Ryan’s Rules – Part 1

Hi, my kinky lads and ladies. Long time no speak. I could give you a bunch of excuses for my absence but I won’t instead I will just bring you a story! The lovely Stardawn Cabot and I are together again in a little short story we have written with some new characters. Thanks, SD for the help of getting writing again! You are the best! 😀

As usual, the house was quiet and dark when Emily returned from work.  She was tired, she was beyond tired even and barely did more than flip on a light before collapsing onto the sofa.  With a groan, she slipped off one heeled pump and then the other, her aching feet complaining about each movement. She tilted her head back, rotating her neck and listening to it pop before pulling her long brown hair out of her bun.  What a day. 

Emily’s stomach rumbled and her head was throbbing.  She hadn’t eaten anything since the protein bar she’d inhaled at lunch, and she’d only had that because her assistant, Melinda, had opened it and practically forced it on her.  Melinda was always doing that, and although a bit annoying in her mothering tendencies, she always meant well.  

Emily was tempted to turn on the TV or perhaps even just lay down and sleep, but she’d made a promise and she knew that if she didn’t follow through her girlfriend would be cross with her.  Ryan, her girlfriend of almost three years now had a handful of rules, and one of those was that Emily wasn’t allowed to skip dinner, even if Ryan wasn’t home to oversee it.  

With another groan, Emily forced herself up off the sofa.  She took off her overshirt, feeling much cooler in the cream-colored camisole and then wiggled out of the pantyhose.  She left both sitting on the sofa, making a mental note to pick them up later. That was another of Ryan’s Rules: discarded clothing belonged on the hamper, not on the bed, floor, kitchen table, or anywhere else that was deemed to be untidy. 

Emily managed to force herself into the kitchen before opening both the fridge and freezer at once. She took a moment to enjoy the cool air that exited, but the contents themselves were disappointing.  She was hoping to find something easy, but the almost bare offerings only reminded her that she had once again forgotten to place an order for groceries. Turning her attention from the fridge to the freezer, her eyes landed on half a pint of banana split ice cream. Her mouth watered as she grabbed it and sat it out on the counter. 

“This so counts as dinner,” she rationalized to the empty kitchen. “Protein in the milk and nuts and even fruit in the cherries and bananas.” She flicked off the lid and grabbed an oversized spoon from the utensil drawer before she scooped up a big bite and shoved it into her mouth.  It was both savory and sweet and exactly what she needed after such a long and tiring day.  

With her prize in hand, she went back into the living room and plopped back down onto the sofa. She took another spoonful and then gave in and turned on the TV, surfing until she found a rerun of Murder Mystery.  Settling in among the pillows, she enjoyed the mindless plot as she shoved spoonful after spoonful of creamy ice cream into her mouth. 

The minutes clicked by, and before she knew it she’d hit the cardboard bottom of the box.  “I’ll have to remember to order another pint before Ryan realizes it’s gone,” she muttered to herself before putting the now empty carton on the coffee table in front of her.  Settling back into the pillows she returned her attention to show, but before long she found her eyelids become heavy.  

A quick check of the time told her she still had hours before Ryan would even be off work.  That gave her plenty of cushion to be a vegetable and still clean up before her girlfriend got home.   She closed her eyes again, only meaning to rest them, but it also felt so good once they were closed.  




Ryan Thomas ran her fingers through her short blonde locks as she scanned the mostly quiet ICU bay in front of her. The sound of steady beeping and whooshing of machines helping keep her four assigned patients alive was soothing.  Alarms meant trouble and for once she happy to be almost bored. Her eyes traced over the large monitors over each bay door, which tracked heart rate, oxygen, and blood pressure. All looked normal and gave her hope that the rest of her 12-hour shift would continue to be as quiet. 

She knew she should return to dictating her notes, but the moment of peace allowed her mind to flow to her girlfriend.  Emily should be home and in bed by now. The thought made her smile. Ryan had been working 12-hour nights for weeks now and with Emily working almost as many hours as a paralegal during the day they’d barely seen each other much less had any real quality time together.  She missed her little brunette beauty something fierce and couldn’t wait to crawl into bed next to her.  

It was hard to be away from Emily. She missed the mundane things like the way she smelled or just the feeling of warmth in the middle of the night. Thankfully, however, this would be the last shift they would be apart for a while as Ryan finally got a supervisory promotion and she would be working much more sensible hours from here on out. 

Ryan finished the sentence she was writing in a patient’s chart before scanning the four monitors in front of her again. Although peaceful, it was also almost too quiet.  At this rate the night would drag on, only making her miss Emily more. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for her patient in room 403, the sudden beeping of an oxygen alarm broke through her thoughts as she rushed to check on him.  So much for a quiet last night-shift, she thought to herself before hitting the code button. 


13 thoughts on “Ryan’s Rules – Part 1

  1. Oooh this is promising! And very well written. Good job 😊

    Also I always try to explain to people that ice cream does count as dinner, they wouldn’t listen to me 😒

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think someone’s in for a rude awakening…..or a rude Spankening! Maybe she should pull out a bag of frozen vegetables and dump the contents and leave the bag on the counter…CYA move?

    Fun story!!! Thanks as always!


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