Ryan’s Rules – Part 2

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Part one can be found here.

The sun was just rising as Ryan pulled into the driveway.  The rest of her night hadn’t gone as well as she hoped. Her patient in 403, although had been revived, was rushed into surgery.  He was still in when she handed over his case to the next shift. It was always heart wrenching when one of her patients was in danger, but at the same time, she was more than relieved to be home. Right now, crawling into bed with Emily was the only thing she had on her mind. 

As Ryan entered the house, however, she frowned as she heard voices, signally the TV was on.  Since she started working nights, Emily had made it a habit of falling asleep on the sofa, but they’d already had a discussion about that twice this month alone.  The sofa wasn’t the most comfortable to sleep on, and although Emily was more petite in stature, she never slept well there. She’d wake up tired and cranky and most likely have a sore back or neck to boot. 

After hearing the TV, she wasn’t surprised to find Emily exactly where she expected. Although adorable, curled up in a ball around a pillow, Ryan couldn’t help but be a little annoyed. It was bad enough she never made it to the bed there was also an empty carton of ice cream on the table, and half of Emily’s clothes strew about as well.  

Emily was often exhausted when she got home from work, but she also knew the rules.  Sleeping the night away on the lumpy sofa was just the beginning. She knew that clothes were to go in the hamper and dirty dishes had to at least make it to the sink.  At least this time there wasn’t a half-empty pizza box on the table, but then the lack of other dishware made Ryan wonder just what her naughty little girlfriend had eaten for dinner.  

Some rules she could overlook, but skipping a meal was a big one.  Emily was already to thin and had a tendency to get migraines if her blood sugar dropped too low.   Her rules were there for a reason, as were the consequences they’d both agreed to when she broke them.  

With that thought in mind, Ryan sat down on the edge of the sofa and patted her girlfriend’s bottom to wake her.  “Em? Hey, honey. I’m home,” Ryan cooed. 

Emily wrinkled her nose before slowly opening her eyes.  She seemed disoriented a moment before her blue eyes opened in surprise.  “Ryan! God, what time is it? Oh, I’m sorry I must have…”

“Fallen asleep on the sofa,” Ryan finished her sentence.  “I noticed. And it’s morning, obviously. Come on,” she said, offering a hand to her partner and pulling her up.  “We can talk about this later. I want to enjoy being next to you for the hour or so before you have to get ready.”

“Okay, but I’m not going in today.”

“You’re not?  Why?”
“It’s Sunday, silly.”

“Oh, I forgot,” Ryan smirked before swatting Emily’s bottom once.  “I guess that’ll give us plenty of time to talk later.”

Emily’s lip fell into a pout.  “Why?”

“I think you know why, young lady,” Ryan scolded as she guided Emily into their room.  “Nightshirt, no panties,” she further directed before moving over to her side of the room and starting to strip off her scrubs.  She carefully put them in the hamper, replacing them with a tank and a pair of boxers.

She then crawled into bed, watching Emily follow her directions.  Her girlfriend was still sporting a pout, but she didn’t argue. A moment later, Emily crawled in next to her and she found herself sighing in contentment.  

Emily put her head on Ryan’s shoulder and Ryan kissed it.  “How much trouble am I really in?” Emily asked. 

“Enough,” Ryan answered.  “Now, close your eyes and sleep.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Emily answered, already halfway there.  They were both exhausted and Ryan knew by Emily’s answer that she’d already submitted.  She would sleep, they both would. Content, Ryan then let her own eyes close knowing she could enjoy Emily’s touch and her scent, and every other precious moment, even in slumber.  


Emilly squirmed further into Ryan’s warm body, refusing to open her eyes and leave the heavenly bliss that just being with Ryan allowed. She was wrapped snugly in Ryan’s arms with no need to get out of bed anytime in the near future and that was more than okay.  They’d had too few mornings like this lately and if she had her way, they’d never get out of bed. 

With a happy sigh, she snuggled back into the pillows and relaxed to the sound of steady breathing.  She loved being with Ryan and as she thought of her partner, she couldn’t help but remember the day that she first laid eyes on her. It had been a setup, but like all things destined to happen, sometimes no matter how hard one fought against it, certain things were just meant to be.

It was actually Emily’s best friend, Nikki, who was responsible for it all.  She’d been trying to set Emily up on a blind date for several months, but Emily didn’t want any part of it.  In her experience blind dates set up by her straight friends usually didn’t go well, but that damn Nikki…she was too determined.  Nikki hounded her and tried to conveniently get them in the same room every chance she could, but it wasn’t until Nikki invited her to a Christmas party that she finally succeeded.

Emily was hesitant, but since she wasn’t working, and didn’t have any close family in the area, she ended up showing up. The Christmas Party turned out to be a small dinner party of only six. Nikki plopped her across the table from Ms. Ryan Thomas, and the awkwardness that followed was almost painful.  The two ended up sharing awkward smiles and looks, not saying more than ten words to each other throughout the whole meal. It was uncomfortable at best and Emily couldn’t get out of there fast enough as soon as dessert was over. 

The problem was that Ryan’s angular jawline, pale pink lips, and intense blue eyes stayed with her, and she didn’t know it at the time, but Ryan was having similar thoughts.  Years later, Ryan would admit that that first meeting wasn’t as awkward as she thought. Ryan was tongue tied, so taken by Emily that she couldn’t produce a full sentence even if she’d had wanted too. 

After Christmas, Nikki probed her every chance she got to meet with Ryan again, but again Emily was hesitant.  Ryan was entering her idle thoughts and dreams, making it difficult to do almost anything else, and that scared Emily.  She knew nothing about Ryan and didn’t want her fantasies to be ruined with reality. After all, Ryan barely even met her eyes that night at Christmas, why would she want to meet her again?

Days turned into weeks and Nikki finally laid off.  Emily had moved on, not knowing that Lady Fate hadn’t given up on her and Ryan.  The choice of meeting again was taken out of her hands the week before Valentine’s Day when an exhausted Emily passed out at work from dehydration and ended up in the local ER. 

Emily had been working far too many hours.  She’s been burning the candle at both ends as they’d been in the middle of a multi-million dollar lawsuit and she couldn’t remember the last time she had eight hours sleep, much less a day off.  Sleep wasn’t the only thing she’d been neglecting, her health had also declined as she hadn’t been eating or apparently drinking enough. 

Ryan hadn’t been her nurse, but as Emily was laid out in the emergency room bed getting IV fluids, Ryan had passed by. Ryan noticed Emily, and well, long story short, that was the first Valentine’s they spent together. Ryan somehow became her personal nurse making sure Emily had three meals a day, with more juice and water than she cared to think about being practically forced down her throat.  That’s when Ryan had begun to introduce her to her rules, and that is when Emily’s fantasies had started to become a reality. 

The memories made Emily smile, just like the thought of the first time Ryan leaned down and pecked her forehead still made the insides of Emily melt.  As she reached out and softly touch Ryan’s cheek, she was so glad that Lady Fate had been stubborn. Emily was positive that Ryan the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and made a mental note to call Nikki and thank her once again. 

The thought of being with Ryan made Emily squirm, her belly growing warm with need. She was awake now and suddenly needing more from Ryan than just memories. Slowly she wiggled from Ryan’s hold to further admire the toned body beside her.  Even in a sloppy t-shirt and boxers, Ryan was beautiful. From her square jaw, that would tighten when she was cross, to her shapely hips and butt, Emily could no longer lay still.

Carefully, Emily ran her hand over Ryan’s hip but continued up her side, eventually snaking under her shirt. She gently explored a firm breast, teasing a nipple between her fingers, and smiling as Ryan shifted with her touch.  Bringing her head down she kissed Ryan’s hip, again squirming as she caught Ryan’s womanly scent. It was light, like the lavender soap she loved, but also mixed with a heavier, muskier hue. She could never put her finger on it, wood, or leather, it was something, but it was also uniquely Ryan.

12 thoughts on “Ryan’s Rules – Part 2

  1. Wow Logan and Stardawn, I liked your story very much! I loved the part about how they first met, their feelings for each other, the tensions and attractions. Very beautifully done!😍 Also I like the personalities and how you make them come alive. Cant wait for next part. Its promising… 😏

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  2. I loved that we got to see how Ryan and Emily met. It’s funny how fate works sometimes!

    Also, maybe this distraction Emily has started will make Ryan forget about how much trouble she’s in… I know, it’s doubtful 😂. I still think she could argue about the ice cream for dinner though. It IS delicious, nutritious, and if you eat enough of it you won’t be too thin anymore! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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