Ryan’s Rules – Part Five

First and foremost I want to tell you all how great Ms. Cabot is! She’s been sickly for a bit now with a cold, but she managed to hang in there and get some pretty great writing done for this little bit. Good job Star! 🙂 This story is going to be wrapping up soon and off to other adventures we will go!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four.

Emily suddenly froze as she heard movement behind her.  Ryan had entered the room.  She could sense her, but she’d yet to say anything. Then it became quiet again.  Painfully quiet. Emily shifted and strained her ears but there was not a sound for several long minutes. 

Time seemed to pass at a snail’s pace, leaving Emily in a whirlwind of nerves and regret, but when she finally heard Ryan speak, she could only shiver at her tone. 

“Come here, Emily.” 

Her voice was low, dangerous even, and it made Emily wish she could hide in the corner forever.   Slowly, Emily gathered her courage and turned to face her partner. Ryan’s face was stern, yet almost blank of emotion. Emily found herself hesitating before she was able to convince her feet to move. She managed to trudge over to stand in front of Ryan who was seated in the middle of their couch.  It was the same couch where she was sleeping only hours earlier. 

Emily then looked down, studying Ryan’s lap as Ryan held her hands and looked up at her.

“Why don’t you tell me why we are here?” Ryan asked in a firm but caring tone. 

“I broke the rules,” Emily answered.  

“What rules did you break, Em?” Ryan continued to probe. 

Emily’s eyes traveled up Ryan’s only partially covered legs, up to her cleavage, past slender shoulders, and finally to her face.

“All of ‘em,” she mumbled feeling her face warm. 

Ryan squeezed her hands, almost reassuringly. “I want you to explain them to me, honey. All of them.”

Emily gulped.  She knew she was in trouble, but suddenly face to face with Ryan and forced to reply Ryan’s rules aloud, she realized just how deep she’d gone.  After all, it wasn’t that out of the ordinary for her to break a rule here or there. Her laundry often ‘missed’ the hamper, or she’d press something a little too far, but to think that she’d actually broken all five rules at once was a little unfathomable. 

“Um,” Emily stuttered, then let out a long sigh.  “I need to take care of myself, clean up after myself, be honest, remember to eat, and um, stay safe.”   

“Very good,” Ryan nodded.  “Now tell me how you broke each one of those rules?”

“Ryan,” Emily started to whine but got cut off by a raised eyebrow.  “Okay, fine. I um, didn’t eat dinner.”

“Yes, the ice cream.”

“Yeah, and I fell asleep on the sofa and didn’t pick up my clothes in the living room.”

“Very good, and?”

“And, I um… I didn’t do the rounds before I fell asleep to make sure everything was locked up for the night.”

“I see,” Ryan frowned.  “So by my count that’s four? What are we missing?”

“Well…I didn’t go grocery shopping like I promised I would,” Emily added with a small blush.  “I know that’s not technically a lie, but I did break my word, as I knew it was my turn and I didn’t follow through… and…”

Ryan’s frown deepened with her confession, making Emily shift back and forth from foot to foot. “And?”

“And, I haven’t really been honest with you lately.  I haven’t gone shopping because I just haven’t been eating, well a lot.  It’s been busy at work, and well, the vending machine isn’t the best place to get lunch.”

“I see,” Ryan nodded.  “I figured that you probably forgot to lock up  since you fell asleep with the TV still on…”

Emily’s cheeks flushed as she interrupted. “I didn’t leave anything open on purpose, and technically, you were the last one to leave the house today, so if anything wasn’t locked it wasn’t really my fault.”

Ryan gave her a look and Emily cringed a moment before Ryan popped her thigh. “You know that’s not an excuse, young lady, but I’m not really concerned with that so much. I’m much more concerned with you skipping meals, Em. You know that’s a big one.  How many days have you had lunch from the vending machine, or just skipped a meal altogether?”

“A few,” Emily frowned, wishing that she could rub her thigh.  Ryan was still holding her hands and her thigh was stinging from the slap, but she knew that was nothing compared to how much her backside would soon be stinging when Ryan really got to work. “I’m sorry,” she sniffled.

“I know you are, Em, but you know that’s also not good enough.  You have a spanking coming, and a big one at that. Come on now, let’s get this moving.”

Emily bit her lip as Ryan finally let go of her hands and then helped her step out of the shorts she’s slipped on before breakfast.  She hadn’t bothered with panties and now as she shivered in the short-cropped pajama shirt she wondered if she hadn’t made a mistake.  Maybe Ryan would have let her leave them on, at least for a little while.  

With a sigh and a wrinkle of her nose at the thought, she was too soon distracted as Ryan tipped her over her lap.  Emily found herself looking at the carpet and using her fingertips to balance herself as Ryan, tapped her other end with her palm.

“You know I love you, Em.  I’m sorry I have to do this,” Ryan paused before giving her a solid swat on her right cheek, “but you know you need me to remind you that the rules aren’t just there for my pleasure.”  Ryan paused again, giving her a stingy and quick series of a half-dozen spanks. “It’s to keep you both healthy and safe.”

“I know,” Emily sniffled as Ryan’s lecture ended. Another swat landed, this time on her left cheek and then was echoed on her right.  Spank after spank rang down in a slow and steady, bouncing from sensitive cheek to sensitive cheek.  

“Ouch!” Emily cried out at Ryan managed to swat her more tender sit-spots.  She couldn’t help wiggling and whining as the heat started to spread. Ryan was only getting started and Emily was already wishing it was over.  “Please, Ryan, I’m sorry. I am!”

“Un-huh,” Ryan grunted before giving her a face and evil dozen pops.  She then paused and rubbed for a moment before saying, “I should spank you every night for a week with all that naughtiness that you just confessed.  It’s been a long time since I really lit you up, little girl, but tonight a handful of swats isn’t going to cover it.”

Her warning over, Ryan then resumed the spanking, which only seemed to get harder and hotter by the moment.  Emily was biting her lip, trying to keep the protest at a minimum, but she was also quickly losing her resolve.  “Oh! Owie!” she whined as Ryan’s hand only continued its dance. 

In her head, Emily tried to distract herself.  She tried to count the swats but didn’t get past ten before she practically wiggled off Ryan’s lap.  Ryan had to again pause to pull her back into position. She took a moment to rub her hand over Emily’s bare bottom, which now felt hot and tingly as Ryan’s stong palm caressed it.  

“I think it’s been too long, if you think you can just wiggle off like that, Em.  Do it again and there will be consequences, understand?”

Emily gulped.  “Yes ma’am,” she replied, thinking back to some of her earliest punishments.  The only time Ryan had ever used a belt was to remind her to stay in position, and that lesson had only needed to be repeated twice.  She wasn’t about to let tonight be a third time.  

“Good,” Ryan nodded before giving her bottom a pat.  “I think we’re almost warm enough, but not quite yet.”

Emily whimpered as Ryan again raised her palm, starting the spanking anew.  This time the swats came faster and in sets — three at a time on each cheek.  Emily let out a small squeak of protest, but dug in and concentrated on staying in position.  She certainly wasn’t going to make this any worse then it had to be. 

8 thoughts on “Ryan’s Rules – Part Five

  1. They say third time’s a charm…I wonder if Emily will need that third lesson on staying in position? 🤔

    “Other adventures”….does this mean y’all have plans to write more together in the future?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Amanda! Thanks for the comment! You never know what me and Ms. Cabot will get up to! 😉 However there are no *current* plans. We both are working on solo books and holidays are “coming up” (does it count that Christmas is 98 days away? 🤔) so that means Christmas stories!

      I’ll ask you and anyone else that reads this the same as I ask Jaykay, do you prefer the long drawn out stories with tons of build up or something shorter with just a spanking happening? I’m just curious because I feel like my writing style has changed! 😝


      • I like a build up as you get to know the characters personally in a way you don’t necessarily get with a short one. But then there’s nothing like a quick spanky story to warm your heart after a long day at work on the train home 😁

        Shorts about character we know and love would be a nice one me thinks?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I believe anything “Christmas” related starts in July… you know, Christmas in July?! So nope, it’s not too early to be writing Christmas stories!

        Hmmm… I believe I like the build up stories a little more. I do agree with Carrie that shorts stories about characters we already know would be cool too. Really just as long as spanking is involved, I will enjoy any type of story. 😁


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