ERT Prt 2

Okay so maybe regularly updating was a bit of a stretch of the imagination, however I ended up having more work left on my story than I thought and RL is a pain in the ass at times. Anyways, here is part 2 of ERT. Later in the story you will understand what ERT stands for :).  


Many spanking vibes, 




Maddy could feel the heat in her face as she sat in only her underwear allowing Tessa to gently wash her body with a cool wash cloth. At any other time the blond would have felt too embarrassed by the woman’s actions, but today she didn’t even have it in her to stand. Once Maddy was washed and rinsed off, Tessa quietly asked, “Okay sweetie, I’m going to let you change the rest of your clothes, call me if you need me.” Tessa left Maddy alone so she could care for herself.

Maddy quietly called out to Tessa through panting breaths letting her know she had done as much as she could alone. Between the two women they finished getting her changed and gathered what Maddy would need to go to the hospital.

After locking up the apartment, Tessa escorted the sickly woman into her waiting car and taking care to even buckle her in. The hour long journey to the hospital, across town, was tense for Maddy at least. It felt like Tessa was angry at her as she read the woman a riot act about taking care of herself and asking for help when she needed it. Somehow, Tessa’s disappointment in her was even worse than if she would have been mad. According to the  brunette, Maddy should know better than not to ask for help. However, all Maddy was thinking about once again was the ache deep in her chest from the absence of Emma.

Tessa drew the car to a stop and put it park.   Maddy asleep against the car window. No wonder the woman had been so quiet the last half of the trip. Tessa placed a gentle hand on the woman’s shoulder, “Hon, wake up, we are here.” Maddy groaned and blinked blurry eyes at the older woman. “Wha-?” the blond began, but realized they were sitting outside of the emergency room.

Maddy was basically carried out of the car inside the hospital by Tessa whom Maddy was growing more and more thankful for by the moment.

While Maddy slumped against a wall, in a hard plastic chair, Tessa signed the woman in and filled out all the information she could. Thankfully the waiting room wasn’t busy with only two other people in there neither appearing to be waiting to see a doctor. Tessa went back to the woman sitting beside her, and allowed the woman to rest a head on her shoulder. Tessa spent the next fifteen minutes rubbing soothing circles on her back and playing with the ends of her hair, trying to get the sick woman to relax. She didn’t know what it was about hospitals, but the woman was very uneasy about them.When Maddy’s name was called the nurse fetched a wheel chair for her to ride in to the triage area.

When the group made it to the Triage, Maddy was looking even worse than she had before their ride to the hospital. The nurse rapidly took her vitals and asked why she was in the ER today. However, when the nurse read off her temperature her expression changed to one of urgency. The thermometer had read out ‘103.9’. The nurse left the two women in the triage room alone for a few moments before rushing back in and taking Maddy to a nearby room.

The nurse helped Maddy onto the bed and gave her a gown to put on telling her that someone would be with her shortly. Maddy struggled to get into the gown all the while freezing even more from not having on any clothes on, other than the gown. She made sure to cover her legs with the blanket so Tessa wouldn’t get on to her for the cut she was sporting down the side of her leg. When she had dressed she called for Tessa to come back into the room.

Soon there was a different nurse that came into the room that introduced herself as Jo. Even in her fever and sick addled brain Maddy couldn’t help but notice the woman’s looks. Everything about her was dark, from her eyes, hair and even her skin held a dark tan. Maddy was instantly drawn to the mysterious feeling she gave off too.

Jo for her part felt for the woman lying in the hospital bed, she looked really awful, but something inside Jo made her want to hover, watching her every move. Silently, Jo attached a heart monitor, blood pressure cuff and sensors that would read her body temperature. Having done what she was bid she patted the woman’s leg, however she noticed the woman wince away from the touch.

Jo turned to the woman and looked at her through a gaze of concern, “Ma’am is there something wrong with your leg?”

Maddy’s face was shocked, her entire body became ridged as she tried to brush off the woman’s question, “Oh, its fine. I am having body aches all over.”

Jo’s eyes pinched in thought as she looked at the small, frail woman lying in the hospital bed. There was something that made her stomach turn. So, she said to the small woman, “Do you mind if I just take a look,”, looking at Tessa she added, “She mentioned that you fell earlier. You might have gotten hurt and have not even realized it.”

However, Maddy wasn’t given much of a chance to respond before Tessa pulled the covers off her lower legs. Both women gasped in shock and horror at what they saw. Down the outside of Maddy’s left leg was a huge, grossly infected cut. It was at least eight inches long and half a inch wide on one end. The entire area was red and swollen.

Tessa was the first to speak, “Madeline! When did you get this and why the HELL didn’t you tell me about it when it happened!”

Maddy groaned and sank into the bed, covering her face with her hands, wishing that the floor would swallow her up whole. She couldn’t even find refuge in Jo because she was giving her just as a stern look as well.

Mumbling Maddy admitted, “I didn’t want to go to the hospital. I-I was scared.” Jo just raised a eyebrow and went back to studying the cut on her leg. It was becoming quickly obvious that this young woman needed someone to take care of her.


In a hushed quiet tone Tessa told the sickly woman, “Little girl, why I should handle you like Emma would have.”

Something in Jo surged. That little tid bit of information was quiet reviling, but she continued to poke and prod the wound much to Maddy’s displeasure. When the whispered conversation lulled Jo looked at the blonde, “Well, ma’am it would seem that you have quite an infected cut. I am not a doctor, but I’d venture to guess that this is what has got you so sick. Infection can travel into the blood stream and will kill you if not caught quickly enough.” Maddy squirmed in her bed listening to Jo’s spill about her leg. “Alright I’m going to talk to the doctor about this.” Pointing to the leg, “then I am going to have to clean it up I’m sure.”

Maddy started to argue, but Tessa gave the woman a sharp look of disapproval. Jo left the women and could hear the beginnings of a stern lecture as she closed the door. Jo couldn’t blame the woman, she had a strong desire to lecture and do even more, but that wasn’t her place.


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