School Report…..could do….

Hi all, thought I would drop by and give you an update on how Thursday went. Well, for starters, we chose the most hottest day in which to do a photo shoot. Talk about blistering hot, in more ways than one lol. Anyway, little Sis and I had a fab time.

We booked a local village hall for the shoot. This was great because it had the old parquet flooring and wooden swing doors, which suited a school setting. Anyway we get down to business straight away. Little Sis and I scuttle off to get changed. And soon we are transformed into two mischievous Lower Fifth formers, complete with bunches in our hair.

So, out come the cigarettes and cider bottles, and we pretend to be looking out of the window, making sure the Headmaster is not on the prowl. It’s very hard not to giggle. Then we have to show shock horror as we’re caught red handed by the HM with the contraband.

The next shoot is the pair of us standing outside the door , hands on our heads, waiting to enter the Headmaster’s study. When we go into the study we place our satchels on the table and fish out the contraband of cigarettes and matches. We stand contemplating our fate, whilst G takes more pics.

And then it’s time for our method acting. We re-enact the scene again with us being caught by the stern looking Headmaster. I’m not sure how G keeps his composure as he ticks us off, because we keep dissolving into giggles. G tells us to go and stand outside the ‘study’ door. As we walk across the hall towards the study, we’re definitely in role as we keep blaming one another lol.

We wait outside the door until G calls us in. He directs us to stand by the wall. It’s quite surreal to be honest, for two reasons.

  1. This is the first time I have met G. He is not only my sister’s disciplinarian, but he is also her friend. From what she has told me, he has a very hard hand and he is very firm.
  2. I’ve never been punished alongside someone else, and this someone else is my sister!

G has the slipper (which is a very traditional bit of school kit for us Brits, alongside the cane) and he tells Little Sis to bend over. She starts to protest, which gets me thinking that if she’s protesting, then perhaps there’s a very good reason.

OMG, there was a good reason! G raises the slipper and then brings it slapping back down, making considerable contact with Little Sister’s bottom. I’ve never witnessed this before and I must admit, it looks pretty harsh, and although this is not a disciplinary session as such, it is very very real. I’m not sure if I want to trade places with my sister, because that is going to hurt.

Trade places we do, and it’s my turn. I bend over and place my hands on my knees and wait. I’m hoping I don’t swear, because I have been known too, and that never ends well when I do. Wow, that first wack across my bottom cheek, really hurts and it’s quickly followed up by several more.

Then I’m sent back to join my sister. G approaches and gives me a proper telling off because he found out from Little Sister that the school exercise books we have in our satchels for props, were procured from the school I work at. In my defence I did ask school if we used these types of exercise books anymore and they said no, I just didn’t ask them if I could take them home.

He is not happy and before I know it, he instructs me to get a chair, which he sits down on and tells me to bend over. I am then given a surprisingly short and very hard spanking. I’ve had these before, and there is never any warm up, and Little Sis was perfectly right, he does have an extremely hard hand.

Once it’s over, I return to my place and Little Sister is given the same treatment, for tale telling. It’s quite unsettling to watch, as G takes my sister over his knee. She protests a heck of a lot! I’m not sure if I like to watch, but I’m told to. It’s a real gulp moment.

We haven’t finished with the method acting yet. It’s time for the cane. Each of us takes it in turn to bend across the table, whilst six firm strokes are applied to our upturned bottoms. The cane in question is a proper school one with a curved handle. It’s rather long, almost comes up to my shoulder when I measure it against myself. The cane hurts, but I make it through the six strokes without an expletive. That’s good going, and I’m rather proud of myself.

Anyway, it’s time to take stock, recover, have some water and we crack on with the rest of the shoot. Then we do some super close up shots of being caned, slippered, hand spanked. These pics should really look good and give a very authentic air to the book.

We also pop up onto the stage, and take a few shots of us bending over the stage stairs. These are fab, and it gives G the perfect opportunity to cane and spank us again. He is trying to be stern, but there’s a bit of fun there as well, because after all this is not that type of session.

So, with one more spanking applied, which makes me yell out and my arm almost comes back to protect my bottom and one more canning administered, it’s time to wrap up.

We go to change. Little Sis has a deep rosey hue to her bottom and I also have a matching one, I have a feeling that bruises will start to show. I like marks, I need to know that I’ve been disciplined, and having those marks and feeling it for a while does that for me.

It’s time to go. We have a group hug and say our goodbyes, Little Sis and I go off to the pub for a well-deserved cider, a chuckle and a chat.

I’ve been so lucky and I feel quite privileged to be involved in this. Just hope the pictures will be good enough for the book….and talking of piccies…..

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