Hi everyone,

So I needed to get some thoughts out there today. I have obviously only recently made the decision to delurk in TTWD world. Honestly, I was reading stories and following blogs about it well before I should have so I have been lurking for close to 7 years now. In saying all this I recently, also, kind of delurked in my real life as someone who writes and is interested in spanking.

I called my best friend one day and I simply told her and she was supportive and amazing (love you so much). She read some of my stories and also part of the kinklet that is going on Anna Reilly’s blog, which everyone needs to go read, and she asked me, “After, reading this don’t you want to find these people and do this kind of stuff with them?”

I don’t remember what I told her at the time, because admittedly I was buzzed when we where talking about it. However, I have been thinking a lot about this question and decided to answer it here. So, here is the long and complicated answer to the question above.

Honestly, most simply, the answer is YES. Absolutely yes. However, that is a much to simple answer. This world online is much different than real life. In real life we don’t get to pick and choose which part of each other we see and experience, because we see it all. There is no forever twenty-five, perfect looks and body. There is no perfect Top/botttom out there. We all make mistakes daily and even in the scene, virtual or real we wish we didn’t. Perfection just doesn’t happen. We have bad habits and occasionally bad manners. We have arguements and lack of communication. In my experience sometimes we just don’t want to spank or be spanked. (Rarely, but it happens. Shocking I know 😉 )

There is also the fact that while everyone reading this are more than likely, spankos that means something different to every single person reading this. For some that might mean gentle spankings as foreplay only, but for others it may mean strict rules and harsh punishments 24/7 or even somewhere in the middle. Any of which is fine as long as it is safe and consensual, but this just means not anyone could do TTWD together.

There are few things in this world, in my experience, more vulnerable than being new at something, especially something like spanking. It is so much easier to be a person on the other side of computer screen knowing you will never meet them or actually interact with them. And knowing how difficult it is to delurk on the internet I can only imagine how difficult it is to do it with someone you have never met before. I will also say that there is a strange emotional side (to me) to writing stories like these or even being spanked or spanking virtually. Emotions are a huge part of this for me as with many others. It would take time to cultivate a relationship to allow someone to have access to this vunerable part of you, physically or emotionally.

Relationships can start over the internet, but it takes time to get to a place where you can have a relationship in RL. And when they do it can be a thing of beuty.

So, in ending to the person who asked me this, yes, there are times like damn can’t we all go live on our own island somewhere and be happy, but then I know reality isn’t this, hearts get broke, people change, spankings can hurt hella lot and we might all want different things anyway. But there a few lucky souls out there that find forever here and what they have is amazing.

Much care,


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