Fourteen First – Has Arrived!

Hey, all spanking people! I have wonderful news! Fourteen First officially released today! This is the anthology many amazing women worked hard on most of the summer! So hurry on over and get your copy today! There are some amazing authors and stories in there (I couldn’t help, but take a peek earlier today)! Also, a quick thank you once again for the amazing work that Stardawn Cabot and Claire Britain did for this book, without you ladies it wouldn’t have been possible. 🙂

Fourteen Firsts Cover

Here is the blurb just to tease you all a little. Happy reading. 🙂

Fourteen Firsts was a labor of love by 13 different authors who have one thing is common. As both editor and a contributor, Stardawn Cabot spent many months putting together this collection of stories. Many of the authors have never been published before, but they are all excited to see the proceeds of this book go to charity. In the following pages, you will find tales of princesses, warriors, lawyers, and even modern-day heroines, all who find that special someone who can care for, protect, and discipline when needed. Each tale has its own unique spin on what a ‘first’ can be, and although the cover pretty much says it all, we hope that you enjoy these adult-themed stories, and check out other books by these great ladies as well!


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