Driving Lesson Part 2

Part one of Driving Lesson can be found here.

As we drove in silence, I went back to the past few months and all the things that lead us here. When Jess moved to the States, it was like she had a sudden lapse in judgment. Of course at the time she had wonderful explanations for the tickets, (which were not all that wonderful, but that was another thought for another time) however what truly had landed us both here was her repeated need to be on the phone while she was driving. Of course, she tried to place some of the blame on me as we did tend to hands-free talk while both of us were driving home in the evening. However, we also had made a clear rule to not touch the phone while the car was in gear. Not two days after the rule was in place did she confess to breaking our agreement.

Luckily, just as my mind was about to wander down that rabbit hole, we pulled up to the car park. However, unluckily for Ms. Jessica, I knew the plans I had for her backside before the end of her grounding, unlike her. It was way past time she paid for all the “little” mishaps while driving. If nothing else she was going to learn to pay more attention to things while in charge of driving.

When the car finally came to a complete stop, I climbed out of the cramped space and helped Jess out of the car much to her grumbling.

As we stood close together on the sidewalk, Jess again was pouting this time only worse as there weren’t many people around to see the beginnings of her little fit. Sighing again I prayed that this wouldn’t be how the whole afternoon went. I honestly didn’t have it in me to fight with her the entire evening.

I counted to five in my head, so I didn’t come out too harsh. Then I straightened my back imposing my height just a little more and cleared my throat, “I am going to tell you this one time, little lady, you better mind the attitude or you will not sit tomorrow, which will be unfortunate when you have to write too many lines to count.”

Jess’s head dropped a little bit. I knew I had made my point. Hopefully, it would stick this time. I was fortunate honestly. Jess was an amazing first brat a top could help. Though we began as just a Top/brat over time, we also developed a deep friendship. In many ways, we fitted each other very well. When one of us was down the other would pick the other up, and we always supported each other in whatever we did. Also, one thing that made out relationship work as well as it did was that we were not romantically involved with each other. In many ways, it made it more straightforward.

Side by side we walked towards my car on the far end of the parking lot. As we walked I quietly heard the brunette murmur, “I’m sorry Piper, I’ll behave, I promise.”

“You are forgiven, little lady.” I placed a hand on her back as we continued to walk. I knew the true test of her statement would be in the next request I made of her, “Okay, little lady, hand over your phone. From now on I expect it to be in your bag in the trunk of the car, so you are not tempted to reach for it to even look at it.”

I just stood and watched as she processed what I had said to her.


It took me a couple of seconds to digest what Piper had just told me.

“But….but….come on I said I’m sorry. I need my phone, Piper. You can’t honestly expect me to keep it in the boot!”

Piper, however, just crossed her arms and nodded. Her hazel eyes connecting with my green ones as she watched my reaction.

I knew that determined look. It was a definite ‘I am your Top look, and you will do as I have requested!’

It was a look that had me squirming on the spot. Piper meant business, and there was no wriggling out of it. My inward voice was telling me that this was ridiculous. Piper was ten years younger than I, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Should I not be the one to Top, but it wasn’t as simple as that.

On numerous occasions, I had asked myself if the age gap mattered and time again I concluded that no. it was not important to us. Piper was a natural Top, it was part of her make-up, being younger than I, had nothing to do with it.

So where did that leave me? Well, I was a natural brat, and I needed that someone to hold me to account, someone to catch me when I was falling, someone just to be there, someone who understood what I needed and someone to ‘light up my tail’ should I need it and that someone just happened to be Piper.

At 25 years of age Piper Wentworth for all her youth, made quite an impressive Top. It wasn’t necessarily her height, for she stood just over 6ft in her socks, but it was the way in which she went about it. She could have abused the fact that she was so tall, but she didn’t. She used her height as only a tall woman could, and that was protection. With her, I felt safe for she was my shelter, my refuge almost. Piper gave me guidance, reassured me when times were tough and always held me to account. I was sure that she had the words “Top” written right through her core!

I was brought out of my reverie by Piper “Do we need to have a conversation right now?”


Driving Lessons Part 1

Hi spanky friends! I’m back… (no not dead ;)) I have the beginnings of a story for you all. It’s going to be at least four parts that I plan to post once a week for the next several weeks. I want to thank the wonderful and talented Jojo for writing this with me! Please leave her comments to let her know how much you enjoyed this! Happy reading!


P.S. Swats to you all!

I spotted my brat just down the sidewalk and quickly maneuvered through the crowds of people to get to her. She was faced away from me, looking to find me coming towards her from the opposite direction. I arrived at my brat and encircled her short frame from behind with my long arms, she looked up as her lips spread into a smile. I asked, “Hi you, you ready to get your first driving lesson?”

My simple question caused her to groan and wiggle away from my embrace. Apparently, that would be a no. She spun around to face me, her smile now into twisted into a pout. I knew she was mad at me.

“You were serious about that! Piper, I’ve been driving longer than you have been alive!” I sighed and just listened. That woman. Sometimes I wanted to swat her right here in public. However, I contained myself.

Keeping my voice level as to not draw unnecessary attention I firmly told her, “Jess, I was dead serious. And I did warn you. You got four traffic tickets in one year and were caught on the phone multiple times while driving. Therefore, you are now going to be grounded from driving until you complete ten driving lessons with me. Do you understand me, young lady?”

Jess didn’t say anything. Instead, she just huffed and started to cross her arms until she looked around and realized she was still in public. I really wanted to roll my eyes at the woman, however again I carefully controlled my reaction.

“Little lady, the parking lot where we are going to practice is about 10 minutes away let’s get a taxi and go. We can talk more about it later.” I offered her a hand, and she just walked by me without so much as a word. That woman was already cruising, and we hadn’t even started the lesson yet.

I followed her down the sidewalk until she flagged down a taxi. Jess scooted to the far side, crossed her arms and pointedly looked out the window. I slid in beside her making sure to sit close. I wanted to be able to talk to her while on our drive.

After giving the driver a piece of paper with the address, I reached down, unzipped my bag and then tapped Jess on the leg. When she looked over at me, I pointed to the now on display wooden hairbrush that I knew she despised. She eyes widened when she registered what she was looking at. Jess’s green eyes met mine and her skin pinked, especially when I quietly, whispered to her, “I mean it, young lady, I will get that out if you do not behave yourself today.” All the response I got was a jerky nod, but I knew that was enough. She understood what I meant.

The rest of the short ride to the empty car park was silent. Both of us lost in thought. Me deciding if I really could spank her in semipublic if I needed to and wondering if I had made the right decision to torture us both with this punishment. Only time would tell.


I stared out of the window, not looking at Piper as the taxi driver drove us to the car park. This was ridiculous. I was 35! I’d been driving far longer than Piper. In fact, she had still been in the 5th Grade when I’d passed my test! So how come I was the one having to undertake driving lessons and ten at that. It was so not fair!

Piper was putting her foot down, had grounded me from driving and had even confiscated my car keys and for what? Four traffic tickets and being caught by her a couple of times using my phone when driving. I wouldn’t have minded, but she was the one that I was talking to at the time!

Those four tickets, were nothing really, well almost nothing. They hadn’t been my fault, and I had told Piper that:

Ticket Number 1:

Well, I honestly hadn’t seen the sign telling me that I was in a 30-mph zone and I had just gone over by 5 miles, so really 35 mph was actually ok. Apparently not to my Top because she almost blew her top so to speak. Having been read the riot act for a good ten minutes, I counted myself lucky that I’d only received a hand spanking. Don’t get me wrong, Piper, can spank hard with her hand, but it was far better than the dreaded hairbrush.

Ticket Number 2:

How was I to know that I was driving down a one-way street the wrong way? I was new to the area. It’s not my fault I didn’t see the No Entry Sign. The Police Officer who stopped me didn’t seem to agree, and neither did Piper when I told her. “You need to be more careful, otherwise….” She didn’t finish her sentence but reading between the lines I guessed that it wouldn’t bode too well for my bottom should I do such a thing again. And talking about lines, I didn’t get off scot-free, she gave me 500 lines to write out, and insisted that this would help me to remember to pay attention whilst driving.

Ticket Number 3:

Ok, so I’d been driving around for a while without my rear brake light working. Although that’s not what I told the Police Officer when she stopped me. I just made out that my light had only just stopped working, The Police Officer was quite apologetic that she had to give me a ticket. It was obviously my charm that had swayed her. Piper had been quite sympathetic as well and just called it bad luck. I’ve never told her that my light was busted for a good 2 weeks before I got it fixed. But what your Top doesn’t know, can’t harm her…

Ticket Number 4:

I was sure I had renewed my car insurance, well I remember having the correspondence sent to me, but I didn’t realize that I needed to send off proof of my no claims bonus for it to be valid. I still shuddered at the memory, for I had been pulled over at a routine DUI checkpoint. It had been nearing Christmas, and the Police were out and about, checking everyone coming and going from the North part of town. I just happened to be one of those unfortunate drivers that was caught in the checkpoint. I knew I hadn’t been drinking, so I was ok there. However, when they ran my vehicle through their database, it turned out that I was driving while uninsured! Bloody hell! The ticket had been a somewhat costly one, and Piper had only found out because I had asked her if she would mind not having a Christmas present because I couldn’t afford it!

As to using my phone, while driving….


I promise I’m not turning this into a poetry blog, however, poetry(ish) has been on my mind recently as it’s the way I deal with things that are impossible. Hopefully, my spanky folks will bare ( 😉 ) with me while I get it out of my system. 


I’ll close my teary eyes to a thousand thoughts.

But only one of you.

I’ll surely dream of things that never were.

Of what could have been but never was going to be.

Time and distance are never enough.

And apparently, neither is the line in the sand.

I’ve lost all I can thinking of you.

As much as I wish it were true.

My words weren’t meant for you.

Life has changed and so have you.

Yes, it hurts.

There were many broken pieces,

All picked up and put back together by someone other than you.

There’s no way to tell it.

But you weren’t my only tragedy.

You weren’t even the one that hurt the most.

And I know the same could be said in reverse.

We all have a tragedy.

But, our fate was sealed the day we met.



Sinking Ship

Pain is like an unexpected wave washing deep to the core.

Some days I don’t even think of you.

Others I can’t escape your memories.

I don’t know what happened to us.

One day I woke and you were just a shadow in my life.

Now when you visit it’s almost too much to bear.

Suddenly I don’t know which I wish for more.

To have never met you or to have never lost you.

Either way, the ending is the same.

I’m here waiting where you said you would be.

However you caught a faster train.

You will always be my first, but first isn’t always best.

One day when you are just a story I tell,

I hope you know,

All those promises you didn’t keep are wounds someone else sewed.

Until then you will be fire and ice in my dreams.

The devil and angel.

All that I needed and never enough.

Don’t get me wrong dear angel.

I know I cut the line tethering you here.

But you were the one driving at the wheel.

So close it was scary. So far I couldn’t see the rocky shore.

Just how quick you were gone.

Nothing could have prepared me.

I loved you once. I love you now.

But love was never enough to keep this boat from sinking.

Beach Day

As promised, this is my happy anniversary gift to you all. I wrote it a year ago, but I think I’ve cleaned it up some and improved it since then so this is a repost. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy. As always, please leave a comment. I love to hear from you all.

If you want to see where this couple started read here.


Sarah and Alex woke up early to have a full day in the sun on the local beach. The couple loaded the SUV with lounge chairs, towels, extra clothes and a cooler containing snacks and drinks. Sarah was driving while Alex sat by her side holding her hand over the center console as they both listen to a recent audiobook that Sarah bought.

Alex’s glanced, what has you grinning like that?” Alex questioned her wife in a husky voice.

Sarah turned to look at her wife briefly, and explained, “This. Us. I’m just happy. You know?”

Alex did indeed know. Instead of answering her she reached over and kissed her wife’s cheek then went back to looking out the window. The couple had been married for awhile now and had finally settled into their relationship.

Arriving at the beach the couple took a walk down and found a spot about 100 yards away from anyone else. Both women folded out their lounge chairs, spreading out the beach towels onto the hot sand. Sarah pulled out a book to read and Alex retrieved her tablet, also reading undoubtedly something naughty, she had a strong affection for lesbian erotica.

However, Alex soon began shifting her position in the chair, tapping her fingers repeatedly and absently flipped back and forth between pages of her book, looking at Sarah she pleaded, “Come on baby go swimming with me. Please!”

“Let me get finished with this page and I will.”

Alex pushed her lip out in a pout but not 30 seconds later she whined out, “Are you not done yet?”

“No, little one just one moment.”

Deciding she had waited long enough Alex huffed off towards the water swaying her hips more than entirely necessary hoping to catch Sarah’s attention.  Alex’s antics did work Sarah as immediately lost interest in the book and sprung up from her chair and chased the woman to the edge of the shore.

Five feet into the water Sarah picked up Alex and sending them both under the water. When they came up both were spluttering water and Sarah was mentally asking herself why she didn’t want to get into the water a lot sooner seeing the curve of her wife’s firm breast and hard nipples in a wet bikini was enough for her to want to go get the closest hotel room. They swam side by side away from the shore far enough that if anyone happened by they wouldn’t be heard.

“Come here, you.” Sarah ordered the redhead in a silky tone.

Alex couldn’t get to her fast enough, wrapping arms and legs, around her wife and claimed her lips, tongues exploring, battling for dominance.

Hands wandered underwater as they made out like teenagers, again. Sarah cupped Alex’s deliciously peachy bottom and felt the shiver of arousal that her touch sent through Alex. The redhead’s hand wandered down firm toned shoulders, strong back and snuck her hands around the front of her waist and finally teased her lover’s bikini covered core. Breaking apart for breath both women knew they needed to cool it before they stepped over the line that was okay for a public beach. Sharing one slightly more chaste kiss they separated and swam back to the beach splashing and teasing along the way.

Sarah and Alex had a full morning at the beach so they decided to head to lunch.


Just as Sarah and Alex reached the door of a local seafood restaurant, Sarah realized she had forgotten her reading glasses in the car, “Hey, baby, why don’t you get us a table while I go get my glass and order us some fruity drink.”

Alex pecked Sarah’s cheek, “Sure thing, hot stuff.” The name made Sarah roll her eyes.

For the life of her, Sarah couldn’t find her glasses anywhere in the bags from the beach, mutter to herself she figured, “Maybe Alex stuck them in the glove box.”

As soon as Sarah popped open the glove box, she didn’t find her glasses, but immediately noticed a pink folded piece of paper. Reaching for it she unfolded it and felt her heart drop as she read. There was actually two tickets. The first was for no seat belt and the second was a warning for going 13 miles over the speed limit. Sarah then noticed that they were issued almost six weeks ago meaning she had been being lied to for that amount of time. Sarah had to take several deep breaths and counted to 30 to keep herself from going into the restaurant and dragging her brat out by her ear.

Sarah pocketed the two pink slips and went to go have lunch with her wife. Upon seeing Sarah, Alex stood up from their table and kissed her wife again. Alex noticed Sarah, eyebrows were pinched together and was more distant than she was just minutes before.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Did I do something?”

Sarah didn’t even look at her wife before answering in a cold tone, “We will talk later.”  Alex felt a tingle in her bottom at Sarah’s words.

They both ordered and picked at their food. Each woman had suddenly lost their appetite for completely different reasons. Sarah worried about Alex’s safety and Alex found herself racking her mind for anything that might get her into trouble. While she had been a little bratty earlier she hadn’t done anything to warrant serious correction. Honestly, when wasn’t she a brat?

Sarah paid the check and followed her wife to the car. Getting into the driver’s seat, Alex instantly tried to ask what she had done wrong. “Alex, please I am upset right now we are going home and we will discuss the situation.”

Sarah pulled onto the highway while Alex stared out the window, trying to contain her rapidly falling tears.

Sighing, unable to ignore her wife’s tears, Sarah found the first available private parking lot, at an abandoned mall. Driving to a more secluded corner she placed the car in park. She got out, opened the passenger side door helping her wife out of the seat. Then brought them both into the backseat, pulling her wife to sit on her lap and burying her face in her neck.

“I’m sorry Alex for talking to you like that. Can you please forgive me? I should have just told you why I was upset.” Alex nodded slightly, crying in relief from some of the hurt feelings she had.

“Will you tell me now what made you mad?” Sarah pulled Alex impossibly closer, pulling the tickets out of her front pocket then silently handed them to her wife.

Alex felt the bottom drop out of her stomach and the sudden desire to run away.

“What do you have to say for yourself, my girl?”

Voice shaking, Alex addressed the papers in her hand, “Ma’am, I promise… it… it’s not what you think.”

Sarah felt her own eyebrow raise at her wife, “What could it possibly be then?”

However, Alex didn’t say anything else just hid into her wife, which confirmed Sarah’s suspicion that it was exactly as Sarah had thought. Her brat was late to work and got careless.

“We should wait until we are home to continue this conversation. Okay, love?”

Alex nodded in agreement.  She needed some time to think about what was bound to happen later.

“I love you so much, honey. You mean the world to me. I want you to try to think about all of that while on the way home.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Sarah kissed Alex’s forehead and nuzzled her neck. A few moments later, Sarah helped her wife out of the back seat and into the front seat, buckling her into place. Once again whispering an, I love you which Alex returned.

The ride home was tense with music from the radio filling the silence, but clinging to the others hands for support. Arriving home Sarah quietly ordered, “Go inside, shower, put on some PJs and wait in the corner. I’ll unload the car for us.” Sarah watched Alex unlock the front door and close it behind her.

Sarah laid her head on the steering wheel and felt tears overwhelm her. She loved Alex with everything in her being but was currently at a loss as to handle this situation. They had been in a DD relationship for several months before they had married. She reached for her cell phone and dialed the only number she knew could help her figure everything out. Alex knew and was perfectly okay with talking to Carolina about their relationship as she was close friends with Elaine, Carolina’s bottom and often talked about her feelings with the woman. Carolina was the woman who introduced Sarah into the lifestyle so many years ago and remained a close friend and still a mentor.

Dialing the number Sarah waited for the older woman to answer the phone she heard a deep, “Hello.”

At the sound of Carolina’s voice, she cried harder, but managed a chocked, “Carolina.”

“Sarah, are you there? Are you okay?” Carolina heard mumbling through the end of the phone and someone crying. “Okay, little one, breathe for me. Take a deep breath.”

Sarah did as told and after a few minutes Carolina tried to talk to hear again, “What has you crying like this?”

Sarah told her friend the entire story from spending the morning at the beach, finding the ticket, to now Alex waiting for her inside.

“Please, Carolina, you have to help me. I don’t know what to do.”

“Of course I will, little one. I’m right here.”

They continued their conversation until Sarah felt comfortable with a plan of action. They furthermore agreed to meet later in the week and spend some time together.

Sarah unloaded the car then went to find Alex. Entering their bedroom she was relieved to find Alex where she had sent her earlier in the corner with wet hair. Going to their closet she retrieved the wooden hairbrush and Lexan paddle placing them on the bed.

“Come over here, please.” Alex did as she was told. Both could see the other had been crying by their eye red swollen eyes.

Alex sat on the bed beside her wife wincing at the two implements on the bed.

“I’m so sorry ma’am I -I don’t know what I was thinking!” Alex was desperate to let her know how truly sorry she was.

“I understand, honey. Let’s start with why we are here this afternoon.”

Sarah allowed Alex to explain her actions, “I was running late to work. A-and I was speeding to try to get to work on time. I had dropped my purse and I didn’t want it to spill everywhere so I took my seat belt off to reach down and get it, but then I got pulled over. The cop gave me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt and gave me a break on speeding. He said he understood on the speeding, but it was never okay to take off the seatbelt while the car was moving. I put the ticket and warning into my glove box to deal with later.”

Sarah listened carefully to Alex’s side of the story. Thinking for a few moments Sarah questioned, “What happened after you put it into the glove box?”

“I went to work and sort of forgot about it. We went out that night then I really did forget about it until today when you handed it to me.”

“Okay, so can you tell me what rules you broke?”

“Yes, ma’am. I didn’t keep myself safe. So, I broke that rule.” Sarah nodded in agreement and added,

“What other rule did you break?”

Alex was confused for a moment because she didn’t think she had broken another rule.

“Alex, you broke our communication rule by withholding the truth which is just as bad as lying. If we don’t communicate and tell the truth then our relationship will not work.”

Sarah gently pulled Alex to stand in front of her.

“I love you more than I ever thought possible and I don’t want to live my life without you. So here is what is going to happen. I’m going to put you over my knee and give you a strong dose of the wooden hairbrush for lying to me. Then I’m going to have you bend over the bed for 13 licks with the paddle for speeding. Lastly, you are going to be grounded from driving for two weeks for not wearing a seat belt ” Alex didn’t have it in her to protest instead she just nodded she knew she deserved everything she had coming, but had to resist the urge to reach back and rub her cheeks already.

Sarah pulled down Alex’s pants and panties and guided the smaller woman across her knee. Rubbing her exposed bottom, she brought her hand up to begin warming up Alex’s skin using firm light swats. First swatting all over both cheeks, then sit spots with random swats. Next, she then focused only on one cheek at a time, watching as the pink spread taking heat with it. Just minutes in Alex was already squirming. She knew this would be bad and already regretted speeding and not wearing her seat belt. Pausing to pick up the wooden brush Sarah questioned, “Why are you getting this spanking, young lady?”

Alex stuttered out through gasping breaths, “For lying to you ma’am! Please!”

Sarah encircled her waist more securely tucking the love of her life under her arm, “We are just getting started, honey relax your bottom, please.” Sarah cracked the brush down repeatedly, on each cheek and sit spot in turn, visiting each place a dozen times, quickly causing the woman to burst into tears and her kicking to increase uncontrollably. Sarah struggled to hold her wife in place while finishing this part of her spanking with ten swats to her upper thighs.

Sarah set the brush aside and begun to sooth the feisty redhead until she could sit up, “We are almost done, baby. I’ve got you and you are already forgiven. I’m so proud of you for being good.”

Sarah held her on her lap a few moments before telling her, “It’s time to bend over the bed honey, stand up please.” Alex stood on wobbly legs as Sarah brought two pillows to the end of the bed, and stacked them up neatly. Alex was then lovingly guided across the bed with the pillows under her hips bringing her bottom into prime paddling position.

Sarah handed Alex another pillow to hold, ”I want you to try really hard to stay in position while I spank you. I know it will be hard, but the paddle could really hurt your hands if they were accidentally hit. Tell me why you’re getting this spanking please.”

Alex clutched the pillow to her and turned her head to answer, “For speeding ma’am.”

Sarah picked up the paddle gripping it tightly. Taking a moment to rest it against the already red bottom before her. She raised the paddle and brought it down in medium strength. Alex yelped then sobbed through the first swat. A cloud of fire erupted where the paddle had landed on her exposed bottom. Alex didn’t know how she could possibly take twelve more of them. Sarah spread them around trying not to bruise her love. As soon as she landed the thirteenth swat she scooped Alex into her arms and held her in her arms

“I’m so sorry. Sorry.” Alex sobbed while Sarah shushed her and reassured her of her forgiveness and love.  They sat cuddled together until they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Happy Anniversy!

Hi guys and gals!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the creation of Logan’s Secrets! I can say this has definitely been a thrilling journey. A year ago I felt so alone in my kink and honestly thought I was crazy for having this need. Little did I know that I would meet some of my closest friends in this place. I am forever grateful for the amazing place you all have made for me. You all have taught me so much, not just about TTWD, but about people in general! Thank you for the kind words and support you all aways give! I’ll be posting a story from a year ago in the next couple hours, as a gift for you all, so stay tuned!

A Time For Everything Part 2

I was sitting on the side of my bed, strap in hand, thinking about what I had agreed to do next. I honestly didn’t know if I could use it or not.

I had hard feelings for the strap. However, I knew most people did prefer it over other implements. I stood and walked back into the living room, pausing in the doorway, watching this moment. I would never have another first like this. Giving my first spanking to someone. I didn’t think this day would come I thought that I would have to hide the desire and need to Top within me forever. It wasn’t normal, but in a strange, in a very small sliver of my mind, this moment felt completely normal.

As I was watching the little imp, I noticed she was repeatedly running her palms down her legs, shaking her hand and twisting her hips from side to side. This worried me. She wasn’t normally a fidgety person.

“Jodie? Are you okay?”

Again I must have started her, for she jumped in her place.

“Y- yes I’m fine just a bit nervous is all.”

“I see.”

I didn’t know what to say to her. I suddenly felt my heart ache. Had I done something wrong? She was nervous. I didn’t know what to do! What was I supposed to do? I mean should I tell her to come out and get dressed or just keep pressing on? In that very moment,

the only thing I could think of wanting to do was crawling into my Top’s lap and hiding for a long while. So, that’s what I did. Sort of anyway.

I retrieved my phone from the coffee table and instantly sent a message to my Top. It was slightly frantic and dramatic.

                               Ma’am! Jodie finally agreed to let me help her. I spanked her with my hand

                                and now I’m about to use the strap! However, she is all nervous and in the corner

                                and everything. What do I do? I just want to run away.

Thankfully the reply I got was almost instant.

                              Little Bit breathe. Just do what I would do with you if the situation was reversed.

                                Assure her you aren’t going to hurt her and when you go to spank her put your

                                hand on her back to reassure her. But most of all breathe. It’s going to be okay.

                                You know what you are doing Little Bit. Let me know when you are done. I love

                                you, Little Bit.

I read her message with my heart racing several times. She was right I did know what I was doing. I mean mostly I knew the mechanics of giving a spanking. I had been on the receiving end enough times and had seen countless ones being given. I took another cleansing deep breath and called for Jodie.

“Jodie, hon why don’t you come over here and bend over the back of the couch.”

She slowly faced me waddling over, leggings and panties half-mast, to stand in front of me before she turned to the couch and almost jumped over the back of it due to her short stature.

“Hon, I will not hurt you okay? I promise you. If you need to use polar bear do so. I won’t judge if you need to.” I placed a hand on her lower back and gently rubbed circles for a moment allowing her time to get used to her position.

Finally, after we were both settled into our positions she looked back at me and told me, “I’m ready.”

I gave her bottom a gentle pat with my hand before picking up the strap and resting it on her bottom.

The room was silent around us until the strap rose and then fell on her still blushing cheeks.

SWISH, CRACK! The strap had landed in the middle of her bottom.

Her bottom rose into the air then squirmed like she was trying to get away. The red line across her cheeks indicated that the swat had indeed been true. Still, I pulled the strap back again and aimed it for the same place.


Her head flew up, “Lex!”

I placed the strap aside before taking a step towards Jodie rubbing her back again, “Relax and breathe hon. We can take it slower if you prefer.”

She shifted around, looking back at me, to talk to me again while staying in her appointed position with her legs dangling in the air, “No, it’s okay I was just being a bit of a brat that’s all.”

“Uh huh, that’s what I kind of figured.”

Moving aside, I swatted her bottom ten times with my hand as hard as I could. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT on the right cheek and then SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT on the left cheek.

“Owie, ouch, hey! What was that for?!”

“For being a little bit of a brat.”

She tried to hide her giggles, however I didn’t notice the subtle movements of her body that gave her away. I shook my head glad that then tension was no longer there. While I did still feel like running out the front door to find my Top to hide into I knew I could finish this for her sake.

Picking up the strap I stood back and aimed a little lower on her bottom just under the red stripe that was already present.

SWISH, CRACK! the third stroke of the strap landed just where I had aimed and another mark appeared while I watched.


Jodie grabbed a pillow and hid into it trying to muffle the ragged breathing she was doing.

SWISH, CRACK! Another stripe in the exact same place. I knew her bottom must be on fire now, with a deep ache in her muscle. Up came her legs and back came her arms with this stroke. Unlike before, she didn’t say anything this time.

“Jodie, honey, make sure to keep your legs down and closed if you can I don’t want to hurt you.” Now I stood closer to her making sure to keep my left hand on her back while my right hand pulled the strap back and brought it down in a quick stroke across her sit spots SWISH, CRACK!

This time her reaction was delayed and I was thankful I had a hand on her back. She tried to stand up, however, her legs just dangled in the air, kicking frantically in the air.


“Young lady, I do not tolerate that language while spanking someone! If it happens again I will be washing your mouth out with soap.”

She cried into the cushion, “I’m sorry, Lex. I’m sorry. It hurt!”

“Last one. It’s going to be harder than the rest.”

She moaned, holding the pillow tighter. I raised the strap for the last time and brought it back, quickly connecting it across her sit spots. She yelped loudly into the pillow and relaxed in her place over the back of the couch.

I placed the strap aside again and stood beside her soothing her backside with my palm, “You did good hon. Whenever you are ready I’ll help you up.”

Her reply was almost instantaneous, “I’m ready, can you help me?

“Of, course hon.”

I carefully helped Jodie up off the back or the couch and immediately engulfed her in my arms in a secure hug which she returned.

Breaking the hug she told me, “Thank you, Lex. I think that helped. I needed that.”

She fixed her clothes and we went around to the side of the couch, sitting close side by side, not touching.

It was a bit awkward. I wanted her to cuddle on my lap, but I didn’t know her well enough to really make that offer. Instead, I leaned over and gave her another hug, which again she returned.

Now I wasn’t sure what to do. Looking at her she seemed to be trying to collect her thoughts and feelings so she would be ready for me to take her home.

“Hon, will you be okay if I go visit the ladies room? Then when I’m done if you are ready I will take you home?”

“Sure, Tall Girl that is fine.”

I pecked her forehead with a quick kiss, without thinking about it, picked up my cell phone again from the table and went down the hall to the bathroom.

Shutting the door behind me, I sank to the floor, head beginning to throb and back beginning to ache. I never knew just how much it could take out of someone to spank a person. I was suddenly more grateful for my Top’s steadfastness than before.


It’s done. I want to run away and be in your arms and hide there forever.

Ma’am must have been waiting for me to tell her how it went because the typing bubble popped up moments later,

                                                 Relax Little Bit. Stay with her and take care of her right now. This is

                                                Part of it too. I promise I will be here when you two are completely done.

                                                You can then be in my arms after that okay?

I held tight to that promise. I wanted to run away so bad. My insides had never felt as turbulent as it was now.

                                                Okay… I will… promise you will hold me later though even if

                                                It’s just virtually? I feel so… everything.



                                                Little Bit, I promise you I will take care of you as soon as you are

                                                Done with Jodie. Now, go back to her. I’ll talk to you later. *hugging

                                                you close*


                                                *hugging you back*


I went back into the living room to find Jodie pulling her sweater on and noticed she had gathered her bag and put her shoes on.

“I take it you are ready to get home?”

“Yeah, I think I better, I’m tired and it’s getting late.”

“Okay, hon let me grab my keys.”


Our ride to Jodie’s house was silent for the most part, other than a few random comments about the weather and traffic. I knew I was thinking about what had happened earlier and I had a suspicious feeling that she was thinking about the same things, which I’m sure was helped by her tender bottom.

I put the car in park in front of the house and turned to look at Jodie on the other side of the dark car, “How about we meet tomorrow for coffee? We can talk then and stuff.”

“That’s fine with me. 3 pm?”

“I’ll meet you there.” I leaned over and gave her quick hug and watched her climb out of my car and go up to the walk to her front door and enter inside.

I sat in the dark for a bit. Trying to collect myself for the ride home. I was also, mentally scolding myself for feeling the way I was right now. I made mistakes while spanking Jodie. I should have warmed her up more. We should have talked more before. She had been drinking! I replayed the entire night and cringed at all the things I did wrong.

I decided the over thinking and processing would be better off in my house while in my PJs.

Pulling into my driveway I felt my heart lighten when I saw ma’am’s car in the drive. Instantly, I knew she had come to check on me and take care of me if necessary even while my thoughts were with Jodie.

I walked into my living room and found her waiting for me, sitting on the couch where I had sat just a while earlier.

“Ma’am, you are here!”

“I told you I would be Little Bit.”

I didn’t say anything else other than going straight to her, sitting on her lap and hiding in her arms. She held me close and I felt waves of love and protection wrap around me. I knew I didn’t have to make any more decisions for a while and could just relax with my ma’am.

A Time For Everything Part 1

To the person, this is loosely based on. Thank you for everything you did for me then and everything you do for me now. But today specifically, thank you for being my first toppy experience. 😉

Part two of this is already written you guys 🙂 So, if you all are well-behaved brats and comment you may just get the second half of this story tomorrow if not maybe I’ll just have to wait. 😉


“You know Jodie the offer is always there.” I gently squeezed her forearm before getting up and moving to clear the dining room table of our dinner dishes.

Her hazel eyes followed my movements like a rabbit watching a fox, before she went to stand along with me, “Let me help clear up.”

“No it’s okay you are my guest. Sit finish, your drink.” I smiled at her and began collecting the dishes.

I entered into the kitchen and began to load the dishwasher. My mind was centered on the brat in my living room though. I didn’t want to pressure her to let me help her. That’s not something I could decide for her, but I could tell what she was in need of. She needed a spanking. Her shoulders were tense and eyes were not as bright and shiny as they normally were. We spoke often about the stress of her family life and her need for a few glasses of wine to relax at the end of the day. It made me worry for her, and also nervous that at some point we might find ourselves as top and brat, but that was a thought for the distant future.

Sticking the last plate into the rack I closed the dishwasher returned to find Jodie pacing from one side of the living room to the other, still sipping from her glass of red wine.

“Hon? Are you okay?” She jumped and spun round to face me. “Oh, hey are you sure I can’t help you with the clearing up? I’m being a bad guest.”

“Yes, hon I’m sure. It’s all loaded into the dishwasher now.”

I sat on the sofa, watching as Jodie grew quiet again slowly swirling the last remnants of wine around in the bottom of her glass. I felt my gut tighten. I had a feeling she was thinking more and more about the offer I had made her.

“You okay?”

“Huh? Yes. All is ooookay.”

“You know you can tell me anything if you need or want to.”

The room was without sound. So quiet I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears and the car buzzing by in the distance.

Her voice was unexpected and shaky, “Okay, yes.”

I looked at her completely confused. It took me a moment to realize what in the world she was talking about. I honestly had no clue. Finally, though I realized this was her version of asking for help, which made me want to find a door to run out of.

Something inside of me knew I needed to lead her into actually saying what she was talking about so I questioned her, “Yes what hon?”

“Well, you know, what you said earlier.” I felt my right eyebrow raise of its own volition.

“Hon, I need you to tell me, just so that we are clear with one another.”

She looked all around the room except at me, chewing on her nail a bit before muttering out, “Yes, I want you to try to help me. Only if you are sure.” I was relieved that she finally could admit what she wanted. At the same time though I was unsure I was the one that should be giving it to her.

“I am very sure hon. Tell me what you think you need.”

“Maybe some with the strap. I don’t need the cane tonight.”

I cringed inwardly, but made sure I didn’t make a face or even move my body. What this fiery little Brit didn’t know was I had never actually spanked anyone before! I definitely didn’t want the first time I do it to be using the strap. However, I knew there was a lot of tension between because we were learning each other still, so I nodded my head and held out my hand towards Jodie, “Come stand in front of me please.”

She racked her hand through her hair several times without saying anything before she slowly took my hand and came to stand in front of me.

I held her cold hands in mine and looked up at her.

“Can you tell me what your safe word is?”

It took her several long moments before she came up with it, “Polar bear.”

I gave her a hard look for more than one reason. She should know it like she knows her own name! And it honestly was a crazy safeword who uses polar bear?

“Okay, hon you say that if you need it. Do you want to say or ask anything?”

Her voice was a few octaves higher than normal, “Well… I just I wasn’t expecting you to do this… you know right now.”

”Well, we don’t have to do it right now, but there is no time like the present. We both have our courage up enough at this point that I think it will do you some good.”

“Oh, okay.”

“I care about you hon that’s why I’m giving you this spanking.”

As soon as the word spanking left my mouth she started fidgeting from foot to foot. I knew that feeling. Just the mention of the word could make the slightest of spanko squirm and have butterflies flying around in their gut.

I didn’t say anything else, but shakily reached for the waistband of her leggings and tugged them down to her midthighs making sure to avoid eye contact with pretty much everything other than my own lap. It was awkward as I tried to help her over my knee only to realize I probably should move to the middle of the couch before guiding her into place, which caused us both to giggle nervously.

Finally, with shifting and a lot of awkward moments, I got Jodie over my knees allowing her entire body to rest on the couch. I was silently thankful she was so little as I knew not what the hell I was doing.

I stared down at her pantie covered bottom. Nausea was hitting in waves and my palms were a sweaty mess.  I didn’t know what in the world I was doing. How does one spank somebody!

I finally snapped out of it when she wiggled around my lap, “Lex, you’re staring at my bum!”

I wrapped my arm around her waist much like my Top had done to me so many times before, raised my palm, lightly slapping it down in the middle of her cheeks.

The only indication she had even felt the slap was a slightly abnormal intake of breath.

Steeling my mind and trying with everything within me to repeat what had been done to my own backside so many times before, I raised my palm and slowly started awkward light swats all over her cheeks.

I sneakily checked my watch and realized I had randomly been swatting her for close to three minutes without so much as a squirm or ouchy. I knew from experience that I would definitely not be so still or quiet because it would already feel like a raging inferno was building in my backside. I knew it was time for the unavoidable. I needed to bare her bottom.

“Okay, hon can you uhm… lift your hips a little?”

She laid still for several moments before slowly shifting forward and pushing her bottom into the air. Carefully I hooked my fingers into her red panties and tugged them down just enough to uncover her bottom leaving them at mid-thigh.

I was disappointed to see that her cheeks were not even pink by now. I had indeed been spanking, however, not nearly hard enough apparently.

So, again I wrapped my arm around her waist, part of me secretly scared she would squirm off my lap, raised my palm and began to bring harder swats down on her cheeks. I was fascinated watching her skin actually begin to change colors as my palm repeatedly landed. However, soon I realized how much my hand actually hurt!

Apparently, giving a spanking wouldn’t just be an uncomfortable experience for the spankee, but also one for me as well! I couldn’t spank her for long before having to stop momentarily and shake my hand out before returning to spanking her.

This is what we did for over ten minutes. I would spank as long as I could, all over her bottom with what I would later realize was medium-light swats until. Then I would pause, shake my hand out before repeating the process all over again.

It felt like forever before her bottom was a uniform shade of pink. I was hot and beginning to sweat for the work out this was and from the body heat, we were sharing. However, the little brat over my lap had not moved much at all.

I stopped and rubbed her cheeks for a moment, relishing in the slight warmth her bottom was emitting. However, as I rubbed my hand over and across her bottom I realized I had not even spanked her sit spots at all. Which made me want to cry a little bit. I hadn’t been doing a good job of warming her up!

I carefully pushed my right knee into the air tipping her up exposing the underside of her bottom and sit spots to my hand. Carefully I methodically began to color her skin. I soon noticed the difference with swatting there! I had only visited each sit spot a few times before she began to jerkily move around my lap. I was actually glad to see she was starting to react because honestly, my arm was beginning to tire already. Who knew dishing out a spanking really could be hard work?

“Ouchy Lex! That stings!”

“I’m sure it does.” I tried to stay calm and focused on my task at hand. I knew I needed to ignore the creeping guilt that was coming into my mind, from knowing I was causing her pain. She wanted and needed this spanking.

Soon enough, however, I placed the last round of medium swats on each side of her cheeks. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT on her right sit spot and another five swats on her other sit spot SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT.

When I stopped I gently ran my hand across her cheeks again, silently pleased that she was finally warmed up.

“Okay, hon. I think I want you to go stand in the corner for a bit. I didn’t plan well ahead and I need to go get my strap.”

She jerkily nodded and began the uncomfortable crawl off my lap. I grabbed her arm and helped her find steady feet. We both blushed as I pointed towards an empty corner in front of the couch.

She shuffled to the corner with her leggings and panties around her knees, bright pink bottom on display and pushed herself into the corner like she was trying to hide there.

I surprised even myself when my voice was firm but caring as I told her, “Okay you. Stay there for a bit I’m going to go get the strap and give you some time to think about what is happening okay?”

“Yes, Lex.”

Keys Part 2

“Mmmhmm didn’t think so. Doodle I want you to go stand in that corner with your pants and panties down and your hands on your head. Bitsy come here and stand in front of me.”

With a dramatic eye roll, my little Italian stood, crossed the room and stood in the corner, while Bitsy stood and slowly walked around the table to stand in front of me.

However, before our question and answer session started it was interrupted when I noticed that my other brat was leaning completely against the wall of the corner, arms crossed and had indeed not bared her bottom like she had been ordered.

I gave Bitsy a look, before giving my attention to Doodle, “Young lady, you know better than that. Get in position now, or I promise you I will go upstairs and get my lexan paddle for your spanking.”

“Not that!” She couldn’t get her clothes down fast enough then. She hated the lexan paddle with a passion. She said it was the stingiest of all the implements.

“Good girl. This is your one and only warning.”

With that, I turned back to Bitsy.

I looked up into Bitsy’s eyes as I held her hands in mine, “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Just that I am sorry ma’am I shouldn’t have… well done all of this.”

“I know, Bitsy. Let’s get this done.”

I reached for the waistband of her leggings and tugged them down to her knees then returned for her panties tugging them down as well. With her clothes around her knees, I led her across my lap, making sure her body was resting on the couch.

I wrapped an arm around her waist holding her tightly to my body, wanting to make sure she didn’t fall off my lap. I let her settle in place for a few moments before raising my palm and bringing it down in the beginning series of sharp swats that were meant to warm her bottom before I applied the spoon.

“Bitsy, I love you with everything in me and I love having you both here, however, I can not allow you two to come in and destroy this place. Do you understand that? You are both adults you should inherently know better.” Bitsy just nodded her head frantically in understanding as I increased the strength of the swats that was connecting with her bottom beginning to make her skin pink and warm.

SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT! I began to rain down swats in the same place over and over which made the woman jump and jerk around a bit showing her discomfort in the newfound sting, however, I knew we were far from done and I held onto her tighter and continued the volley of spanks that had now turned her bottom deep pink.

I easily pushed her hips into the air fully exposing her sit spots to my hand, which caused a groan of realization about what was coming next. Indeed I did not let her down as I spent several minutes using various methods to warm her milky white sit spots much to Bitsy’s protest. The little Brit started yelping with every swat I made as I continued to build heat by swatting repeatedly in the same spot.

Finally when her entire bottom, sit spots and upper thighs were warm to the touch and glowed a blushing deep pink color I stopped and gave her a gentle rub, which was always the signal that I was going to start with an implement.

“Can you tell me why I’m going to spank you with the spoon, my girl?”

“Because we destroyed your house ma’am.”

“Very true.”

I picked up the spoon and rubbed circles all over her bottom allowing her time to anticipate the first firm spank. This also gave me a chance to watch the corner making sure the brat in it was still doing what she was supposed to do. Standing reasonable still, contemplating what was going to happen later.

I raised the wooden spoon and brought it down in a sharp CRACK! on her right cheek and watched as a red splotch appeared where the spoon had landed. Her reaction was delayed for only a moment.


I knew I needed to make an impression so I wasted little time in bringing the spoon down again in another sharp CRACK! on the other cheek, which of course resulted in another yelp of pain and a dramatic twist of her body. This started a quick patter of sharp cracks all other both of my brat’s cheeks quickly turning her bottom into a mess of red splotches. Again I tipped her into the air and focused just on her sit spots spanking in the same place for several minutes before swapping to the other side to do the same thing.

I had to hold on tight to my bratty girl as her bottom grew hotter. Soon she was issuing apologies and asking me to stop with every breath she took.

“OW! I’m sorry ma’am! It won’t happen OW! I won’t do it again! OWWW.”

My heart hurt as I continued the spanking. I hated being hard on her or either of my girls. I’d rather give them fun bratty spankings and lots of rubbing and cuddling other than sternly punishing them. It just wasn’t what I liked to do. However, I knew they needed it. It was what worked for us all so I focused and knew they would be okay.

A quick hard series of cracks broke through to her brain and she settled down and accepted the spanking. I slowed down the fast swats of the spoon and began the last round.

Hard CRACK on her right cheek, Hard CRACK on her left cheek, back to the right CRACK and then again on the left CRACK, each swat left a slight white mark indicating that it was likely going to cause bruises after the spanking was over with. For the last two swats, I focused on the center of her right sit spot and raised the spoon high and snapped my wrist down CRACK! resulting in a loud yelp and then on the left sit spot CRACK! causing another yelp, however, she didn’t move around.

As soon as I dropped the last swat I tossed the spoon aside and just held my girl over my knee.

Leaning close to Bit I spoke into her ear so only she could hear me, now was our time, “I’ve got you, Bit. I love you, honey. You are forgiven.” I took my right hand and rubbed soothing circles over her inflamed skin to dissipate some of the sting. It was all over now. For her at least. I just wanted to comfort us both.

I knew she was ready to get up and have a proper hug when she began to squirm a bit more, undoubtedly aware that she was in this position, bare with her red bottom over my lap. Carefully I helped her stand on shaky legs and I too stood. I welcomed her into my arms and held her there for a while, “I’m right here Bit. Right here. You did good. You okay, honey?”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m okay.”

Squeezing her again, I told her, “Go on back to the corner okay? I’ll call you out when we are done.”

She nodded and slowly shuffled back over to the corner pressing herself into it as far as she could and rested her head against the wall. I could tell just by the way she was carrying herself that she was much calmer now, which is when I realized that she probably just needed this which is why she had even done any of those things.

I then turned my full attention to my other brat who was still shuffling a little in her corner. I took a deep breath to find some level of patience and called for her, “Come here Doodle.”

She jumped when she heard my voice, undoubtedly unaware of when I was going to call for her to come meet her fate. Doodle reluctantly turned and with blushing red face looking down then trudged over to stand in front of me.

When she arrived, I sat back on my place on the couch and held the woman’s hands in mine trying to meet her eyes, “Look at me, please.”

Sluggishly, she did so, finally allowing me to see those dark eyes of hers. “Can you tell me why you are about to get a spanking?”

I had to be different with SnickerDoodle. She was a completely different person. She needed the lecture before the spanking. And, there where still times she struggled with English so I needed to make sure she understood everything going on.

“Because we made a mess in your house.”

“That is part of it. What else.”

“Uh… I don’t know?”

“Because you were being a mega brat earlier after I caught you two in the act?”


“There is no maybe, Doodle you were disrespectful to a great extent. You know I don’t tolerate that. Over you go.”

I pulled her over my lap and wasted little time hooking my legs over hers and wrapping an arm around her waist holding her to me, knowing as soon as the swatting started she would be moving all over the place.

“I love you, Doodle that’s why I am giving you this spanking.”

Her spanking started much like Bitsy’s had. I raised my palm and started a quick pattern of sharp swats that echoed through the room around us. Her body laying on my lap was reassuring to me in a way. At this moment I could protect, defend and care for my girl. Or both of my girls really. Here and now we were us and no one could stop us.

I had placed no more than twenty swats on Doodle’s barely pink bottom and she started moving around trying to get away from my hand. And with another twenty she was kicking her lower legs sporadically. She moved a lot during a spanking. I think that is the brat side of her that does that.

However, I continued spanking soon just focusing on one cheek for a long few minutes. Repeatedly swatting in the same place and then again on the other cheek with a long few minutes of repeated swatting. This move made her groan loudly and continuously into the couch cushion. I could see she wanted to throw her hand back and protect her bottom from my swatting. Mentally I split my attention to watch for her hand in case it did come back. I didn’t want to hurt her.

It was many months ago that I had given up getting her to keep her legs down and hand out of the way. I knew she couldn’t. It just wasn’t in her. And she was smaller than me by enough that I could do it for her, so it was better than causing us both torture trying to make her do something she couldn’t.

It didn’t take long for her delicate olive skin to turn pink and warm indicating it was time to focus on her sit spots. Expertly I maneuvered her into the air, exposing the skin below her cute little tan lines, and swatted back and forth between the two wanting to make sure they were very warm before the spoon would visit there.

She really hated this more as I was swatted her sit spots. It causes her to begin wiggling side to side dramatically and finally caused her to throw a hand back to protect herself. Without much ado I caught it and pinned it to her side, interlacing out fingers, keeping it out of the way so it wouldn’t be hit.

With her sit spots now warm to the touch and deep pink, it was now time for an implement. I stopped and rubbed her perky cheeks for several minutes allowing her to calm down before I picked up my faithful spoon and rest the cool wood on her bottom again.

“Tell me why you are getting this one more time.”

“Because I’ve been really bratty today ma’am and we made a mess.”

“Yep, that’d be it.”

With that, I again tucked the woman under my arm and raised the spoon and brought it down in a first SPLAT! Across the center of her cheeks and quickly brought another firm SPLAT! down on her right cheek and another SPLAT! on her left cheek. However, unlike Bitsy, Doodle’s bottom did not mark indicating a bruise would form. So, I just had to be careful and remember where and how hard I swatted her, so not to go overboard with the spanking.

This was the beginning of five minutes of continuous medium swats back and forth between cheeks warming every part of her cheeks. Soon apologies started, “Ma’am please, I’ve had enough I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! I’ll behave! I’m sorry.”

Her bottom grew to a deep red color as I focused just on one side for two minutes SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! all on the center on her right cheek.

“Please, not that! It hurts!”

I felt another pang in my heart knowing I was actually hurting her. However, I reminded myself that she wanted and needed this and it would be worse for her if I didn’t follow through with what I was doing. She needed consistency and accountability.

“I know it hurts, Doodle. It’s a spanking it’s supposed to hurt.”

I moved to her left cheek repeating the steady barrage of swats causing sting to go deeper into the muscle. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!

“OOOWIE, MA’AM, PLEASE.” I could hear how desperate her voice was, however, I knew she was finally getting to the breaking point, as her movements were slowing down and my hold on her wasn’t as tight.

Tipping her into the air I laid the swats onto the center of each of her sit spots. SPLAT right sit spot SPLAT left sit spot SPLAT right SPLAT left SPLAT right SPLAT left SPLAT right SPLAT left.

About ten swats later Doodle started crying into the couch, which was a sigh of relief for this was a sign I could finally bring this spanking to a close. Raising the spoon high into the air I dropped a hard SWAT on her right cheek making the woman gasp and squeeze my hand tightly, then a matching hard SWAT on the left cheek.   Finishing this off I placed two hard swats on each of her sit spots SWAT SWAT right SWAT SWAT left.

Finally, it was over. I laid the spoon aside and gently placed a hand on her bottom in comfort, however, did not rub. I let her lay there crying as long as she wanted to. I knew she was remorseful for what she had done and how she had acted towards me. Getting caught up in the heat of the moment there were times when she would push a bit too far and end up having to pay for it with her bottom.

Finally, Doddle’s tears slowed and I helped her up from over my lap and brought her into my arms to cuddle with. It might seem strange to some, however Doodle needed a lot more cuddling and aftercare than Bitsy did. However, that wasn’t a bad thing. In many ways, I needed it to. It was a time to reconnect and make sure we were okay with one another.

I noticed Bitsy in the corner beginning to get antsy so I decided it was time for some group hug time.

“Bitsy, honey, fix your clothes and come over here with us and get another cuddle.” While Bitsy did as told I helped Doodle do the same thing, fix her clothes, there was no need for that level of embarrassment.

Bitsy came over and I welcomed her onto my other knee and hugged them both. We spent a long time sitting like that. Sitting in silence close together while all three of us came down from the intense scene we just had together. This was the first time both brats had been spanked in the same room at the same time.

“You two okay?”

Doodle just nodded into my shoulder and Bitsy giggled a bit and told me, “My bum is sore.”

I shook my head at them both and gave them a last round of hugs before telling them both, “I think it’s time for you two to get cleaning. The entire house has a lot that needs to be done. I think you can start at the front door and work your way through the house.”

Both women pouted at my announcement, but both got up, probably because of the lingering hurt in their backside. I smiled as I watched both women hug each other and go to find some cleaning supplies. I loved those two.

I was exhausted, spanking those two wore me out. I laid my head back and groaned as a feather puffed into the air at my movement and slowly floated back down. I just closed my eyes and decided it was best not to think about the mess around us.

The things my two brats get themselves into.




Keys Part 1

Hey guys and gals (mostly gals if I had to guess 😉 ) I’m finally back with a spanking story. It’s going to be in two parts because it is 5000+ words long, so maybe that makes up some for my absence! I have the entire thing written so no worries about long delays in reading it! I will post part 2 tomorrow night. I hope you all enjoy. It’s a bit different.


I walked up to my house to the sound of two shrieking women which caused a pang of worry to shoot through my gut. Hurriedly, I fumbled to shove the key into the lock and twist it just so releasing the columns allowing me to open the door. The grey frame and filled door opened to reveal the mess that was inside. White duck feathers, presumably from the inside of my numerous throw pillows littered every surface I could see, the floor, console table and there were even a few floating down from above, dozens of shoes, looked like they had been used to throw back and forth in a fight, and lastly there where random wet patches, hopefully of water, on the cream walls and dark hardwood floors some of which had caused the feathers to stick. I stood in complete shock for a minute trying to slowly take everything in around me. What had those two been up to?! My worry suddenly turned into a small amount of aggravation with those two women. I knew I’d regret the day that I gave them keys to my house!

Moments later both brats began banging down the stairs and yelling back and forth accompanied by an only partially filled throw pillow which was scattering even more feathers through the house.

Soon as my SnickerDoodle made it to the bottom of the stairs quickly followed by Bitsy I ordered them both, “Do not move.” I heard the ice in my own voice. I knew I was too upset with them right now. Who wouldn’t be? My house was a wreck and it was done by two adults I trusted with keys to the very place that they had destroyed.

Instantly both women’s faces changed from funny grins to something of grim shock as they seemed to take in the house around them for the first time.  I placed my bags on the floor and slowly walked over to stand in front of both of my brats.

I stood and stared between two sets of green eyes. Each much different than the other, hoping beyond hope I was making them both squirm where they stood. One set of eyes held a level of remorse and apology and the other held rebellion. I’d have to work on the one that was feeling rebellious.

“Would one of you like to explain to me what in the world is going on here?”

At the same time both women fumbled out in excited voices, “She started it!”

“Stop it. Both of you! I did not ask who started it. I asked what happened here.”

When neither woman spoke, I raised an eyebrow and grabbed each by the upper arm and lead them into the living room. First I lead, Bitsy to the far right corner and had her stand there then I lead, my little SnickerDoodle to the far left corner and had her stand there, encouraging her by placing a hard SWAT on her legging covered backside.

Stepping back to the center of the room I looked between the two of them and wanted to just shake my head.

“Neither of you better move or talk while I am gone. I want you both to think about what you did today and why you thought it was okay to do it am I understood?”

A quiet, “Yes, ma’am,” was heard from Bitsy, however, nothing was heard from the other corner. I walked up close behind SnickerDoodle and whispered in her ear, “I asked you a question young lady and I expect an answer,” SWAT!

“Owie! That wasn’t necessary!” Immediately her small hand came back to rub where I had swatted her, but quickly I moved her hand and pinned it to her lower back.

“Oh, but it was young lady now do you need to go over my knee before and after corner time?” SWAT! SWAT!!

“Ouch owie! No ma’am not necessary.”

“Good. I’m waiting.”

“I will not move ma’am.”

“Good girl. I’ll be back soon.”

Backing away I studied the both of them in the corner one more time before I slowly started walking towards my kitchen. I was just as shocked to find the state it was. Looking down there was a fine layer of white flour on the floor, counters and breakfast table. You could clearly see the footprints too and fro. Also, there was a mound of sugar on one counter by the stove with a broken glass jar it used to be held in. I slowly walked further into the kitchen only to freeze when I stepped in something that squished. I took a long deep breath, looked down only to discover there were broken eggs in places under the flour. I turned to the nearby bar stool and sat down, hiding my face in my hands as I repeatedly counted to ten.

I lost track of time as I sat there contemplating what in the world I was going to do with the two brats in the other room, but when I came back to my senses I could hear quiet angry whispers seeping through the wall separating the living room and kitchen. Those two! Quickly, I grabbed the heaviest wooden spoon I had and marched into the living room.

“I thought I told you both to stand there and be quiet?” My voice was at this point that unmistakably of their top that was not in the mood to play at all.

“We were ma’am!” Protested Bitsy from her corner.

“Oh? Then what was all the whispering I heard from the other room? And I know I saw you both turn back towards the corner when I walked in here.”

This time it was Doodle that piped up, “But ma’am you were gone forever!”

Walking to stand beside the coffee table I stopped patting the spoon against my right jean covered thigh and pointed at one then the other with it. “I don’t care if I was gone an hour young lady. You knew I had not left you alone. I was in the other room. Both of you over here side by side, hands on the table.”

Matching groans came from both women. Bitsy, however, was the first one to turn and sulk in the appointed direction, refusing to look at me in the eye, followed closely behind Doodle who gave me a scornful look as she came to me. The shorter of the two, Bitsy, gave me sad eyes, turned and bent over placing her hands on the table, leaving her bottom in prime spanking position. Doodle arrived then and gave me a long pout and crossed her arms, however, relented as soon as I moved toward her spoon at ready.

Moving I stood between the pair and tried to gather my thoughts. Words could not begin to express how disappointed I was with them for their foolishness today.

“You both are going to tell me what happened. Bitsy you go first. Calmly and slowly so I make sure to understand everything.” I prompted her with a swift tap with the spoon to her vulnerable bottom which made her yelp and jump.

“Well, ma’am, you see, we were talking earlier and we realized the three of us hadn’t spent any time together lately and we thought maybe since it was the weekend we should and we thought you would be happy to. Well so we made this plan and went and rented a few films and then popped to the supermarket for a bunch of snacks and sweets and stuff then we came back here and used our key to get in. Well, when you texted us it would be a while before you got home we decided to watch a film without you. Well, the film we choose was right boring and then you know how I am I like to talk and stuff while watching television and I might have picked up a pillow and smacked Doodle with it..”

The longer Bitsy talked the more her British accent became noticeable, indicating she was legitimately upset, and the further her head fell trying to hide. Knowing she really was upset and waiting to give her a reprieve I gently stopped her with a hand on her back.

“Doodle, what happened after that?”

Voice filled with brattiness and a thick Italian accent that was, at times, hard to understand Doodle, huffed indignantly before continuing the story, “Well, I decided it wasn’t fair to be hit with the pillow! It had hurt! So, I picked the other pillow and started hitting her back. Well… I’m not sure what happened after that… next thing I know things were messy. We were in the kitchen with the eggs then I saw the flour and soon you were home.That’s all I know.”

I gave the woman a crisp *SWAT* just to remind her not to move before I walked around the coffee table and sat on the couch in front of the two women.

“Keep your hands on the table and look at me.” Reluctantly, on both accounts, both women looked up at me.

“So, let me get this straight. All of this started with a simple pillow fight because you were bored with your movie?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Answered both women in unison.

Taking another deep cleansing breath I began a lengthy lecture, “I trusted you both to respect me and my house when I gave you my keys. I have never minded you two coming here when I wasn’t around because neither of you has ever dared to disrespect my house like this before. I want this to be a safe place for the three of us to be whatever we want to be. That’s part of the reason the house doesn’t have close neighbors you two! So, that we can have fun and make noise as we wish in private, however, this is not what I had in mind! Do you realize either of you could have been hurt or broken something today when you were throwing things? What if you fell down the stairs while running or slipped on the water and eggs on the floor? Or what if you broke a window or something? I don’t have the extra money to fix that sort of stuff. Now, I’m going to give you both spankings today because you both know better. I shouldn’t even have had to tell you not to destroy my house. After you both have sore bottoms I’m going to have you clean this house from top to bottom, which is going to be both of your jobs for the next month to make lasting impressions. Lastly, if there is anything in this house damaged that needs to be fixed or replaced you two will be doing extra chores and work for me every weekend until  I think it is paid off. Do you two understand me?”

Bitsy’s eyes partially filled with tears as she nodded yes and mumbled, “Yes ma’am, I understand.” However, SnickerDoodle wasn’t in agreement, “No! I’m not cleaning your house for the next month! That’s not fair we didn’t dirty it and it’s not my responsibility.” Her voice was indignant and louder than normal. She was mad. I could also tell in her body language. She was struggling to stay in position with her hands on the table.

“You are correct. You won’t be cleaning it for the next month.” Doodle’s mouth spread in a sly grin as she processed my statement up until I added, “You will be cleaning it six weeks. Two of those by yourself thanks to that attitude. You want to go for more than that?”

“But ma’am,” she tried again.

“Two more weeks. I can do this all night. I do enjoy not having to clean.” I made eye contact with Doodle making sure she knew I was being serious. There was no way I would back down from this power struggle. She needed to know I was being serious.

Finally, that got SnickerDoodle to calm down. She huffed dramatically, stomped her foot a bit and muttered, “No ma’am I don’t want any more weeks.”

“Mmmhmm didn’t think so. Doodle I want you to go stand in that corner with your pants and panties down and your hands on your head. Bitsy come here and stand in front of me.”