Real Life TTWD

Hi my spanko ladies and lads, how is everyone? I am neck deep in trying to understand math these days (whining dramatically), but I am still writing! I have officially started my first solo book which will hopefully be done within the end of this year! I do plan on still updating here once a week though, but I wanted to ask your opinions on some topics I had in mind.

As you all know I like to talk about spanking, TTWD, DD or whatever you want to call it in my real life sometimes. It’s a way to help you guys and even myself. But here’s my question what do you want to know about?! I have several possible topics in mind and want to know if you want me to talk about any of them or if you have another one in mind.

Here is my possible topic list:

When TTWD is hard
The Switch Problem
Psychology and Kink
My first “spanking”
Sexual vs. Non-Sexual spanking
Mistakes I’ve Made
BDSM and our place in it
Brat vs. Bottom vs. Me
Switching with A Switch
Heartbreak in TTWD

Anyway, everyone please pick one or two and in the comments tell me what you would like to discuss! Also, if you have something different in mind you can leave that too or even a story request!

Alas, the other reason I decided to just talk to you all today. I have had this blog for some time now and I thought maybe it was time for me to expand it a bit. I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in joining Patreon for exclusive content I would be writing. Basically, you pledge a small amount of money a month and get access to stories, photos and other content that wouldn’t be available to anyone else. It’s something I’m just considering so let me know what you all think!

Talk to you kinky folks later! Have a spanky week!

28 thoughts on “Real Life TTWD

  1. I’m actually really curious about the first one since I’ve been dealing with some of that myself lately. They all sound pretty interesting though!

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  2. Hi Logan! I think all these topics would be good to discuss but my top two are the psychology & kink and your first β€œspanking” 😁

    Also, I’ve never heard of Patreon but it sounds cool!


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