A spanko’s addiction – updated

About a year ago I did a post about my personal collection of implements. Since then I’ve learned a lot and added to my collection. Since I didn’t have another story quiet ready to post this week I thought I would share an updated picture and bestow some advice about implements and the actual act of spanking. I’m going to give them a 1, 2, or 3 based on the severity level I find them 1 being the least and 3 being the worst.


So to start on the bottom row from left to right is…

OTK looped strap – 1
Flex Ruler – 1
Plastic Spoon – 0
Holey Paddle – 3 (if not 4)
Silicone Spatula – 1
Wooden Spoon – 3
Smaller Wooden Hairbrush – 3
Acrylic Paddle – 2
Medium Wooden Hairbrush – 1 or 2
16-inch Delrin Cane – 0
3 rattan canes of different sizes – 2
Riding Crop – 1
Sorority Paddle – 3

And then the second row bottom to top is…

Leather belt (rolled up and wrapped in a rubber band)
Small Bathbrush – 3
Round Leather Paddle –  1
Purple Heart Paddle – 3
Two Tongue Slapper – 1
Long Neck Leather Paddle  – 2
Flogger – 0

So a few comments about implements and spanking.

Walmart or Target is a great place to walk around and begin your collection. Great spanking implements are very affordable and a good quality! My wooden spoon, hairbrush, bath brush, ruler, silicone spatula, and leather belt all came from there. So, if you are just starting out or wanting to explore just go wander around and see what you find.

For my friends, that plan on using any implement for more than a few swats consider the size of the handle that your implement has. Wider handled implement are less comfortable after a few dozen swats as they seem to vibrate more in the palm of the hand. For instance compair the width of the holey paddle to the clear acrylic one, the holey paddle is muh comfier in the hand. Also, heavy implements are going to be more difficult to use. The longer you use the more tired you are going to be especially if you don’t routinely use implements such as the sorority paddle.

Also, if you are using a wooden paddle with hole(s) be especially careful because they cause bruising and blisters much easier than other implements. And warm-ups can vary, between over layers with hand or even straight to bare skin with a light implement. Whatever you decide I do recommend doing something for a warm up as the backside doesn’t like going straight for hard and heavy.

Anyway, just a few thoughts from my own experiences. Again if you have any implements I need to try or websites I need to check out please comment down below!! Or if anyone has a collection that they want to show I’m all up for that as well!


Twelve Seconds!

Twelve Seconds will be live today! Follow the comments below for the latest updates! Also, the burb is down below for a little teaser. 😉

Twelve Seconds is the second anthology in this series and was created purely out of love with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. Perhaps Ellie Rogue, one of the contributors put it best when she said, “First times could be the most shocking, but second times were usually the most successful because they were about growing, about trying again, about discovering and pushing through, and about putting effort in learning and proving that you could do it again.” After all, what is a second? It’s a moment in time, it’s a returning to a location, it’s seeing a lost love again. First times may indeed be special, but it’s that second time that holds special meaning.

Join us for Twelve Seconds, the second anthology published by Stardawn Cabot, Claire Britain, and ten other talented ladies. Each story has its own unique spin on seconds, and although the cover pretty much says it all, we hope that you enjoy these adult-themed stories, and check out other books, blogs, and stories by these great ladies as well!

I want to personally say thank you to Stardawn Cabot who puts that squirmy touch, invaluable experience, and all those damn commas into my writing. And who also has spent countless hours sprinting with me to get words on paper. I couldn’t have got it done without you. ❤️

To Claire Britain who was so often a cheer leader, spring board for ideas, motivator, voice of reason and another who bestowed invaluable experience every chance she got. Thank you so much my story wouldn’t have been what it was with you. ❤️

To Jojo Jojo my partner in crime and spanking. Thank you for patiently editing before the edits to make my writing bare able for the other ladies and for not letting me give up on this specific story which you believed in since day one. Thank you. My story wouldn’t have meant as much to me without you. ❤️

Finally, last but not least. Thank you to Ellie Rogue. The brat and my dear friend. The inspiration behind the story. Without your playful nature, your bratty ways and your beautiful heart there would have been no inspiration at all so thank you. ❤️

I hope you all enjoy this amazing book. See y’all soon. -LT

You’re Driving Me Crazy……part 4

Hello everyone, well this is the last part of the story, please forgive me if my POV is skewed. Anyway hope you enjoy.😊

You’re Driving Me Crazy …part 4

Kirsten helped Darcy down from the tow truck as it pulled up outside their house.

“I’ll just settle the paperwork with the driver then I’ll be in. You in the meantime need to take a bath, soak any aching muscles and pyjamas on please, ” she said in a low voice and turning her partner round she propelled her towards the front door with a smart slap to her behind.

Darcy trailed miserably upstairs to the bathroom and started to run her bath. Kirsten was naturally considerate, telling her to soak away any aches in her muscles caused by their car ride. Problem being, there was one particular muscle that definitely would be aching later on, and no soaking in a hot bath was going to cure that!

Twenty minutes later, she pulled the plug, towelled herself down, put her pyjamas on and padded into the bedroom. Kirsten was waiting for her, sitting on the bed, the nasty whippy looking aerial placed by her side.

Kirsten watched her girlfriend as she entered the room. She did look so cute dressed in her Tatty Teddy PJ’s. Now was not the time for smiles though. She almost felt like letting Darcy off her punishment and could quite happily have snuggled under the duvet with her, but she had a job to do, she knew that, but sometimes it was just so damn difficult being the Top. She set her features into what she hoped was a firm demeanour.

Darcy stopped just inside the bedroom door and shuffled her feet nervously. Kirsten crooked a finger and beckoned her brat to stand to the side of her. “We need to talk about what happened today,” and she effortlessly tipped Darcy over her knee. Her palm smoothed over the blue shorts, she could feel Darcy already beginning to clench and unclench her buttocks.

“Relax…sweetheart,” she instructed patting her rear.

Darcy nodded, but it was difficult especially as she knew what was coming. That aerial was going to sting like crazy, and she knew that every time she sat down, she would be reminded of this punishment.

“Why are you in this position Darcy?” Kirsten’s voice was quiet.

“Because…. because I took my eyes off the road.”

“What else?”

‘I caused an accident because I wasn’t looking.”

“And what else.”

“I didn’t renew roadside assistance, and I should have…..I forgot,”  she sighed

“Yes you should have….and we are going to address that now and then deal with the more serious aspects of today.”

Very slowly Kirsten hooked her finger in the waistband of Darcy’s pyjama shorts. She took her time, pulling down first one side and then the other. Darcy let out a little whimper.

Kirsten tugged down each side of the shorts until finally a pert round bare bottom was displayed for the punishment. Settling them just around her mid thighs, Kirsten noticed with satisfaction how perfectly framed Darcy’s behind was, pyjama top stopping short of her rear and shorts nestled mid-thigh. The sole focus was now on the bottom, and it was a bottom that was going to get a lot of attention in the next few minutes – oh yes.

“I…I am sorry” Darcy ventured as Kirsten rested her palm on her bottom

“I know you are sweetheart…thank you,  ” and raising her hand she brought it down on her girl’s right cheek, quickly following through with another smack to the left. Wrapping her arm around Darcy’s waist, she held her close as she started to pick up momentum. Darcy was stoic at first but as the familiar burn started to spread she began to squeak out.


Kirsten, however, continued with the spanking and then rather than alternatively spanking the naughty brat’s cheeks she delivered several smart smacks to just the right. Pausing in between each one to allow the sting to take effect.

“Owww” shrieked Darcy “Kirsten whatcha DOING? ” This was hurting way too much, and she DEFINITELY didn’t like it.

“Teaching you a lesson, ” came back the response and she started on the left with the same treatment noticing with wry satisfaction that Darcy’s squirming bottom was now a deeper hue of pink.

After several more firm spanks, Kirsten decided to wind up the first part of the punishment. Darcy lay over her lap emitting small squeaks and whimpers. Her bottom was heated a deep pink and felt warm to Kirsten’s touch. Her pyjama shorts lay in a little heap, where she had kicked them off.

“OK Darcy, up you come” and Kirsten righted her “No rubbing ” she reminded as Darcy’s hands stole round to her rear.

Placing a couple of pillows near the edge of the bed, Kirsten then directed Darcy to bend over them.

“Taking your eyes off the road even for a few seconds is never acceptable, and we will deal with the consequence of your actions right now.”

“Eight strokes and I want to hear you say I will never take my eyes off the road again.”

Kirsten tapped the aerial against the reddened buttocks and then lifting it, she brought it down across the cheeks with a deft flick of her wrist.


Darcy remained in place for about 3 seconds and then bounced up clutching her bottom as she felt the sting set in.

“Owww Kirsten” she wailed as she felt the fiery stripe raise itself across her bare bottom.

“Darcy you need to remain in place…..back over please.”

Darcy gave a pleading look, but Kirsten just pointed at the bed with the awful stingy aerial and waited for her to comply.

She bent back over, her bottom cheeks quivering as Kirsten lightly ran the aerial over her naked rear. Darcy gripped the duvet with her fists and gritted her teeth. Kirsten tapped her bottom reminding her what she needed to say

“I will n-never take my eyes off the road, ” Darcy breathed out heavily.

“Good girl.”

WOP!! and Kirsten rewarded her with another stroke.

“Owwie…I will never take my eyes off the road.”


And her bottom received another red line just under the first two.

“Aaahh……that hurt Kirsten…..please not so hard……..I will never take my eyes off the road.”


Her backside marked with fiery red lines as Kirsten expertly applied each stroke.


“Ooh….my sit spot! ” she wailed as with deadly accuracy another red line appeared across her upturned bottom.

“Ooh…..  I will definitely never ever take my eyes off the road……promise.” she wailed

“Glad to hear it…..last one.”


“Owww….” Gasped Darcy.

Strong hands, helped her up from the bed and held her close. Darcy nestled in, reassured by the steady thud of Kirsten’s heartbeat.

“It’s over sweetheart, all forgiven.” Kirsten kissed the top of her head.

“I don’t think I’ll ever drive again.” Gulped out Darcy.

Kirsten gave a wry chuckle and rubbed her hand up and down Darcy’s back. “Well maybe not tomorrow, but I’m sure that once the effects of a sore bottom have died away, you’ll be back in the driving seat. In fact….” and she paused, and gave Darcy’s thigh a small pat before continuing “I give it just two days and you’ll be back to driving me crazy,” and with that she kissed her.


You’re Driving Me Crazy……part 3

So here we go, part 3. I thought this would be the last post, but sorry ladies, there is one more to go, so you will just have to hang on in there for the spanking. 😆. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate……..

Darcy opened the door to her second-hand Nissan Micra and slid into the driver’s seat. Okay, so she had compromised over the type of car that she could drive, and although second-hand, at least it was all hers. She looked across at Kirsten in the passenger seat and smiled happily. “Okay, are we set?”

Kirsten nodded.Darcy started the car and carefully set it into gear and slowly drove down the road. At every amber traffic light that she came upon, she diligently stopped.

“See when you concentrate, you’re not too bad,” praised Kirsten.Darcy smiled, nodded and turned to look at her girlfriend as she basked in the approval.

“Eyes on the road, please.”

“Oops sorry, Kirsten” and she directed her gaze back onto the road ahead.

“Think about your position on the road, ” Kirsten advised the new driver.

” Mirror Signal Manoeuvre, “muttered Darcy to herself as she looked into the rear view and started to indicate.

“Watch your speed now.”

“Yes Kirsten” she responded back dutifully “I am only doing 40 though” she added.

“Just because it says 40 doesn’t mean to say you need to keep it at 40. You need to be able to read the road, ” advised her companion sagely. Darcy nodded and eased up on the accelerator.

They drove along in silence and Darcy started to relax. It really was a lovely day to be out driving in the countryside. April was definitely her favourite time of year. The daffodils were out and nodding their golden trumpets in the light breeze, Spring had undoubtedly arrived.

“Look over there Kirsten” she exclaimed as they motored past a field “little baa lambs aren’t they cute….fluffy clouds with feet! ”

Kirsten, however, responded with “Eyes on the road Darcy, I’ve told you once already. You need to be alert, road conditions can change at any time.”

“Oops….sorry…but they are sooo cute.”


Two miles down the road, Darcy started humming to herself. She reached out her hand to switch the radio on. “What are you doing. We’re not having music, it’s a distraction, especially for new drivers!”

“Oh, come on, lighten up everyone listens to music.”  Forgetting to watch the road ahead she looked across at Kirsten, and scowled.

“EYES……ON….THE……ROAD…….hey watch out” screamed Kirsten as the car swerved onto the other side of the road just as a cyclist came towards them.

Much later on and when Darcy was tucked up in bed nursing an extremely sore bottom, she reflected on how she ever missed the cyclist, but she did, just by a whisker. The only problem is that when she swerved to avoid a collision, she over extended on the turn and drove the car straight across the road and down a bank.

BOINK BOINK BOINK went the car as it rattled over the uneven surface.

Aaaaaaaeeeeeee shrieked the girls as they were jolted about inside.

CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK and then finally CRUNCH and the car came to a halt.

Hands clutching the steering wheel Darcy stared in disbelief around her and then turned to look at Kirsten. Kirsten had unbuckled her seat belt and twisting round in her seat she faced her girlfriend. Worry etched in her face

“Are you OK sweetheart?”

Darcy managed a nod. She was….. thankfully, but she was shaken up a bit.

“Y-you?” she stammered.

Kirsten nodded and palmed her face “Close call” was all she said, and she got out of the car to inspect the damage.

As she checked the car over, Kirsten ruminated on what had happened. They’d been fortunate that they hadn’t been injured. And all because you didn’t watch the road’. She sighed out loud. She would need to discipline her brat, that piece of driving she’d just participated in was atrocious. Darcy had caused the accident because she hadn’t kept her eyes on the road. Driving without due care and attention was a punishable offence in law, it could lead to a hefty fine, points on your licence, a Driving ban or worst-case scenario prison. She would need to teach her brat a lesson and impress on her that driving should never be taken lightly. That could have been a child crossing the road! She shivered at the prospect.

Glancing up, she realised that Darcy still hadn’t moved from the car. Hmmm, hopefully she’s thinking about the consequences. She stood and dusting down her jeans, walked round to the driver’s side.

Opening the car door, she cocked her head in the direction of the road

“Out…c’mon we need to ring roadside assistance…., in fact, you can do that seeing as you’ve caused this accident.”

“Alright…I…I am s….sorry….and….and I know I’m in t-rouble” Darcy’s voice was almost a whisper as her voice broke.

Kirsten’s heart did a somersault, Darcy was shaken up, she needed consolation, not a scolding.Crouching down she leant over her girlfriend and unbuckled the seat belt.

“Oh, sweetheart…..come on out you come” and guiding her now distraught girl out of the car she enveloped her in a bear hug.

Being enveloped in one of Kirsten’s bear hugs was always soothing for Darcy. She breathed in her girlfriend’s scent, taking comfort in the warmth of her body, strong arms wrapped around her keeping her safe. Kirsten stroked the back of her hair, all the time murmuring words of reassurance “It’s OK…..we’re safe….no one got hurt…but you are in trouble Darcy…….C’mon baby don’t cry”

It was Kirsten who rang roadside assistance in the end. Darcy wasn’t in a fit state to make the call, and it was just as well because that’s when she discovered that her brat had failed to renew their membership. However, all was OK as the Call Handler renewed over the phone and promised that someone would be out to them within the hour.

Terminating the call, Kirsten raised an eyebrow at Darcy, noticing with some satisfaction that she looked suitably repentant.

“That’s two conversations we need to have tonight isn’t it?”

Darcy rubbed her tear stained face and looked at the ground. She knew she was in a tremendous amount of trouble, oh God I am toast, toast toast she thought. She’s never going to let me drive ever again, and she slumped despondently down onto the grass verge a picture of pure dejection.

An hour later the car was placed on the back of the low loader. The local garage had been called and would accept their vehicle for repair, now all they needed was a lift back home. As Darcy was about to jump up inside the tow truck, she glanced to her right. What was Kirsten up to?  For she had mounted the back of the low loader and seemed to be busy unscrewing something from the roof of their car. She soon got her answer, because as Kirsten scrambled up to sit beside her, she had the car’s radio aerial grasped tightly in her hand.

Swallowing hard, Darcy averted her eyes from what was obviously going to be the instrument of disciplinary intent. I am so gonna get it tonight she thought morosely as they set off down the road and towards home.

You’re Driving Me Crazy! …..part 2

Well another week has passed, so I thought I better post part 2……by the way there is a part 3 🍑🏓

Anyway here we  go……

The next day Kirsten sat down at the kitchen table, a small notepad and a copy of the Highway Code clutched importantly in her hands. Putting on her glasses, she opened the notebook and selected a clean sheet of paper. In her neat handwriting she wrote “Driving Lessons – Points to consider, ” she underlined the title and then started to jot down a list.Darcy joined her in the kitchen five minutes later.

“Hey what you doing?” and she planted a kiss on the top of Kirsten’s head before going to pour herself a coffee.

“Jotting a few things down, so I know what to concentrate on when I take you out for your driving lesson..” and Kirsten busily carried on. “Oops…..forgot to add that ….umm and that,” she murmured as she leafed through the Highway Code.

Setting a mug of coffee down by Kirsten, Darcy peeked at the ever-increasing list.” Fucking hell, Kirsten” she exclaimed “I’m not that bad surely.”

Kirsten surveyed her girlfriend “’Fraid so…but don’t worry we’ll be addressing all this,” and she then applied a very sharp spank to her naughty brat’s bottom.

“Hey…..what’s that for?” grumbled Darcy as she rubbed her backside.

“Swearing….you know I don’t like it……now scoot I want to finish this list and then I’ll take you out in the car.”

An hour later, Kirsten and Darcy pulled up on their front driveway and got out of the car.

“Patience personified…..patience personified” Kirsten repeated her mantra as she tottered up the drive on somewhat wobbly legs towards the front door. “ I definitely need danger money,” she said out loud as she entered the house and made a beeline for the kitchen “and I definitely need alcohol” she announced to the world at large.

Opening the fridge, she pulled out a bottle of Prosecco, retrieved two wine glasses from the cupboard, popped the cork and poured a generous measure into each. Picking up the nearest glass she took a much-needed glug.

“Hell,  I needed that” and she took another gulp of wine.

“Hey steady…..you’ll get drunk” Darcy peeked her head uncertainly round the door.

Pointing to a kitchen chair, Kirsten directed her imp to sit down

“I don’t know what it is about your driving, but I tell you this,  you near as damn it caused a fu..” stopping herself just in time before the expletive left her mouth “an accident! ” Kirsten took another slurp of her wine. This was going down a treat, and it was much needed.

Before Darcy could say anything, the phone rang Kirsten reached over and plucked it from its stand

“Mad house,” she said into the receiver “Oh hi Dad…yes I’m fraught…..Darcy almost caused an accident…..sit down you,” she ordered as she saw Darcy rise out of her chair from the corner of her eye, and knowing full well that she was going to squirrel herself away in the bedroom.

“…good job there were no police about….went through on a red light……sshh, ” she flapped her free hand in Darcy’s direction as Darcy protested,   “I don’t care Darcy…amber…red it’s all the same…how she managed not to drive into the back of that bus, God alone knows……yes…I’m having a drink now….I’ll probably finish the whole bottle!”

Cradling her wine glass in her hand, Darcy reflected on what had happened. Kirsten was perfectly right of course, she had almost caused an accident. She’d been too blasé, and although it was technically red when she sailed through the traffic lights, they had only just changed from amber. Kirsten, however, was adamant that she’d jumped a red light and wouldn’t budge on it.

Her hopes of passing her test seemed to be in the very distant future and no way, would Kirsten allow her to buy a car until she’d got her driving licence.

“Yep….bye…love to Mum” Kirsten had finished the conversation. Placing the phone back on the receiver Kirsten fixed Darcy with a stern look.

“I am sorry…” she squeaked, only to be cut off mid-sentence.

“Not good enough…. now I think you need to give some serious thought about what happened today.”

“You’re all snappy, and you promised you would be patient and not shout,” pouted Darcy.

“I have been exceedingly patient, and if I shouted, it was because you were driving me straight towards a bus.  You young lady are going to have some much-needed reflection time tomorrow. ”


“Reflection time…….you can use the laptop in my study.”

“For what? ”

“You are going to write an account about the dangers of driving through a red light.”

“Am I?”

Kirsten nodded in confirmation before adding ” You might just want to do some research on the subject too because I want to see some evidence that you are taking this seriously.”

“S-oo you’re not…umm…going to spank me then?” Darcy blushed as she asked the question.

It was something about the word ‘spanking’ which seemed to have some sort of magical effect on her body. She would blush, her tummy would do some kind of belly flop, and she could feel an involuntary squirm pulse over her.

At the beginning of their relationship, it had taken a lot of courage to admit to her lover that she liked to be spanked. Kirsten had grinned so broadly from ear to ear Darcy was sure the Cheshire Cat had appeared before her eyes.

She had thought at the time that she’d blown it. Not everyone was of that persuasion, and she almost wished that she kept her mouth closed. Kirsten, however, was teasing and after Darcy had tried to backpedal and find a suitable excuse, she’d taken pity on her red-faced girlfriend and told her that she would be more than delighted to smack her bottom.

Over the next two years, the spanking dynamics changed, Darcy had always realised when she met her beloved that Kirsten was a Top. She’d rather liked that, it was what attracted her in the first place but now spanking as discipline was introduced on top of the playful, love making ones.

Darcy had been cautious at first, she really did not like being spanked when it was for correction. It most definitely didn’t have the same effect on her as the ones Kirsten gave her in the bedroom. But as Kirsten quite categorically said at her last paddling, that was the whole point. She then reminded her of the fact that she had agreed of her own free will that she needed discipline from her loving partner; and could she please stop prevaricating and get her naughty bottom over her lap so she could spank her!

Today, however, she had indeed been expecting a spanking, but much to her relief Kirsten shook her head. “No, just write the account ok…. BUT if you should ever jump a red light EVER again or do anything else that I consider dangerous, then I shall tan your backside with the aerial from my car radio.”

“Eek” squeaked Darcy at that pronouncement, that didn’t sound very nice at all. In fact, it would probably sting quite a bit! She made a resolution to try her hardest.

And try she did, for six weeks later she passed her test. She couldn’t believe it! Clutching the test certificate in her hands, she read and re-read the words on the paper “PASS”. Wow, she was a fully-fledged driver now! Nothing could go wrong, surely?🚗🚗🚗

Twelve Seconds is coming soon!

As many of you know I along with several others have been working on a second anthology with the wonderful help of Stardawn Cabot and Claire Britain! We can finally show you all the cover and tell you we will be publishing on November 30! So, mark your calendars! The countdown begins! 🙂 I can’t wait for you all to read these stories I already know they are going to be amazing!

Also, if you haven’t read Fourteen First you totally should to get you in the mood to read this one!!


You’re Driving Me Crazy!

Hello, umm….I’m new to posting on a blog as Editor (vbg), I think I could get used to this. Anyway, LT instructed me  I mean, asked me nicely if I had a story that I could post on her blog, naturally I said I did. Anyway, this little story I wrote almost 18 months ago. I apologise now, as it was my first proper attempt at writing in 3rd person, so be kind to me please lol.


I forgot to apologise for the content, it’s about driving, Seems to be a very familiar topic for Tops and their Brats. ……now….okay…..which button do I press to publish?


Aha here we go……

You’re Driving Me Crazy!

“For God’s sake Darcy, do you have to park so close to that car…I can’t open the door, let alone get out!” snapped Kirsten, her blue eyes fixed her younger partner with a baleful look.

“Oops sorry Kirsten, ” apologised Darcy. “I’ll reverse it back shall I?” and meekly putting the car in gear she started to inch the car out of the parking spot. There was a sudden squeal of breaks, and then a horn sounded. The car shuddered to a halt.

“What the …..” Kirsten wound the car window down and craned her head out to see the problem. A white van had stopped inches from the back of the car. Darcy had almost driven into it. With another honk of his horn and an obscene gesture with his middle finger, the van driver drove off.

“Bloody Idiot,” yelled Darcy, winding down the window and returning the gesture. Bad mistake as Kirsten slapped her hand away impatiently.


“Don’t you dare….I’m not having you succumb to road rage!”

“Well he is a prat, typical white van man,” Darcy muttered to herself. Kirsten ignored the mutterings and waited for her brat to restart the car. The engine roared into life and then jolted forward, for it was still in gear.

“Oh Jesus!”, Darcy ran a hand over her sweaty brow and tucked a wayward strand of dark brown hair behind her ear.

Quickly putting the handbrake on, Kirsten raised her eyes to the sky. Oh someone help me please she prayed. Oh, why oh why had she decided to teach Darcy to drive. She’d never taught someone to drive before, and this was her first time, and they were already on their twentieth driving lesson, and things were definitely getting worse, not better, something needed to be done about it before Darcy caused a serious accident

“Try again sweetheart” Kirsten swallowed hard and spoke in her best patient voice as she looked across at her driving companion. “Come on remember the drill Mirror signal manoeuvre.” She encouraged.

“Well I would, but someone’s put the handbrake on too hard!”

Sighing heavily to herself again, Kirsten released the brake.YES, she thought as they both got out of the car and made their way to the shopping centre, something definitely was called for.


Shopping done and the girls decided it was time for lunch.

“Hey Kirsten look….that’s going to be my car, ” enthused Darcy. Her brown eyes bright with excitement. She pointed to a picture of a mini cooper hanging on the wall with her ketchupped covered French fry.

Kirsten shook her head in exasperation, making her ash blonde ponytail swing ,  “Sweetheart, we keep having this conversation.”

“But that’s the car I really want ……please Kirsten,, once I’ve passed my test obviously,” and she gave her best puppy dog look.

Kirsten deftly snatched the French fry away and ate it “So not happening, it’s too big an engine size for you. You’ll get a nice little runaround.”

“Kirsten!” protested Darcy for a 1.1 was not exactly a sexy car to drive, and she so wanted the mini. They came in all colours, and she was contemplating the union jack design.

“Nope, a 1.1 will be just perfect for a new driver” mused Kirsten.

“Hrumph”.  Darcy realised the puppy dog look effect wasn’t going to work. She would have started sulking but catching her top’s eye she decided that now was not the time to go into a strop.

“Tell you what” announced Kirsten after a few seconds of silence.


“Well, why don’t I take you out twice a week.  Once a week obviously isn’t working, you need more practice. If we do it that way, you’ll soon pass your test.”  Kirsten smiled.

“You mean….more than once a week ….sure you can stomach my driving?” snorted Darcy.

“Excuse me!” Kirsten raised an eyebrow in remonstration.

“Umm…..I mean….er….thank you very much but aren’t you rather busy?” backpedalled the brat, knowing full well that if she didn’t tone it down, her backside would be in jeopardy.

“I can find the time…well why not…..you need to pass your test……this could be the solution.”

Taking another bite of her hamburger, Darcy chewed slowly while she thought.

“Promise you’ll be patient?

“I am patient.”

“Not when I’m driving you’re not….you get all snappy and shouty.”

“Look I’ll be patience personified.”


“Pinky promise.”


Oh God thought Darcy to herself. She wasn’t too sure if this was going to be a good idea. However, the image of a brand spanking new mini cooper rose before her eyes despite the fact it appeared highly unlikely that she would be allowed to get one. She REALLY needed to pass her test.🚗🚗🚗




My friends, tonight I come to you in a struggling soul. A soul that is tired and sore. A soul that wants to just sleep and not move for a long time. I’ve thought long and hard about writing this post and even more about posting it. I come as I am and nothing more. I’m me. Part of me is a lesbian kinky as hell toppy switch spanko. And the other part is so much more. A perfectionist student. A absent daughter. A grumpy sister. A distant friend. A conservative with liberal tendencies. A struggling writer. A sugar addict. A absolute mess.

You see I know this is a blog centered around spanking in fiction and real life. It even had some random poetry thrown in there. (I’m still debating if I’m allowed to call it that) But for me it’s a refuge of parts of me I can’t be and parts that are harder to be without a screen.

So, I write to you tonight in hopes that my sisters (and probably some brothers) are there, listening, because I need someone to. My entire life I’ve been different. I’ve been the over analyzing of dangerous situations. The over worrier of everything past and present. The stand in the background so you don’t mess up person. I’m tall and big and loud but, wish I could be anything but. My adult life I’ve come to terms with this struggle, but it’s a struggle that has made its presence more annoying in the past two months to the point where I’ve had to change. Like taking medication. Having less stressors and responsibilities. Being honest with myself and my family.

This struggle was effected when I entered the TTWD world. It helped me stay calm and level. Receiving spankings helped me not have all this excess time to think. And giving them didn’t allow the energy to think. However, through no faults of anyone this slowly changed because of life. And it also changed with the more I hid and am hiding from everyone I love. I’ve often commented about being in the closet in my life and living in a place where it’s very conservative. However I’ve come to the point where I don’t want that. I don’t want to have to make excuses to my family about meeting a nice boy and settling down. Or not being allowed to publicly support LGBTQ rights.

I say all this to preface this poem I want to share. I want you all to know the place I’ve been in that this came from and where I hope I’m going. Just as a warning it’s raw and real.

And a thank you for being here with me. For being a support even when you didn’t know you where. Thank you. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I have anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety has me.

I feel it the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep at night.

Cover it up.

Busy as possible.

I’m fine. I’m okay. I’m alive.

These are the lies I tell me.

Medications to help function.

Some days even schnapps straight.

Dulling those raw nerve endings.

Body is going to implode from inside.

Only it’s fake, but it’s to real to be fake.

Tight chest. Rolling stomach. Ringing ears.

Shaking and trembling in fear.

You are going to die.

You are going to die.

This is the last moment.

You are going to fuck everything up.

You have fucked everything up.

This mantra a continuous loop inside.

Have to move.

Have to move.

But everywhere to move too is terrifying.

Can’t stay still. Cant move. Paralyzed.

Moving will be too dangerous.

Staying makes the loop faster.

Stuck in one place over and over and over.

Willing my body to do something other than what it is.

Days I can’t even touch my own skin.

Those are the worse.

Leaving it behind would be ideal.

Explaining to friend, doctor, teacher or even father.

It’s not fake.

It’s not some made up feeling to make excuses.

It’s my mind wanting out of my body.

My body overreacting to my mind.

A trigger may not even be a trigger today but tomorrow.

But what does it matter?

Paralyzing agent takes over.

I am no longer me.

Me no longer exists.

Just the anxiety over and over we go.

Fighting for control.

Claire Britain is Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the amazing Claire Britain is back with her second book! That’s right Riely’s Reckoning is going to be LIVE in just a few hours on November 2nd!

If you haven’t yet make sure to go over to Wayward Angels and read the excerpt! (And follow them too while you are over there!)  It’s sure to be an interesting and thrilling book! Also, please show some love to Ms. Britian and leave her a review on Amazon! I know I will! Great job Claire!


Logan’s Letterbox Announcement

Hi all!

Today is going to be some different type of post! I am not planning on posting a story today, but instead taking care of some business! First off at the top and side of my website you will now notice something called Logan’s Letterbox. If you click on those words it’ll take you to another page. I want this page to be there for anyone to post on at any time or to hang out on. Of course, you can and I encourage you all to still comment on stories and other posts, but I thought it would be nice to have somewhere if you wanted to brat about a bit or ask questions to one another or me. Or even if you have a story idea you want to drop me that’d be the perfect place to do it! So, I encourage you all to stop by there today and say hi!

Also, I wanted to remind you all that I do have a Facebook page that you should all come join! We have fun times over there sometimes! You wouldn’t want to miss it either! 😉

Lastly, stick around because later I’m planning on sharing some exciting news that you all will love!

Keep it, kinky folks 😉