helped Jess out of the car much to her grumbling.

As we stood close together on the sidewalk, Jess again was pouting this time only worse as there weren’t many people around to see the beginnings of her little fit. Sighing again I prayed that this wouldn’t be how the whole afternoon went. I honestly didn’t have it in me to fight with her the entire evening.

I counted to five in my head, so I didn’t come out too harsh. Then I straightened my back imposing my height just a little more and cleared my throat, “I am going to tell you this one time, little lady, you better mind the attitude or you will not sit tomorrow, which will be unfortunate when you have to write too many lines to count.”

Jess’s head dropped a little bit. I knew I had made my point. Hopefully, it would stick this time. I was fortunate honestly. Jess was an amazing first brat a top could help. Though we began as just a Top/brat over time, we also developed a deep friendship. In many ways, we fitted each other very well. When one of us was down the other would pick the other up, and we always supported each other in whatever we did. Also, one thing that made out relationship work as well as it did was that we were not romantically involved with each other. In many ways, it made it more straightforward.

Side by side we walked towards my car on the far end of the parking lot. As we walked I quietly heard the brunette murmur, “I’m sorry Piper, I’ll behave, I promise.”

“You are forgiven, little lady.” I placed a hand on her back as we continued to walk. I knew the true test of her statement would be in the next request I made of her, “Okay, little lady, hand over your phone. From now on I expect it to be in your bag in the trunk of the car, so you are not tempted to reach for it to even look at it.”

I just stood and watched as she processed what I had said to her.


It took me a couple of seconds to digest what Piper had just told me.

“But….but….come on I said I’m sorry. I need my phone, Piper. You can’t honestly expect me to keep it in the boot!”

Piper, however, just crossed her arms and nodded. Her hazel eyes connecting with my green ones as she watched my reaction.

I knew that determined look. It was a definite ‘I am your Top look, and you will do as I have requested!’

It was a look that had me squirming on the spot. Piper meant business, and there was no wriggling out of it. My inward voice was telling me that this was ridiculous. Piper was ten years younger than I, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Should I not be the one to Top, but it wasn’t as simple as that.

On numerous occasions, I had asked myself if the age gap mattered and time again I concluded that no. it was not important to us. Piper was a natural Top, it was part of her make-up, being younger than I, had nothing to do with it.

So where did that leave me? Well, I was a natural brat, and I needed that someone to hold me to account, someone to catch me when I was falling, someone just to be there, someone who understood what I needed and someone to ‘light up my tail’ should I need it and that someone just happened to be Piper.

At 25 years of age Piper Wentworth for all her youth, made quite an impressive Top. It wasn’t necessarily her height, for she stood just over 6ft in her socks, but it was the way in which she went about it. She could have abused the fact that she was so tall, but she didn’t. She used her height as only a tall woman could, and that was protection. With her, I felt safe for she was my shelter, my refuge almost. Piper gave me guidance, reassured me when times were tough and always held me to account. I was sure that she had the words “Top” written right through her core!

I was brought out of my reverie by Piper “Do we need to have a conversation right now?”

Driving Lessons Part 1

Hi spanky friends! I’m back… (no not dead ;)) I have the beginnings of a story for you all. It’s going to be at least four parts that I plan to post once a week for the next several weeks. I want to thank the wonderful and talented Jojo for writing this with me! Please leave her comments to let her know how much you enjoyed this! Happy reading!


P.S. Swats to you all!

I spotted my brat just down the sidewalk and quickly maneuvered through the crowds of people to get to her. She was faced away from me, looking to find me coming towards her from the opposite direction. I arrived at my brat and encircled her short frame from behind with my long arms, she looked up as her lips spread into a smile. I asked, “Hi you, you ready to get your first driving lesson?”

My simple question caused her to groan and wiggle away from my embrace. Apparently, that would be a no. She spun around to face me, her smile now into twisted into a pout. I knew she was mad at me.

“You were serious about that! Piper, I’ve been driving longer than you have been alive!” I sighed and just listened. That woman. Sometimes I wanted to swat her right here in public. However, I contained myself.

Keeping my voice level as to not draw unnecessary attention I firmly told her, “Jess, I was dead serious. And I did warn you. You got four traffic tickets in one year and were caught on the phone multiple times while driving. Therefore, you are now going to be grounded from driving until you complete ten driving lessons with me. Do you understand me, young lady?”

Jess didn’t say anything. Instead, she just huffed and started to cross her arms until she looked around and realized she was still in public. I really wanted to roll my eyes at the woman, however again I carefully controlled my reaction.

“Little lady, the parking lot where we are going to practice is about 10 minutes away let’s get a taxi and go. We can talk more about it later.” I offered her a hand, and she just walked by me without so much as a word. That woman was already cruising, and we hadn’t even started the lesson yet.

I followed her down the sidewalk until she flagged down a taxi. Jess scooted to the far side, crossed her arms and pointedly looked out the window. I slid in beside her making sure to sit close. I wanted to be able to talk to her while on our drive.

After giving the driver a piece of paper with the address, I reached down, unzipped my bag and then tapped Jess on the leg. When she looked over at me, I pointed to the now on display wooden hairbrush that I knew she despised. She eyes widened when she registered what she was looking at. Jess’s green eyes met mine and her skin pinked, especially when I quietly, whispered to her, “I mean it, young lady, I will get that out if you do not behave yourself today.” All the response I got was a jerky nod, but I knew that was enough. She understood what I meant.

The rest of the short ride to the empty car park was silent. Both of us lost in thought. Me deciding if I really could spank her in semipublic if I needed to and wondering if I had made the right decision to torture us both with this punishment. Only time would tell.


I stared out of the window, not looking at Piper as the taxi driver drove us to the car park. This was ridiculous. I was 35! I’d been driving far longer than Piper. In fact, she had still been in the 5th Grade when I’d passed my test! So how come I was the one having to undertake driving lessons and ten at that. It was so not fair!

Piper was putting her foot down, had grounded me from driving and had even confiscated my car keys and for what? Four traffic tickets and being caught by her a couple of times using my phone when driving. I wouldn’t have minded, but she was the one that I was talking to at the time!

Those four tickets, were nothing really, well almost nothing. They hadn’t been my fault, and I had told Piper that:

Ticket Number 1:

Well, I honestly hadn’t seen the sign telling me that I was in a 30-mph zone and I had just gone over by 5 miles, so really 35 mph was actually ok. Apparently not to my Top because she almost blew her top so to speak. Having been read the riot act for a good ten minutes, I counted myself lucky that I’d only received a hand spanking. Don’t get me wrong, Piper, can spank hard with her hand, but it was far better than the dreaded hairbrush.

Ticket Number 2:

How was I to know that I was driving down a one-way street the wrong way? I was new to the area. It’s not my fault I didn’t see the No Entry Sign. The Police Officer who stopped me didn’t seem to agree, and neither did Piper when I told her. “You need to be more careful, otherwise….” She didn’t finish her sentence but reading between the lines I guessed that it wouldn’t bode too well for my bottom should I do such a thing again. And talking about lines, I didn’t get off scot-free, she gave me 500 lines to write out, and insisted that this would help me to remember to pay attention whilst driving.

Ticket Number 3:

Ok, so I’d been driving around for a while without my rear brake light working. Although that’s not what I told the Police Officer when she stopped me. I just made out that my light had only just stopped working, The Police Officer was quite apologetic that she had to give me a ticket. It was obviously my charm that had swayed her. Piper had been quite sympathetic as well and just called it bad luck. I’ve never told her that my light was busted for a good 2 weeks before I got it fixed. But what your Top doesn’t know, can’t harm her…

Ticket Number 4:

I was sure I had renewed my car insurance, well I remember having the correspondence sent to me, but I didn’t realize that I needed to send off proof of my no claims bonus for it to be valid. I still shuddered at the memory, for I had been pulled over at a routine DUI checkpoint. It had been nearing Christmas, and the Police were out and about, checking everyone coming and going from the North part of town. I just happened to be one of those unfortunate drivers that was caught in the checkpoint. I knew I hadn’t been drinking, so I was ok there. However, when they ran my vehicle through their database, it turned out that I was driving while uninsured! Bloody hell! The ticket had been a somewhat costly one, and Piper had only found out because I had asked her if she would mind not having a Christmas present because I couldn’t afford it!

As to using my phone, while driving….