Ryan’s Rules – Part 3

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The memories made Emily smile, just like the thought of the first time Ryan leaned down and pecked her forehead still made the insides of Emily melt.  As she reached out and softly touch Ryan’s cheek, she was so glad that Lady Fate had been stubborn. Emily was positive that Ryan the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and made a mental note to call Nikki and thank her once again.

The thought of being with Ryan made Emily squirm, her belly growing warm with need. She was awake now and suddenly needing more from Ryan than just memories. Slowly she wiggled from Ryan’s hold to further admire the toned body beside her.  Even in a sloppy t-shirt and boxers, Ryan was beautiful. From her square jaw, that would tighten when she was cross, to her shapely hips and butt, Emily could no longer lay still.

Carefully, Emily ran her hand over Ryan’s hip but continued up her side, eventually snaking under her shirt. She gently explored a firm breast, teasing a nipple between her fingers, and smiling as Ryan shifted with her touch.  Bringing her head down she kissed Ryan’s hip, again squirming as she caught Ryan’s womanly scent. It was light, like the lavender soap she loved, but also mixed with a heavier, muskier hue. She could never put her finger on it, wood, or leather, it was something, but it was also uniquely Ryan.

Emily moved up a bit higher, gently placing a kiss on Ryan’s right arm before pushing her shirt up a bit more and then kissing the soft flesh of her belly. Ryan let out a little groan and Emily peaked up at Ryan’s face, only to smirk when she realized that Ryan was still deep in slumber.  Not being able to resist, she placed firmer kiss and a small lick to her belly, nipping at the exposed skin. Ryan only mewed in her sleep and shifted onto her back.

Emily took the opportunity to once again move and carefully straddled Ryan’s lap. She then leaned over, pushing Ryan’s shirt up higher to expose both breasts.  With a big smile, she carefully took a moment to cup both, gently massaging them, and slowing awakening each nipple.

The play was fun, but it was also a bit strange.  It wasn’t the first time she’d woken Ryan up this way, although Ryan usually responded much faster.   She wanted more, so she bent forward and whispered into Ryan’s ear, “Babbbeeee, I’m bored.”

Ryan huffed and mewed louder under her.  Emily responded with her tongue, trailing it from just below Ryan’s ear, slowly down her neck, and finally across her collar bone. She nipped Ryan’s collarbone once and waited for a reaction. Getting none she nipped a bit harder. Ryan’s hand suddenly came alive and popped her on her still bare cheek. Emily could only giggle and bite again earning her another swat.

“Behave…” Ryan groggily muttered.

“Or what?” Emily challenged.

Blue eyes opened and then narrowed almost dangerously.  “I’ll hang you upside down by your toes.”

Emily’s eyes went wide and then she giggled.  “You are such a brat.”

Ryan rolled her eyes and then swatted Emily’s thigh.  “I’m going to turn your backside crimson today.”

The edge on Ryan’s voice made Emily shiver.  If she wasn’t wet before, she was practically dripping now, but she also knew that Ryan’s words were gospel.  “Maybe I can change your mind?” Emily asked with a smile.

“Nope, but you’re welcome to try.”

Emily’s lip slipped into a pout, but she couldn’t help being drawn into Ryan again as Ryan squeezed her naked cheek.  She fell forward, meeting Ryan’s lips and soon forgot all about any trouble that she might actually be in. They kissed, raw and hard as Ryan pulled her closer and Emily was helpless to resist.

Emily soon found herself being moved as Ryan rolled her over and somehow managed to divest them both of all their clothing.  For once Ryan didn’t seem to mind the shorts on the floor on the shirts on the edge of the bed. She was too busy groping, kissing, and trying to physically become one with Emily.

They struggled a bit for dominance, their tongues the primary weapon.  Licking, biting, nipping were all fair in their game of love and war. Emily found herself giggling as Ryan nibbled on an ear and then squirming as she pinned both of Emily’s hands up above her head.

“Not fair,” Emily protested, wiggling and letting out small moans as Ryan attacked her neck and kissed down her collar bone.

“Very fair, my woman.” Ryan’s voice was deep, commanding even, and Emily felt her lower belly flutter with anticipation.  Her sex was already soaked, but Ryan pressing her was making it throb and beg for release. Emily couldn’t help twisting and withering under Ryan’s hard look, and Ryan’s crooked smile only advertised that Ryan knew exactly what she was thinking.

“Together,” Ryan suddenly urged, looking into Emily’s eyes as she released her hands. She pushed her body up against Emily’s.  Emily wrapped her arms around Ryan’s back, pulling her closer as the grinded back and forth in a heated exchange. Ryan pulled her knee up between Emily’s legs and Emily gladly welcomed the pressure.

For a long moment, they were in sync. Back and forth they rocked, slowly increasing the pressure and the need of both their lower loins. Emily found herself panting, but that also only increased as Ryan again shifted, letting her hand travel down toward Emily’s center.  Slowly, her lithe fingers started moving up and down, massaging Emily’s clit and lower lips. Emily’s arms wrapped around Ryan even tighter as they breathlessly began to once again.

Ryan speed up the pace, making Emily moan under her and clutch tightly onto Ryan’s back. She spread, giving Ryan deeper access and moaned and shivered as her need steadily grew.  She was warm now, small beads of sweat forming on her brow in concentration.

“Am I still in trouble?” Emily asked between rapid breaths. Ryan rolled her eyes and nodded as she picked up the pace with her finger.  They were flying now, the beats faster than a hummingbird’s wing.

“God, you are in so much trouble. I’m going to turn your ass red,” Ryan promised.

Emily bucked, Ryan’s words pushing her even closer.  Her breaths were shallow and warm, her heart pounding, echoing in her ears.  The pressure intense, building forever closer to an explosion. Just imagining Ryan spanking her, actually turning her ass red, the sting, the warmth, the up and down of the cycle of pain.  It was too much.

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Rules – Part 3

  1. Hi Logan it was fantastic, I like it very much the way you introduced the characters to us and step by step the story behind of the couple and down the memory line. Not to mention hot scenes 🔥🔥ooo congrats. But I think Emily work hard to avoid the trouble so give her a break. Roules are meant to be broken 🤣

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