Ryan’s Rules – Part 4

Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

Thanks to my coauthor for pushing this one through we WILL get there with this story! 😉

For a long moment, they were in sync. Back and forth they rocked, slowly increasing the pressure and the need of both their lower loins. Emily found herself panting, but that also only increased as Ryan again shifted, letting her hand travel down toward Emily’s center.  Slowly, her lithe fingers started moving up and down, massaging Emily’s clit and lower lips. Emily’s arms wrapped around Ryan even tighter as they breathlessly began to once again. 

Ryan speed up the pace, making Emily moan under her and clutch tightly onto Ryan’s back. She spread, giving Ryan deeper access and moaned and shivered as her need steadily grew.  She was warm now, small beads of sweat forming on her brow in concentration.

“Am I still in trouble?” Emily asked between rapid breaths. Ryan rolled her eyes and nodded as she picked up the pace with her finger.  They were flying now, the beats faster than a hummingbird’s wing.   

“God, you are in so much trouble. I’m going to turn your ass red,” Ryan promised. 

Emily bucked, Ryan’s words pushing her even closer.  Her breaths were shallow and warm, her heart pounding, echoing in her ears.  The pressure intense, building forever closer to an explosion. Just imagining Ryan spanking her, actually turning her ass red, the sting, the warmth, the up and down of the cycle of pain.  It was too much.

Emily felt herself catch and then peak, like the million butterflies in her tummy all took off at once.    

With a small smile, Ryan slowly withdrew. She moved up and took Emily’s lips in a deep kiss.  “Good morning, my love.”

“Morning,” Emily echoed with a smile. 

“Still bored?”


Ryan chuckled and then covered her mouth with a yawn.  She glanced at the clock. “Ugh, I got about 3 hours.”

“I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have woken you.”

“It’s okay.  We can take a nap later.”

“Hmmm,” Emily replied as she let her hand run down the side of Ryan’s thigh. “I can try to keep you awake now.”

“You could,” Ryan said before taking Emily’s hand off her thigh and bringing it to her lips for a kiss.  “But now that I’m up, I’m hungry.”

“Hungry?” Emily’s eyes went wide before she smirked.  “Me too.”

“I meant for actual food, brat,” Ryan said as she snaked her hand around and popped Emily’s backside.

“Hey!” Emily yipped making Ryan laugh. 

Ryan pecked Emily’s pouty lips again before sliding from the bed. “Okay, up and at ‘em. Let’s go cook.” 

With a groan, Emily also slid from the bed, following Ryan out her side, and taking the opportunity to trail a hand lightly across Ryan’s bare abdomen. The touch made Ryan shudder and Emily grinned as she hand started to slide south. “Or we could order in,” she suggested leaning forward to kiss the top curve of Ryan’s bare chest.

Ryan moaned and wrapped her arms around Emily. She pushed her hips into Emily’s hand, moving them below her waist.  “Best idea I’ve heard in a long time.” 

Emily smiled before turning her attention to Ryan’s chest.  She pulled a firm nipple into her mouth to suck. “I thought so,” she mumbled around puckered skin. 


“That was really good,” Ryan observed as she placed the stack of plates into the sink.  She turned back around and met Emily’s eyes. Holding her eyes for a moment, Emily shifted and then blushed, averting her gaze.  Ryan raised a knowing eyebrow and remarked, “It’s good to know you had an actual meal, unlike last night. You know with protein, vitamins, carbs and all that.” Ryan then watched Emily shift.  After seeing ice cream container on the coffee table, she had her suspicion and Emily had just confirmed it. 

“You noticed that, huh?” Emily asked.  Her eyes were glued to the marble countertop as her finger nervously traced a darker vein in the pattern.  

“The empty ice cream container, and no trace of any other dishes?  That’s something I always notice, Em.” Ryan leaned into the island separating her from the short brunette.

“You do have that bad habit,” Emily mumbled not looking up from where she was still tracing the lines of the marble.

“I don’t know that I would call it a bad habit to notice what the love of my life gets up to while I’m not around,” Ryan scolded.  She paused a moment before adding, “You know what this means right?” 

Ryan could hear Emily whine before she nodding only once. 

“Use your voice, Emily Nichole.” Ryan sharply warned. 

Emily’s shoulders straightened before she muttered, “Yes, ma’am. Should I go wait for you?”  

“I think that’d be a wise choice.” Emily nodded before slipping from the chair and disappearing into the doorway that led into their living room. Ryan didn’t say anything more but just watched her go. As much as she would rather spend the day in bed, things wouldn’t be right between her and Emily if she didn’t sort it out. Ryan only had five rules, and the best she could figure Emily had most likely broken at least four of the five if not all five together.  They were in for a serious chat, one that neither of them were looking forward too. 

With a sigh, Ryan pushed off the counter and walked down the hall towards the master bedroom, avoiding the living room which her partner was supposed to be waiting in. She made her way directly to her closet and opened the top drawer which held all of the couple’s toys — most of which were used for spanking. Studying the selection, Ryan pulled out the long bath brush and closed the drawer. 

The brush was heavy in her hand.  It was made of a solid light-oak and at 18-inches long, had a 1-inch flat oval backing.  She knew it was far from Emily’s favorite in their collection, which meant it would be perfect for her task ahead.  Knowing that Emily was in for a true punishment, Ryan closed her eyes for a moment to center herself. She took a deep breath before making the short trek back down the hallway. 


Emilly shivered in the corner. She had yet to hear Ryan enter the room and the longer she stood in the corner the more she wanted her top to hurry up.  Her solitude in the corner only compounded the guilt she was already feeling as her mind replayed the last few days. 

She found herself shifting as a cool breeze blew through, causing goose-bumps to appear on her bare back and legs.  The cold only made the wait worse, for she knew it was all in her head. There was no breeze, it wasn’t even cold in the house.  It was only her nerves and imagination that was making her feel guilty. It was worse too, for she didn’t have to wonder why she had behaved like she had the last few days. She knew. She knew when she had broken their first rule and not picked up groceries.  It had been her turn, and she should have done it three days ago. She had hoped Ryan would notice and say something in a passing moment, but her partner had been too distracted. 

In a way, they both had been. Both women had been busy and truth be told, she simply missed Ryan. She now felt guilty and sad for the way she acted out, but sometimes her bratty side took over and acted on all the feelings she couldn’t control. And she had to admit, it had worked. Ryan was soon going to be giving her all the attention she would want. 

Emily suddenly froze as she heard movement behind her.  Ryan had entered the room. She could sense her, but she’d yet to say anything. Then it became quiet again.  Painfully quiet. Emily shifted and strained her ears but there was not a sound for several long minutes. 

Time seemed to pass at a snail’s pace, leaving Emily in a whirlwind of nerves and regret, but when she finally heard Ryan speak, she could only shiver at her tone. 

“Come here, Emily.” 

Her voice was low, dangerous even, and it made Emily wish she could hide in the corner forever.   Yet, slowly, Emily gathered her courage and turned to face her partner. Ryan’s face was stern, yet almost blank of emotion. Emily found herself hesitating before she was able to convince her feet to move. She managed to trudge over to stand in front of Ryan who was seated in the middle of their couch.  It was the same couch where she was sleeping only hours earlier. 

Emily then looked down, studying Ryan’s lap as Ryan held her hands and looked up at her.

“Why don’t you tell me why we are here?” Ryan asked in a firm but caring tone. 

“I broke the rules,” Emily answered.  

“What rules did you break, Em?” Ryan continued to probe. 

Emily’s eyes traveled up Ryan’s only partially covered legs, up to her cleavage, past slender shoulders, and finally to her face.

“All of ‘em,” she mumbled feeling her face warm. 

Ryan squeezed her hands, almost reassuringly. “I want you to explain them to me, honey. All of them.”

Hi spanky ladies and lads! I know this story is moving slow, but we are finally getting to the part you all have been waiting for! Next week some cheeks are gonna be pink ;). Thanks for sticking with me (us) while we have been writing this story slowly. As always please feel free to comment. Tell us what you think should happen to such a naughty brat!

Keep it spanky! 😉


9 thoughts on “Ryan’s Rules – Part 4

  1. Better late than never, right? I’m glad y’all are still working on this and like I told Stardawn, it’s too bad Emily’s wake up call didn’t distract Ryan enough…😜

    BUT, maybe she should just realize that it IS okay to have ice cream for dinner and she could, as a nice gesture, buy Emily some more. That’s what I think should happen. 😁

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha okay, okay. I do agree. I tend to love the spanking scenes more as well.

    To help argue the ice cream point I did some research on the handy, dandy google (because it’s always right). Some key points: It’s rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin A and phosphorus. Also, depending on the flavor, it could have even more nutrients like antioxidants and flavonoids. It can also boost your immune system. Plus, it makes you happier because duh, it’s ice cream!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. LOL….”What rules did you break , Em?”…..”All of ’em” Way to go big or go home! A fun story and made even better while eating a pint of Haagen Dazs Caramel Waffle Cone for dinner.

    Liked by 1 person

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