Broken Hearts

Missing you is hard.

Never having you is harder.

There are many books of words that were left unsaid.

And lifetimes of adventures we never had.

Loud melodies remind me of you play as a cover for this tragedy.

Times I wish I’d never known your name.

But I’m thankful to this day you wandered through.

Even when regret is a vastness I’ll never leave.

I’ll always have the what if to think of.

My broken heart and yours too.

That’s all we have left of this silly little love story.

I’ve spent many hours thinking of your complicated words.

Wondering if they where for me or for someone more.

I might never know for sure.

It may be best that way… leaving the fantasies of the other intact.

Neither of us knew what we had until it was lost.

We danced and we danced but never took a bow.

We left each other wanting more of the other.

Im here were you left me standing alone.

All you need is to reach out a hand I’ll be here waiting for you.

For now.

Bratty goth, strong woman, or scared child, they are all closely the same in one way or another. And well we all have been all of these more than once in our lives. Which ever you are I’m here. You can reach out but that is a choice you need to make. All it takes is a word. -LT


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