Hi spanky ladies and lads,

I know I’ve been awfully quiet these past few weeks, but I have a good reason! I was traveling to New Orleans to spend some time with my wonderful switchy lady friend for a conference about BOOKS! Needless to say, we had an amazing adventure seeing a new place, learning about writing and spending lots of time together!

New Orleans is unlike any city I’ve ever seen, there is always a party, a good drink and live Jazz! There were many first for us on this trip, but especially me! I’ve added some pictures to show you of some of the adventures!


An outdoor patio where we had brunch to live jazz our first day!
Trolley cable cars that go all over the city! This one is from the early 1900s!
Joan of Arc state near Jackson Square! ( I got educated about who she was, so cool!)
Cafe Du Monde famous for their beignets!
One of the many above ground graveyards that New Orleans is well known for. Some of the graves dated back to the 1800s
Boats on the Mississippi!
So beachy 🙂 
Cathédrale Saint-Louis and statue of Andrew Jackson 
Canal Street!
View from the hotel room, yes that is the Super Dome
Could stare at it for hours! 🙂 
Near Jackson square, balconies like these were everywhere and often hanging with flowers! 

Now now, I’ll stop spamming you all with pictures and get to what you all really want to know about. Yes, we all had a nice kinky time, but all I’ll say is who knew hand on bare bottom could make a girl squirm and blush so much! 😉


– LT

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  1. Who knew indeed…. but looking at the pictures. NO was such a bight and interesting city. The article is amazing and the history and culture was very fun to see an experience. It was fun getting to see it all with you!

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  2. Makes me smile the way you call the tram, but lovely pictures. Looks like a place I’d enjoy visiting.

    I’m really happy you both had a good time, but this you already know. 🙂 Where will you have your next adventures? 😉


    • It’s what they are missy! If you look above them closely there is literally a cable that guides them and stuff!

      We are in current negotiations for our next adventure as we can’t wait to be together again soon!


  3. I’m so glad y’all had a great time but omg these pictures make me so jealous! New Orleans has always been on my bucket list. I’m thinking of planning a trip for my birthday but October seems so far away lol. I need to know though, how were the beignets? That’s one of the main reasons I want to go.


    • I tried the old fashioned type of beignets which were most of a pastry than a donut! 🤔 However that’s not what is commonly served in New Orleans. Most places do the donut kind! How were they? Well I grew up in the south and tbh they were like ones I’ve had at home so not much difference to me. However, if you like shrimp or oysters (really any type of seafood) New Orleans is the place to visit!


      • So does that mean the donut ones are better? Or the old fashioned ones?

        I do like shrimp and crawfish. That’s probably the only seafood I like. I’ve never tried oysters but I don’t think I could get myself to. They look so gross.


          • Well I will make sure to try the donut ones then when I go one day! 😁

            And who knows, maybe I’ll be “adventurous” and try the oysters while I’m there too. But I may need some liquid courage before that! 😂


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