Scare Me Like That Again – Part Three

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Melissa placed a sharper, resounding swat on the across the center of both cheeks, before beginning to pat once more. “I can see you’ve not had enough attention, young lady! I’m going to make sure you don’t sit comfortable tomorrow!”

Melissa’s voice was firm and husky from arousal making it even sexier than normal. It caused Sarah to shiver a bit, but she was suddenly distracted as she felt Melissa’s hand travel back between her thighs and tease her sensitive flesh. She whimpered; the fire below almost instantly reigniting.

Sarah began pushing back, trying to gain more contact before Melissa pulled her hand away again, only to be interrupted by Melissa’s scold. “Not yet, little brat. Up you go and over the end of the bed.”

Sarah whined as she felt Melissa’s hands on her hips, helping her stand. She was still a little shaky from pleasure and had to pause as Melissa stood and stepped closer to her. Melissa’s hand cupped Sarah’s face before she leaned down and placed a gentle kiss to her lips. She continued kissing for a long moment as her hands gently fell from Sarah’s face and started to roam over Sarah’s chest. Soon, both sets of hands were liberally exploring each other’s soft curves; caressing, pinching, and groping as tongues began to intertwine.

Sarah’s administrations started to head south, but when she reached Melissa’s center, Melissa caught her hand. “I don’t think so. We’re not done with you yet, miss.”

“Oh come on, Mel. I want to make you whither and squirm too.”

Melissa gave Sarah a crooked smile before turning her around and swatting her over the edge of the bed. Forced on her belly, Sarah couldn’t help but pout. Melissa wasn’t playing fair tonight. She crossed her arms, tucking her head in them and shifted from foot to foot as she realized that something wasn’t right. Melissa was too quiet and suddenly being bent over the bed felt awkward and exposed.

“Turn around and you’ll regret it, young lady,” Melissa warned, startling Sarah as she snapped her head back to the front. She shifted her hips, this time feeling not exposed or awkward but again aroused. That tone, that threat, the way that Melissa had total control over her was causing goosebumps to rise on her arm.

Sarah was so focused on the tingling in her lower regions, that she was again startled. This time it was by a small cool bit of leather that Melissa was teasing her bottom with. Melissa rubbed to the right, then the left, and then suddenly it left her backside only to come back down with a sharp crack and a sting.

“Ouch!” Sarah grunted and then practically danced as the bit of leather was turned on end and traced along the inside of her cheeks, past per darkest hole and sensitive inner thigh.

“How do you like my new toy?” Melissa teased, using it to kiss Sarah’s cheek again with another sharp crack. “I picked it up last week at the feed supply store.”

Sarah’s brow knit together for a moment before she smiled, remembering a conversation they’d had just last week about leather and things they’d both been curious about. “It is a crop? It’s interesting.”

“Mmhmm,” Melissa acknowledged as she tapped the leather lightly against wetness. “I’m going to make you squirt before you come again, Sarahbelle.”

Melissa’s words made Sarah squirm. She jumped again as Melissa surprised her with yet another sensation. Without warning, Melissa leaned down and rubbed an egg-shaped device along Sarah’s entrance. It was already on, humming slowly and torturing Sarah with every electronic wave.

Sarah couldn’t help gasping and tensing as Melissa teased her lips and then slowly inserted it, pressing it against her button and making Sarah writhe in anticipation. “Mel… I’m… I’m not going… to last,” Sarah whined as her pink bottom moved up and down.

“Oh, you will last as long as I say you will, Sarahbell, or I’ll really punish you,” Melissa whispered almost daring her to go over the edge before she struck her with the crop her again. One stingy lick was followed quickly by another, each leaving a tiny red kiss on Sarah’s already tender flesh.

The renewed pain coupled with the constant vibrations caused Sarah to moan into the bed. She gripped the sheets tightly as Melissa trailed the small vibrator down to her clit and held it teasingly in place.

“Hold this baby. I’m going to need my hand,” Melissa directed.

Obeintianly, Sarah’s hand snuck under her body and down between her thighs to the magical egg. Her fingers briefly mingled with Melissa as Melissa let go her hold on the toy and Sarah took over.

“Don’t you even think about turning the speed up either, young lady!” Melissa threatened. The warning was quickly rewarded as Melissa switched the crop back to her right hand and gave Sarah a quick pop along her right thigh, leaving a distinctive pink mark. The lick stung, and Sarah found herself again writhing. One hand was focused on keeping the toy just in that right spot and the other still tightly gripping the bed sheet. Her backside was shamelessly stuck up in the air, and her breasts pressed uncomfortably against the mattress, but all Sarah could focus on was the humming between her legs and the occasional sting of her lover’s crop.

Sarah was lost between a world of pleasure and pain, which only fueled her desire. She wanted to come and needed to come, but Melissa’s warning kept her on edge. It almost made it worse. She’d take a strapping or switching in trade releasing her pleasure, but disappointing Melissa would be too high a price. Her lover was holding her back, but at the same time, Sarah knew that Melissa was only doing so to make the pleasure more intense.

Almost as if on cue, Melissa pulled the crop back and began to paint Sarah’s bottom with more splotches or red. She liberally covered both cheeks, her sit spots, even occasionally kissed her thighs. She was slow but rhythmic and as the pain increased, Sarah danced over the edge of the bed and moaned with ever lick laid on her bottom.

Sarah’s bottom was throbbing as were her inner folds. Her movements became more frantic as her hand pressed harder into her own body. “Please Melissa, please no more… I need too… I must,” Sarah begged.

Melissa answered her by redoubling her efforts with the crop. It struck lower, narrowing its interests on her lower cheeks. Sarah squealed and bucked, but she also held on tightly to her egg. She was almost there and wasn’t about to give up now. “Please Melissa,” she begged again, almost in a whisper. “I’m going to explode.”

“Not yet, bell. In fact, I’m going to count down from 30. When I get there, then you may let go,” finally Melissa assured her.

Sarah found herself nodding into the mattress. She needed that count down, she wanted it. The egg wasn’t just buzzing anymore, but getting hot. It was almost uncomfortable, but its job wasn’t done yet. Neither was Melissa’s attention to her backside as she felt her lover’s palm rub back and forth across her swollen cheeks.

“Thirty,” Melissa started, giving Sarah a medium pop with her palm. Sarah grunted, squirmed, and tried to keep focus. “Twenty-nine,” Melissa then said, with another pop.

Sarah whimpered, wiggling her backside and wishing that Melissa would just hurry up. The next twenty-eight counts was surely going to kill her.

Scare Me Like That Again – Part Two

Part One can be found here.

“Both of Melissa’s eyebrows shot up. “You little brat!” Melissa grabbed Sarah by the arm, and she was no longer given any say as she suddenly found herself staring at the carpet. Her panties were down within a heartbeat before she felt Melissa’s palm kiss her backside for the first time. One swat quickly became two, and mere seconds later, Sarah was dancing frantically all over Melissa’s lap.

“Scare me, will you,” Melissa scolded between sharp swats. “How’s this for a surprise?” she continued unrelentless. Several long moments passed, but it was all a blur to Sarah as Melissa turned her cheeks from a pale pink to a bright, stinging raspberry. It was only once Sarah’s squeals of protests echoed through the house did Melissa stop the swatting and gently rubbed her warm cheeks.

“Oh… Mel…” Sarah moaned. She pushed her bottom higher, exposing her damp lips and inviting Melissa in. Her bottom was on fire, but the gentle stroking was causing other parts of her body to awaken as well.

Sarah was more than relieved when Melissa took the hint and allowed her hand to travel between Sarah’s spread thighs as she lightly began to tease with her fingertips. Melissa lingered there a moment, just long enough to make Sarah squirm before Melissa moved her hand back to her bottom cheeks and began swatting her once more. The swats were slower now, but more deliberate. Between her growing need in her loins and the building heat in her backside, Sarah was having difficulties focusing on anything. She felt helpless as she moaned and squirmed across Melissa’s lap.

“If you scare me again like that I’m going to make sure your spanking is a lot less pleasurable, young lady,” Melissa’s words made her jump. The tone had been in quiet warning with just enough edge to make Sarah’s stomach flop as she whimpered in response.

Between the sting and the massage, the tenderness of her lover’s palm was almost hypnotic. Sarah found herself drifting, and then suddenly stiffened as she felt Melissa’s hand travel back between her legs. Her bottom was throbbing, and her lower lips were tingling, but Melissa’s change in direction gave her hope.

Melissa found her hard clit and brushed over it lightly with two fingers. Her touch was just light enough to feel but much too gentle to bring any relief, and Sarah’s entire body trembled with the desire to push back for more contact.

To soon, however, Melissa’s hand left her lower lips and returned to her bottom to deliver several more slow and deliberate spanks. Each swat stung but also increased the wetness between Sarah’s legs tenfold. By a dozen stingy-spanks, her nipples her hard and painfully aching to be touched and played with. It was all she could do to just moan hoping that Melissa’s hand would soon return.

It seemed an eternity of withering and wiggling, but thankfully Melissa took mercy on her and again shifted. Both cheeks now burning, Melissa’s hand once again found her most sensitive spot, but this time Melissa’s destination wasn’t her clit, but instead, her folds. Melissa’s fingers tickled her entrance and gently massaged her pulsing lips. Sarah spread her legs further hoping to encourage Melissa’s playing. It did as Melissa’s damp fingers returned to Sarah’s clit and rubbed the hardened nerves with just enough pressure.

Sarah whimpered and held onto her lover’s ankles tightly as she finally pushed back, forcing more contact with Melissa’s hand. “Please, Mel… oh… need you.”

“You need me to what, Sarahbell?” Melissa teased.

Sarah bit her tongue, knowing that her answer could either encourage her lover to continue or even earn her more swats. Still, she was desperate, and so she answered honestly but almost in a whisper, “Fuck me.”

“What was that?” Melissa asked, suddenly pausing and making Sarah groan in frustration.

“I said to fuck me,” she begged. “Fuck me hard, Melissa Winters!”

“Oh really,” Melissa said with a chuckle. “Such language, little brat. Still, it’s a hell of a suggestion,” she taunted, letting her fingers ever so slightly brush across Sarah’s clit, before pressing it with her thumb. “Such a naughty girl,” Melissa said, pressing and rubbing once more.

With her thumb busy, she also allowed her middle finger to slip into Sarah’s entrance, moving in and out with the rhythm of her thumb. One finger became two, and Sarah found herself sliding forward yet, somehow still rising to meet Melissa’s hand. Her need was growing, the tension pressing those butterflies in her lower stomach to flutter at an alarming rate.

“Yes… yes… YES!” Sarah yelled as she felt the rush of release and then a wave of pleasure wash over her. Sarah trembled for several moments as Melissa’s hand continued to pull every ounce of pleasure out of her she could. Finally, she whimpered and squirmed forward and away from Melissa and her administrations. She could feel her lover’s hand slowly dance back to her throbbing bottom and pat each stinging cheek slowly just enough to keep the sting alive.

“You ever going to scare me again like that, little brat?” Melissa asked, her tone scolding as she alternated some of the pats for gentle rubs.

The softness allowed Sarah to steady her rapid breathing, but she couldn’t help a small smirk as she panted out, “May… maybe… if it leads to that!”

Melissa placed a sharper, resounding swat on the across the center of both cheeks, before beginning to pat once more. “I can see you’ve not had enough attention, young lady! I’m going to make sure you don’t sit comfortable tomorrow!”

Scare Me Like That Again – Part One

Hi spanky guys and gals, just a quick update. Sorry for not having many stories recently. Inspiration to finish stories has been waining, however, I do hope to keep posting every week for you all. So, this little bit is a scene me and the lovely Ms. Stardawn Cabot and I wrote about our characters from Confessions of Gemini. If you all enjoyed that story then hopefully you will enjoy this as well! There should be at least two more parts of this scene coming soon.  Tell us what you think. 🙂 


P.S. Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Stardawn’s blog out then you totally should! 😛

Sarah giggled as she heard Melissa call her name. She’d been home for an hour or so, waiting for her girlfriend to get home from work, but when she heard the front door open she’d gotten a sudden idea.  She knew she had a minute, and hoped that her heart-beat would settle before Melissa made it to their bedroom. Melissa would always end up there after work so she could change from her stiff work clothes into something more casual.

Quietly, Sarah slipped behind the door, leaving it open as she heard Melissa’s footsteps in the hall. The room was dark, but as Melissa called into the room and then flipped the light on, Sarah stepped in further back into the shadows of the door.

Sarah had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from again giggling as Melissa walked in a small circle and scratched her head.  “That’s so weird,” Melissa mumbled to herself. “Her car is here. Maybe she went for a walk?” She then shrugged and headed toward the closet to change.

Sarah watched Melissa pull her work shirt over her head and took the opportunity to slowly push the door away from her. She slipped along the wall and crept her way closer to her darker-haired partner. Just as Mellisa began unbuttoning her work pants Sarah readied herself. She took the final step, jumping out and yelling, “Boo!”

Sarah then smiled and started laughing as Melissa jumped into the air and then spun. Her partner’s eyes were wide, her hands clutched to her bra-clad chest.

“Sarah!” Melissa gasped at her girlfriend as she attempted to catch her breath. “You scared me half to death!”

“I know! I got you so good! You jumped and screamed…” Sarah trailed off giggling and unable to speak.

Melissa slowly breathed in and out. “It’s not funny, Sarah Annabelle! You really scared me.  I could have… I could have hit you thinking you were someone trying to attack me!”

“In fact, you are making my hand itchy,” Melissa continued to scold, but Sarah couldn’t contain her laughter.  The more Melissa tried, the funnier the whole situation became. Sarah continued to laugh until she was almost bent in half and was wiping tears from her eyes.  

Melissa frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.  When Sarah finally looked up she could see the irritation her partner’s face, and suddenly felt her own cheek warm.  “Hey, now it was just a joke, really? What’s the harm no one got hurt.”

Melissa merely raised her eyebrow, before pointing to the dreaded corner.  

“Oh come on, really?”

“So help me, Sarahbell.  March!”

Sarah rolled her eyes dramatically, but turned and settled herself into the place where the two walls met.  It was just a harmless joke. Silly fun. Why did Melissa always have to be a party pooper? With a frown on her face, Sarah shifted from one foot to the other while she waited for her partner to release her.

Seconds turned into minutes and Sarah was having a hard time focusing.  It seemed as if an eternity passed, but the room had been quiet for quite some time, and she was beginning to think of Melissa had forgotten about her.  “Melissa?” she tested, calling out softly, only to get no reply.

Thinking she must be alone, she called out louder, “Melissa?”

“I’m still here, brat,” Melissa practically whispered in her ear.  Her partner’s warm breath made goosebumps rise on her neck and arms and although she didn’t turn, she could feel Melissa’s presence practically touching her.

“Must… must I say in the corner?” Sarah whispered quietly still wanting to turn and look at her partner.

“Oh, you are going to want to come back over here shortly, little brat.”

Sarah felt Melissa’s palm pat her covered bottom in a way that told her she was going to be looking at the carpet shortly.  “Mel.. please… I.. I’m sorry.” She pleaded with Melissa.

Her partner didn’t say a word.  Instead, she felt hands slowly travel along both of her hips and around the front of her pelvis before they found their way to the string of her lounge pants. Still, Sarah stood facing the corner as she felt Melissa pull the string which was holding her pants in place. She felt goosebumps raise across her skin as her pants fell around her feet. Sarah then couldn’t help but squirm when Melissa’s hand trailed slowly up her now exposed thigh.

“Mel,” Sarah murmured quietly as she felt her insides twisted with desire.

“So beautiful. So perfect. But so naughty.” Melissa whispered into Sarah’s ear as she cupped her now partially expose bottom cheek.

Sarah forced herself to not turn. She wanted to feel Melissa’s wet lips and draw her into a hard kiss but was distracted once again. She quivered as she felt fingers began to lightly tease the waistband of her cotton panties.  

“So, little brat of mine. Should I take these panties down and pull you over my knee for a long spanking? Hmm?” Melissa purred.

Sarah whimpered her response, finding herself being turned and finally being rewarded as Melissa pulled her into a deep kiss.  

“Or maybe,” Melissa continued to tease I should have you bend over the bed so I can take a strap to you.  Put your bottom high up in the air and tease your little clit and make you beg for mercy between the stings of leather.”

Sarah felt her knees shake as she struggled to stay upright.  Any and all of Melissa suggestions sounded like heaven. After a moment though, she gave her lover a quirky grin and ran her hand up Melissa’s arm.  “We could do that, or we could…”

Melissa raised an interested eyebrow encouraging Sarah to continue.   

“Or we could let me surprise you,” Sarah giggled.

“Both of Melissa’s eyebrows shot up.  “You little brat!” Melissa grabbed Sarah by the arm and she was no longer given any say as she suddenly found herself staring at the carpet.  Her panties were down within a heartbeat before she felt Melissa’s palm kiss her backside for the first time. One swat quickly became two, and mere seconds later, Sarah was dancing frantically all over Melissa’s lap.