Ryan’s Rules Part 6

It seemed Ryan was trying to make her entire bottom molten hot before she even got the belt. The spanks were relentless, still continuing in the sets of three as she moved about every inch of skin available including her thighs. Emily couldn’t help moving, helplessly trying to find purchase on anything that might give her relief. Ryan, however, continued even as Emily began to cry out with every spank Ryan laid onto her already tender backside. Finally, after a particularly hard series of back and forth between sit spots, Ryan stopped and gently rubbed Emily’s hot backside. Emily whimpered, knowing she would have a reminder every time she sat the next few days..

    “Okay, little girl. All done with that. Catch your breath.” 

Emily tried to slowly relax her body and lay limply across Ryan’s lap. She caught her breath and murmured, “I’m sorry for breaking the rules. I’m never going to do it again.” 

Ryans simply squeezed each of Emily’s sore bottom cheeks in turn. “I’m sure you think that, but let’s make sure, okay? You ready to finish this?” 

Emily whimpered under Ryan’s hand but nodded her head.  “Yes, ma’am. Ready as I’ll ever be.” 

“Good.” Ryan guided Emily up to stand in front of her before standing as well.  “I love you, baby. I only want what’s best for you,” she further reassured Emily with a kiss to Emily’s forehead. She then put a pillow on the edge of the bed before directing, “Over the bed, honey.” 

With a sigh, Emily slowly moved toward the bed while Ryan unbuckled the belt from around her waist.  Emily didn’t like this scenario, one bit, but it wasn’t like Ryan was giving her choice.  Slowly, she willed herself to bend over, leaving her bottom in prime and was too vulnerable position. She waited, closed her eyes, and shivered as she heard the leather belt, being pulled through the loops as Ryan quite purposely removed it. 

            “Okay baby. It’s really important to stay in position. I don’t want to get your hands,” Ryan explained as she folded Emily’s nightshirt up and out of the way again before doubling the belt and lining it up across her two pink cheeks. 

Ryan tapped the belt in warning before pulling it back and laying a medium swat across the full of Emily’s bottom. She then didn’t give much pause before pulling back to lay another medium swat in almost the same place. 

Emily gasped as her toes danced on the carpet, but she managed to stay mostly in position, but Ryan didn’t give her any quarter as she ignored her protests and continued with the swats. She laid them down slowly, but steady, in a meticulous pattern all up and down Emily’s bottom.   A dozen swats followed, falling on her already throbbing butt without pause.  Not only turning the pink of her bottom much closer to bright red but making Emily regret every rule she’d carelessly broken.

            Now in agony, Emily held tightly to the covers under her. Ryan’s use if the belt was relentless. Her right cheek especially felt like it’d be bruised for a week. Even while whimpering, however, she still wasn’t ready for it to stop. Not yet. She was on the verge of actual tears and she craved that. “Please,” she whimpered, knowing that Ryan would understand.

    “I know, baby,” came the replay and a gentle rub to the closest throbbing cheek. There was then a pause and the buckle of the belt clinked as Ryan changed sides. 

Emily resisted reaching back to touch her hot skin. There was a warning tap again and then a quiet whoosh a fraction of a second before the belt fell again across the meaty part of her bottom. Emily gasped and grabbed the blanket in her fists tighter. The swats seemed harder, but maybe she was just because her already abused bottom was so tender. 

Still, it didn’t deter Ryan from building up a steady rhythm again. Splat. Splat. Splat. “I’m going to be keeping a much closer eye on you,” Ryan lectured between swats. “You will be eating right and taking care of yourself or you will be right back here getting a spanking.” 

Emily whimpered as another dozen stokes were applied before Ryan stopped the spanking, laying the belt down and stepping beside her to rub her tender bottom. “We are almost done. You have taken your spanking like a good girl.” 

Emily allowed herself to relax into the touch a moment. Although in the back of her mind she knew the worst was yet to come. “I’m so sorry I’m making you punish me this hard, Ryan. I’ll try not to be naughty again.” 

Ryan continued rubbing for several long moments, most likely to make sure Emily’s butt wasn’t asleep for the next part. Emily couldn’t lie though. It’d been a while since she had the chance to truly enjoy Ryan’s touch and felt a tingle between her legs stir.

            “Okay sweetheart. Five more, one for each rule. They will be hard.”

 Emily whimpered but nodded. Ryan’s hand left her bottom before the belt was picked up for a final time.

            Emily forced her bottom to relax and buried her face deep into the covers of their bed. The belt tapped her bottom, but only stayed a moment before it came down much harder and lower than any other swat before. POP! The belt burned across her sit spots. Emily felt tears burn her eyes. But another swat stung across her sit spots again. POP! Her body jerked under the pain before tears began leaking from her eyes. The next two hard swats landed on her sit spots building impossibly more ache as tears fell faster. The final was the hardest of them all, it snapped quickly low across her thighs. Emily squealed loudly as the feeling settled into her legs, but she let herself cry into the covers. 

    A moment passed before she felt Ryan’s hand on her back, and then the bed sink slightly as Ryan sat down next to her.  Emily found herself shifting, putting her head in Ryan’s lap.  “I’m sorry, so sorry,” she sniffled as Ryan pet her hair. 

    “It’s over now,” Ryan reassured her.  “You’re forgiven.”

    The words, like magic, allowed Emily’s tears to start anew, but Ryan said nothing as she continued to stroke and pet Emily’s hair.  

    Several long minutes passed before Emily sniffled and turned her head so she could meet Ryan’s eyes.  “I’m not going to be able to sit down for a week, you know that right?”

    Ryan chuckled.  “A day, maybe two.” She winked and tapped Emily who moved her head and to let Ryan shift positions. Both now laying down,  Emily then scooted up a bit so that she could lay her head on Ryan’s shoulder. 

    “That’s more comfortable,” Emily said sighing in contentment.  “Why am I tired?”

    “I think we’re both tired.  Maybe a nap and then a good dinner, or lunch… depending on how long we sleep.”

    “Or midnight snack?” 

    Ryan smiled and kissed Emily’s head.  “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

    “Night,” Emily returned with a smile and curled in a bit tighter.  “Love you.” 

    “Love you more.”


Emily waited for a moment for Ryan to say something more, but when she didn’t she looked up only to realize that Ryan had fallen fast asleep. With a small smile she pulled a blanket over both of them, kissed Ryan’s cheek, and settled back down onto her chest. She smiled again, and reaching down to give her still-warm bottom a rub, she closed her eyes and let herself relax. Within moments she had joined Ryan in much needed and well-earned slumber.

5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Rules Part 6

  1. Thank you for this Logan, I really enjoyed this story! Ryan and Emily are really sweet. Random thing, but I was unaware that Ryan was also a female name until I read one of Ellie’s stories with a character called Ryan in it, and was initially quite confused – then I googled the name. I’ve only ever known male Ryans!

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