The Trouble with Trouble – Part Two

Part One can be found here.

Two solid hands gripped either hip keeping me where I was on her lap, “Stop that. You aren’t going anywhere little bit. It seems you need to find out what happens to young ladies who don’t listen to their Tops and pout about being spanked.” Before I could control my own voice, I heard a whine rumble from my throat. I couldn’t see her, but I had a very educated guess at her reaction to me. She would pierce her lips and shoot me a stern gaze with her blue eyes. I could feel when one of Kerry’s arms tightened around my hip and the other leave its place on my body. I tensed in realization about what was about to happen.

True to my knowledge a first swat befall the center of my backside. I tried to not give her the satisfaction of a reaction. Instead of biting my lips together and curling my hands into a tight fist. I held silently for several minutes as the sounds of steady swats echoed around us.

However, it was pointless. Ma’am’s palm knew how to skillfully warm my bottom! The swats were growing firmer and firmer each round that was completed, all leading to one goal: building the heat up in my backside expertly!

“Owie, ma’am… come on… I’ll pay attention. I promise. ”

It wasn’t long before I had the uncontrollable urge to get away from the palm talking with my bottom. The heat started off as nothing more than a low tingly warmth. It quickly spread deeper into the muscle. The pain of a hand spanking is hard to describe. It’s a mixture of sharp pain, to begin with then growing soreness as the swats continue to build on one another.

My emotions bubbled in my stomach. Why did she have to spank me? It wasn’t fair! All I wanted was for her to stop. But as much as I wanted her to stop I also wanted her to bare my still clothed backside, spank harder and tell me all was going to be okay and hold onto me until I relaxed, for her to remind me that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

However, the side that hated this won. I started kicking my feet into the air, matching her still steady pattern of swats.

Ma’am’s firm voice cut into the sounds of my spanking like a knife, “Little Bit, no kicking. You know better.” My only response was to kick hard and struggle to get away more fighting both my emotions and the warmth in my bottom.

I groaned loudly as I felt sure hands travel from my backside to the waistband of my leggings. She peeled them down over my cheeks exposing the back of my panties to her will. “You are going to relax and accept this spanking Lexington Claudia!”

The swats were much more pronounced now without my leggings the heat built faster and deeper this way. She was meticulous in her steady barrage of swats back and forth and up then down. Hoping to make her stop, I tried a different strategy. I sagged, limp, over her lap and stilled my movements, allowing the blood to rush to my head and her to completely support my body. It took a lot of willpower to completely relax all my muscles and give in, in the hopes she would stop. Thankfully a few swats later Ma’am stopped the swats resting her hand on my backside.

“Are you going to calm down, or do I need to send you after my paddle?” My tight lips contained the bratty answer that I wanted to give, instead, I nodded my head.

“Yes, yes I’ve had enough I’ll be good for you. No paddle needed.”

“The next time will be the paddle, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am, understood.”

I felt as Ma’am’s hand leave my backside once more and then brought down four hard swats that echoed throughout the house. She connected to the base of my bottom, where I sat, where my skin was much more sensitive. Each swat felt like it was being seared into my backside. I clamped onto the chair legs with a white-knuckle grip and wait for her to finish punishing my tender sit spots.

When Kerry finish spanking I felt her strong hands soothing my hot backside, yet still holding me securely in place, “You ready to get up little bit?”

I was more than ready. Without saying anything I struggled to get my feet back under me to find my balance as I stood. Kerry steadied me, holding my arm, “You don’t have to do everything on your own. I would have helped you up.”

“I know, but it’s fine.” Kerry reached out and pulled me to her guiding me to sit on her lap. Relaxing, I allowed myself to momentarily melt into her embrace. I buried my face in her neck and could feel her short auburn locks tickle my face. She wrapped her long arms around me and held me close to her. I enjoyed the silence until the sting in my backside became something, I couldn’t ignore any longer. Squirming uncomfortably my irritation at the world spurred itself to the surface once more and my now tender cheeks added to that irritation.

Cautiously I stood, jerking my leggings back into place but, avoiding the sight of Ma’am, “I have a lot to do. I need to make dinner and do some work. You staying?” Ma’am silently watched me for several moments.

“Yes, I think I need to. I think me and you aren’t done talking tonight.” She announced a matter of factly.

I huffed and turned left her sitting in her oh so important ‘spanking chair’ and marched into the kitchen.


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