Dear Diary 6/26

Same disclaimer as always, little bit of fiction, little bit of RL.


Dear Diary,

Today a dear friend of mine and I were talking about something and we got on the subject of ‘shivers’ that we feel and the different reasons we feel them and what it means when we get them. So, I thought I should tell you about them a little bit.

When she calls me ‘little one’ it sends shivers down my spine all the way to my toes, makes my stomach flip and my heart open all with two little words. She is the only one that can cause this with a name like that. Maybe because she has seen some of the deepest parts of my soul. I know the name is very special to the both of us and means something that only we can. Those words are a reminder of the love and care she has for me. It wasn’t a instant reaction to those simple words actually. The more we get to know each other the more those two simple words meant to me and ever time she says them it means more and more. It honestly feels just off when someone else calls me that. In a strange way it feels more mocking than comforting.

Then there are the are shivers you get when she gives you the look.  The look that is going to be soon followed by ‘I am listenting’ or ‘Would you like to explain yourself’. Not only that, but the look usually is a sign that you are already in trouble your next words will tell me how much. Those send you into panic mode, every hair stands on end and goose bumps rise on your skin. Also, just so you know the look can also be a raised eyebrow and whispered words of ‘you better be glad we aren’t alone right now.’ This one makes all the never endings in your backside tingle in anticipation and dread of what is to come or make you want to cover up with both hands back there. Usually, when I get these types of shivers it’s my self preservation kicking in.

Some of the most intense shivers I have ever had is when bare skin to bare skin meets. (no dirty mind not like THAT) When you are over her lap with your pants and panties at your knees and she is rubbing your bare bottom it will send shivers all the way down your spine and can actually cause involuntary muscle movement!. There is something threatening and calming all at the same time about that one simple touch. It’s the anticipation of the first swat of her punishing hand. But also after the spanking is over her palm can be a source of comfort as she applies aloe or rubs some of the steam away.

Then there is the shivers you get when you get a long hug when she knows you need it. The shivers of it has been a long and rough day and you just want to sit on her lap and cuddle really close to her for a long time. And as soon as she raps her arms around you your body gets this shiver that is the tension from the day leaving your body and her warm embrace comforting you. And as she continues to hold you there you just let everything else in the world go.

Well diary there you have, some of the most common reasons Toppy lady can cause me to get shiver or tingles or whatever you would like to call it. It’s really crazy how just a simple word or look can cause that. I’m sure I’ll continue to discover what causes them to happen.


Much love diary. Talk soon,

All tingly brat.


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